Best Kodi Addons For 2023

Best Kodi Addons

After Facebook, if something has turned the internet’s ups and downs, it’s Kodi. There’s a craze of Kodi in all age-groups; kids, teenagers and even tech-savvy elders who might have crossed their 50’s are digging more and more stuff about Kodi. Everyone knows that Kodi is an open-source media player formerly known as XBMC and founded by XBMC foundation. Kodi is available for a wide range of platforms with a 10-foot user interface to use with smart TVs and remote controls. Well, this is all about Kodi, but can you switch on a Fan without pressing the button; similarly, you cannot use Kodi apps without its Kodi Add ons. Today we teach you all about the best Kodi addons 2018 list and how to use them. So, shall we begin the class?

What is Kodi Add-on?

The way electricity is essential to use electronics; similarly, Kodi add-on list is important for Kodi users. In technical terms, Kodi add-on is described on Wikipedia as:

Kodi features several open APIs to enable third-party developers to create capabilities which extend Kodi with a multitude of Kodi best addons, such as audio and video streaming plugins for online sources, screensavers, skins and themes, visualizations, weather forecasts, web interfaces, web scrapers, widget scripts, and more. Kodi developers encourage users to make and submit their own Kodi Best addons to expand media content and value-added services accessible from within Kodi.

What Is The Purpose Of Kodi Add-ons?

If I gave another jargon to describe the importance of best Kodi addons, you might hit on my head. 🙂 So, taking it directly, with Kodi add-on you can add different sources like movie streaming channels, live TV channels, live radio channels, screensavers, and much more to increase Kodi’s functionality. For instance, if you want to watch Hulu via Kodi then you will add the Hulu Kodi add-on and enjoy the channel on your Kodi device.

In simple words, Kodi can gather different sources of entertainment and best Kodi addons 2018 is a way to do it. The popularity of this magical open-source platform is so insane that you can find an unlimited number of Kodi add ons. If you try to pick the best add-on, it is going to confuse you to no end. That’s where we come in. Our team has spent many sleepless nights to research the best Kodi add ons in different categories.

We have come with an extensive list of almost 50+ best Kodi addons for TV, movies, sports, anime addons, music and much more. You can just pick the category and check out the best Kodi addons. However, before we delve into our list, we want to talk about something significant regarding Kodi and the best Kodi addons 2018.

Kodi VPN Is Your Savior!

Kodi is an open-source platform as mentioned earlier and its open nature is what makes it illegal in many regions of the world. Using an unlawful technology considered as a crime in those regions and you surely don’t want to be titled as ‘CRIMINAL,’ would you? On the other side, would you let a free and such massive opportunity go to entertain you for day and night with all your favorite movies and TV shows? Wouldn’t you, right? So, which side to choose? Either be entertained and become criminal, or not become a criminal and spent a dull life? You don’t have to decide, as we have a better chance for you to enjoy the endless entertainment without being a criminal, in fact without being visible at all. And, the solution is Kodi VPN.

Let me explain you by stating one glaring example:

The UK, the queen’s land, the land of culture, the home of Big Ben, and blah blah, restrict its citizens legally to use Kodi and anyone who caught doing so will face jail time and a hefty financial penalty. Now, in such a situation what would, you instead do? Keep yourself a hundred feet away from Kodi, right? Why? Don’t you have the right to get some FREE entertainment when every other cable subscription in the UK is trying to rip your pocket? Worry Not! We have a list of best UK Kodi VPNs for you that will make your digital footprint invisible like a Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, and no one, not even your ISP could ever track it back to you or see your online activities.

What Happens When You Don’t Use A Kodi VPN

It is our moral duty to warn you about Kodi. Since it can play legal as well as illegal content, Kodi is a suspicious platform. The copyrights trolls are always on a lookout to catch the infringers on the basis of piracy and slap them with a ridiculous amount of fine and maybe prison time.

The safest way to use Kodi is via a Kodi VPN that keeps you safe and hidden from the prying eyes. It is not the only reason to use a Kodi VPN. If you are looking for more information, we have a few other reasons as well;

  • Are there any Legal/Illegal Kodi Add-ons?

There are two types of best addons for Kodi i.e. legal and illegal. Legal are those Kodi add ons that are approved by the Kodi platform officially. Illegal Kodi add ons are created by generous Kodi community for the pirated channels or sources.

