Best Malware Protection in 2023 – An Ultimate Guide on Types of Malware

Viruses, Trojans, Bots, and Ransomware – we all have heard of these terms, but do we really understand them? Well, probably not. ! When you hear some of these terms, the first thing that pops up in your mind is “Oh, this cannot be good for my computer.” And you are right. ! Did you know that a virus “I love you” caused the damage to the computers all over the planet that was estimated $2.61 billion? Similarly, Sasser – a Windows worm infected a huge number of computers slowing down and crashing their systems.

Or, let’s take Zeus as an example, notorious for bypassing many cheap antivirus and even some business antivirus software. This is a Trojan horse designed for performing numerous criminal tasks. There are many of these malicious programs out there that can cause quite a damage to your precious computer, and of course your valuable data. Yup, we know – that is horrifying! But, you cannot live in a fear and stop using computers, just because there is a risk of malware attacking it. Right?

However, there is apparently something you can do to prevent any of these malware harm your computer with the form of business antivirus software and the best anti malware software, but first, you need to learn the differences among these terms. So, in this article, we want to discuss these terms (different type of malware and viruses) and also give you some simple and easy-to-apply tips to help you protect your computer.

The very day Charles Babbage invented computers, and Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet, their admirers and exploiters started working on their respective motives straightaway. As expected, the admirers pulled their socks to leverage its capabilities for the welfare of humankind. However, the destructive elements just went a step ahead and leveraged the loopholes in the formers’ systems. As is obvious, these hackers use the stolen information for an unscrupulous purpose, and at times release malware, adware, etc. to do the theft. The war is still on with the stalwarts of either side at loggerheads with each other. Ironically, technology has been the major weapon for both. While many of us look for best Antivirus reviews online, we take this opportunity to work on this subject, and discuss more about the best Antivirus softwares (both the cheap antivirus and the best anti malware software) that you can use to fight with hackers and malicious attacks.

So what is a Malware Actually? Is There a Difference Between Malware & Virus?

Before we move on to explaining these terms and start talking about cheap antivirus programs, the best malware protection and best business antivirus software; we want to get one thing straight, right away. The term “Malware” means malicious software and is used for referring to all the viruses, worms, and anything else designed to do damage to your computer. You might hear the term ‘virus’ more often than malware, but technically, a virus is just another type of malware. And both types is something you’re going to want the best malware protection and best anti malware software for. Don’t skimp out by buying cheap antivirus, only the best malware protection and best anti malware software will do.

Now that you understand this, we can explain you every type of malware and then later the different types of virus protection; from even the cheap antivirus to the top business antivirus software that you should be aware of.

Different Types of Malware That Can Turn Deadly

Name Types of Malware Type of Damages
Virus A small program made for harming your computer through deleting files, formatting the hard disk, slowing down your computer, etc. Some types can completely destroy the computer system while others will only cause a small damage to your personal computer (such as slowing it down).
Worm A malicious program capable of replicating.It exists in documents such as Word or Excel. Worm malware can slow down the computer.It can cause the system to crash repetitively.
Trojan Horse Malicious programs that seem innocent but actually are damaging to your computer. Torjan horse malware can cause loss of data. It can use your computer for many immoral purposes such as attacking websites.
Bots Self-propagating systems. Bots malware can have complete control over a computer. It can collect passwords, analyze packets, attain financial information and can serve as a backdoor for many other viruses.
Ransomware Malicious code used by cyber criminals. Stops you from using your computer until you pay a stated ransom.

Let’s Get it Further – Different Types of Malware and Virus

Now that you have an overview of the type of malware let’s discuss each type of malware and see what damages they can cause to your digital memories & data.

What is a Virus?

The term “computer virus” refers to a small program that is specifically designed to harm your computer. A virus infects files, programs, and also changes the way your computer works (for the worse of course). While some viruses will delete files and format the hard disk, others are not so mean. Those less mean will “only” stop your computer from proper functioning by way of replicating themselves. As a result, your computer won’t be able to open windows swiftly, and the system will crash from time to time. The CIH is a pretty deadly type of viruses that will completely destroy the computer system, leaving you with an inoperable unit. Another good reason why to avoid cheap antivirus and get yourself the best malware protection.

