Top 5 Cheap VPNs that Cost as Low as $1.99/mo

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Many people think that VPNs come at exorbitant rates. Well, these concepts do not hold ground today. Thanks to the boom in cheap VPN services, you can enjoy the best safety and privacy at a reasonable rate. However, finding the best cheap VPNs is not an easy task. We have to be sure that we are not compromising quality by spending a little less.

Further, let us tell you that the so-called cheapest service may fail miserably, thanks to poor safety protocols. Besides, some may not have strong encryptions or a wide server base. So, we thought of making and sharing a list of the best cheap VPNs. We have tested each best priced VPN with a 360-degree approach. We will discuss our criteria for choosing the best cheap VPNs later.

What are the Best Cheap VPNs?

Here is our list of the best cheap VPNs that will keep your wallet full and make your browsing secure.

Beware of the Renewal Charges While Buying the Best Cheap VPNs:

Before we start discussing how we found the best cheap VPNs, we thought of sharing some words of caution regarding the renewal service charges. In other words, you may consider any service as the best affordable VPN and buy it. But in most cases, you are getting the services at a discounted rate for the initial tenure only. For example, you are buying a good budget VPN at $10 for one year. Once you go for renewal after one year of service, you may find that the subscription charge has gone up to $20.

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It simply happens because there were promotional discounts when you bought the service at first. Now, you have to pay the exact amount (without discount) to continue the services. Many companies follow this unfair practice in the name of offering a good and cheap VPN service. So, make sure there are no hidden fees and read the terms and conditions thoroughly while choosing the cheapest VPN provider.

However, each service provider in our list of the best cheap VPNs mentions in their terms and conditions that the renewal charges will also remain discounted. So, trust our review and see how we tested and tested and ranked the best cheap VPNs.

How We Found the Best Cheap VPNs?

Definitely, a cheap and good VPN will charge reasonable subscription rates. According to us, you should always go for long-term plans to find it easier in your pockets. Besides, a cheap reliable VPN is most likely to come with a free trial and money-back guarantee so that you can assess its quality of service. Apart from pricing, there are the following factors that make a cheap and fast VPN the best.

The Best Cheap VPNs Should Do URL Filtering:

One of the most common threats while using the internet is malware attacks. A reliable VPN will scam through spam URLs. Besides, it will block the page even before we visit it. Thus, it will ensure complete safety for your data.

It will Block Unwanted Ads:

Does your VPN have an in-built adblocker? This is definitely a must when we are talking about a cheap and powerful VPN. Unwanted ads can ruin your streaming experience. Besides, some of these ads can be malicious. Surfshark, the leader among the most pocket-friendly VPN services, can block unwanted ads.

Split Tunneling:

A budget-friendly VPN can manage or split your traffic, thanks to this feature. It will channelize your traffic through your local internet connection for websites that can be accessed locally. For the restricted sites or applications, it will route the traffic through the VPN. As a result, you will enjoy the best speed while uploading or downloading any content.

So, if you ask us, “what is a good cheap VPN,” we will definitely recommend a VPN that has this split tunneling feature.

Kill Switch and DNS and IP Leak Protection:

We think that every reliable VPN must have these advanced features for your online safety. The Kill Switch feature disconnects the internet connection of your system immediately when a VPN connection drops suddenly. This ensures that your privacy is not hampered until the VPN connection is up again.

Further, the DNS protection makes sure that the DNS requests sent by your system are never revealed to your internet service provider. As a result, your internet service provider fails to manage your bandwidth and impose any controlling measures. The built-in DNS protection also stops the leakage of your IP address. As a result, you enjoy complete online anonymity. Your ISP, or any other vigilant authorities fail to track you or punish you even if you are trying to access blocked sites or applications.

If we consider CyberGhost VPN, we will see that it has a Kill Switch feature for its Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS applications. However, its Linux app does not have the Kill Switch feature. Besides, it uses the best security protocols for the highest DNS protection.

Encryption and Data Safety:

What’s the best and cheapest VPN? A budget VPN becomes the best when it takes care of your pocket and online safety with the same efficiency. A reliable VPN will come with advanced protocols to transform your confidential data into unbreakable ciphers. As a result, hackers or spammers will fail to steal your data or logging in patterns.

The WireGuard®, IKEv2, OpenVPN protocols on CyberGhost VPN ensure your complete online safety.

In-built Antivirus/Anti-Malware:

Virus and malware attacks are common phenomena while using the internet. So, you will need a VPN that comes with a built-in antivirus or anti-malware. The antivirus or anti-malware of your VPN will ensure reinforced data protection and the complete safety of your operating system.


A VPN needs to have advanced protocols to ensure complete online security. Surfshark VPN has OpenVPN, the best in security.