We don’t need to tell you what would happen if you got caught while using an illegal Kodi add-on so it is important you spend some money on a Kodi VPN.

Apart from that, there are best Kodi addons which you definitely would want to try, but they are only available in specific regions, and we called them, geo-restricted Kodi add ons.

  • What Are Geo-Restricted Add-ons?

The best example for the geo-restricted add-on is Netflix. If you live in France and wants to access Netflix US for better and more content then changing your IP address to any US location can accomplish the task. Well, it seems like you are in a great luck as the Kodi VPN can change your location virtually to any country on planet Earth. Similarly, if you want to access BBV iPlayer or other UK channels, and you reside elsewhere, you can unblock UK channels on Kodi with Kodi VPN.

We are not sure if you are convinced or not but get one thing straight in your head – using best Kodi addons 2018 is dangerous without a Kodi VPN. You can ask any security expert and they will corroborate our statement or verdict.

5 Best Kodi VPN Service Providers

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5 NordVPN Review 2023

List of Best Kodi Add-Ons

There are a ton of best addons for Kodi TV. The thing is most best addons for Kodi TV are a hybrid – meaning they also usually offer movies, documentaries etc. We have found the most popular best Kodi addons here;

Kodi TV Addons

  • Phoenix – The Best Kodi TV Addon For Sure

Phoenix is the ultimate Kodi TV addon. It has an expansive media library. You can watch TV shows as well as movies with this Kodi TV addon. You can find Phoenix in the SuperRepo Repository. It is not an official Kodi addon but it brings the best of TV and movies to you.

  • Vdubt 25 – TV + Movies

Vdubt 25 has an exceptional content library. You are probably going to find your favorite TV show. In addition to TV, Vdubt 25 also has a promising collection of movies and live TV options.

  • UK Turk Playlists – A Unique Kodi Experience

UK Turk Playlists may seem like an odd name but it functions perfectly fine. You can expect great TV content options including documentaries and cartoons. It will be a good addition among your other top Kodi addons.

  • BOB – A Legit All-Rounder

It is unfair to call BOB a Kodi TV add-on because it offers so much more. BOB is an all-rounder and can assist you to watch TV shows, movies, sports, music and other entertaining stuff.

Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

Having many TV shows in the content library is a totally different thing from live TV. The major advantage is you get to watch the TV as it is happening. There are no delays involved at all. So TV shows are great but sometimes you want live TV feed. Well, in that case, we have the best Kodi addons 2018 for live TV;

  • TV Tuga Milhano

A new Kodi add-on started back in July 2017 to watch World Live TV from anywhere including; Spain, Portugal, Brazil, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Holland, Polish, UK, Albania, Romania, Turkey, and the USA. Milhano Kodi add-on has sections for different niches like; live football, Magellan,  Bein Sports HD, WRC, Amerikano, FLUXUS TV, Secret TV, RS IPTV, Karaoke, MASK IPTV, Anime, TV kids VIP, TV Kids Fun, TV Kids Movies, Radio, YouTube and more.

In short, Milhano Tv is a free live IPTV addon that helps you watch multiple live tv channels from anywhere in the world. Currently, Milhano Tv has a most comprehensive list of live IPTV channels nearly from every corner of the word.

  • Chronos

The Chronos add-on is a part of the Skylarks Repository, offers videos, TV, radio, and whatnot, but all in German. This german addon also broadcast Austrian channels as well. To all my German friends, this addon is best for you, not to miss this opportunity to get all your favorite content on a single platform with Chronos.

  • cCloud TV

The cloud TV addon is one of the best live TV addons available for Kodi-geeks. The cloud has thousands of live feeds to let you enjoy hours of entertainment from your favorite media center – Kodi. Cloud TV Kodi best addons has organized into the Kodi community offering all the best Live IPTV and Sports Channels. It’s used to be a home for 100s of UK and US channels, but now it’s capable enough to the variety of countries. Its configuration is quite easy and straightforward to use, with a bit intimidating due to its extraordinary size.

  • IPTV Bonanza

Whether you’re in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Germany, or anywhere in the world, check out the best streaming addon -IPTV Bonanza. This Colossus Repo addon boasts more than 1800 streams, and it’s always updating with new sources. This addon also allows you to add a filter to your streams to get more specific results. For example, set the filter to ‘us’ to streams only from the US or ‘hbo’ to particular channels. You can add p to 5 filters in a row.