What is a Worm?

Now, worms are somewhat different from viruses. These programs work in such a way that they replicate themselves without the help of a host file. Meaning, worms exist inside of Excel or Word documents, so that a certain document may entirely be malicious for a computer. Worms travel fast through the network, leaving thousands of computers affected. Some of the most popular worms are the Code Red Worm that ruined around 360, 000 websites, and the Blaster worm that will cause a computer to restart frequently.

What is a Trojan Horse?

Now, Trojan horses are smart little programs that will trick you before you know it. These programs pretend to be something else, while, in essence, they contain malicious code. Trojans differ from worms and viruses in a way that they do not duplicate themselves.

Since Trojans contain harmful codes, they can be very damaging to your computer, causing loss of data, in the best case. Usually, Trojans serve as a backdoor for a remote control of your computer. Meaning, once infected with a Trojan horse, your computer can be used for numerous immoral purposes, such as attacking websites, working as a proxy server for hiding attacks, and much more. However, the Trojans can be spread only if you invite them. This can be done through opening certain email attachments, so be careful with that.

What are Bots?

Now, here is another type of malware that you need to be aware of when looking to buy a cheap antivirus or even the best anti malware software – bots. Bots are internet robots, also called crawlers, spiders or web bots. Even though they are “good” bots out there, well, you are most likely to meet “that bad guy”, Malware bots are self-propagating programs that will take control over your computer, leaving you helpless. These programs are designed to collect passwords, launch DoS attacks, attain financial information, serve as a backdoor, analyze packets, etc. In general, malware bots are designed for infecting a large group of computers, creating a bot network.

What is Ransomware?

This is a malicious code used by cyber criminals. They will lock your screen system or your files, asking you to pay a ransom in virtual currency so as not to show the criminal’s identity. The CryptoLocker is one of the most successful ransomware that obtained estimated $3 million.

How to Prevent Any Malicious Attacks?

With all this being said, you must be terrified. However, don’t panic. Stay focused, because there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of your computer getting infected. Therefore, here are some ways and different cheap antivirus as well as the best malware protection and best anti malware protection to help protect your computer from viruses, worms, Trojans, bots and other malware:

  • Get the best antivirus protection possible as well as a firewall. Moreover, make sure your antivirus software is updated on a regular basis, to perform at its best all the time.
  • Use browser security settings
  • NEVER, EVER download software from unreliable sources.
  • If you have received a message that is suspicious, do not open it.
  • Get all Microsoft security updates
  • Keep your media and data on safe, somewhere outside of your computer.

What is ‘The Shamoon Attack’ and Why is it called the most destructive Virus attack of all time?

The example of the dreaded ‘Shamoon’ that created chaos in Saudi Aramco in 2012 is horrible. Even more stimulating is the fact that it returned to the Saudi Kingdom in Jan to affect several government agencies, petrochemical companies and IT service providers. Such breaches would continue to toy around with the security protocols of government agencies and private companies until they adopt foolproof security practices. Following are some of the standard protocols we can use to combat with malware and virus attacks:

  • Educating the users about online theft
  • Password protections
  • Prohibiting the entry of VPNs inside the network and
  • Using the best Antivirus softwares

Do you still want enough reasons to invoke Virus protection? Here is more on why Antivirus protection is a must for you!

What is Antivirus Software and Why Do we Need Anti Virus Protection?

An abbreviation for Vital Information Resources Under Seize, a VIRUS could infect your system and may leave your data to be compromised. An Antivirus software deals with all such malicious codes, hence protect your computer from data theft. There are many forms of protection, ranging from cheap antivirus, to the best malware protection and best anti malware software as well as the top level business antivirus software. Here is a detailed insight into this discussion.

VIRUS Programs – The Destructor

Abiding by definition, a virus is a computer program or few lines of code that imposters often load onto your computing device without your knowledge. Just like real life virus, it replicates from one system to another and damages hard drives, data files, boot sectors, and more. Hence, now you know how your vital information resources go under seize. Their effects are far-reaching and hazardous. From corrupting data to accessing classified information and from spamming illicit messages from genuine accounts to infecting laptops, smartphones, etc. they are quite capable of doing almost anything and everything.

