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Free VPN for iPhone

What is the one thing that iOS has and Android hasn’t? It is phone’s security. iPhone is suppose to be the most secure phone with army graded-encryption. But the news is old now. Many flaws and vulnerabilities have been discovered in iPhone, which makes it even more important for users to protect iPhone with a VPN. With a brand new iPhone, ever wonder what is the best free VPN for iPhone 6. If you don’t want to spend any more money after buying the most expensive phone on earth, here’s what you can do. Try a best free VPN for iPhone.

iOS is no more the securest device, and your personal data could be at risk without you knowing it. There are more than enough spammers and hackers which are waiting to make the right move on your petty innocent mistake while fishing for vulnerable devices. Time has changed, and security is a vital factor a must have in today’s iPhones.

Users require Best VPNs for iPhone free as it serves an added layer of protection for you. Surely free VPN settings for iPhone will make your device hacker proof.  But having a VPN is not a great achievement. Users require the right information the right VPN provider specifically designed to keep iPhones safe.

Let’s peek into top 10 Best Free VPNs for iPhone:

List of Best Free VPN App for iPhone

We have the ultimate list of Best VPNs for iPhone free and best free iPhone VPN service providers. They all have been selected after passing strict criteria. We take our recommendations very seriously. So VPN providers go through a tough procedure before they can be mentioned on our website. Although we do recommend to choose paid VPNs instead of free ones, however, there is no harm in trying and testing the following free VPNs for your iPhone:

Best All Round 1 ExpressVPN Review 2023
2 Private Internet Access Review 2023
3 CyberGhost VPN Review 2023
4 IPVanish Review
5 NordVPN Review 2023

Alternate Best Free VPN on ios

  1. ExpressVPN – Best All Round
  2. Atlas VPN
  3. ProtonVPN
  4. TunnelBear
  5. Hotspot Shield VPN

Why you need a best free VPN on ios?

There was a time when iOS iPhone security was known as a solid steel wall against malware and hacks as the operating system could withstand any cyber attacks. Unfortunately, that’s not the case now, many fingers are being raised at iPhones security as previous few incidents have left the users wondering; Is iPhone actually secure?

You cannot rely on iPhones end to end encryption and security added features 24/7. There is no better way to protect your device as to use external forces to support and add a security layer to your operating system. That is the sole purpose of getting the fastest VPN to support and protect your online privacy. Further, due to net neutrality and the increase of surveillance, free VPN for iPhone is a dire need to keep yourself protected online and to spoof your identity in front of ISP providers.

How to choose a free VPN: 5 must-ask questions

Comparing 2017 to 2018, 2018 is almost nearing to an end, and the economy has witnessed an increase in global threats regarding online privacy leading to hacks and malware from all direction. No app, software or operating system can withstand the amount of hacks this year has produced.

That is the sole reason a need has arrived to access best free unlimited VPN for iPhone and Best VPNs for iPhone free. Why? iPhone is no longer the safest smartphone as it has loopholes which were targeted by hackers resulting in significant information loss. A Virtual Private Network will not give you a 100% privacy and security but the free unlimited VPN for iPhone will provide you with an edge over un-protected iPhones.

If you still haven’t picked a best free VPN and/or Best VPNs for iPhone free service for ios then get one ASAP! Everything and anything that you do on your iPhone is at stake. But before that, you need to check these five most frequently asked questions.

1. Is it possible to sign up with complete anonymity?

On paper yes! But practically no. If you have a free VPN app for iPhone that you can subscribe without an email would be through a one which uses Bitcoins as a mode of payment as through that Payment mode, your identity remains hidden, and you can get the best privacy online. But with a regular email address, it’s not possible. The first thing you need to do is sign up to access any VPN for iPhone free to get the free services of  being safe online and maintain total control over your privacy

2. How can a best free VPN on ios protect my iPhone?

As soon as you sign up and configure the free VPN for iPhone or another Best VPNs for iPhone free service, the software asks you to connect to a server in the desired Country. All you need to do is select the Country in which you want to build a server connection, and the server will build an end to end encrypted tunnel bridging your connection to the server. The VPN will switch your IP address and give you an IP address of your choice which will route all your traffic through that IP while spoofing your real IP address. This way no service provider or law enforcement agency will be able to track your location.