This addon scrapes a specific blog for IPTV m3u8 lists. Don’t know m3u8 records? Think of them like playlists containing different channels locating in various spots. The addon scrapes every post from the specific blog and returns each posted m3u8 list. If one doesn’t work, try the next.

  • Furious Streams

Furious Streams; a new addition of FTFA, with a large selection of IPTV mainly the UK and a small library of global channels. Add this best kodi addons robust addon in your download list as it has everything you expect from a best Kodi addons 2018 category. To enter into the world of content, follow on-screen instructions to get a pin to begin, the pin lasts 4 hours, you can also use your mobile to get the pin, but make sure to be on the same network.

  • USTV Now – Only Popular In The US

USTV Now is not the free best Kodi addons type. It requires an official subscription of the channel in order to use the addon. It is not offering many live TV channels but you can catch ESPN, NBC, and Fox News. USTV Now is popular mainly in the United States.

  • Zen – Not Exactly For Live TV

Zen is not exactly for live TV but our reason to include it in the list is its commitment to latest TV shows and movies. You can watch the hot and fresh TV shows on Zen. It keeps refreshing its content library frequently.

  • SmoothStreams – The Ideal Kodi Addon For Live TV

SmoothStreams understands the utter need to view live TV. These best Kodi addons have the live feed of more than fifty channels. The variety is also appreciated as you can watch sports channels as well as entertainment channels. You must get SmoothStreams if you are into watching live TV streaming.

  • BritFlix

Live TV comes under the best Kodi addons category which should be error free. Buffering issues in Live TV is the worst. But Britflix comes under the best Kodi addons exclusive for the British nationals and migrants living abroad. BritFlix allows fans to watch live streams as it happens in real time being aired at a different service provider or website. It’s fast and offers foreign content as well.

  • Halow Live TV

This is a good catch as to being a live TV addon. It airs good streams from sports to live TV channels having a much bigger library than other best kodi addons. It includes movies, live TV. Documentaries, Kids section and much more. The download procedure is simple and users can access it through Kodi communities very easily to ensure authenticity.

Best Kodi Addons For Movies

Gone are the days when you had to wait for months before a movie can be watched on your personal TV or computer. These days, even the latest films, are easily available within two to three days of their release. We are glad to reveal the best Kodi addons for movies;

  • Covenant

The Covenant Kodi addon is a recent fork of one of the best Kodi addons; Exodus, which was dropped back in July 2017. The new addon is paving its way waves for several reasons. First, it’s picking up where Exodus left off,  although Exodus has been silently updated the last few weeks, it’s casually been falling and might no longer be trustworthy. The new Covenant addon aims to improve its predecessor, keeping the same functionality and follows the same design.

  • No-Name

No-Name, an addon from the Agent 47 repository, has a selection of all the latest movies and TV shows to stream, coupled with a bunch of unique features like 24/7 streams of certain shows and live TV channels. No-name is not as big as some other best kodi addons, but there is still plenty of content to keep you entertained. Looking for action, drama, and genre shows then this addon has everything that you ’re looking for.

  • Nemesis

Nemesis or well known as Nemzzy, developed by an addon God, this is how Kodi community perceives; they may be right. The add-on has a mix of everything, yes everything, be it sports, movies and TV shows along with living IPTV. It also has anime, cartoons and kid’s stuff. Don’t forget the music and audiobooks; it’s quite rare for such best kodi addons.

Looking for a mega-solution on video streaming? End your search with Nemesis. This add-on has a collection of different media that you’ve been dreaming. We don’t know who you are, but this add-on you don’t want to be without.

  • Crackle

Crackle; the most prominent online streaming service on the internet, accessing Kodi-geeks to stream movies and TV shows right from the Crackle website. Don’t worry, the content is licensed by Crackle, so it’s fa reliable, and you won’t run into any funny business.

So get your popcorn ready! Find Crackle in the Kodi official repo and install in few moments and enjoy your favorite TV show.

  • Quasar

Quasar is a Kodi Torrent Addon that you find in Adryanlist repository. Being the most popular torrenting addons for Kodi Quasar has torrent-powered best Kodi addons, allows you to stream torrent file even before downloading.  With this coming under best Kodi addons, you can also scrape multiple torrent sites; search the internet’s most popular torrents sites now.

This video addon uses BitTorrent, a P2P file sharing protocol, to streams movies and TV shows in optimum video quality. Being P2P in nature, Quasar uses both upload and download bandwidth while you are enjoying your favorite video.