Antivirus Protection – The Savior

Ah yes, the best malware protection and best anti malware software can be our saviors (even some of the cheap antivirus can do you good, though you probably want to avoid cheap antivirus). In the wake of curbing the effect of intimidating viruses, expert computer geeks keep developing the piece of codes for top level business antivirus software and the best anti malware software; that could stop them from intruding in your data. These magical code lines collectively acquire the form of Antivirus Software. Any such Antivirus blocks the viruses controls the damage, thwarts malware attacks and keep a check on phishing scams, DDoS, ransomware, adware, spyware, and more. However, not all Antiviruses are good enough, especially the cheap antivirus services; instead, it is good to prefer the best malware protection or the top level business antivirus software that keeps upgrading at regular intervals and is well equipped to fight the viruses. Don’t cheap out with cheap antivirus! Do yourself a favour and get yourself the best malware protection, best anti malware software and top level business antivirus software.

The use of advanced Antivirus could guarantee the most reliable security in the offices and several IT Networks. This is the reason why big MNCs as well SMBs and individuals prefer best Antivirus solution to safeguard their networks. A slight lapse could cause them drearier as have already happened in the recent past.

Recommended Best Anti Malware Software To Use for 2023

While the good Samaritans use several techniques to safeguard the internet, the baddies make sure to try all attempts to creep into one’s network and take advantage (this is why you need the best malware protection, best anti malware software and top level business antivirus software). While a thick of tricks has trounced owing to the sheepish minds of the hacking pros, we have still some genuine Antivirus solutions that are holding the baton of safe and secure digital world online & offline. So if you are hitherto stressed, messed and pressed by malware attacks corrupting your system, perhaps using a paid and best Antivirus software is the ultimate resort. Various Antivirus reviews available online could help you decide the best one, whether you’re looking at cheap antivirus or the best malware protection. Below you will see top Antivirus softwares (ranging from both cheap antivirus to the best malware protection) that our team has listed based on the performance test.

How we Tested and Performed the Antivirus Reviews?

Testing the both the cheap antivirus as well as the best anti malware software is paramount before using it for your system, and we did the same so that we could come up with genuine Antivirus reviews, and to do that, we had to test them all! Cheap antivirus, best malware protection, best business antivirus software, all of them, you name it. Consequently, we trialed and tested these tools on the basis of user-friendly features, functioning, their performance as well as security aspects. The ability of the program to detect and remove malware and the speed of the malware scanner were also among the prominent criterion on which we evaluated the software.

reviewsdir checklist

We performed all our Antivirus software test on an HP Laptop model, with the following configuration:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Intel Core i3 processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 1 TB hard drive containing 60 GB of occupied space.

We performed OpenOffice benchmark test to find out the impact of software of the system speed. It included testing of a lengthy spreadsheet with 50,0000 records of an organization’s financial transactions. Likewise, we also tested both the best malware protection and the cheap Antivirus on Mac and Android devices with latest OS versions. Furthermore, we sought the help of independent testing lab like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives to get the scores for malware detection. We leveraged the most recent results from both these labs, which are as below:

  • Top Antivirus Software & Best Basic PC Antivirus Software – BITDEFENDER ANTIVIRUS PLUS
  • Best Midrange PC Antivirus Software – KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY
  • Best (Premium) Internet Security Software – Kaspersky Total Security
  • Best Free PC Antivirus Software – AVIRA FREE ANTIVIRUS
  • Best Mac Antivirus Software – Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac
  • Best Android Antivirus Apps – Bitdefender Mobile Security

Hence, as obvious by the results, BitDefender seems to be a clear winner in a major of antivirus software categories.

5 Reasons why you should install Antivirus protection software?

There are countless reasons why all the business antivirus software, cheap Antivirus programs and the best malware protection should always be installed in your PCs and devices (all types ranging from cheap antivirus to the best malware protection and best anti malware software). However, here we will explain top five reasons why using cheap Antivirus softwares (and of course the best anti malware software) benefit you the most and keep your data safe from hackers.

antivirus reviews protection software

1. Free protection is just a myth, Antivirus protection isn’t!

Most of the computer users consider them worry free with a demo Antivirus software that hardly costs them any buck. Yes, these cheap antivirus and free tools do provide protection, but they lag behind exceptionally in providing the complete security cover that a full featured antivirus software would ensure. They have limited functionality, and have lesser tendency to pose a threat to the updated virus list. And are ultimately far from the same experience as their best malware protection and top tier business antivirus software counterparts.

