5 Best Encrypted VPN Providers For 2022

Best Encrypted VPN Providers

Have you ever written a personal letter to someone? A kind of letter which contains secrets about yourself that you have never shared with anyone. Now imagine that letter has been intercepted by your least favorite person and he gets to read it and even share it with the world to mock you. I can already see your blood boiling on the thought. Well, what if I tell you it can be the case with your internet activity and is highly linked to the importance of an encrypted VPN.

Of course, you are not writing personal letters online but you do other important stuff. What about the banking transactions? What if somebody got access to your banking details because you weren’t careful? Online banking hacking tales are as stale as yesterday. The need of the hour is to get a solid protection that keeps you guarded online in each and every aspect.

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Encrypted VPN comes as a solution to this absolutely bizarre situation. Mind you, it is out of your control and you cannot do anything about it except investing in the best VPN with encryption. I have been looking into various VPNs with the aim of finding the best encrypted one. Well, it is stupid to declare a single VPN as the God of all. That’s why I have shortlisted a small list of VPNs with promising encryption options.

Top 5 Encrypted VPN Providers For Military Grade Security

What Is Data Encryption?

Encryption can be defined as a process of encoding data with a key known as an encoder on the sender’s end and decoding of the same data with the same or different key known as a decoder on the receiver’s end. The VPN performs this task with the help of protocols that tell the details about how to encrypt the data for a certain network. The most common VPN protocols are Point-To-Point-Tunnelling protocol (PPTP), Layer-Two-Tunnelling-Protocol/Internet Protocol Security (L2TP/IPSec), and OpenVPN. There are different levels of encryption as well. I have discussed the types of encryption later in the article.

How Does VPN Encryption Work?

The VPN encryption basically treats you like the queen of England. Have you ever witnessed how the Queen attends the public functions? There is a special protocol for her. She is taken to the destination with utmost security. She has the bullet proof car, security guards, surveillance cameras and all other fancy security measures. When she reaches the destination, there is a special place reserved for her. She attends the event and comes back home with the similar level of security.

An encrypted VPN also provides a private tunnel for you. Your internet activity is being transferred through a separate private tunnel. So if you are conducting your business separately, there is no chance that a spammer or hacker can intercept you. In the technical terms, the best VPN with encryption takes you to the safest private network and lets you access online world remotely via a public network.

This way you are protected from Wi-Fi spoofing, HoneyPot attacks, Firesheep, password hacking and other hacks. There is no doubt an encrypted VPN saves you from online frauds by providing reliable internet connection.

Types of VPN Encryption

Earlier I told you I will discuss different types of VPN encryption. Each type is responsible for providing varying levels of security. There are many types of VPN encryption but following are mostly used by the best VPNs with encryption;

  • AES 128 Bit Encryption

AES 128 bit encryption is considered as the safest option by most experts. It is really hard to crack. As per an estimate, AES 128 bit encryption would require 3.4*1038 operations to finally break down. It has been declared as the most secure option until 2030. Most VPNs recommend using it for optimum security.

  • AES 196 Bit Encryption

AES 196 bit encryption is slightly better than Blowfish 128 bit encryption. It is also known for handling brute force attacks. But in comparison to AES 128 bit encryption, it has a weaker key. So of course if you have a better option available, why would you choose this one?

  • AES 256 Bit Encryption

AES 256 bit encryption is the strongest of all.It is used by the US military. However, there are mixed views about the strength of its key. Some argue that AES 128 bit encryption has the best options in terms of key, algorithm, protocol, and ciphers hence it is the best available encryption level in the market.

  • Blowfish 128 Bit Encryption

Blowfish 128 bit encryption has been deemed the fastest among the lot. However, there are rumors that it can be cracked without difficulty. The problem lies in its algorithm. So no matter how quick blowfish is, the doubts about its security have summed up its faith.

Encrypted VPN Is The Need Of The Hour

Remember, I talked about the threats to online banking by hundreds of hackers in today’s world. Well, that was just the tip of a much bigger problem. You are vulnerable in so many aspects in the online world. This article will shed light on many other issues that threaten to compromise your online privacy.I hope you understand by now that your data is not safe unless you take certain security measures.

Even the images in your phone gallery can be hacked and misused. I am sure all of you can recall what happened to poor Jennifer Lawrence in 2014 when her intimate pictures were stolen by a hacker and leaked online. So, folks, the cyber attacks, and threats are pretty much real and they are almost screaming at you to get a protection.

One of the ways to ensure your safety online is by subscribing to an encrypted VPN. You must also adopt a proactive approach and stay aware of your online activity. At the end of the day, precaution is better than cure.

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