  • Veetle – Movies Of All Kinds

Veetle is somewhat similar to UK Turk Playlists. The only difference is Veetle has more diversity in its content. You will definitely enjoy the movies from Marvel Universe via this Kodi movie add-on.

  • Exodus – Netflix Experience For Free

Exodus is the best among many Kodi movie add-ons. It gives you a Netflix experience but for free. The search function makes Exodus very easy and appealing to use for many users.

  • 1Channel – Alternate To Exodus

1Channel can be easily declared as an alternative to Exodus. It has a variety of movies and TV shows. Also, there is a music library that can be explored to enjoy different genres of music.

  • Specto – Movies And TV Shows

Specto provides TV shows and movies for as its amongst the best Kodi addons 2018. There is nothing special about Specto. It has a good content library with multiple titles. After activating this Kodi add-on, you can access its library and enjoy free movies.

  • 123Movies – Movies From All Over The Internet

123Movies is considered as the number one choice for many. It is not a legal Kodi add-on so you must use a Kodi VPN in order to stay away from trouble. 123Movies will let you watch movies from different sources on the internet.

  • SALTS – Stream All The Sources

No SALTS is not an Angelina Jolie movie, it is actually Stream All The Sources Kodi add-on. The name is pretty evident of what this Kodi movie add-on intends to achieve. SALTS unique quality is its ever increasing library that’s adamant to bring the latest movies to the audience.

  • Navi X – Oldest Kodi Movie Add-on

Navi X is a safe place with plenty of TV shows and movies. The amazing thing about Navi X is its age. This Kodi movie add-on is one of the oldest best kodi addons 2018. It may explain the reason behind its millions of fans across the world.

  • Watch5S – Hot From The Oven Movies

Watch5S came in late in the game but captured the market by releasing the latest and hot-from-the-oven movies. If you want to catch a movie that’s been released only a day earlier, Watch5S is your Kodi movie add-on.

  • F.U.B.A.R – Fun Movies For Families

F.U.B.A.R is a Kodi movie add-on for your family. There is a section called Panda Section that has family movies only. So if you want a family friendly Kodi add-on, F.U.B.A.R is definitely the right choice.

  • Movie Theatre Butter

Movie addons need to be working 24/7 giving the best experience ever, relying on one factor that it trending streams. Movie Theatre Butter sounds fancy but it’s as similar to Covenant and Exodus. Looking at its front menu, the category of movies are provided in a way which is easily accessible to users. Whatever you seek is rightly placed in this addon. All you need to do is install it on your Kodi device through the Diamond Wizard Repository.

  • Poseidon

This addon is widely said to be the greatest find ever to watch TV and movies. It comprises of a huge library having hundreds of movies placed alphabetically so you can search which category or movie you want to find with the click of a few buttons. This addon is lag-free and works faster.

  • Triton

Triton is a big find and includes all the best-rated TV shows and HD links to countless movies. It has an archive full of extraordinary events which are based on movies. Triton falls under best Kodi addons which surpasses its competitors because its library is filled with streams.

  • Digi Box

If you are an Android user then Digi Box is a good choice because it comprises of all the latest and box office hit movies on its best Kodi addons. It’s quick to load media providing fast streams. Zero buffering. You never know which addon shuts down and when. That is the reason this addon stops buffer constraints and provides a smooth guidance. This addon can be located in the Digital Repository.

  • Uranus

The most used repository; Blamo repository recently released its loved and most downloaded Kodi addon called Uranus kodi. This addon is a special treat as its open to a Trakt account. Any user having a premium Trakt account will be able to continue HD streams with zero tolerance to buffers. Trakt account is a plus point for a user but even without it the kodi stream runs perfectly.

Kodi Video Add-ons

We decided to have a separate section for Kodi video add-ons because there is so much ground to cover. Most of these Kodi video add-ons are busy in bringing the best of TV and movies to you. So you may find them similar to the Kodi movie add-ons and best addons for Kodi TV. Here we go;

  • YouTube – The Best Video Search Engine

Of course, we are supposed to start this list with YouTube. Whenever you think about videos, YouTube is bound to come in your mind. Well, good for you as there is a Kodi add-on for YouTube.