2. Nail down the undercover viruses that may somehow spreads Virus in your system

It is good, perhaps recommended to follow certain safety precautions while accessing your computer, preferably internet. These may include such avoiding spam mails, suspected software, or a virus prone website. However, you may still be unaware of various loopholes that may cause you to invite the viruses unknowingly. Just recall, if you have ever used a Java application in any form, redirected to a third party site, while accessing an online news magazine, health site, or while watching adult stuff, etc., or have accessed an email attachment with a weird long name.

If yes, then chances are brighter that your computer has already become the host to the most threatening Trojan virus. No wonder if you are a nerd, it is quite capable of deceiving you in the form of a legitimate program. As soon as you click it, your system gets infected. You may avoid any such situation with common sense, but at times, even your special instincts may cease to sense the threat. Hence, isn’t it better to install the best malware protection and effective Antivirus software to deal with such undercover virus? Think about it.

3. Antivirus Protection Programs has compatibility with security software

A high-grade Antivirus can work effectively in tandem with a trusted security software or firewall, to protect the system from the malicious hacker attacks. Moreover instead of using a cheap antivirus; buying a top Antivirus with best reviews can also get you a security software in the same package, making it compatible for both to work for the safety of your digital data. There’s a good reason why they are the best Malware protection and are considered to be highly the best anti malware software and best business antivirus software.

4. Protects your website and business with foolproof Virus protection

Do you know that a hacking attack could leave your website inaccessible through search engine crawlers? This, in turn, will lead to poor SERPs for your website, resulting in a slump in your reputation as well as business, especially if you own an e-commerce site. It won’t take too much time for your loyal visitors to switch over to another website if they encounter 404 errors on your webpage. Hence, this makes up for yet another reason why you should invest in noteworthy Antivirus software and not a cheap antivirus. Get the best malware protection and best anti malware software you can get!

5. Cyber Crime is on a high: Fail it or fight it with best Antivirus softwares

The incidents of data theft from servers of healthcare institutes and education hub have been prevalent since the past few years. Most of the times, ransomware is the real culprit behind such crimes. This specific type of virus application restricted the owners to access their data unless they pay a sumptuous amount. Even some lesser-known Anti-virus programs may inform you wrong about your computer being infected with the virus. Subsequently, they could urge you to buy their upgraded version in order to remedy the situation.

In a recent survey consisting of 500 organizations, near about half admitted the attacks by ransomware. Moreover, the hospitals have faced around 88% of ransom attacks in the past few years. Right in early 2018, a college in Los Angeles was compelled to pay $28,000 as ransom to release the computer network and emails. All these incidents of cyber crime yet again indicate why it is inevitable to have a fully functional, effective, and upgraded best antivirus.

Striking best Antivirus features that you can always love

Features make a product hit among the masses, and as for Antivirus software, their features could shatter the dreams of hackers. Here are some noteworthy ones:

1. Virus scanner feature of Antivirus protection saves life

Antivirus reviews give a thump to software having file scanner feature since it checks the new file or program for malware right before you open it. The process works in the background and does not interfere with your other tasks. Once the scan is finished, the antivirus informs you if the file is clean or consists of any virus. In the latter case, it asks you to take a feasible action, for example, to delete, quarantine or leave the file intact. As a downside, these scanners are often heavy and take more time to complete. Hence, if you could find Antivirus software, which is lightweight, yet ensures a superior detection and block rate, your system could remain virus free from malicious Java Scripts, or ActiveX the better way.

