5 Best Chrome VPN Extensions For 2023

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Hacker attacks are happening every 39 seconds; don’t worry lads! Now we have Chrome VPNs to fight back and control our very own cyber world. New to VPN technology? It protects internet data from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), invasive corporations, and snooping governments while accessing censored, blocked, and geo-restricted websites and services across the globe. The browser also matters while surfing restricted content. Google, is considered as the search company, so does its web browser; Chrome with an average of 54.8% of penetration across different screens, become the number one gateway to the internet in the world.

Chrome, being the widespread, more the vulnerable is; do you know, SCAMS are making rounds again to invade Chrome users’ privacies, starting with the fake errors and end up leaving the browser and later on OS  (Windows) unresponsive and unstable. To fix the bug, you will be tricked into calling a number, where you have to provide your personal or financial information; means giving scammers, a driver’s seat. There Are other variants too, be aware! Or use one of the best Chrome VPN and craft your cyber world fearlessly.

What Are The Best Chrome VPNs To Use in 2018?

The netizen’s growing tension of cyber threats reflecting the expansion of the VPN industry; you will find a sea of VPN, and every other VPN is ready to secure our anonymity. Trusting and building enough confidence in any security-providing company takes time and risk your stake. So, forget trying and wasting your hard-earned bucks on every other VPN, scroll down and narrow your choice. Grab one of the five best Chrome VPN given below and forget being bullied.

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Why Should I Use a VPN for Chrome Browser?

Now that’s an interesting question; why one should look for a VPN when using a Chrome browser? As we speak earlier in this article, the popularity of Google Chrome puts the famous browser in danger also. One way the hackers sends malicious content to user’s computer is by injecting scripts in the browsers; making it easy to hack. There are various types of Malwares that can hijack your confidential information by simply entering in your computer.

As the everyday Internet user continues to browse online for shopping, entertainment, and other regular tasks – it is very important to keep all corners protected from cybercriminals. In addition, there are numerous websites that need a foreign IP address to become accessible, hence a tool is always required to get access to all the geographically restricted websites. The benefits of using a VPN for Chrome is countless, here are some of the solid reasons why a VPN Chrome extension would come in handy:

These are some of the key reasons why you should look for a VPN Chrome extension. While the marker is full of options, it is imperative to choose the right service.

Keep A Check, Before Considering A VPN For Chrome

The VPNs above are selected carefully to ascertain all the requirements to be offered for a VPN to enjoy secure and private browsing using the Google chrome. Our list of VPNs are based on the servers, speed and privacy policies, being offered by the service providers. These VPNs have global servers that let you help in combating blocked content.

Our recommended Chrome VPNs are also offering fantastic connection speeds, helping you in achieving data-intensive goals like watching HD content on Chrome. There is a sea of VPN providers with slow, cumbersome, and frustrating features – so be careful in seeking a VPN for your Chrome browser and try to give a shot to one of our world-class recommendations.

All the VPNs in this article trustworthy, holding and implementing clear yet easy-to-understand privacy policies while following the industry-standard encryption. No matter which one you opt from our list, your data remains private from the prying eyes.

How To Download A Chrome VPN?

Downloading a Chrome VPN is extremely easy, scroll down for a quick guide:

  • Select a Chrome VPN from our list.
  • Click subscribe to be a part of the hidden world.
  • Now, download and install the VPN on your respective device.
  • Login with your credentials and connect to the desired server from the list of servers.
  • Voila! Your Google Chrome is protected yet anonymous in the digital arena.

How to disable a proxy in Chrome browser?

You might be using a proxy server to access geo-restricted websites that require to hide your real location. While proxies are often used to change the IP address, but they are not as reliable as a VPN due to weak encryption protocols. If you are on a VPN, you don’t need an additional proxy running with your browser as this may compromise the speed. It is advisable to disable proxy from your Chrome browser while you are connecting to a VPN. To disable proxy in Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Chrome browser and click on Menu in the browser toolbar
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Advanced
  4. Navigate to “System”, click on Open proxy settings, Internet Properties window will appear
  5. Under the “Local Area Network (LAN)” settings, click on LAN settings
  6. Under “Automatic configuration,” uncheck Automatically detect settings. Also, uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN.
  7. Click OK, and then OK

The above steps are dedicated for Windows users only. For Mac users, the steps are more or less the same, except few. To disable proxy for Chrome on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open Chrome browser and click on the Chrome Menu option and click on Settings
  2. Go to the bottom of the screen and click on Advanced
  3. Under the “Sytem,” click on Open proxy settings. You will see Network Settings window
  4. Now, in the “Proxies” tab, under the “Select a protocol to configure” option, uncheck all the protocols
  5. Click OK and then Apply the changes

The Best Chrome VPN Is…

We have tried to offer all the best Chrome VPNs; use any one of them across many screens, without the restrictions of being snooped. Your cybersecurity is precious to us, as this is somehow the identification that relates you to the real world.

These VPNs won’t let your ISP and government to track what your online presence, even you will be saved from the KRACK vulnerability and hackers while surfing on public WiFi. These Chrome VPNs are trusted and reliable enough to anchor your privacies to, and at the same time, your internet freedom would also not discouraged. The summaries of all the best VPNs are there for you to look closely, before giving any service, a shot.

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