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VPN no logs

Is Logless VPN a Reality or Illusion

VPNs are all the rage these days; even Netflix’s policies to disavow customers using a VPN to access region-locked content is not affecting the VPN’s risin...

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Thermal Pastes

Buyer’s Guide for Best (Recommended) Thermal Pastes in 2019

  Thermal compound, heat sink, thermal gunk, TIM or thermal paste – these are the name of the magic tube that can lower the temperament tremendously. Unfor...

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Best VPN Router Images

5 Best VPN Routers Of 2020 To Keep Your Internet Connection Super-Safe...

  Is there an easy way to find out the best VPN router in the market? Of course not, it becomes more difficult to find a VPN router that speaks to your spe...

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Best Cheap VPNs

Top 5 Cheap VPNs that Cost as Low as $1.99/mo

Not every high-priced tag reflects premium offerings, many times fierce competition also affordably yield similar features. VPN services don’t usually cost...

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18 Reasons Why You Should Be Using WordPress In 2019

If we type in “WordPress” on Google, the first thing our eyeballs will discover is: Yes, a choice of hundreds and thousands of Internet users, WordPress! A...

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Best Alternatives for Torrentz

Best Torrentz Alternatives You Should Try Now!

Warning: Never Download any Torrent without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting What if we lost Google forever? What will the in...

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Under $100 Graphics Cards for Gaming

Best Graphics Card Under $100 In 2020 – Beasts That Don’t Break The Ba...

Graphics card is the heart of any gaming rig. A slow GPU can make you mad as hell, and a powerful GPU can uplift your gaming experience to a next level. Bu...

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5 Best VPNs for China to Access Your Favorite Websites in 2018

Would you ever want to live in a place where you cannot post your selfies on Facebook and not even google the best cinema in town? Obviously, no; this gene...

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5 Best Canada VPN Services in 2018 – Canadians Assemble!

Free skies, abundance of lakes, free healthcare, open internet, controlled population; what else a doughnut-eating Canadians would be needing to live a ris...

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VPN for Windows

5 Best VPN for Windows To Use In 2018

VPN for Windows has become as important as air to breath, water to fish, and flower to bees. In this dark age of the internet, where data grabbing and mone...

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5 Best & High-Speed New Zealand VPNs to Use in 2018

New Zealand, a country with the highest rate of car ownership, you will find 2.5 million cars among 4 million people; Kiwis does not only love their cars b...

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Wordpress Coming Soon Free Page plugins

Best Free Coming Soon Page Plugins To Use With WordPress

There is no doubt that coming soon landing page is an essential element of any website. Since it allows the website visitors to know about website launch d...

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Ad Blockers

The Free & Best Ad Blockers For Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Mobile

The Internet is filled with things that can annoy us to no extent. We all have been infuriated by unwarranted downloads that started on its own because of ...

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Anonymous VPN

5 Veritable Anonymous VPNs to Browse Privately Online

Talking about a VPN is too mainstream to be astonished about as VPNs have gained popularity over some time now. Having a VPN is not the talk of the town an...

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Wordpress Alternatives

WordPress Alternatives: 17 Alternatives to WordPress You Should See

WordPress is a ubiquitous platform that powers millions of websites and helps gazillions of web owners to do business the way they always wanted. However, ...

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How To Access Dark Web

What is The Dark Web And How to Access The Dark Web Sites

Dark web is not a fancy term coined in a fiction novel or a Marvel movie. It is as real as the internet itself. There is a misconception that Google has al...

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Best Kodi Add-ons for Sports

5 Best Kodi Sports Addons To Watch Live Sports on Kodi

You know what the toughest thing for a sports fan is? To find channels or websites that stream live event for free. That’s a rare scenario. People squander...

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Kodi vs SPMC

SPMC Vs Kodi: Find Which Streaming App Is Best For Android

Warning: Never Use Kodi without VPN See our list of Best VPN for Safe and Anonymous Torrenting Did you know that Android runs on 40 percent devices worldwi...

