5 Best Apple TV VPN Service Providers In 2018


Apple TV is a digital media player that brings all your favorite channels and streaming platforms together on your TV and allows you to navigate via a remote control. Yes, you can watch Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, ABC, NBC Sports, Vevo, YouTube, TV Everywhere, Showtime Anytime, NHL.tv, MLB.tv, NBA League Pass and much more on Apple TV. All the scattered pieces of entertainment are brought together on one platform with the help of Apple TV. No wonder why it is so successful.

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However, this also means that Apple TV needs a VPN to function as per its potential. For instance, if you own an Apple TV in Malaysia and have a Hulu subscription, you cannot watch it because of geo-restriction. An Apple TV VPN makes you appear from the desired location and unblocks the restricted content. So you can be sitting in Malaysia but your Apple TV will read your location as US with the help of a VPN for Apple TV and hence you can watch Hulu in Malaysia.

We knew you might want to know about the best Apple TV VPN service providers. So we asked our VPN experts to find out the best ones. After weeks of researching, testing, and analyzing, our VPN gurus gave us following five names as the best VPNs for Apple TV.

Top 5 Apple TV VPN Services – Your Sure Shot Way To Unfiltered Entertainment

Rank Provider Price Details
$6.67 per month
Exclusive 48% Discount
$3.99 per month
You Save 72%
$6.55 per month
You Save 43%
$6.49 per month
You Will Save 46% On Yearly Plan

Why We Chose These 5 Apple TV VPN Service Providers

We have said it with complete confidence that above mentioned Apple TV VPN service providers are the best. Of course, there is a long list of reasons behind this confident claim. Following is our small attempt to enlighten you with the features, services, and performance of the best Apple TV VPN service providers.

1- ExpressVPN – Trusted Apple TV VPN


Express VPN for Apple TV can be considered as the most trusted service provider in the industry. It is truly a VPN for everyone. The tech nerds, the newbies, the professionals and others are going to love Express VPN equally. Of course, this much love from customers doesn’t come easily. The Apple TV VPN has to give heart and soul to reach that level. We can say with assurance that Express has worked immensely hard to provide the consistent exceptional services to its customers. It provides high-speed internet which is must if you wish to enjoy hours of streaming videos on Apple TV. To top it off, Express VPN gives 30 days money back guarantee.

2- Nord VPN – Advanced VPN For Apple TV


Nord VPN is an advanced service provider on our list. Of course, this translates in its apps and client software. Nord VPN for Apple TV doesn’t provide the most user-friendly software but once you get a hang of it, things become extremely easy. Nord VPN has given special importance to anonymity. Features like no logs policy and automatic kill switch are evidence to this claim. Nord also accepts Bitcoin payment, which means you can keep your identity hidden from the service provider. Like Express VPN, Nord also offers a generous 30 days money back guarantee.

3- HideMyAss VPN – Winning Hearts With Amazing Customer Service


Hide My Ass VPN is known for its flawless and prompt customer support. This Apple TV VPN has been in the industry for so long that it understands the secret of winning customers’ hearts. Having a capable customer service team definitely helps in building a great relationship with the users. Hide My Ass VPN performed way beyond our expectation in our speed tests. So you shouldn’t worry about the online streaming. We would definitely mention its 30 days money back guarantee as it is a lucrative offer. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Hide My Ass has VPN servers in more than 190 countries.

4- Private Internet Access VPN – Affordable Apple TV VPN


Private Internet Access VPN has multiple pricing packages. And if you chose to pay yearly, you can avail Private Internet Access for just $3.33/month ($39.95 yearly payment). Now this feels like winning a lottery or having the world class online protection for free. Private Internet Access VPN has a reputation of being an affordable one. However, it doesn’t mean that it fails to provide proper services and features. We tested it for speed and the results were above average. However, the impact of low prices can be seen on money back guarantee as you only get 7 days.


5- IPVanish VPN – Safe And Secure VPN For Apple TV


IPVanish VPN for Apple TV has taken one thing from Private Internet Access VPN i.e. 7 days money back guarantee. We wish it would have taken a lesson on pricing as well but unfortunately, IPVanish VPN devised its own pricing plans. Anyway, IPVanish VPN manages to impress us with its long list of features. Basically, it is the right VPN to make your internet connection secure from all the potential threats out there. And it provides fast connection speed as well. So you can safely stream hours of video content on your Apple TV with IPVanish VPN.

How To Set Up VPN On Apple TV

It is obvious that you cannot connect to a VPN directly through Apple TV. You need to use an indirect way of connecting a VPN to Apple TV. There are a lot of ways to connect to an Apple TV VPN. You can use the most convenient method and enjoy unfiltered and unrestricted TV shows and movies. Let us show you the three easiest way of setting up a VPN on Apple TV;

Connecting To Apple TV VPN With Router

Routers are available in every home and most of our devices are connected to WiFi via a router. So getting a VPN on the router is a sure shot way of being protected by a VPN on all your devices. We loved this method as it is very easy and secure.

  • Step 1

Connect your router to an Apple TV VPN and select a US VPN server.

  • Step 2

Connect the Apple TV to the said WiFi connection.

  • Step 3

Login and enjoy unlimited entertainment on your Apple TV.

Connecting To Apple TV Via A Laptop

In case, you don’t have a VPN on your router, there is no need to lose hope or feel worried because you can convert your laptop into a WiFi hotspot for your Apple TV. This method is not our recommended one but it works perfectly fine when you have limited options.

  • Step 1

Sign in your VPN account on your laptop.

  • Step 2

Connect to a US VPN server or any other desired VPN server.

  • Step 3

Switch on the WiFi hotspot on your laptop.

  • Step 4

Switch on Apple TV. Go to settings and connect to your laptop’s WiFi hotspot.

  • Step 5

Congratulation! You have unblocked Apple TV’s restricted content.

Connecting To Apple TV VPN Without Router

Apple TV VPN without a router is definitely a possibility. We have told you one method already in the last part. However, you can connect to an Apple TV VPN without even connecting to an internet connection on your Apple TV. Your iOS or Mac device can help you in this regard. We find this method a bit inconvenient as you won’t be able to use your iOS or Mac device at all.

  • Step 1

Sign in your VPN account on your iOS or Mac device.

  • Step 2

Select a US VPN server or any other.

  • Step 3

Switch on the AirPlay Mirroring on your iOS or Mac device and connect it to Apple TV.

  • Step 4

Now whatever is playing on your iOS or Mac device will be played on your Apple TV.

  • Step 5

Wow! You are watching unfiltered TV show or movie without connecting to any WiFi connection on your Apple TV.

These were just three methods. There are many more techniques available to connect your Apple TV to a VPN. The most common one is definitely connecting via your router. Although we have to admit that AirPlay Mirroring feature is really cool but it engages your iOS or Mac device for no reason.

An Apple (TV VPN) A Day Keeps The Geo-Restriction Away

Life gets better every day. We have progressed so much in terms of entertainment consumption. First, there were TV and satellite channels only. Then streaming platforms took the showbiz by storm. Now, with technologies like Apple TV, we have combined the two worlds together. When you feel life is getting better and advanced every single day, even a slight setback seems a huge defeat.

So the fact that somebody cannot enjoy the oceans of entertainment residing in the Apple TV because of their geography is absolutely unbearable. It stops our streak of progress. Therefore, you need an Apple TV VPN to ensure that your life is taking a step in a positive direction each day. There is nothing stopping you in any way, be it unlimited TV shows or movies on the Apple TV via Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO etc. or anything else. Apple TV VPN breaks the malice called geo-restriction and brings your desired TV programs in your home on your Apple TV.

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