Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7

Free Windows 7 Antivirus

Nowadays, we cannot imagine our lives without a computer. This device offers us so much and, thanks to them, many things are available to us. But, how do we show our gratitude for everything they gave us? Well, by protecting them.

Whether you like it or not, one single cyber attack is enough to ruin your and your PC’s life. Your computer can be infected by a virus that will cause serious damage to it while sending all your personal info to the attacker. Just remember, not every click leads to information online, sometimes it is a trap.

So, the worst scenario would be you end up broke and with a useless computer. BUT, don’t panic – there is a better scenario as well. And the main character in that good scenario is an antivirus for Windows 7. That’s right – you can protect your precious computer and your personal and financial info by simply installing the antivirus software. And here comes the best part – IT IS FREE. Yup.

That being said, we want to help you find the best free antivirus for Windows 7 so that you can have a piece of mind. But before we go any further, we want to mention that we will not discuss trial versions, only best antivirus options for Windows 7. Now, let’s dive into the safe world.

Top Free Antivirus For Windows 7

Here is an overview of the products that we will be reviewing. With this list of best free antivirus windows 7, you will easily choose the one for your computer.

Products Advantages Disadvantages Rating
AVIRA Free Antivirus Fast quick scanning with excellent malware protection Doesn’t have automatic email attachments scanning 8.5/10
Amiti Antivirus Four types of scanning, automatic updates and constant virus protection Not for USB and email scanning 7.5/10
Avast! Free Antivirus Heuristics engine and detects unknown malware
Comes with ads 7.4/10
Bitdefender The light performance impact, great customer support and simple interface No quick scanning option and few customization choices 8/10
AVG Free Antivirus Lots of features, good malware detection and quick scanning Comes with ads 8/10
Baidu Antivirus Anti-hacker firewall, quarantine sandbox, anti-phishing program, webcam protection, anti-keylogger Doesn’t scan email attachments 7.6/10
FortiClient Antivirus, firewall, web filtering, parental control, and optimization program UI of the interface 7/10
Comodo Antivirus Detects numerous viruses, rootkits, spyware, and other malware Download takes time 7.1/10
Immunet Detects worms, spyware, viruses, bots, and other malware Cannot automatically detect malware on USB drives 7/10
Panda Protection Antivirus Program It will not slow down the computer’s performance and comes with USB protection Installation takes some time 6.8/10

10 Best Antivirus Software’s In 2017 Reviews

With a number of antivirus software on the market, choosing a good one without paying a dime for it, may seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t know much about computers.

But, no need to worry about that, because we’ve got your computer covered. We’ve made this list of ten best free antivirus software, so as to help you download best free antivirus for windows 7 with ease.

  • AVIRA Free Antivirus

AVIRA is the best free antivirus for windows 7, and as such you just can’t go wrong with it. It offers a high level of protection, and fast quick scanning, keeping your computer safe and sound. It comes with numerous configuration options and a plethora of free add-on features that make this antivirus customizable and highly efficient. Some of the add-ons that we love the most are a privacy-minded Web browser and the downside is that email scanning is not automatic.


  • Free add-on features
  • Fast quick scanning
  • Great malware protection
  • Customizable


  • Doesn’t have automatic email attachments scanning


  • Amiti Antivirus

This free antivirus is easy to use, making it a good choice for beginners. The settings are well-organized and easy-to-notice. The thing that makes this program special is a constant virus protection. This antivirus also offers fast quick scanning function, for cleaning your computer system in a short time and increasing the performance of the Internet. In addition to that, this programs is capable of four different types of scanning. The updates are automatic but this program doesn’t offer USB or email scanning.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Well organized settings
  • Fast quick scanning
  • Four types of scanning
  • constant virus protection


  • Not for USB and email scanning


  • Avast! Free Antivirus

Avast! Antivirus is another great free antivirus that you can download for Windows 7, 8, 10, as well as for Windows Vista and Windows XP. It is highly efficient, as it offers protection against viruses, malware, and spyware, keeping your files, emails, and programs protected. With a “Heuristics engine”, this program can detect formerly unknown malware, which only adds up to its reliability. On the downside, this program may come with ads.


  • Reliable
  • Heuristics engine
  • Offers a top notch protection against malware, virus, and spyware


  • May come with advertisements


  • Bitdefender

Much like previously mentioned programs, Bitdefender also offers effectiveness when it comes to keeping your computer safe from malware. Moreover, it has a light performance impact, so your computer will love it. In addition, there is a great customer support and simple interface. But, this program doesn’t offer a quick scanning option and lacks numerous customization options as well.


  • Efficient protection
  • Light performance impact
  • Great customer support
  • Simple interface


  • Few customization options
  • Doesn’t offer a quick scanning option


  • AVG Free Antivirus

Since AVG antivirus software has got significantly better over the years it is safe to say that is on a par with Avira. What we love about this software is a plenty of features it comes with, offering you a top notch customization. As for the protection, there is no doubt that your computer will be well protected with this software. On top of all, scanning is very fast. But, a slight concern is ads that will bother you to upgrade to other versions (paid ones of course).


