6 Best TVAddons.ag Kodi Fusion Alternatives That Work!

Best TVAddons.ag Kodi Fusion Alternatives

Alas! Just like every good thing comes to an end, TVAddons.ag addon recently went offline and left Kodi users in a state of limbo as KodiTVAddons’ Fusion repo was one of the most famous, must-have and integral Kodi addons for downloading other famous addons. But now that the Fusion repository is down, Kodi users are searching for TVAddons Fusion Repo alternatives.

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Fortunately, there are still many Kodi repositories that are thriving with addons which are equally good as TVAddons.ag and contain both free and legal sources for streaming and other less-reputable addons. Now that the fusion.tvaddons.ag is in an offline state, let’s have a look at equally cool addon repositories!

An Advice Before Choosing Any Kodi TVAddons.ag Alternative

As ISPs’ grip keeps getting tighter due to the strictest check on illegal streaming, using a Kodi VPN is highly recommended more than ever. A VPN hides your online streaming activity so you are safe to watch all that Kodi has to offer. Normal Kodi users cannot differentiate between the legal and slightly objectionable addons. So, a VPN is the knight willing to guard your existence online and completely wipe your physical address from the World Wide Web!

Official Kodi Addon Repository

Nothing beats the novelty of the officially introduced repo by Kodi itself. For all legal and free streamers, this is your stop. No need to ride on other stations when this repository is self-provided by Kodi! However, you do have to fish around for suitable addons and test them out.

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The one reason to choose the official Kodi Addon Repository is the ease of access to finest of their kind, premium first party addons. Funimation and Crunchyroll are only two of the 350legal content providers for users who want the best fish in the sea. Other exceptional addons worth mentioning are BBC iPlayer, Fox Sports Go, PBS Kids, MLB.tv etc.

1- Super Repo – The Best TVAddons.ag Alternative For Kodi

Super Repo.org

The true dilemma of Kodi users is to tell apart which addons are officially endorsed and which are third-party addons. Thankfully, Super Repo keeps its users at peace by clearly categorizing them into separate sections. With the largest collection including music only addons to countless video providers to specialized Kodi skins, Super repo is the next grand thing after the official one.

Legal addons, as well as pirated ones, are hosted by Super Repo. So, care should be taken while streaming content. The provider of pirated content and the viewer are both held accountable by courts; the viewer ending up on the wrong side of the jail bars or with empty pockets.

2- Ares Wizard – The Decent Alternative In Replacement To TVAddons.ag

Aries Wizard

Even though it has a small collection of addons, Ares Wizard is easy to download and install due to its light size. TVAddons Indigo Tool cannot have a better alternative than Ares. It allows the easiest and the fastest way to install addons on Kodi.

The feature that gives Ares the edge in the pool of repos is its classification by genre of the video content. With the extra Ares Indexer addon, the right search word shall provide you just the thing that you might be in the mood for; a heaven for indecisive streamers.

3- Noobs and Nerds – A Must-Try TVAddons.ag Kodi Alternative

Noobs and Nerds

Parents in search of providing television experience to their kids, Noobs and Nerds have personalized the right addons for you. Carefully selected audio and television shows with a wide range of movies, this repository has got your back!

The in-demand Metalliq addon gives a great user experience by organizing and sorting out their choices and selected content. The famous addons provided by Noobs and Nerds are given below:

  • Bobby’s Cartoons (For Kids)

bobby's cartoon

Almost all cartoon series from the 90s till now are available here with just a quick search hit. The major quality streaming sites are animetoon.com, toonget.com etc.

  • Bob Unrestricted

Bob Unrestricted

From TV shows to music to sports section, Bob has it all! After Exodus addon died, Bob intends to take over as the next Exodus, only better than its predecessor on the throne.

  • Solar Movie

Solar Movie

As it gets its content from its website and is located in the Middle East, it provides immunity against copyright infringement. This means you can access usually inaccessible movies without actually getting arrested for watching pirated content.

As authorities keep bringing repositories and addons down, the fun of using Kodi is being stolen. But the determined explorers, hooked to binge-watching and not willing to give up on Kodi, can keep enjoying the ultimate experience with the above-mentioned repositories! With a little help from a Kodi VPN, get the maximum pleasure out of Kodi with absolute protection!

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  1. I gave up on Kodi. I use Showbox all the time now, which works seamlessly on Android. I run Showbox on my Android tablet & smartphone. It does not have as much content as Kodi, and no sports, but it gives me more TV shows and Movies than I have time to watch, and they are quite up to date. It’s not available from the Google Play Store. You have to download it straight from Showbox. I’ve been using it over a year now with no issues.

  2. These are some of the most authentic and working Kodi TVaddons alternatives out there. Ares Wizard is what I am using right now. Would love to know more addons by the way.

  3. Well, First of all, Thanks to Reviewsdir to write this learning article a Kodi TV Addons Alternative finally now the problem is resolved, lots of time waste in searching, but this article fixed that issue.

  4. I was pretty upset when heard the news that TVaddons were shut down. But soon it turn around and i found out a way that it can work by putting some efforts. Thank you ReviewsDir for telling me how to use Kodi TV Addons alternative.

  5. Thank you for the Kodi TV Addons Alternatives, it’s miserable as a result of my Amazon fire stick only stopped operating, and despite what proportion I attempted to re-install Infusion tv add-ons, I am failing miserably for three days. I had bad moods.
    Then I found your article; it gave me hope. I1st put in SUPEREPO it went well however exodus couldn’t begin, giving me the slip ” dependency support issue.”
    Then I put in ARES conjointly everything went well however for Exodus I got associated error ” no address related to host name.”
    Could you check and let me know if I will solve this errors.

  6. super repo and ares wizard are two of the best alternatives to fusion since armageddon hit kodi fan base a couple of months ago. all of the best kodi blogs and reviewers like ivacy comparitech, best for kodi and others rate ares as best. even on fb groups ares is the one, true repo that works flawlessly without fail.

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