5 Best VPNs for China to Access Your Favorite Websites in 2021

China VPN

Would you ever want to live in a place where you cannot post your selfies on Facebook and not even google the best cinema in town? Obviously, no; this generation cannot survive without the use of these platforms, while Chinese are living under such invasive environment, kicking the Great using the China VPNs. Thanks to the world’s most advanced online censorship of China -the Great Firewall- for turning the region, a hotspot for China VPNs; getting good VPN for China has become invaluable for both Chinese native and expats to obtain access to restricted content.

The Great Wall of China was built to keep barbarians away, allowing the Chinese government to block foreign websites like Facebook, Google, Tinder, Youtube, Netflix, Whatsapp, and many others including western news media,  and slow down cross-border internet traffic. The internet in China is not as easy as it may sounds. Do you know, more than 1.8 billion websites in the world and more than 8000 domain names are blocked, under the name of Internet Censorship?

China VPNs have become a commonly used method for expatriates and those in academic circles of China to get around the state’s strict policies about the internet. So if you’re looking for VPN that works in China and break the great wall, download a VPN in China; there’s no way out.

But Hold on! VPN that works in China, are you kidding? How the world’s advanced surveillance overlook the presence of your VPN China android and can you use VPN in China?

The answer is quite diplomatic, let’s take it in a way that it depends on the VPN service China you’re using, yes; the better, the survivor.

5 Top VPN That Works In China – 2018 Update

Lots of VPN companies claim to have great support for people in China, but most of those claims can turn out to be false. We have carefully reviewed and tested over 50 China VPN providers and the best ones are;

Let’s answer some more important questions first:

Do VPNs Still Work In China and What VPN works in China?

The country routinely campaigns against China VPN services and for this reason it hard to find good VPN for China, and recently enacted a ban not approved by the government, although it’s not exactly clear how this will play out; whether users will be punished for it or not.  China’s VPN ban started on March 31, 2018, but nothing seems to have happened, some of the best China VPN providers are still claiming their users to access their services in the country.

Using a VPN connect to China is legal, you will witness a cat-and-mouse game between providers and authorities, periodically cracking down, blocking servers and throttling bandwidth. Top VPN for China service providers are in the gray area until the ban will be rolled out clearly.

Being in China swapping VPNs if one gets blocked, here again, comes the type of VPN China you’re using; if you want unfettered access to foreign websites including social media and Google, you should have a China VPN that encrypt data in a way that leaves your device impossible to detect. China cracked down the use of “unauthorized” VPNs (GreenVPN is no more in China) and control censorship-thwarting software last year to take actions against those attempting to break the country’s surveillance and blocking lists.

The VPN crackdown followed the removal of VPN apps by Apple from the Chinese App Store making people wonder what VPN works in China for now, and Beijing ordered internet service providers, including China Unicom, China Mobile, and China Telecom, to completely block VPN by February 2018, ahead of the March 31 ban.

Chinese internet authorities, gathered with a monitoring force of 40,000 people, had been shutting VPNs for about a decade. On March 31 that process got harder as China has finally decided to stop all unrecognized VPNs, allowing just a few authorized ones, but still, this decision seems another VPN scares.

You must be concerned about the VPN in China considering VPN that works in China; from hosting a conference to traveling academics, you really need a Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, and you might be needing those news websites that make China squirm, like; Tibet and Taiwan; they all are blocked. Now, the only way out is the good VPN for China.

The Chinese government continues to tighten their grip on this subject and it harder to find VPN that works in China. There will always be some kind of development in the GFW project that would halt the use of VPN, in general. Last year, they added new protocols in their system to completely crackdown any VPN that works in China, but to no success. However, you may find a lot of VPNs that fail to work properly in China.

Advice: Go with the best VPN for China as you can’t compromise on quality when the goal is to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

What is the Great Firewall of China and Why Does it Exist?

The Great Firewall of China is one of the scariest things to have ever happened to the Internet in centuries bloking all VPN that works in China. The GFW project is controlled by the Communist Party of China that aims to restrict Internet freedom in the garb of preserving moral and cultural values. It is an attempt by the Chinese Government to curb the use of foreign websites in Mainland China. Many popular websites are blocked by the Great Firewall of China project, and people are under strict surveillance for any attempt they make to access those restricted websites from China.

