Best VPN For Apple TV to Unblock Online Content

Best Apple TV VPNAcquiring security tools in the current age is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity; thanks to geo-restrictions for suffocating our surfing moments. For Apple TV users, this is the biggest curse as they can no longer stream foreign content without the help of an Apple TV VPN.

Stress not! We are here to bridge your Apple TV with the most-suited VPN; this guide will briefly guide you on how to set up the VPN on your Apple TV.

List of 5 Best Apple TV VPN

Getting the best VPN for Apple TV to unblock geo-restrictions is quite crucial because there are 4 generations of the Apple TV streaming boxes and every version requires a VPN provider that is highly compatible with it.

We have done the research for you and compiled a list of VPN for your Apple TV/s.

1. ExpressVPN For Apple TV

ExpressVPN is a trending VPN because it has lived upto its reputation to unblock Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, and HBO Now/Go, the US and UK Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu. The service allows a smart DNS proxy called MediaStreamer which will enable users to unblock geo-restricted content.

ExpressVPN offers a custom router firmware to run the VPN on a big network, making it possible to run on Apple TV.


  • Works smoothly on Apple TV
  • Consistent high speeds for HD streaming
  • Unblocks all major streaming services
  • Apps available for a variety of operating systems
  • 24/7 live chat customer support


  • Slightly pricier than other VPNs

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2. IPVanish For Apple TV

IPVanish is a good VPN to Unblock geo-restrictions on Apple TV since it allows five simultaneous connections and a robust OpenVPN encryption protocol. It uses a private DNS server inclusive of a DNS leak protection. If your Apple TV is lacking the VPN app, then you can easily set up this VPN on your router firmware.


  • Runs smoothly on Apple TV
  • Fast server speeds
  • Multiple connections provided


  • Not all servers unblock Netflix
  • live chat support is below average

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3. NordVPN for Apple TV

This VPN provider has a good history of unblocking foreign geo-restricted websites such as HBO Go, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video, and much more. You get six simultaneous connections over a single account that features an encrypted DNS proxy called SmartPlay that plays a big role in unblocking content.

Through NordVPN, Apple TV users can easily configure, set up and access any content easily. It’s fast and reliable.


  • Good Apple TV support
  • Multiple geo-blocked content accessed
  • A budget provider providing great security features
  • Support provided


  • The app isn’t user-friendly

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4. Private Internet Access (PIA) for Apple TV

Private Internet Access (PIA) may not be the talk of the town, but it does offer solid compatibility for Apple TV. The app is not present, but the VPN offers a pre-configured DD-WRT Flash Routers which allows smooth VPN connectivity.

With PIA Apple TV VPN, users can unblock VoDs via its vast list of 3,500 servers.  


  • Wireless Router for Apple TV
  • 3,500 servers in 32 countries
  • Kill Switch and DNS Leak Protection
  • No Restrictions on P2P/Torrenting


  • Does Not Unblock Netflix


5. CyberGhost for Apple TV

CyberGhost is another contender and a good VPN for Apple TV 4k as it will open doors to unblock geo-restricted content on Apple TV. It does not have a peculiar app but offers a DD-WRT/Tomato setup and a pre-flashed router.

It is the best VPN to stream Apple TV as it provides fast servers, good support, and a one-step access.


  • Easy router setup; thanks to no-fuss guides
  • Configure manually or get a pre-flashed device and save time
  • Great balance of speed, features, and price
  • Live chat available


  • Heavy Windows VPN App
  • Slow connection on Mac

Get CyberGhost

Now, why do we need a VPN for Apple TV? The reasons are uncovering below.

Why do I need a VPN for Apple TV?

A Virtual Private Network VPN serves as a security tool which is used to provide online privacy and anonymity through the strong encryption protocols it uses to encrypt the browsing activities. While the second purpose is to bypass local censorship applied by ISPs and penetrate international restrictions as well.

How to use a VPN on Apple TV – The Method Uncovered

VPNs for Apple TV 4K can be beneficial and using it on your Apple TV is the only way to bypass online restrictions but configuring the VPN tool is the real deal. The process is the same for all the VPNs, but knowing the right process is a key.

Let’s get on with it!

Use a VPN Router or Configure a VPN on the Router

Having a VPN router is the most streamlined way possible for the protection of all your devices in one go; the best thing is that such routers come with an in-built VPN feature which can be configured quite easily. If your router does not facilitate the feature, the next best alternative is to flash the existing router through a  DD-WRT or Tomato firmware.

Pre-flashed and configured Tomato router or DD-WRT router are also available which can be purchased from third parties.

Don’t want a VPN? Tweak DNS settings

Changing DNS settings is another alternative where the VPN is not required, and all you need is just the Apple TV and you’re connected. But, don’t expect privacy from DNS; so choose carefully!

Majority of the VPN tools already include a free smart DNS as part of their VPN package.

Final Words

Apple TV is a media box for all your music and movies streaming craze, permitting content-transferability from your computer to your mobile device.

But what if you cannot stream anything especially foreign content? It’s only possible with an Apple TV VPN; configure it and access anything from Netflix to Hulu, Amazon Prime and whatnot at the cost of a few dollars.

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