  • Skynet – Two In One

Skynet is a Kodi video add-on that has two functions. One it has its personal content library with many titles. Secondly, it brings many other best Kodi addons into one easily usable menu system. It has Dojo streams, Maverick TV, Silent Hunter, Supremacy, and BAMF in addition to other Skynet streams.

  • Players Klub Beta – Best Of Live TV

Players Klub is basically responsible for bringing different live TV streams. The categories are divided in different locations like USA, MLB, Local News, Canadian TV, Latino/Spanish TV etc.

  • Yes Movies – Movies For Slow Internet

Yes Movies has a collection of movies in different resolutions like 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 360p. This Kodi video add-on is a treat for people who have a low internet connection. Now you can watch movies that are right for your internet connection and maybe data package limit.

  • Kodi Live TV- Best Live TV Kodi Add-on

Kodi live TV is exactly what it sounds like. It has the live streams of many TV channels of different languages. Best addons for kodi Live TV usually are unreliable. They don’t work at the last moment or before a big game or event. However, best addons for Kodi Live TV is a reliable source.

  • Openload Movies – A Movie Fest

Openload Movies is another amazing Kodi video add-on. It has TV shows but these best Kodi addon are mainly about the movies. There are many categories for movies like trending, release year, IMDb top rated movies etc. Openload Movies is a delight for movie buffs.

  • Maverick IPTV Extra – Another Live TV Add-on

Maverick IPTV Extra is a live TV add-on. It has channels from USA and UK mainly. However, it is subjected to delays and unavailability. So there is a chance that your live channel might not work when you want it to work the most.

  • Gurzil

Kodi lovers all praised the almighty Exodus, which served as the mind-boggling addon for videos. But soon law authorities put a leash on it, and the addon had to bid farewell. If you recall the wireframe Exodus, you would thoroughly enjoy its look-alike Gurzil! Gurzil is among the top Kodi addons for video because its functions and operations is as the famous Exodus. It comprises and archives all the latest sources and links for streaming video content.

  • Oculus

Next, in the line we have Oculus. A new addon for the movies genre having content aligned and distributed in proper categories. It includes all the High Definition HD providers with an inclusion of the latest streams available as soon as the video surfaced the internet. This trending addon provides hands-on integration with the Trakt account making things a lot easier for the Kodi community.


When it comes to social platforms, Reddit is a fast-growing massive community where people from all over the globe come to communicate. It includes numerous categories of different topics for users to explore. This is the best Kodi addon to date, why? Reddit currently hosts millions of videos every day. It’s easy to play, pause or remove directly from the Kodi box.

Kodi Anime Addons

  • Crunchyroll – The Legal Hotspot For Anime

Crunchyroll is an official, rather legal way to enjoy anime series and movies. It has over 25k episode and 15k hours of anime content. It is the global hotspot for anime. The anime content is translated into many different languages from Japanese and Asian.

  • Anime-IPTV – Combines Several Kodi Anime Add-ons

Anime-IPTV is not a Kodi-addon itself but it has combined several anime best Kodi addons. So by downloading Anime-IPTV, you will actually get a subscription to many anime add-ons and their amazing content.

  • KissAnime – Loved By Anime Community

KissAnime is liked by many fans because it has the newest content as well as classic anime marvels. KissAnime has a unique quality of attracting many anime communities. It is thriving because of the fan love.

  • FunimationNOW – Dual Language

FunimationNow is available in two languages – English and Japan. It presents videos in SD or HD format depending on your internet quality. Moreover, FunimationNOW is a legal Kodi anime add-on. You might want to subscribe its premium version as it comes with many perks.

  • Masterani – Kind Of All

Anime fans will be blown away by Masterani. It is one of the most extensive Kodi anime add-ons. You will find at least 40 different genres. We are not sure if there is anything anime-related that Masterani doesn’t possess in its content library.

  • Anime44 – Anime TV Series Hub

Anime44 has a very clear categorization. It has four sections i.e. movies, TV series, on-going series, and new series. Although we are not impressed with its movies section as such. But it is a blessing for anime TV series.

  • AnimeRam – Anime For Mobile

AnimeRam is very straightforward. It has just two categories i.e. latest or list all. You will be overwhelmed by its list all option as the titles are too many. It is more of a Kodi mobile add-on. You will enjoy it better if you use it on your smartphone.

  • AnimeHere – The Popular One

If you are into popular anime series like Avatar: Legend of Korra or Hunter X Hunter then AnimeHere is the right Kodi anime add-on. In fact, AnimeHere is home to most of your beloved series.