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NZB Search Engines

7 Best Free NZB Search Engines For Usenet

Are you looking for NZB Search Engines for Usenet? If yes, then good news for you because today we are going to cover every detail related to NZB search en...

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How to Delete Your Wordpress Account

How to Delete A WordPress Account Permanently in 30 Seconds

WordPress is heaven for website owners and especially for bloggers. While a vast majority of webmasters use WordPress, some people just want to delete Word...

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Music Addons for Kodi

5 Best Music Addons For Kodi You Must Have In 2018

If there’s one thing that 2017 has given us which surely is here to stay for a long-long time is Kodi. 2018 has already started and it's the right time to ...

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Superrepo On Kodi

SuperRepo Kodi – Learn How To Install SuperRepo On Kodi

The juice of Kodi resides in Kodi add-ons which reside in the Kodi repositories. There are so many Kodi repositories that you will go crazy if you tried to...

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Kodi on Chromecast

How to Install Kodi on Chromecast to Stream Like a Champ

Kodi and Chromecast is an incredible combination that we can label them as ‘match made in heaven.’ When we say heaven here, we strictly want to keep oursel...

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best Mobile WiFi Hotspots

The 7 Best Mobile Wifi Hotspots To Buy In 2018

The internet has turned into a lifeline, decades back nobody could ever think of having an internet, and now nobody can’t think outside the internet; we fe...

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Tips And Tricks To Make Kodi Best Media Player

10 Kodi Tips and Tricks to Stream Kodi Player Like a Pro!

Kodi is a heaven for binge-watchers – a media player that brings all your sources of entertainment in one place. Thanks to the fantastic community that bri...

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Best VPN for Skype

5 Best VPNs For Skype – Unblock Skype From Anywhere

Skype is “the” for video calls around the world. It was also the priority option for international voice calls but Whatsapp seems to have captured that mar...

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Install VPN on Kodi

What Is Kodi And How To Install VPN On Kodi?

Kodi has become an ultimate choice for everyone to share videos, audios, and pictures around the home network. Guess what: today you will learn how to inst...

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5 Best VPN For Xbox One & Xbox 360 In 2018

Gaming consoles have changed the way gamers play forever. What used to be an individual activity has now turned into an interactive and fun play. Kudos to ...

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Sweden VPN

Top 5 Best Sweden VPN For Risk-Free And Anonymous Web Surfing

Swedish VPN – Let's travel to the land of the Vikings. According to the survey conducted by many different news-agencies and data-collecting organizations,...

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Free Cloud Storage Services

7 Best Free Cloud Storage Services To Use In 2018

Images, videos, important documents, or really any other kind of file that matters to you must be well protected. The last thing you want is to send those ...

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Free Antivirus for Windows 7

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7

Nowadays, we cannot imagine our lives without a computer. This device offers us so much and, thanks to them, many things are available to us. But, how do w...

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nba live stream

How To Watch NBA Stream Live – An Easy Tutorial

Check out how you can watch NBA stream live online even when you have no paid cable subscription. Growing up in a small town of Philadelphia in the ’90s, m...

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Free Popcorn Time VPN

What Are The Best Popcorn Time Free VPN Providers

Popcorn Time is an illegal way of watching your favorite TV shows and movies. I know it is not the best way to start a piece but I wanted to get the truth ...

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FIFA U-17 World Cup Live Online

How To Watch FIFA U-17 World Cup Live Online

How to Watch FIFA U-17 World Cup Live Online? If you are wondering how and where to do so, then look no more because here you will find a detailed guide on...

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Saudi Arabia Lifted Ban on Skype and Whatsapp

Saudi Arabia Finally Lifted Ban On Skype, Whatsapp And Other Internet ...

Saudi Arabia finally lifted a longtime ban and opened up the country to online calling services like Skype, WhatsApp, and other internet calling services y...

