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Most secure Cloud Storage Services in 2022

Cloud storage is the future of computing and collaboration. And unarguably, that future is well in our faces. Choosing to use the most secure cloud storage is as important as having the best locks for your document cabinets in your old country home.

With some of the safest cloud storage, individuals and businesses can store and share files effortlessly. Also, they can do these with no risks of their files being infiltrated or accessed by unauthorized users. Whether it’s Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, your choice of the best secure cloud storage should be driven by your purpose of using cloud storage.

You can find the safest cloud storage for personal use if you intend to use it for yourself. Similarly, the best cloud storage for file sharing exists for easy team collaboration.

With concerns of what you may be needing the most secure cloud storage for, we have compiled a review of the best cloud storage services for you. However, before we roll all of them out to your delight, let’s quickly expose our method of selecting which cloud storage service makes our list of the best secure cloud storage.

How we make our choices

Our pick of the best cloud storage services is influenced by a number of factors. By using dozens of cloud storage services, we have found these few as the best encrypted cloud storage for both personal and business use. The factors to consider, which we also do consider deeply, when choosing your best secure cloud storage are discussed in detail.

However, before we go on to discuss these factors, have a view of the most secured cloud storage now.

Choosing the best encrypted cloud storage (What to consider).

As we choose which service will make our safest cloud storage list, we look at these factors. Consequently, we recommend that you pay attention to these factors as you shop for the most secure cloud storage for your files.

safest cloud storage

Data Center Physical Security

For the best secure cloud storage companies, the security of the data center is essential. Having officials monitor online activities on the servers and offline activities within and around the data center is just one step to maintaining physical security at the data center.

At data centers, the data of customers are at risk of being stolen. So, the company has a responsibility of securing user data both physically and virtually. The best secure cloud storage companies do this by appointing a standby security team to monitor movement within and around the facility. Also, reliable HD CCTV cameras are installed in strategic posts to record images 24 hours.

In most secure cloud storage companies, the physical security of the premise is not enough. The company implements multi-level access restrictions to make sure that only a few staff can come close to the servers. Biometric locks, biometric eye scanners, and alphanumeric passcodes are some ways that the best secure cloud storage companies limit access to the server section of their building.

Furthermore, servers must be protected from crashes, burns, abrupt shutdowns. These could be caused by overheating as servers are known to get unusually hot. The safest cloud storage companies install effective cooling systems to keep the temperature of the servers within a working range.

Data Encryption

The safest cloud storage is also the best encrypted cloud storage. The most secure cloud storage companies ensure that user data are encrypted with AES Encryption while they are being transferred and stored in the server.

Data encryption is an important part of cloud storage privacy. During data transfer between users or the best encrypted cloud storage provider, data encryption makes it impossible for user data to get siphoned by hackers. Even if it gets tapped into and duplicated for suspicious reasons, the thief will not be able to decrypt it without the private key.

For the best encrypted cloud storage, private keys are also encrypted to provide an additional layer of security to your privacy. Furthermore, the most secure cloud storage providers, offer “client-side encryption” to reassure you that your data is 100% private.

With client-side encryption, users get to keep the private key for decrypting their data. This means that not even the best secure cloud storage company has access to your data. This makes it one of the most secure online storage ideas.

Compliances and Certificates

The most secure cloud storage service must possess some compliance certificates. These certificates are evidence that they uphold certain privacy laws that protect the users’ data.

The best encrypted cloud storage providers ensure that these certifications are verified to maintain customers’ trust and avoid hefty lawsuits from law enforcement organizations.

Some of the most respected certifications that the best secure cloud storage providers must have include:


This stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a certification that is earned after intense scrutiny and shows that the safest cloud storage providers handle patient information with the utmost discretion.

This law was passed to protect people with health challenges that are often discriminated against in the workplace and society. For the most secure cloud storage that is HIPAA compliant, you can rest assured that any health information stored or transferred with the cloud sharing service is secured from end to end.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is seen as the toughest privacy law in the world. The safest cloud storage services are GDPR-compliant. This law compels the best secure cloud storage services to store and process user data (especially users in the European Union and the UK) with an unusual level of discretion and caution.

Choosing cloud storage that is GDPR-compliant means that your data will be stored, transferred, and processed with the required level of privacy.

However, this law is not only applicable to UK and European users. Other countries are quickly adopting the law to protect their citizens. Therefore, a GDPR certification is a significant determining factor when choosing the most secure cloud storage.