  • Cartoons8 – Makes Search Easy

Caroons8 is another notable name in our list. The add-on has its own wonderful categories to help you select the anime shows. The advanced search feature is also very helpful in finding your favorite stuff.

  • AnimeGo – Best Kodi Anime Add-on

AnimeGo is by far the best Kodi anime add-on. The reason for its success and popularity goes to its update content library. You can find all the latest anime TV series and movies.

  • Dubbed Anime

Finding the best anime addons is always a difficult task since these are catered to a limited audience. Not everyone likes anime but to whom it may concern, Dubbed Anime is a simple Kodi addon that includes all types of anime genres built in. Launch this addon, and you will come across three particular options; Search, genre and latest episodes. It’s that simple. After you select your pick, the list becomes infinite as choosing genre will open doors to more categories including drama, suspense, comedy, thriller, romance, action, etc. Stop looking anywhere else. You can find this addon in Blamo Repository .

  • Anime Incursion

Once Kodi community lacked the presence of anime addons, Incursion was among the very few which came up as in amazing addon called Anime Incursion. Anime Incursion goes back a few years, and its archival history is phenomenal having all the released shows and anime movies. It’s still the best because the content is constantly updated. This addon can be found in .

  • Squad Control

Squad Control includes all the dubbed foreign movies, Ova series, subbed anime and much more. This addon is designed for kids. It has all the latest released shows for kids. Kids take particularly more interest in Anime than adults which is why this addon is filled with surprises bringing the new releases instantaneously.

Best Music Addons For Kodi

  • TuneIn Radio – Perfect For Live Radio

The name is pretty self-explanatory. You can catch the live radio channels with this Kodi add-on. Again, it is not TV but you can listen to many radio channels in real time. It is a blessing for many radio fans out there.

  • MP3 Streams – As Simple As Can Be

MP3 Streams is not the fanciest best addons for Kodi music add-ons. It is very simple and presents itself in a straightforward manner. You will find every category on its first page. You are also allowed to create your own favorite music lists.

  • Music Box – Very Large Music Library

Music Box is popular for its large music library. You can find your type of music in no time. In fact, you can search for specific songs on Music Box. The best addons for Kodi music don’t have many choices and Music Box is one of the better ones among the available music add-ons for Kodi.

  • Rave Player – For Different Taste In Music

Rave player is different because it has DJ sets and Mix Tapes sections. No other Kodi add-on has these types of music available. Rave Player is a must for all those who are looking for different taste in music.

  • The Music Source – Music And Live Radio

The Music Source takes its name seriously. It has a vast music library. At the same time, you can listen to many radio channels live. This Kodi music add-on achieves two very important functions for music lovers.

  • BeatZ

Where there are movie buffs, you will always find music cravers on Kodi as well. To fill in the gap BeatZ is the best music Kodi addon because of its massive music list. The library is so huge one could argue it has more streams than Soundcloud. Any language can be found as it caters to all audiences. The best part about this addon is it limits dependency on Youtube and Soundcloud.

  • Spotify

Who doesn’t know about Spotify?  This addon is the music hub for everything related to the music industry. Trending music, on the charts and what not. You search it, and Spotify will have it. This is a music aka Podcast and a video streaming addon which includes all music genres gaining enough attention from millions of Kodi apps users. The service could be searched on Blamo Repository

Best Sports Addons For Kodi

Sports is a different entity altogether and we have treated it like one. If your only passion lies in sporting events and you are not into movies and TV shows then we have the best sports add-ons for Kodi here;

  • Stream Engine Sports – Sports + TV shows + Movies

Stream Engine Sports is not only for the sports lovers. It has multiple categories like movies, TV shows, and sports. You can pick your category and enjoy the unlimited entertainment. ESPN, Sky Sports, NBTV etc are a few channels you can watch on Stream Engine Sports.

  • Castaway Sports – Ultimate Sports Spot

Castaway entered the market with an aim of conquering all. It has an amazing list of sports channels. If you are a sports fanatic then Castaway Sports is a perfect Kodi add-on for you. It has many features to enable you to enjoy the channel.

  • Acestreams – For New Generation

Acestreams is somewhat like Castaway Sports as it brings many sports channels in one place. However, Acestreams is more than just a Kodi add-on. It is loved by users due it the unique nature and commitment to quality services.