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VPN for Iran

5 Best VPN For Iran – Break Free From Online Rigidity

Iran has one of the most suppressed internet freedom situations in the world. The government is attacking you from all corners, be it social media, censors...

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Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post with a Single Click

How To Duplicate A WordPress Page Or Post With A Single Click

When building a new website, many people are turning to WordPress for help. WordPress is widely use and considered as one of the best website building plat...

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7 Best Portable Pocket WiFi Router For Travelers – Handy & Reliable

If you are a frequent traveler, you know how integral it is to have a portable WiFi travel router with you among all the gizmos and gadgets that you've alr...

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Formula 1 Live Streaming

How To Watch Formula 1 Live Streaming

Formula 1 live streaming is a round-the-year popular trend. Formula 1 is one of the biggest sporting events, followed by millions of fans around the world....

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Best Popcorn Time VPN

5 Best Popcorn Time VPNs to Use in 2020 – Binge Watch Anonymously!

Popcorn Time is the most amazing thing happened to movie buffs (TV fanatics too). Think about it, every TV show or movie is available on a single site for ...

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How to Remove and Hide Page Title in WordPress for Increased Visibilit...

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) till date. According to the latest statistics, over 50,000 WordPress websites are being publi...

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How to Install Exodus on Kodi in Less Than 60 Seconds

Exodus for Kodi is an extremely popular addon. Most Kodi Users have Exodus to fulfill their hunger for amazing entertaining TV series, movies, live shows, ...

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Best Free Android Antivirus

5 Best Free Antivirus for Android to Use in 2019

For many Android device users, the best thing about this platform is its openness. You probably know that iOS users can’t do much when it comes to customiz...

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free online photo storage services

10 Best Free Online Photo Storage Options For Photo Lovers

Photos, videos, and other kinds of digital memories are far too valuable to be lost. Many of us keep those personal files stored on our computers, easily a...

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Proxy vs. VPN vs. TOR

Proxy vs. VPN vs. TOR – Which Provides Better Security And Online Free...

Proxy vs. VPN vs. TOR – Which one will you choose? Still wondering? Well, let’s go in details; compare each product with another and list down all the pros...

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Setup OpenVPN on iPhone

How To Setup OpenVPN On iPhone

PPTP and L2TP protocols are getting obsolete with every new version of iOS. The VPN industry has accepted OpenVPN as the best standard of VPN encryption. O...

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Setup L2TP on iPhone

How To Setup L2TP On iPhone – A Complete Tutorial For Beginners

Today, you will learn ‘How to setup L2TP on iPhone’. This is the complete step-by-step guide. We’ve tried to boil everything down so you can grasp the comp...

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Setup L2TP on Android

How To Setup L2TP On Android – A Complete Walk-through

How to setup L2TP on Android? Setting a VPN on Android is essential. With recent news of privacy-eroding deregulation and the ever-present threat of online...

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Free vs. Paid VPN

Free vs. Paid VPN – 10 Things You Should Know

Free vs. Paid VPN – Which one to choose? There are 10 things that will clear your concepts towards Free vs. Paid VPN. You can check them one by one and dec...

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Death Note on Netflix

How To Watch Death Note On Netflix Online From Anywhere

Are you into black magic, demons, devils, witches, monsters, and ghosts? Do you want to fulfill your fantasies by watching unusual horror movies and TV sho...

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Disney Apps Spying

Disney Apps Are Collecting Children Information And Selling It To The ...

Disney offers a wide range of apps for children on numerous platforms, but some of them lead to a class-action lawsuit. On Thursday morning, a San Francisc...

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Setup PPTP on iOS

How To Setup PPTP On iPhone – A Complete Tutorial

Have you heard the famous phrase “You can’t kill what you can’t see”? This perfectly applies in today’s Cyber World. One way to protect yourself against on...