  • Lots of features
  • Customization
  • Good malware detection
  • Quick scanning


  • Irritating ads


  • Baidu Antivirus

Baidu Antivirus is rightfully on our “Best free antivirus windows 7” list. This antivirus program offers a top notch protection. Anti-hacker firewall, quarantine sandbox, an anti-phishing program, webcam protection, anti-keylogger, are just some of the features of this program. Furthermore, it will automatically scan USB devices, and update the program. It performs quickly and has a light impact on a computer’s performance. However, it doesn’t scan email attachments.


  • Comes with Anti-hacker firewall, quarantine sandbox, anti-phishing program, webcam protection, anti-keylogger
  • Performs scan quickly
  • USB protection
  • Automatic update


  • Doesn’t scan email attachments


  • FortiClient

Now, for those looking for an antivirus that will be used for their business, this is the way to go. FortiClient is not only an antivirus program. It is also a firewall, web filtering, parental control, and optimization program that is a breeze to set up. Moreover, the updates are automatic and the program will scan your computer on its own, once a week. As for the downside, we don’t like the look of the interface, because it is too simple.


  • Versatile program
  • Easy to set up
  • Scans a computer once a week
  • Automatic updates


  • Complicated Interface


  • Comodo Antivirus

This antivirus is considered one of the bests, thanks to its Defense+ technology that will detect an unknown file as a risk to your computer. In addition to that, this program can detect numerous viruses, rootkits, spyware, and other malware. This antivirus is also suitable for 64-bit Windows version. On the downside, the setup file is too big and takes the time to download.


  • Can be used for Windows 64-bit versions/li>
  • Defense+ technology
  • Detects numerous viruses, rootkits, spyware, and other malware


  • The setup file is too big


  • Immunet

Immunet is a clever antivirus software, as it is capable of detecting worms, spyware, viruses, bots, and other malware. It can be installed on both 32bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. This antivirus software is compatible with other antivirus programs in order to give you a better computer protection. What makes this antivirus stand out from its fellows, is a constant internet connection. Thanks to that, there is no need for an update.
As for the downsides, this antivirus won’t automatically detect malware on USB drives. Moreover, it is not capable of offline scanning.


  • Can be installed on both 32bit and 64-bit versions of Windows
  • Constant internet connection
  • Good malware protection
  • Can work with other antivirus programs


  • Doesn’t support offline scanning


  • Panda Protection Antivirus Program

Panda is a great free antivirus software for Windows 7 that will protect your computer against many types of malware. It offers automatic upgrades, and USB protection, without slowing your computer down. In addition to that, this antivirus software works as an URL and WEB filtering and monitoring program, increasing the protection. As for the downside, the installation takes some time, despite the fact that a download file is small. Moreover, the program contains advertisements.


  • Automatic upgrades
  • USB protection
  • Will not slow down the computer’s performance
  • URL and web filtering and monitoring


  • Comes with ads


What To Look For When Choosing A Free Antivirus Program

Here are some things that you should consider before opting for a certain antivirus software.

  • Effectiveness

The first thing you want to find out is how effective an anti-virus actually is. Is it capable of holding back only a few types of malware? Or, it can handle much malware, including Trojans and viruses.

  • How fast is it?

Another thing you want to check is how fast the scanning process is. Clearly, some antivirus programs take much more time to scan your computer, while others don’t. That being said, you want to know what to expect before opting for a certain antivirus program.

  • Ease of Use

Well, most of us are just ordinary people who use their computers for watching movies, playing light games and browsing the Internet. Meaning, we don’t want to bother with programs that are complicated to use. So, if you are not willing to waste your time trying to figure out how to use an antivirus program, then it would be a good thing to choose the one that is user-friendly, perfect for beginners. This means that interface should be well-organized and easy-to-understand.

  • Performance

There are many factors that will have an impact on the overall performance of an antivirus program, including your computer. Therefore, it is important that you choose the appropriate antivirus program that your computer can handle. For example, some antivirus programs are only available for Windows 7 32 bit, while others are better for Windows 7 64 bit. So, before downloading a particular anti-virus software, make sure that your computer can handle it.

  • Features

As far as antivirus programs are concerned, the more is better. So, look for those that come with an array of handy features, that way, increasing the protection of your computer and offering a much better performance.

The Final Word

And there you have it – all you need to know about best free antivirus software. If you want to do research on your own, then use our buyers’ guide to help you with choosing the best free antivirus for Windows 7.

However, if you are not in the mood for wasting your time, then use our list of ten best antivirus programs since there you will definitely find the thing your computer needs. Whichever one of the above-mentioned programs you opt for, rest assured that their performance is reliable. Though you can download one antivirus at a time and that way, you will know what each one of them can offer you. We have one more thing to tell you: Don’t give up until you find the best antivirus for Windows 7. Good luck!

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