A List of Best Free VPNs in 2023 that Really Work

Best Free VPN ServicesOnline privacy is your basic right, you shouldn’t pay a hefty sum for that. Our five best free VPN for windows and mac guarantee you private browsing and security, plus they are free of charge which means they will feel feather on your pockets while effectively hiding your IP address.

Free internet VPN have their limitations; they have less number of servers, lower bandwidth, and less secure encryption protocols. Free VPN account is not a long term subtle choice for torrenters and streaming freaks. It is a temporary tool which is cost-free and handy in situations needed.

Best Free VPN – A List of Best Free VPNs for Mac or any Playform

Which one is the best free VPNs for mac? Which one is the best free VPN for windows? We have prepared a list of top completely free VPN that are available for download. Pricing was not the only criteria for these VPNs, we also considered overall speed, number of servers and features to find what best free VPN offer.

How is Free VPN and VPN Trial Different?

Beware that these might be the best free VPNS for Mac or any other platform. But, almost every free VPN has its limits; one might limit you with a specific data limit others might offer free services for a particular time frame.

A free VPN account does not demand an email or credit card details as it is cost-free and easy to go. On the contrary, a VPN trial is offered by reputable VPN providers.

A VPN on trial offers feature-packed services for a limited time only. A free VPN account offers limited features for a limited data cap.

Free VPN account have limited server base which restricts a user to surf the internet virtually from anywhere in the world. A VPN Trial offers large server base which is enough to gratify the needs of an individual which seeks to bypass geo-location.

Free VPN providers are notorious for having weak encryption protocols, whereas VPN on trial basis are equipped with secure encryption protocols like OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec etc that is the best free VPNs for Chrome.

How To Setup A Free VPN account?

Setting up a free VPN account is pretty easy; it is a 6 step process that hardly needs 10 minutes.

  1. Go to the best free VPNs for mac and windows website.
  2. Download the VPN client for your desired platform. (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.)
  3. Install VPN client.
  4. Run VPN client with preferred VPN protocol for encryption.
  5. Choose a server location.
  6. All Done. Surf with full free VPN address and anonymity now.

These steps stay the same with more or less all free VPNs; however, it is impossible for any free VPN to be as good and equally compatible on platform and devices. Each platform require different best free VPN. Which one is the top free VPN for android and which one is the best free VPNs for Mac?

Best Free VPN For Windows

Windows is the most used operating platform in the world with over 75.47% of market share as recorded in January 2019. Since Windows is widely trusted by millions, it tops the list for susceptibility for malware and hacking among desktop OS.

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To avoid dangers and getting snooped, it is important to use a best free VPN for windows and best free VPNs for chrome service to anonymize the online presence. Moreover, a free VPN for PC can help you get remote access to file-sharing and folders, which can also securely connect you to various locations.

Best Free VPN for Windows are as follows.

Best Free VPNs For Mac

We hate when someone stands behind us while we surf the internet. Similarly, how can we allow governments, security agencies, and our very own internet service provider to watch what we do online?

Well, you can secure your online privacy with best free VPNs for Mac, it won’t be a burden on your budget and will easily camouflage from prying eyes.

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Although Windows is highly vulnerable to attacks, this, however, doesn’t mean that Mac is any safer. You still need best free VPNs for Mac in order to surf through the internet safely.

Here are the five most trusted best free VPNs for Mac you can use on your Mac device.

Best Free VPN For Android

Since the advent of high-end technology, the smartphone market is booming. We are so reliant on our smartphones that it has more stuff than our lockers. Although, smartphones are really handy and our best companion, they are susceptible the threats and scams. Android being one of the most used smartphone platforms is the most vulnerable to malware and hacking.

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If you are short on budget and want a cheap solution to this problem, then try using the best free Android VPN. Here is a list of best 5 free VPN for Android which you must try at least once.

Best Free VPN For Kodi

People get confused while choosing a VPN for Kodi, this is because Kodi is remotely hackable and some add-ons are riddled with security flaws. Kodi also has many illegal add-ons which can put an individual into unwanted danger.