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How to Uninstall And Reinstall WordPress in 3 Simple Steps

Keeping your website or blog in search engine’s top ranking is a herculean task. With ever-changing Google updates, you always need to reconsider your webs...

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How to Unblock Snapchat at School or Work – Simple Tips

The last place where authorities want to see you use Snapchat is school or work. We cannot blame them. School and work are all about focus, dedication, ach...

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How To Watch US PGA Championship 2017 Live Online

The US PGA Championship is an annual golf tournament, organized by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America.  PGA Championship or PGA tour is one o...

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How To Setup PPTP On Android The Easy Way

Speed up the streaming performance of your Android devices with a PPTP VPN. There’s an outstanding built-in VPN in Android that allows you to connect to PP...

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How To Watch Ray Donovan Season 5 Online On Showtime Outside US

A lot of TV series are set to premiere with the new seasons in August. Not to mention, Game of Thrones has already heated-up the environment for tv show lo...

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Golden Boy Boxing on ESPN

How To Watch Golden Boy Boxing On ESPN Outside US

ESPN is always ahead of all other sports channel in providing best streaming of boxing events. To provide unlimited weekly dose of online boxing, ESPN has ...

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World Athletic Championship

How To Watch IAAF World Championships Live Online

Are you ready to stretch your muscles? Let's have some athletic fun. The 2017 IAAF World Championships will stage at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, ...

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VPN for India

5 Best Indian VPNs To Combat Authoritarian Internet Policies

India is the largest democracy in the world. It has the third largest number of Internet subscribers, after China and India. However, it must be kept in mi...

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6 Blazing Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers For Your WordPress Websi...

Launched as an Open Source Platform in 2003, WordPress has come of age, from merely being a blogging tool to a celebrated CMS tool. Stats reveal that CMS b...

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5 Best PPTP VPNs- Perfect Protocol For Online Streaming!

So you’re an expat living in a foreign country craving for your favorite show. Alas, all you’re getting is that heartbreaking error message stating “the co...

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WannaCry Ransomware Hits Organizations In Widespread Cyber Attack

Another black day in the Internet zone – a massive malicious ransomware attack hits the World today, targeting over 52,000 devices across many countries. E...

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK with BBC iPlayer VPN

Now, where can you watch amazing shows like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Planet Earth or The Apprentice? Well, BBC iPlayer it is! But the deal-breaker is that it’...

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watch uefa online

Watch UEFA Champions League Live Online

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious and famous football competition in the world where you get to see the jaw-dropping athleticism and some r...

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Wordpress multisite plugins

11 Best WordPress Multisite Plugins You Should Install Today

If you have a brand that has different shades and you are looking to represent all the identities on the same platform, then WordPress multisite can be you...

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How to Watch Foxtel Online Outside Australia With No Restrictions

Australians are in love with Foxtel Go as it lets them catch up on live and on-demand TV and movies. The viewers automatically love anything that offers va...

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Unblock Amazon Prime Instant Video

5 Best VPNs To Watch Amazon Prime Instant Video Outside USA

Amazon Prime has an exceptional feature called Amazon Prime Video. It is an on-demand video streaming service that has unlimited titles of TV series and mo...

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7 Best WordPress Caching Plugins That Will Reduce Load Time Dramatical...

We, humans, are impatient beings. We hate waiting – especially for a website to load. Anything that keeps us away from our desired result gets eliminated i...

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VPN for Thailand

5 Best VPNs For Thailand – The Chaotic Internet Situation Demands It

Thailand is on the bucket list of everyone who desires to travel the world. The beautiful scenery, breathtaking beaches, delicious cuisines and the vibrant...

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Best Plugins for Wordpress Security

7 Best WordPress Security Plugins – A Necessity or a Burden?

With over 60 million websites using WordPress, it is the most famous and widely used Content Management System (CMS) on the web. Website owners all over th...

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How to Watch Showtime Online ( TV Shows & Movies Outside USA

Showtime is in the entertainment business for four decades now. The channel has seen its fair share of ups and downs. It has reinvented itself multiple tim...