2. Antivirus Software keeps Malware Database updated

Usually, the best anti malware software (and even the cheap antivirus) compares every file with its database of malware. However, the speed with which the malware are growing is extreme, and hence the Antivirus ought to be up-to-date in order to detect and debug them. This way, the best anti malware software, cheap antivirus and business antivirus software can thwart the possibilities of hackers leveraging the loopholes in your system security. At times, even if a file is not malware free but it behaves like that, the Antivirus software considers it as a virus through heuristic analysis, despite its absence from the database. Such a factor, termed as ‘false positive,’ acts as a measure to identify the quality of the AV.

3. Automatic updates & malware removal keep you safe all the time

If you claim to have best Antivirus protection or the best business antivirus software, it is assumable that it updates itself automatically and frequently in order to get away with any unpatched vulnerability. Moving aware, are you sure that it removes a malware if it is infecting your computer. If your software is lagging behind in any of these features, it is better to switch over to a full-fledged Antivirus solution. Alternatively, you can install a separate tool for removing malware.

4. Other features of Antivirus protection solution

Some files are adamant enough not to get removed even by a ‘shift+delete’; they just go invisible. A file shredder finds such files and destroys them. Likewise, a firewall scans and filters the internet traffic coming to your system to protect it from the possible online threats. Among various other features that you may expect in an advanced top Antivirus software include browser protection, password manager, protection from phishing, and more.

How Secure is Antivirus software?

Before heading toward discussing this topic, let us discussing some startling facts & figures. The US-based Time magazine has shared some thinkable stats of some renowned resource centers. Here are some of the highlights.

  • In 2012, the United States alone reported 16.6 million identity theft incidents
  • In 2013, the identity theft losses in the US amounted to US$1,769
  • In 2014, the personal data breaches went up by 20%
  • In 2014, hackers intruded into Snapchat data resulting from the breach of phone records of 4.6 million users.

These are just a few of countless incidents where hackers have been leveraging the security vulnerabilities of our laptops, PCs, smartphones and more. At the same time, this also speaks of the importance of a concrete measure to thwart the intrusion attempts of the hackers in large volumes, and what else than the cheap Antivirus software and the business antivirus software to do the honors. But are they really secure enough? Yes, they are, on the condition that you do not fall prey to the cheap antivirus providers.

Varied brands are up with distinct features that altogether keep the belief of users on anti-malware programs intact. Here are some of the common features explained in detail, which you are likely to find in an advanced, best Antivirus software and top level business antivirus software and very unlikely to find them in the cheap antivirus.

1. Ransomware Protection with Antivirus Software

This feature leverages the behavior-based detection technology for analyzing programs in real time to makes the detection and removal of ransomware easier. It acts an additional protection layer to store your data in a secure location. Hence, you may restore your data even if it gets affected due to ransomware attack.

2. Secure financial transactions with Antivirus protection

Antivirus software is effective in protecting you from malicious programs and websites that aim at stealing away your financial details. They provide safe and secure desktop session to keep your transactions on shopping, e-commerce or banking websites protected from the reach of prying eyes.

3. Online Security with Antivirus web-security protection

The antivirus software is likely to comprise this feature to raise the level of your system’s security and keeping your browsing safe from intrusion. This feature detects potentially threatening websites and protects you from visiting them.

4. Browser protection with best Antivirus software

This feature may appear with different names in different Antivirus tools, but they serve the same purpose, which is to run your web browsers in a virtual and secure environment. It secludes and blocks any malicious file from entering into your system, hence acts as a shield between your computer’s OS and the malware prone downloads.

5. Email protection

This feature helps the anti-malware software to block the emails that they suspect to contain links or attachments for phishing or fake websites. These phishing emails keep flooding your inbox throughout the year, especially during the festive season. More often, the links contained in such mails may often appear to be valid enough. However, when you hover the mouse over the URL, you would get a different hyperlinked address. In any such case, the message is a malicious one. If you can’t detect it or are not that tech savvy, just leave it all to your antivirus software.

6. Remote Device Management

Most of the top antivirus software offer a free portal where you can add your device to manage it remotely. It allows you to know about the status of your device in real time and notifies you about any adverse situation, like the entry of malware.

7. Security Firewall

This one of the most common antivirus features blocks external threats trying to intrude into your computer through the web. Depending on the service provider, the security firewall may allow you to configure the incoming and outgoing online traffic for additional security. In addition, some antivirus software may also offer ‘hidden mode’ feature with the firewall, which hides your computer from the eyes of hackers.