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Since Kodi is not anonymous, this means anyone on the internet can accurately observe your activity on Kodi until you use a reliable VPN. A VPN anonymize online activity by encrypting the traffic with complex protocols. Below is a list of best free Kodi VPNs that can come in handy if you are short of some bucks.

Best Free VPNs For Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used internet browser in the world. Since it is used by the most number of people, it is a potential target for hackers. Considering it is available on many platform, best free VPNs for Mac itself cannot withstand the hackers. Google took countermeasure and marked all non-HTTPS websites non-secure. This did not de-motivated hackers and, the attacks like identity and resources theft, phishing and system damage through arbitrary code continue coming in.

Although Chrome is available for both Mac and Windows, the best free VPNs for chrome and best free VPNs for Mac aren’t the same. Considering Chrome is not the default browser on both platform.

You can get yourself protected with a free VPN service and free VPN access without spending a single buck. With that said let us share with you five best free VPNs for chrome.

Google Chrome is trying its way best to ensure rock-solid protection and keeping snoopers away from its users. However, it is the responsibility of an individual to stay vigilant and use alternative methods to ensure privacy on the internet. Consider using best free VPNs for Chrome is a good methods to ensure your internet surfing safety.

Best Free VPN For FireStick

Amazon FireStick is an amazing plug and plays gadget that serves an impressive streaming experience. FireStick offers popular TV shows and Movies just like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but it has its limits known as geo-restrictions. The use of a free of cost VPN for FireStick can help you break those walls. Here are the best five free VPN for FireStick that can breakthrough those geo-location restrictions.

Best Free VPN For Torrenting

Free of cost VPNs often limited to a particular data cap which certainly is not enough to download large files via torrent. To help you overcome this issue here is the best free VPN for torrenting that can help you download movies, TV shows, music and much more.

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We might sound a little bias about the use of free VPNs, to set things straight let’s ask an experts opinion on can an individual rely on VPN for free?

Expert’s Opinion on the Use of Free VPN

In the past 3 years, 67% of global enterprises experienced a data breach, 73% of which belong from the US. The research by Thales indicates that these numbers are escalating, which means there is something wrong in our practice to ensure privacy online.

As per Garret Bekker the author of 2018 Thales report, strong encryption is the ultimate solution to meet privacy regulations. The million dollar question is, do free VPN offer enough encryption protocols that can guarantee your online privacy?

Does Free VPN Sell Your Data? Let’s Burst the Myth Once and For All

A Free VPN is, without doubt, less trustworthy. What’s shocking is, popular free VPNs store their user’s data; however they claim that they do not.

There are people that still wonder what the use of their online data is, little do they realize that their data can be sold online to multinationals which plays a key role in understanding consumer behavior online.

The truth, however, in a nutshell, is (drum rolls please…) it is true that Free VPN providers sell their user’s data!

Who Should Use Free VPN?

Just Free VPN do come in handy at any time and places. Since they are free and do not require long subscription methods, they are the best short term usage. Free VPN is best for;

  • Streamers
  • College Students
  • Occasional Travelers
  • Money Savers that look up to book a single flight.

Who Shouldn’t Use Free VPN?

Although free VPNs are useful, there are professions which should stay as far away as possible from Free VPNs. People who shouldn’t use a free VPN service include;

  • Business  professionals
  • Torrenters
  • Online Shoppers
  • Privacy Seekers
  • Journalists
  • Activists

Summing It Up

There are a lot of Free of cost VPNs, and it is recommended to read the reviews before planning to use one. Regardless of what cost-free VPN you choose it is important to understand that a VPN is an integral part to secure your privacy online and to access the geo-restricted part of the internet.

Hi, I’m Mir Murtaza. I’m an aspired writer and a lover of technology. My interests lie in the impacts of technology and how it can lift our lives when applied properly. My reviews are based on my own experience and done with thorough research.

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  2. Nothing comes for free in life! Free VPNs can only help you blow securely if you want to stream or download then you have to spend some money. There are many other VPN services that are not only cheap but worth buying for anonymity, security, streaming or downloading. I have been using Air VPN, its good and cheap too. During my VPN analysis cheap VPN Services are much thousand times better than free vpn services.

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