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5 Best Turkey VPNs for Safe & Free Internet to Use in 2017

Turkey has an absolute zero Internet freedom. The government is known to block and filter the content they deem unsuitable from various social and politica...

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How to Watch The CW TV Shows & Movies Online Outside USA

The CW has some hit TV shows like, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, iZombie, Arrow and many more. The CW live stream is compatible with many OS and devic...

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11 Awesome WordPress Migration Plugins to Safely Move Your Website in ...

WordPress site migration is pretty common. It is like what happens in a real world. At times, businesses have to move their location for better opportuniti...

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How to Add SSL and HTTPS Badge in WordPress Website

While most business websites support large financial transactions involving credit card details, bank account information, sensitive personal data, the inf...

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7 Best CDN Services to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Having a website that sucks at loading is lethal for your business. That’s why webmasters are always on a lookout to find tricks and ways that can cut down...

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How to Display Random Posts in WordPress to Increase Engagement

A considerable percentage of website visitors don't browse through the subsequent pages beyond the first page displaying your company's blog. So if you sho...

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Stream WWE WrestleMania 33 Live

How To Watch WWE WrestleMania 33 Live Online From Anywhere

WWE WrestleMania 33 is the biggest sporting event of this year when it comes to professional wrestling, and WWE fans all over the world are super-excited a...

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US Senate Granted Permission To ISPs To Collect Users Personal Data Wi...

US citizens would soon be left with nothing to hide as US senate has repelled the broadband privacy rules created by FCC last year as the votes were split ...

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Watch PL Live Online

How To Watch EPL Online From Anywhere Easily

English Premier League (EPL) is the biggest treat for every football fanatic in the world, as you’ll witness some of the best and famous players in the wor...

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How to Unblock Kodi in the UK Without Being Tracked

Kodi is the mother of all inventions in the world of entertainment consumption. It is a free media player software that can stream TV, movies, documentarie...

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Xbox live down

XBOX Live Is Down and You’ll Be Surprised To Know Who’s Not Happy!

If you are having issues signing into your Xbox Live, Hotmail or Skype accounts then you’re not alone, because there is a major outage on Microsoft’s onlin...

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How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in Your WordPress Site

WordPress is among the most popular CMS in the market, and that too for numerous reasons. The platform is robust, flexible and all-in-one solution for all ...

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5 Best VPNs for Colombia – Enjoy Worry-Free & Unrestricted Internet on...

Colombia is one of those countries that always look perfect and unproblematic on paper. However, once you get to know the situation, all the complexities a...

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5 Best Hong Kong VPNs for Secure & Unrestricted Internet Access

Hong Kong is known for maintaining outstanding internet freedom throughout the country. There are no data retention laws, blanket surveillance or excessive...

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19 Types of Startling Websites You Can Create with WordPress

WordPress is a blogging platform – that’s the statement used to describe the platform a few years ago. However, WordPress has seen a massive growth cycle a...

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10 years jail for kodi users

Beware Kodi Box Users! You Can Be Jailed For 10 Years

There is a law being changed in the UK which might empower the copyright enforcing authorities to threaten online users who stream copyrighted content, spe...

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5 Best Japanese VPNs (Tested & Reviewed) to Use in 2018

Japan is a country where the internet users have almost nothing to complain about – the speed is phenomenal, no censorship issues, and the authorities do n...

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Pinterest Has Officially Been Blocked In China – But There’s A Twist!...

Pinterest has now officially joined the list of social media sites blocked by China. It was one of those few Western-Social Media sites which Chinese netiz...

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19 Cool Things to Do with WordPress Before You Hit ‘Launch’ Button

WordPress is here to stay, and so are the users leveraging WordPress websites for their business gains. So if you are still mulling at launching your websi...

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twitter accounts hacked

Thousands of Twitter Accounts Got Hacked Including that of Bieber and ...