8. Complete Malware Protection

The security software makes sure to provide complete protection from all types of unscrupulous elements that aim at infecting your computer with a virus and stealing away your private data. A complete software offers protection against keyloggers, riskware, adware, spyware, and all other such types of malicious programs.

9. Virtual Keyboard

Data-stealing software can keep track of whatever you type on your keyboard, and then send the collected data to the hacker. A virtual keyboard feature in an antivirus is a befitting solution to this problem as it encrypts the data that you type, and makes it inaccessibly by the attackers.

10. PC to Mobile Scanner

Most of the advances antivirus software prefer providing this feature as it helps to clean your mobile device with the help of your computer. For this, you simply need to connect your smartphone or any other mobile device with your PC, run the mobile scanner, search your device for malware and clean it. Most provide this facility for almost all types of mobile OS and devices including Windows Phone, iOS, Android. Symbian, and so on.

If your antivirus solution consists of most of these features, you can rest assured of the safety of your device.

Is Antivirus Software available on all OS and Devices?

If you believe that your Antivirus is the best one, you can expect it to work on all the popular operating systems and devices. Here is a list of some prominent antiviruses along with their device and operating system compatibility. Just make sure that your Antivirus makes it to this list. Else, just switch over!

antivirus software apps

Depending on the device and the supporting operating system you may choose any of the Antivirus software mentioned in this table. Of course, you should consider other factors as well, like Price, Features, Ease of Installation, Security Quotient, and Performance.

Does your Antivirus come with Ads?

Several free Antivirus programs (and even some of the very cheap antivirus) may bombard your device with nag screens and tray popups, prompting you to go pro or upgrade to the paid version. Despite being effective, these antiviruses are at times annoying owing to these unwanted banners, and hence people keep searching for ad-free software. Here are some of the best business antivirus software that keeps you at bay from the adware.

  • Avast Antivirus offers you to disable the ads. When you install it, you can go to un-install option and remove some unwanted programs that will save your RAM as well.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is another best antivirus software, which is ad-free. It will prompt you only if you have not scanned your system since a long time. You can easily circumvent this issue by scheduling daily automatic scans at a fixed time.
  • Avira Free Antivirus has a clean ad-free GUI, ad-free installer, and it contains no pop-ups. In addition, it is very light and runs smoothly on your system without causing slow-downs
  • BitDefender is hassle-free, nag-free, and of course, ad-free antivirus that runs quickly but silently as a background process on your system, to enable you to do other things during that time.
  • Power Security AntiVirus Clean v1.0.24 is another Ad-free software that provides real-time protection to autoblock security threats.

Is free Antivirus software worth giving a shot?

While testing the programs, we also considered both the free and cheap Antivirus software because most of the users prefer using the demo version. Once satisfied, they switch over to its advanced version. However, many users prefer not to upgrade; they stick with the free version instead. So is the security provided by free Antivirus fare enough? Possibly not! Despite being useful, it could not compare the features and facilities of a paid antivirus software.

About Free Antivirus protections plans

Free and even some cheap Antivirus utilizes the same antivirus engine as their paid counterparts but has lesser capabilities. Some common facilities you will find in a free edition of any antivirus program may include:

  • Advanced malware detection
  • Malware removal
  • The Web and email protection
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware facility
  • Remote PC protection

If you are satisfied with this much protection, you really need to invest in a paid version. However, if you own a company, or manage of network of devices, purchasing a package would be ideal. Here are some of the common facilities that you are likely to find in a paid edition.

Paid Antivirus Softwares and its benefits

Besides all the regular features of a free antivirus, a paid top tier business antivirus software and best antivirus can help you with:

  • Online Shield – protecting your PC from harmful downloads
  • Enhanced Firewall – Blocks hackers to enable you to do safe online shopping & transaction
  • Priority Updates – Provides real-time security updates
  • Anti-spam – Sanctifies your inbox from spam & scam emails
  • Data Safe – Password protection and encryption for files
  • Anti Ransomware defense – Protection from ransomware
  • Zero slowdowns – Enhanced speed

For more information on the features of paid Antivirus, you can always check out for your preferred software.