  • Bulldog Streams – Another Sports Add-on

Bulldog Streams has content in HD. It has channels from the UK to the entire world. The creators have promised constant updates for the add-on. When our team tested it, we found some issues with this Kodi sports add-on. Our verdict doesn’t favor Bulldog Streams but you may check it.

  • Live Mix – Sports and Movies

Live Mix is another hybrid. It has sports, movies and TV shows for your entertainment. The add-on will not stream in HD but the video quality is still better than the most. You can catch live sports channels on Live Mix.

  • Money Sports – For Football Lovers

Money Sports is an updated Kodi add-on. Its earlier version wasn’t up to the mark but the updated one will blow your mind. It has many live sports channels. The add-on is leaning towards football programs more. So football lovers have a lot to gain with this add-on.

  • DC Sports – 47 Sports Channels

DC Sports has 47 sports channels. We don’t think you will need any other Kodi sports add-on after DC Sports. It is not a legal Kodi add-on so you have to be careful when using it. A Kodi VPN can hide you while using DC Sports.

  • SportsDevil – You Will Love It

SportsDevil can cover your passion for Cricket, Tennis, Football, Cycling, Ice Hockey, Racing etc. It has a diverse range of sports channels like SkySports, Fox Sports, BT Sports, ESPN 1 & 2, NBCSN, Racing UK, Box Nation, and Sony Six. SportsDevil really delivers on its promise of being the genuine Kodi sports add-on.

  • Sports Mania – A Paid Kodi Add-on

Sports Mania is a paid Kodi sports add-on. It is an excellent sports add-on with advanced features and amazing service. The smooth streaming is a guarantee with Sports Mania. However, it will cost you a substantial sum of money every year.

  • NBC Sports Live Extra – Requires NBC Subscription

NBC Sports Live Extra goes an extra mile to bring you live sports, highlights, and replays from different sports. However, you need to have a subscription of NBC Cable in order to enjoy this amazing Kodi sports add-on.

  • Just Sports Kodi

This addon is the basic example of having all the sports programmes under one roof. It includes 5 sub menus which feature live sports happening all around the world. The first option caters to Sports which brings the best of the best NFL, Premier Leagues and what not. Click on the Sports multilink, and you will come across unlimited sports channels. The addon can be located in the UKodi1 Repository, but you can also search Kodi Forums as well for it.

  • Sports Recaps

This addon is a spectacular find for sports, replays, and highlights, but if you think its limited to sports than you are wrong my friend. Sports recap also shows live sports as soon as it’s being aired online. Whether its NBA, UFC, Football, Tennis, NFL, NHL or any other; along with streaming sports, it shows main highlights located  in the Rock Crusher Repo

  • Sports Matrix

This addon doesn’t differ from other best Kodi addons with its looks and feels. But this addon has a key feature which other best Kodi addons dont have! It includes PPV events from all over the websites such as UFC, Boxing, Wrestling. Other best kodi addons dont have this facility to watch live PPV events with ease. If you have the AceStream addon installed, then you can see all the sports channels through the Blamo

Kodi PPV Addons

Pay-Per-View (PPV) is a format loved by many entertainment consumers. The good news is you can enjoy the same experience on Kodi apps as well. There are many Kodi PPV add-ons which can enable pay per view. Let’s get to the list;

  • VidTime – Exclusive Sporting Events

VidTime is basically about live sports and events coverage. The major reason for its success is exclusive coverage of MLB basketball, NHL hockey, and UFC events. Also, you get to watch your favorite shows in 720p HD quality.

  • Zem TV – For Pakistani, Indian, And Punjabi Audience

Zem TV has a very definitive target audience because of its content selection. It mostly has Pakistani, Indian, and Punjabi titles. So people interested in those particular TV shows must get this Kodi TV addon.

  • Planet MMA

When it comes to PPV events, it’s rare to find any good addon which caters to PPV since it’s not easily available. But Planet MMA is the right place where you find UFC pay per view highlights, match details, fights and much more. This is a good addon with a streamlined wireframe making it easy to maneuver around.

Firestick Kodi Addons

Amazon Firestick is an amazing product of Amazon that lets you stream content via internet like Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, HBO Go etc. There are many top Kodi addons for Amazon Firestick as well. Our team has compiled a small list of top Kodi addons for Amazon Firestick.

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  • FTV – UK Alternative Of USTVNow

FilmOnTV (FTV) is the UK lookalike of USTVNow. The content library is filled with content ranging from sports to movies and TV series. However, you will need a paid account for advanced features.