Hundreds of Twitter accounts belonging to major media outlets, brands, and celebrities have been compromised including that of Amnesty International, Forbe...

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Trump Targeting Journalist

Trump Targeting Journalists – Time for Journalists to Encrypt Everythi...

President Donald Trump has once again unleashed his wrath and this time the targets are the journalists! Trump has called for an investigation by the justi...

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5 Reasons Upgrading to the Latest Version of WordPress Shouldn’t Go Un...

WordPress is the leading choice of website owners the world over. A lot more goes into its universal popularity such as its robust security, modern new des...

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Wikileaks Leaks Major Data

Wikileaks Has Released Massive Trove of CIA’s Hacking Documents!

Wikileaks is back with a bang by releasing the biggest trove of C.I.A's documents related to their spying secrets of both past, present, and the future. Yo...

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12 Proven Tips that Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website Performance

Did you know that every month the amount of new content publishes on WordPress-hosted websites tops 64.3 million which by calculation is more than 2 millio...

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5 Best Singapore VPNs (Tested & Reviewed) to Use in 2018

Singapore has an advanced level of Internet penetration. Almost 80 percent of its population is connected to the online world. However, the freedom of the ...

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HTML vs. Wordpress

WordPress vs HTML: Which One is Good for Your Business & Why?

For a business owner, taking up their idea (website) online sometimes require more efforts than defining business goals. Why? Because the majority of the c...

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5 Best VPNs to Watch Crackle Movies & TV Shows Outside US & Canada

Crackle is a free on-demand video streaming channel, which serves as a wonderful haven for binge-watchers in US and Canada. It has a vast collection of ama...

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13 Magento Influencers to Follow in 2017, & Years to Come…

The online retail business is on the surge already. As predicted earlier this year, 2016, the trend of online shopping grew up by 45%, and ‘mobile shopping...

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Watch Vudu TV Shows & Movies Outside US with a VPN

The World of Entertainment has no end at all. We live in the fast-paced planet where renting DVDs for fun has become isolated already. Today, our entertain...

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13 Powerful & Hidden WordPress Features You Can Use in 2017

WordPress, the behemoth content management system is by far the ultimate choice of many businesses and bloggers around the world. In fact, big names like T...

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14 Magento Pre-Launch Checklist For An Error-Free Website Launch

Designing and coding a website is certainly captivating for a designer and developer. It involves long-drawn-out processes that make any website attractive...

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Caution – Not Every Click Leads to Information Online

We human beings dislike change, embracing the unknown is undoubtedly scary. We love everything that is familiar and consistent, anything that shakes us

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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento for Your Ecommerce Store

Great businesses are not only built on user experience alone, but robust infrastructure and framework also plays a significant role in the success. When an...

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Terrible DDoS Attack Hit Major Websites Like Amazon, Twitter & Netflix

The website is down! I repeat, the website is down! When we heard the news about the recent breakdown that hit Internet on Friday, we were forced to be in ...

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Website Launch Checklist: 13 To-Dos You Move Your Website Online!

This post is dedicated to all newbies, bloggers and entrepreneurs who are all cheered up to for their very first new website launch. In this post, we have ...

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what do hackers do with stolen data

6 Scary Ways How Hackers Can Intrude Into Your Digital Life! #3 Is The...

Gone are the days when all you needed to save from hackers were – credit cards ? !  An interesting news did the rounds back in 2014. The FBI warned healthc...

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hire magento web development

How to Find & Hire Right Magento Developers for Your Business

Let’s be honest and face it that you cannot run your Magento store on your own you will need to take on board an expert Magento developer to run the work s...

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Rambler Hacked

Privacy Alert: Russian Search Engine Leaked – Nearly 100 Million Accou...

In the past few months, hardly a day has gone by without news of a fresh security violation. As the year 2016 comes up to an end, we look back at some of t...

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Dropbox Hack – 68 Million Accounts in Jeopardy!