The Great Firewall of China employs different techniques to censor websites from the use of netizens that include IP blocking, DNS filtering and redirection, URL filtering, Packet filtering and few others.

What Websites Are Blocked In China?

There are over 8,000 websites that come under the radar of China’s Internet Censorship, thanks to the Great Firewall of China. Among the top websites included above there are so many that would redirect you to Error 404, including Yahoo, Wiki,  NY journal, Washington Post, Pinterest, Instagram, and many others. The reason why you can’t access these websites in China is still unknown, and communities are already flooded with such questions, with different answers. Not only the social websites but several other news, online streaming, SaaS websites are also blocked in China. Full list of blocked websites in China can be found here.

Then, How To Access Blocked Websites In China?

It’s not that Chinese Government is done with the Internet censorship, they keep on building more protocols and techniques to imperil the common Internet users. VPN and Proxy are two methods that were introduced to access all the restricted websites from China. However, there has been a lot of debate on the two methods, and their reliability. We’ll discuss later why proxies shouldn’t be your choice when searching for the good VPN for China.

Reasons why people use China VPN?

No one likes to be under the surveillance and restricted from the use of Internet. And that motivates people in China (the most) to turn to VPN and find good VPN for China. Surfing around the world of internet with VPN China android should not be restricted. Following are some top reasons why VPN is so popular in China.

  1. It lets you access blocked websites; no more facing restrictions and unwanted bufferings.
  2. It protects your identity online; now, you won’t be among those hundreds and thousands of victims of online identity theft.
  3. It doesn’t let GFW spy your online activity; say not spying and go anonymous online, nobody can track your activity.

Why Proxy is not an option for people in China?

The main reason why we don’t recommend proxies over VPN that works in China is that they are slow and unstable. Since the battle is between the freedom and the Great Firewall of China, having a stable service is what the netizens need. Another big concern we believe with proxy service is that they are not secured and fully encrypted. So, proxies are slow, full of ads, not reliable and risky. A VPN China, however, is an ideal solution with strong encryption protocols and powerful servers, topped up with the best performance.

Is The Use Of VPN China Illegal?

From the government’s perspective, no, it’s not illegal. Digging deeper into the communities where Tech pundits and users share their views, we found that the use of VPN is legal. We also believe that the use of VPN that works in China is legal since it is NOT intended to harm anyone, but to provide access to the websites we love. Restricting the Internet shouldn’t be imposed by the government, but giving people right to exercise their freedom is a must-do. Here are some of the discussions we collected from the communities:

Is China VPN Illegal

VPN use is somewhat illegal

What’s the Current Status of VPN in China and What VPN Works in China?

Chinese government continues to tighten their grip on this subject. There will always be some kind of development in the GFW project that would halt the use of VPN, in general. Last year, they added new protocols in their system to crackdown what VPN works in China completely, but to no success. However, you may have trouble finding what VPN works in China.

Advice: Go with the best VPN for China as you can’t compromise on quality when the goal is to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

VPN For China – Consideration

You may come across with thousands of recommendations on the web and question yourself that what VPN works in China and which one is good VPN for China? Since Internet censorship in China is severe, taking a wise decision is required before you hand over all your information. Following are some key considerations that you should look for while anchoring your final call for the best VPN that works in China provider.