Logging Policy:

What is the best and cheapest VPN service? When a budget VPN follows a no-logging policy, we consider it the best. It is very important for maintaining your online anonymity. Otherwise, there is no point in using a virtual private network that records your connection information.

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Wide Server Base:

The best cheap VPNs must have servers located in various parts of the world. But why do you need a VPN with a large server base? It is because many sites or applications work within a specified geographical territory. In other words, many countries follow strict censorship policies and ban many sites and applications. You need a VPN with a wide server base to access those.

To further clarify, a VPN that has many servers will establish a connection between the remotely located server and your internet connection. Further, it will mask your IP address. So, once you are connected to a server located outside the Geo-restricted zone, you will be able to access the blocked sites easily. At the same time, since your IP address will remain hidden, there will be no risks of punishment for violating censorship rules.

If you want to know about the VPN with the widest server base, we recommend ExpressVPN. You can try ExpressVPN for free. It has servers in 160 locations across 94 countries. However, the number one sport holder in our budget VPN list, Surfshark VPN, also has quite an impressive server base with a presence in more than 65 countries.

Internet Speed:

Let’s admit that nobody loves it when the streaming gets broken all of a sudden. But why does it happen? It happens when there is a surge in the traffic from a particular location and the internet service provider tries to control your bandwidth. However, a VPN with powerful safety protocols ensures that your internet service provider or any unwanted entity does not get a chance to throttle your bandwidth. As a result, you continue to enjoy a good internet speed.

Especially, a drop in the bandwidth can cause massive problems during online gaming. A reduced bandwidth makes the ping rates go high, ruining your gaming experience completely. Surfshark comes with WireGuard® protocol, and it is the fastest.


One of the main functions of the best VPNs is offering the provision for P2P file sharing. Besides, it must have an open policy that allows torrent downloading smoothly by maintaining the proper speed. However, many of the so-called budget VPNs fail to perform when it comes to torrenting.

Surfshark is known to have torrent-friendly servers. In other words, Surfshark’s all servers support P2P. However, it has servers in some countries where torrenting is not allowed. But, when you are connected to a server in those restricted locations, Surfshark will channelize the traffic through torrent-friendly servers. Besides, it will protect your online identity. So, there will be no chance of getting caught for violating the Copyright laws.


This is also an important factor when we test a budget VPN. The VPN you are choosing must work with a wide range of devices. Besides, it should be compatible with various operating systems. Further, leading VPNs always have separate and dedicated applications for each operating system. Also, they have proper setup guides and provisions for customer support in case of any problem.

Number of Simultaneous Connection:

Once you choose a VPN, make sure that it works on many devices simultaneously. With Surfshark, you will need to create only one account for all your devices. In other words, you will enjoy unlimited connections on the same account.

Customer Service:

A reliable VPN also has proper customer service. You can get customer support from Surfshark via email or live chat. Besides, there is a FAQ section to address general queries and concerns.

Along with all these points mentioned, we have assessed the overall quality of all the VPNs, including accessibility, safety, and speed.

Our Suggestions about the Best Cheap VPNs:

Budget VPNs and free VPNs are not the same. It is easy to get attracted to free services, but the risks are many. You may experience data leakage, malware attacks, or failure to access the blocked sites. Besides, your online safety may get compromised, making you a subject of punishment for breaking digital laws.

best cheap vpns

So, you should choose an affordable VPN that never compromises quality, even if it comes at a pocket-friendly rate. We recommend Surshark as the best in this category. Besides, it offers a 7-day free trial for Android, iOS, and macOS applications. Besides, there is a provision for a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Further, you should not be worried, thinking that your money will get deducted automatically after the trial period. Surfshark will send you an intimation email once the trial period is over.

So, How to Set Up Surfshark?

You can easily install Surfshark on your device following this simple step-by-step guide.

  1. At first, create a Surfshark account on the device you want to use.
  2. Then, download Surfshark on that device.
  3. Next, connect to any server.
  4. Further, download Surshark on your other device.
  5. Log in using the same credentials and connect to any server.
  6. You can repeat the process to secure as many devices as you can using a single account.

Remember that the procedure for setting up Surfshark will be different from one operating system to another. Now, you know how to install Surfshark, and let’s find answers to some frequently asked questions in the next section.


Which is the Number One Service Provider Among the Best Cheap VPNs?

According to us, Surfshark is the best in this category. It has a wide server base, advanced protocols, and a one-month money-back guarantee.

Will the Best Cheap VPNs Hide My Real Location?

Yes, the best budget VPNs will mask your IP address. Besides, with DNS and IP leak protection, it will ensure that your IP address is never revealed.


So, now, you have enough knowledge about the best cheap VPNs to choose a service. Once again, cheap and free VPNs are not the same, and you should be completely sure about the quality of service when you are choosing a budget VPN. You can also follow our suggestion for picking the best service and enjoy complete peace of mind. Happy streaming!

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