Does Antivirus Software protect from online identity theft?

Antivirus or Anti malware or Anti-spyware, all of them are nowadays used interchangeably. Hence referring them with antivirus has become a norm and sometimes can be difficult to differentiate between the cheap antivirus and the top quality business antivirus software. We all know that this piece of code, that is beautifully packaged into a software protect the users from online theft. But the question arises, is it enough standalone for online security? The answer is ‘No.’

Top Antivirus software:

  • Scans through all the online traffic to ban the entry of malware and viruses
  • Detects malicious files and online links that could infect your system
  • Often, it also warns you before opening a suspicious link.

However, besides these positive features, your best antivirus software lags behind in providing certain important features, such as:

  • Data encryption: Hackers can easily pierce through your network, especially when you are accessing an unsecured public hotspot in the absence of a standard encryption.
  • Location concealing: An antivirus cannot hide your location while browsing the internet, which could pose an open invitation to hackers or ISPs.
  • Tracking prevention: Yet again, your anti-malware cannot stop the snoopers, advertisers, etc. from tracking your online activities, since they know your IP address.

The Solution – Antivirus Protection or some other alternatives?

Don’t fret, because your Antivirus is still very capable of protecting your PC from viruses. All it requires is the support of a Virtual Private Network or the VPN. Yes, it encrypts the data you exchange to and from the internet, masks your real IP address and keep you hidden from the radar of prying eyes. Hence, a combination of the best Antivirus with the best VPN can ensure you maximum online security.

Other methods of online security

If you still think something is missing in your internet security, you can opt for private browsing, which is available in all the widely used browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and more. However, if your computer already contains a malicious program, like spyware or keyloggers, then even private browsing could not save you. To be on the safe side, it is better to avoid using public Wi-Fi or hotspot networks that allow uncontrolled access. Healthy browsing habits, like avoiding clicking suspicious links or attachments, pop-up ads, not installing free programs are also helpful in averting the spyware and hence protecting your identity online.

The Final Thoughts

And there you have it – you now know the differences among viruses, Trojans, Boots, and other types of malware. As well as the different levels of protection with the cheap antivirus and the best anti malware software. We hope that you will wisely use this knowledge to take the risk of infection to the minimum. The most important thing is to be very careful when using your PC, or any other device, and shouldn’t have the attitude of; “That could never happen to me.” Because it can happen and it will IF you are not careful. So, make use of our tips on how to protect your computer, so that your PC can be happy and healthy.

In the advanced technological era of the modern times, the need for both cheap antivirus and the best malware protection is becoming almost unavoidable. The unscrupulous elements are always in the hunt to benefit from the shortcomings in your system’s security. But we know, that you have also become smarter and have been leveraging upscale software to combat the effect of these online threats. However, checking out if the Antivirus abides by all your requirement is an inevitable necessity. Computer users nowadays expect reliability, protection, ease of use and cost-effective price in the antivirus software they choose, with different people opting for cheap antivirus and others going for the best anti malware software.

Of all these, the level of protection holds a major say since data security is paramount for all and sundry. After doing a thorough review of the prominent antivirus brands, we have given them a thumbs up on the basis various security aspects like secure browsing, malware protection, safe online shopping, security from malicious threats, ransomware protection, hence complete data protection, to be precise. Ease of use is another important factor that we have considered in our Antivirus reviews. This indicates the requirement for minimum user inputs to break free from suspicious activities engrossing the network and the associated computers.

Alongside, the top antivirus also needs to be unobtrusive and should allow the user to carry out the usual activities without persistent interruptions in the form of security notifications. Price is beyond doubts among the most important factors to consider while buying an Antivirus software. Whether you are purchasing it for use on your PC or for a network of computers in your organization, comparing the best anti-malware programs would help you to choose the best one depending on their prices.

To conclude, we have tried our best to provide an honest Antivirus review for the most seasoned brands followed by everything you must know about these malware blocking programs; whether it’s the cheap Antivirus or the best anti malware software. If you have any other antivirus software in your best list, do comment about the same. We will try to including it on our Antivirus reviews list. All we aspire to help you use the best Antivirus.

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