  • Sanctuary – All In One

Sanctuary provides access to channels like Freeview, Sky, Virgin XL, and Freesat. It is a paid Kodi addon. But the money is totally worth spending because you get all sorts of entertainment. Sanctuary has movies, anime, classic titles etc. Also, this Kodi addon has Sky Sports HD and BT Sports for football lovers.

New Kodi Addons/ Latest Kodi Addons

So far, we have given you more than fifty top Kodi addons and still, there are so many more we want to share with you. The world of top Kodi addons is super rich and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. That’s why the following list is dedicated to honoring the latest top Kodi addons. Please check the list below;

  • Velocity – Kids Will Love It

Velocity is making waves in the sea of working Kodi addons. It is especially appreciated by the people with children because of Velocity Kids (a version of Velocity filled with children programs). Easy to use setup and ton of content is the key of Velocity’s success.

  • SpotiMC – Brings Spotify To Your Kodi

Who isn’t aware of SpotiMC. It basically gives you access to thousands of tracks for just $10 a month. Not a bad deal considering what the customers get in return. SpotiMC is a Kodi addon of Spotify. It basically brings Spotify to Kodi.

  • Addon Installer – Makes Kodi Add-on Installation Slick

All the Kodi addons mentioned here are somehow related to entertainment but this one makes life easier if you are into adding many best Kodi addons. Addon Installer makes the whole process of installing new Kodi addons super slick.

  • NetfliXBMC – Netflix On Kodi

It is not possible to have a whole repository of working Kodi addons of different entertainment resources and not include Netflix. In a way, Netflix is the pioneer of this whole setup of online video streaming. NetfliXBMC is a Kodi addon that brings Netflix to your Kodi apps. Regardless to say, you need a Netflix account to access it.

  • Wolf Pack – Jam Packed Entertainment

Wolf Pack is true to its name. It is a massive Kodi addon with movies, TV programs, 3D, IPTV, music videos, albums, Karaoke etc. It is new in the market and has been appreciated by the users all over the world, probably because of its insane content library.

NOTE: It is important to note that all the mentioned working Kodi addons are active and running at the time of our research. However, ReviewsDIR cannot take guarantee of their availability in future.

How To Install Kodi Addons

Installing working Kodi addons is a very easy process. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge. In addition, there are detailed installation guides available for many Kodi add ons online. So if you are in trouble, a simple Google search can fetch you out of deep water. Here, we are presenting a generic step-to-step guide of how to install working Kodi addons;

Step 1: From the menu, select install from repository. If you have no other repositories, it will take you directly to the Kodi addon repository.

Step 2: Select the category of the add-on like game, picture, lyrics etc.

Step 3: Select the sub-category.

Step 4: Pick a Kodi add-on you want.

Step 5: The add-on page will open where you can read details about the add-on. There will be an install button in the corner, click on that.

Step 6: Once the installation begins, you will be able to see the installation progress.

Step 7: After the completion of installation, the add-on will be active immediately.

How To Update Kodi Addons

Usually, the best Kodi addons updates are automatic. You don’t have to manually update each Kodi add-on. However, at times, you have to check for updates manually if any Kodi add-on is not functioning properly. Following steps will assist you in updating best Kodi addons;

Step 1: For Kodi 17 Krypton = Select “add-on” and then select “add-on browser”. For Kodi 16 or earlier = Select “System” and then select “Add-ons”

Step 2: Open the side menu (simply press “c” on your keyboard)

Step 3: There will be an option to “check for updates”, simply click on it.

Step 4: Kodi will check for updates for add-ons and update them accordingly.

Step 5: The status of updates can be seen in the corner of the screen.

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Verdict – Best Kodi Add-ons Essentially Means Unlimited Choice

We have realized the meaning of best Kodi addons during our journey of compiling this long list. There is no one name that deserves the title of being the best Kodi addons in a certain category. The beauty of best Kodi addons lies in the unlimited choices. For instance, you want to watch a movie on Kodi apps, you will have a thousand options of Kodi movie add-ons.

Kodi apps doesn’t restrict you in any way. You can have as many sources of entertainment installed in Kodi player as you want. The freedom and liberty are the true essence of Kodi apps and its massive penetration in the market.

We are looking forward to your response. Feel free to mention your all-time favorite best Kodi addons in our comments section below.

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