  • Servers: Choosing a VPN that works in China involves the server they host. It is considered to be a primary decision-making element as the more servers a VPN vendor is offering, chances are less you will face downtime.
  • Stability & Reliability: Not all VPN that works in China are stable in China due to the crackdown. Therefore, it is vital to see if the host is steady and reliable to use in China. Otherwise, you will end up searching for What VPN works in China .
  • Encryption Protocols: This is paramount as Chinese Government continues to crackdown on VPNs, and protocols are the primary methods that circumvent the GFW. At times, the protocols you use might not work, so having a variety of protocols help in bypassing the Great Firewall of China restrictions. Although PPTP is fast compared to any other VPN protocol, for VPN China android, we suggest using OpenVPN as it has the capability of handling the GFW moderations.
  • Speed: Nobody likes slow and sluggish Internet, even when battling with the GFW. Consider checking the speed test result of a VPN China android provider, only if their servers deliver excellent speed from different locations. A piece of advice here is to choose the closest server to get the best connection.
  • Device Availability & Connections: Always check if your choice of VPN China android supports all the operating systems and devices you own. In addition, we all have multiple devices, so make sure to choose the VPN that works in China solution that offers multi logins feature.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Since stability is a concern when you opt VPN China android, so it is advisable to check if the VPN China service provider has any refund policy. It takes few days to test the performance completely, so having money back guarantee would certainly help in saving those hard-earned bucks.

Review of Top China VPN Providers – What VPN Works In China

If you wonder, what VPN works in China. We have invested hours in testing a variety of VPN that works in China vendors to yield all the important information for you. Since there are various factors to consider while opting for a reliable VPN China android solution, it is a must to make a wise decision. For your convenience, we are providing a detailed review of prominent and reliable VPN China android solutions, and why you should sign up for one today.

1- ExpressVPN – Stable & Reliable China VPN

ExpresssVPN Website

Firt answer to what VPNS works in China can not be far away from ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has made its name in the VPN industry and it is one of the good VPN for China. Being in the industry for a long time now, they have proved to be one of the best and most reliable VPN that works in China solutions available today. ExpressVPN host servers in over 94 countries (including Asia pacific countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and others) in over 148 locations. This wide range of available VPN servers rank ExpressVPN among the list of best VPN that works in China, as you will have various locations near to your home to give you the best and unhindered experience in China.

Speed is one eminent advantage that gives ExpressVPN an edge over other VPN China android competitors and answer why is one of the good VPN for China. Their servers are engineered and optimized for best possible speeds in China. Generally, if you install a VPN on your device or OS, you face speed issues, but with ExpressVPN, speed is not a concern anymore. If you connect to their Hong Kong VPN server, you ought to get around 6-7 mbps, which is indeed fast! In addition, there is no cap on bandwidth and speed, so you can enjoy flawless VPN China android connection without any interruptions.

ExpressVPN China is extremely secure and anonymous, assembled with an SSL-secured network and coupled with 256-bit encryption protocol that strengthens their offerings even further. On top of that, ExpressVPN has deployed stealth servers (located in Hong Kong) that are specially designed to combat Great Firewall of China. The ‘Stealth Servers’ don’t let anyone know if you are connected to a VPN, hence, makes your internet journey completely anonymous in China. Staying anonymous is a prime concern for us all and ExpressVPN have answer to this also. Their Zero-log policy is considered to be as one great factor why ExpressVPN is counted as best VPN that works in China.

Another reason why we rank rank them as best VPN that works in China is their money-back guarantee offer. Since using VPN China android in China sometimes is not stable (not with ExpressVPN though), paying back if they are not satisfied is a win-win game. If you are happy with their service, you can get your money back easily. And not to forget their customer service, those guys are great, in general, and for any queries related to VPN China. They are responsive, professional and always be available to help you with anything. it is one of the best choice of what VPN works in China.


2- NordVPN – The China VPN To Evade The Great Firewall

Nord VPN website

NordVPN recently informed that now it is a VPN that works in China; good news especially for budgeted Beijingers and Shanghaiist’s wanting simultaneous connections. NordVPN is a reliable VPN that works in China offers bang for your buck, offering six simultaneous connections on a single inexpensive subscription. It unblocks streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix US which blocks most VPN connections. Torrenting is tolerated, and there are 3000 servers in more than 60 countries.

NordVPN is one of the good VPN for China considering it keeps zero logs of our activity and follows strong encryption standards, with some specialized servers that are specialized enough with speed and security using technologies like anti-DDoS, Tor over VPN, ultra-fast streaming, and double VPN. The list of NordVPN neat security features also includes shared IP addresses, Next Generation Encryption (NGE) IKEv2/IPsec, 256bit-GCM encryption, DNS leak protection, an automatic kill switch, and ad-blocking.