3. Does your provider keep logs of your online activity?

Almost all VPN providers’ state that they strictly follow a no log policy but there is no proof that they actually live up to their words and statement. You can always check this by reading the terms and conditions of your free VPN app for iPhone or see the license agreement commonly known as EULA. A recent case regarding PureVPN led to worldwide shock as the VPN provider gave FBI in the US its users log details when they asked. Although they are adamant that they keep no logs.

4. What are the cons of using free VPN?

Having a free VPN comes with limited features. Keep this in mind when applying for Best VPNs for iPhone free services. You cannot expect to get the high-end version for free. The free version will give you perks of connecting to a host server in a different country. Some best free VPN for iPhone provides better bandwidth than other with ad blocking and P2P firewall with an easy upgrade option. But the majority of the Paid VPNs give enhanced features only on trial versions

5. What is its business model?

Free VPN server for iPhone and other Best VPNs for iPhone free services are all in for money. The free version is provided for a limited time period, but they are in for money. Famous VPNs like Tunnelbear and ExpressVPN services cost a lot especially if its a popular one. The business model is strict to earn money.

Is Free VPN as safe as Paid VPN?

The harsh fact is it doesn’t! Having a best  free VPN on ios is a blessing, but it limits your online privacy and safety. A Paid VPN gives you access to 256-bit security, a streamlined design with customer support and advanced features with double encryption. That’s not the case with a free VPN app for ios.

While a free VPN for ios only changes your IP address and provides an encryption for your data while taking your browsing data and selling it to third parties. Yes, that happens! So no, a best free VPN for iPad and iPhone is not as safe as a Paid VPN.

Top 3 Premium VPN for iPhone

But before you make a decision in buying a free unlimited vpn for iphone, check out these top 5 premium VPNs for IPhone which will surely provide a premium privacy and security for your IPhone making it unbreakable.

  1. Express VPN (30 days money back guarantee)
  2. Cyberghost VPN (30 days money back guarantee)
  3. Private Internet Access VPN (30 days money back guarantee)


iPhone lost its crown for being unbreakable. The once protected iPhone has opened diversified loopholes giving hackers opportunities to inject viruses and malware into the iOS operating system. Recent cases have led Apple to reboot their operating system and work on the current loopholes.

Till that is being worked upon its better to protect your iPhones by yourself as there is no better protection when you do it yourself. For that, it’s better to get a hold of a free unlimited VPN and/or Best VPNs for iPhone free services for iPhone which will fill in the loopholes and provide safety and security online while protecting you from unwanted targeting.

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  1. I have used Windscribe and it works like a charm. Although it has minimal servers but it does work fine in my region and have been using it for the past 6 months. Spotflux, on the other hand, is highly inadvisable as I find it dead slow over my iPhone.

  2. I literally believe that there must have been plethora of free VPN apps that could’ve been added, but most of the above-mentioned apps are literally useless. I would prefer going with Betternet because it’s still a better choice than many.

  3. Free VPNs like Speedify and ProtonVPN could have been mentioned in the article, but I didn’t find them in the list. I would really appreciate if you can update this article a bit because there are bunch of free iPhone VPN apps that you could add that have recently surfaced the iTunes store.

  4. I personally never prefer anyone to use a free VPN. I have quit using free VPN services since last 2 years, especially when the Hola Botnet issue surfaced. Since then I have been using ExpressVPN which costs a little but is way more better than any free VPN app out there. But, if you do want to go down the free road, then Tunnel Bear is still better than many.

  5. I’m currently subscribed to Ivacy which is doing its job, plus its super cheap, wonder why its not in the list.

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