Redundancy Systems

The best secure cloud storage service store your data multiple times in different servers and various locations. Why do they do this?

Accidents are unpredictable. The safest cloud storage providers know this. So, they make sure that they have your data backed up on multiple servers and multiple locations. In case of fire, crash, or any unexpected accident that sends one data center out, you don’t have to lose all your data. It would be retrieved from other servers in other locations where they were backed up.

One of the redundancy systems that the best secure cloud storage use to protect your data is the RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) system. We prioritize this when we are choosing the safest cloud storage for file sharing and personal use.

Flexible storage options

For the most secure cloud storage, there are storage limitations. However, the best secure cloud storage providers make it easy for users to choose how much cloud space they need to store their personal data.

For the best encrypted cloud storage, users are given a wide range of storage options to choose from freely. Also, these options are presented in the web interface for easy selection. In some cases, a customer support representative is available to help users navigate or change cloud storage options.

Providers with hidden or rigid storage options are not considered for our list of the best secure cloud storage.


Whether you are looking for the most secure cloud storage for personal use or it’s for your team, integration is an important factor to look out for.

Some of the best secure cloud storage can integrate with many programs, software, or mobile apps. For teams that are often working with collaboration tools like Slack, Trello, and Asana, choosing the best encrypted cloud storage for file sharing will require checking if it integrates with those tools.

Some of the safest cloud storage also integrates with other cloud storage providers to make working easier for its users.

Why you should use secure cloud storage

It’s possible that you’re still wondering why you should use any of the best secure cloud storage options. Well, if you haven’t started using one, we recommend that you consider it for many reasons including:

best secure cloud storage

Data encryption

People lose their devices every now and then. When your files are stored in the cloud, they are encrypted so that unauthorized people cannot access them.

In the best encrypted cloud storage, Single Sign-on (SSO) or Multi-factor Authentication is required before you can access encrypted files. What this means is that only you and certain authorized individuals can access your data when you’re using any of the most secure cloud storage.

Back up for your files

Using one of the safest cloud storage services gives you an opportunity to back up your files in the safest cloud storage available. By storing your files in the cloud, they are duplicated and stored in multiple servers and locations. This means that even if something happens to the primary data center, your files will still be accessible to you and the people you’re sharing them with.

Shield against hackers and cyberattacks

Small businesses are the prime target of cyberattacks. Over 45% of all cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses and more than half of these businesses run out of business in barely six months after the attack. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a business, building a personal brand, or an individual, storing your files in the cloud protects you from these attacks from hackers.

Since your files are encrypted and the servers are well protected from malware attacks, your data is confidently in the safe hands of the most secure cloud storage providers.

Stay organized

Of course, we know how gruesome it is to weave through loads of files stored on your hard drive or in those office selves. Using the best encrypted cloud storage, you can stores those files online so safely that no one can access them without your authorization.

Now, with files backed up in the cloud, you can delete files that you seldom need from your hard drive and stay organized as you swerve through the rigors of your workdays.

Easy sharing and on-the-go access to files

In recent times, work doesn’t happen only in the office. And collaboration doesn’t occur only when you are with your team. With your files stored in one of the best secure cloud storage, you can securely share files with others from anywhere and access both your files and those shared with you on any device from anywhere.

Free cloud storage services don’t come with freedom

encrypted cloud storage

Although the best encrypted cloud storage services offer free cloud storage options, there are limitations that you would have to endure. To enjoy more freedom on these platforms, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan.

With a free plan, you are limited to small storage space. This is usually 5GB on most of the best encrypted cloud storage services.

Also, your sharing options are limited for free cloud storage plans. Apple’s iCloud, for instance, only gives you 5GB to use for personal photo backups. Meanwhile, with one of the paid options, you can share the 2TB storage space with family members.

Furthermore, the support options that you receive with a free cloud storage plan are below par. Google, for example, doesn’t offer a good customer support option to free customers. But when requesting support from a paid GSuite account, the response is almost instant and available 24/7.


The importance of secure cloud storage cannot be overemphasized. With most of the world working remotely and even more becoming digital nomads, there’s no better way to securely share files and collaborate. You can also save all the memories that you carry with you as you explore the world and work at the same time. Technology has brought us the freedom to live our lives to the fullest, and the safest cloud storage (also the most encrypted cloud storage) services have made it even more possible to have everything you need on the go.



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