Attention Dropbox users! Dropbox’s hack back in the 2012 data breach case has now enabled the hackers to get their hands on secret credentials of more than...

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WhatsApp Users Data

WhatsApp Will Now Share Its Users’ Data With Facebook – But Don’t Pani...

Note: Don’t sweat! Take a deep breath! There’s a way. You’ve got 30 days before WhatsApp shares your data with Facebook and you’re just 1 minute-read away ...

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7 Horrible Online Backup Mistakes That’re Cardinal Sins

Overthinking and stressing about online backup strategies may seem unnecessary to some people – until disaster strikes and you risk losing all your data. A...

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VPN Russia

5 Best VPNs for Russia – Rebel Against Government Legally

Russia – the name is enough to tell you the story of suppression and surveillance in the country. It is not new for Russia to be extremely controlling when...

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7 Free Online Backups To Keep A Safe Copy Of Your Files

Nowadays everything we do is digital, our lives both professional and personal are tied to smart devices. Our computers, smartphones, and gadgets have our ...

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India Declares Torrent Users as Criminals- 3 Years of Jail and 3 Lakh ...

Say Hello to the New and Improved ‘Digital India’ where the punishment of rape is lesser than the punishment of a torrent user will have to suffer now! Ind...

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5 Best France VPNs in 2018 – ‘Joie de vivre’ Your Digital Life!

If Paris is a city of love then definitely France is a country of free souls. France has such a strong association with freedom of expression, free will, a...

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VPN Protocols

Compare VPN Protocols: PPTP vs L2TP vs OpenVPN vs SSTP vs IKEv2

You are all revved up, excited and ready to surf the cyber world with the best VPN by your side…but then…suddenly you’re boggled to see different VPN Proto...

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Best Offsite Backup Solutions – The Ultimate Guide to Online Internet ...

What’s your biggest fear? Or if I generalize this question a bit, “What’s the biggest fear of human beings?” Well, besides all the plethora of phobias that...

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5 Best VPNs for Netherlands/Holland in 2018 – A Much Secure Dutch!

You might already know that Netherlands is a country where little importance is given to censorship or enforcing proper copyrights law in the country. And ...

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Watch Summer RIO Olympics 2016 Online With a VPN

2016 Summer Olympics are just around the corner, anticipation and excitement of the upcoming games is on the rise. The games are scheduled to kick-off with...

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Backblaze vs Crashplan: 10 Points to Help You Choose the Right One!

Backing up your data is important. You can't afford to be the one losing all your precious data just because you didn’t have the foresight to back it up. I...

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When, Why and Where Do You Need a VPN? The Real Story

Online Privacy didn’t have much meaning in the earlier days of the Internet. Gone are the days when the Internet was considered as a safe digital neighborh...

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Online Backup is Important for SMBs

10 Vital Reasons Online Backup is a MUST for your Business

We all are well aware of the importance of data security and online backup. Technology is getting advanced and better with time but so are hackers. Protect...

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Don’t Compromise! Protect Your Online Privacy Today!

The internet has radically changed our lives in myriad positive ways; however it has a dark side too. It dispossesses your personal privacy on the Internet...

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Watch Real Madrid vs. Atlético Madrid 2016 Champions League Final Live...

Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid Saturday 28th May 2016, 14.45 PM Eastern Time San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy So you are here because you love football mo...

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16 Proven Ways to Prevent Online Identity Theft Completely!

The present age is the age of technology. Life without the use of technology is impossible. Can you imagine your life without the use of a computer or Smar...

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My dear friends of Saudi – Is your IMO and Facebook calling in Saudi A...

Are you facing any difficulties making or receiving calls from your favorite messengers like IMO, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc? Well, we’d be s...

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internet surveillance

BEWARE! Before They Know Everything You Do Online

When it comes to technology, the internet is the leading development of the recent past. It has transformed our way of living almost beyond the imagination...

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