You can link up to six devices simultaneously to NordVPN’s servers using unlimited bandwidth for torrenting and downloading speed topped up with a 24/7 live chat for support.


3- VyprVPN – Another Stealth Server Enabled China VPN Option

VyprVPN website

VyprVPN one of the good VPN for China and it sets itself apart as a reliable “what VPN works in China” solution as they are one among the few solution providers that own their infrastructure. This gives them an edge over competitor as all their servers are being controlled by expert technical team. If you are looking for China VPN Chrome, VyprVPN comes with strong 256-bit SSL encryption that helps users to access restricted websites in China. Their smart stealth technology called ‘Chameleon’ is an anti censorship tool that anonymizes users activity and lets them access the Internet without any interruptions. During the China VPN test, we tried PPTP protocol, but that didn’t work smoothly. So it is advisable to connect to OpenVPN protocol only which is secured and fast equally. The test also showed us a fair connection where we hit up to 4-5 mbps speed.

VyprVPN is a VPN that works in China that boasts 700+ global servers that account for over 200,000 IPs spread across 70+ locations including China. You will also enjoy 3 simultaneous connections with VyprVPN subscription with zero-log policy. It also comes with a 3-day free trial but with limited bandwidth (500 MB only).


4- IPVanish VPN – Vanish Your IP Address With This China VPN

IPVanish VPN for China

Not any other VPN works like ExpressVPN, but we must say that the test results concluded good feedback for IPVanish. What VPN works in China? With over 40000+ shared IPs 1000+ servers in 60+ locations, IPVanish emphatically qualifies as a reliable good VPN for China. Although their website is not accessible in China, you can still use IPVanish VPN without any problems.

IPVanish is a VPN that works in China that has its servers located in almost all the continents hence you can switch between different locations with their unlimited server switching option. IPVanish also come with a Mac VPN China and available on any ios device. IPVanish servers are smartly optimized to give you best China VPN performance. You will not face speed issues with IPVanish VPN China android as their test results showed fast connection speed. However, connection speed depends on your server selection, so choose the nearest server to your location. We ran our tests on US Seattle server, and the results were amazing.

IPVanish is one the VPN that works in china offers support on all notable operating system and devices, provided it is connected to the Internet. You can enjoy up to 10 multi logins also with IPVanish subscription to access blocked websites in China. They also provide 7-day money back guarantee in case you are not fully satisfied with the VPN performance.


5- HideMyAss VPN – This Good VPN For China Will Access Anything From China

HMA Website

The only way to get hide China IP address in 2018 lies in using the good VPN for China, and HideMyAss, is undoubtedly one of them. For just $4.99/month (yearly subscription), you can get access to over 860 servers of 190 countries – including China. HMA was the center of some controversy for helping the authorities (handed over subscribers’ data). However, this is a minor setback, and, as a whole, the VPN that works in China is good, especially for accessing the world’s content from Chinese territory.

Subscribers can use five simultaneous connections with excellent Speed even on the Chinese servers; no more trouble in HD streaming. Encryption is standard, using our recommended protocol, OpenVPN. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so try the service risk-free for a month.


So, Are You Ready To Deal With The Great Firewall Of China?

Chinese Government is smart, so is you and me; if they made the Great Firewall of China smarter, so we have a smartest solution – VPN that works in China. Although there is no escape from the continuous threats and attempts to break down the Internet, if you’re new to VPN technology. Grab a VPN China android to ease your browsing moments, but be ready to face a new challenges. We hope this guide has answered all your concerns regarding the current standings of China in the domain of digital media. If you think we have missed anything, please feel free to drop a comment and let us know.

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  5. I am an Chinese-American and frequently visit my family in China. This is one big problem (unfortunately) in China, that they don’t allow people to use the Internet freely. The problem is many people recommend best china vpn companies, but when you go to China you face issues as they are not stable at all. I have tried Astrill (it was good before), StrongVPN and PIA, but none of them are currently stable in China. Only ExpressVPN seems to work fine.

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