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Malaysia is a country with too much baggage regarding Internet censorship and freedom of expression. Malaysian users are in dire need of a Malaysia VPN to help them cover their tail online. This country has a long history of blocking popular websites, Facebook pages, YouTube videos, etc. The laws on pornography and vulgarity are too rigid. Lastly, the online journalists and bloggers are forced to follow stringent rules and regulations. Sadly, the Internet freedom has no hope in Malaysia.

When you see things are that dark, you have to find the light yourself. In the case of Internet freedom, a VPN Malaysia is your only ray of hope as it allows you the complete freedom to say whatever you want without the fear of being brutally punished for it. A Malaysia VPN acts as invisibility cloak for you and makes it completely impossible to track you by masking your IP address and encrypting your data.

Here we present the top 5 VPNs for Malaysia;

5 Best VPNs for Malaysia to Use in 2017

The below listed Malaysia VPN providers are fully tested by our review team to give you the best option. All the mentioned service providers performed good in speed, connectivity and support. Our ranking is solely based on the results we have got from the tests.

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Internet Censorship & Surveillance in Malaysia – And Why VPN Malaysia is a Must

Privacy and security is a big concern for all the netizens around the World. In addition to this, Internet users in Malaysia also face heavy surveillance by the authorities, hence access to the World Wide Web remains limited to them. We are going to discuss some of the major censorship issues in Malaysia, and how VPN Malaysia can help the netizens to use the web freely.

The Pathetic Case of Internet Censorship in Malaysia

The Internet scene in Malaysia is utterly worst. We are not going to cover each and every aspect here. However, we will give you a glimpse inside the pathetic case of Internet censorship in Malaysia. The “Reporters without Borders” has ranked Malaysia at 146th (out of 180 countries) in their 2016 World Press Freedom Index. After reading following analysis, there will be no question in your mind regarding subscribing to a Malaysia VPN.

Blocking Anti-Government Websites, Facebook Pages, and YouTube Videos

The Malaysian government has blocked many websites as of January 2014. If any Malaysian tries to access those sites, this message will appear:

The content you are trying to access is not available in Malaysia as it violates the National Law.

Similarly, many Facebook pages and YouTube videos are banned in Malaysia due to supposed anti-government sentiments or inappropriate religious content. The local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have blocked these websites, pages, and videos throughout Malaysia.

Online content is not restricted in general, but the government is known to have blocked sites perceived as critical. While the digital news media has established a stake in the information market, some news sites have been excluded from government press conferences during the coverage period.
According to Freedom House report on Malaysia

Strict Censorship Based On Vulgarity

Malaysia has broader terms and conditions when it comes to censoring the content based on vulgarity – be it the Internet or television. There is no space for nudity, homosexuality, graphic, violence, pornography, and vulgarity. Malaysia is a sensitive country and has a track record of turning down the shows based on these criteria. The American animated sitcoms, “Family Guy” and “South Park” have been outlawed in the country. Also, a few selected episodes from “Glee,” “Friends,” and “Ally McBeal” are blacklisted in Malaysia.

Stringent Rules and Regulations for Bloggers

The government is not only heavily censoring the internet space in the country, but Malaysian authorities are also busy in punishing the bloggers, journalists, politicians and civil society activists for violating the so-called code of conduct. Although there is a Communications and Multimedia Act (1998) in Malaysia to safeguard the citizens, it doesn’t provide the necessary protection to anyone.

In fact, in 2006, new blogs in the country are supposed to be registered with the Ministry of Information. The government implemented this move to filter the bloggers who were trying to disrupt law and order in the country.

Two bloggers were jailed in the first quarter of 2015, while two others escaped court action by seeking political asylum elsewhere. A number of civil society activists, politicians, and a journalist have been hauled up over their online remarks. The police continue with their crackdown, armed with the government’s promise of a sedition law with harsher penalties, all creating a chilling effect on social media users.
The Freedom House report on Malaysia stated

Other Issues with the Malaysian Online World

We have just touched upon the crucial issue of censorship in Malaysia. Unfortunately, other problems exist in Malaysian Internet arena. We would like to mention them here;

  • Blanket surveillance
  • Geo-restriction
  • Cyber crimes and cyber bullying
  • International spy programs
  • Blocking and filtering content
  • Content removal and manipulation

Free Malaysia VPN – ExpressVPN

Before recommending you any free Malaysia VPN, we would like to confess that free Malaysia VPNs are just a waste of time. Free VPNs cannot provide you the protection and security required in a country like Malaysia. That is why we suggest you try ExpressVPN; a premium VPN that you can use for free for 30 days. Click the button below and get it now.

Verdict – Such Strict Internet Censorship Calls for a Malaysia VPN

We don’t need to stress again about the pathetic case of Internet censorship in Malaysia. We have already presented pretty hard hitting facts and figures. So the question is when you will subscribe to a Malaysia VPN? We have shortlisted the best Malaysian VPNs. Now, you just have to spend a little time on each VPN service provider’s website and take a final decision. It is high time to welcome a Malaysia VPN.

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