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The naive streamers ask, “Why to use a Kodi VPN?” Well, the answer is pretty simple. Watching television has become hard because of the diverse sources present in the market. We have one show on Netflix, another on Amazon, next one on NBC and so on. You get the point that we are constantly running after different online streaming platforms to catch our favorite TV shows.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to bring everything on the same page? One platform that can stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, NBC, BBC iPlayer and others without the hassle of opening different apps or websites. Well, that’s what Kodi is all about.

Kodi, at its core, is a free media player software app. It is an open source platform that’s managed by XBMC foundation. Kodi has multiple add-ons that enhance its capabilities. You can watch different streaming channels as well as illegal torrent content by installing various add-ons on Kodi. The software is highly compatible and supports Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Apple TV, Google Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield and more. Although it’s a freeware, open-source software, things aren’t much favorable for Kodi in the UK these days.

Is Kodi Accessible From Everywhere?

Kodi is actually software that you can install for free. It is just like Windows media player or any other media player software. What sets it apart from other conventional media players is the fact that it can stream content from various sources. Inherently, Kodi doesn’t have the capability to stream content from Netflix or Hulu. After installing add-ons on the Kodi software, you can stream content from different online streaming platforms (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon etc).

Now the sources that you are trying to view on Kodi may have different geo-restriction rules. For instance, Netflix is available throughout the world so that won’t be a problem. However, in case of Hulu or BBC iPlayer, you may need other resources as these online streaming platforms are available in certain countries only. In addition, if you are using torrent as your source in Kodi and it is illegal in your country then you can get in trouble. So the question is not about the accessibility of Kodi in the world but whether the content you are trying to view is available globally or not.

Reasons Why Kodi Streamers Need A VPN

Kodi really needs a VPN. You are trying to view too many channels on Kodi. Definitely, there is going to be some clash of differences. A VPN lets you create a utopian environment on Kodi where different streaming platforms can sustain in one place and you can watch whatever you want on your choice of device. Following are a few reasons you should consider getting a Kodi VPN before installing Kodi;

  • Blocked Kodi Add-ons

Kodi has a list of official Kodi add-ons. Each add-on has a purpose. You can get an add-on for Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer etc. However, these add-ons are geo-restricted. They are available to you if you are from a particular country. So if you want an official add-on for Hulu, you need to access Kodi from US or UK. A VPN for Kodi lets you change your location virtually hence installing blocked Kodi add-ons is not a problem anymore.

  • Torrenting

We have mentioned that unofficial Kodi add-ons can make torrent a source as well. You can directly view programs from Torrent on Kodi. However, we all know that many countries have declared torrenting illegal. In fact, there has been such a strict action taken against torrents in past couple of years that has led to shutting down of major torrenting websites like KickAss Torrents, The Pirate Bay etc. So you don’t want to get caught torrenting thus the best VPN for Kodi is essential.

  • Geo-restricted Content

It is not just about installing the geo-restricted add-on on Kodi. In order to view geo-restricted content, you need a VPN. If a channel doesn’t provide entertainment services in India then you cannot watch it in India. You need a disguise of a country or location where the channel broadcasts its content. Guess what, a Kodi VPN can provide you the disguise or cloak that you need to pass the barriers of geo-restriction.

5 Best VPN For Kodi For Anonymous And Seamless Streaming

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You Have The VPN, How To Install VPN On Kodi?

The process of using Kodi with VPN is very easy. There is no rocket science involved and even a tech newbie can figure it out easily. So without further ado, let us give you step-by-step guidelines;

Step 1:

  • Purchase a Kodi VPN.

Step 2:

  • Install the Kodi VPN software on your device (let’s say desktop).

Step 3:

  • Configure and open the VPN for Kodi.

Step 4:

  • Connect the Kodi VPN to the server of your choice.

Step 5:

  • Once you are sure the VPN is working and providing you the cover of your desired country, open Kodi player.

Step 6:

  • Kodi player is all set to stream videos of your favorite TV shows.


How Good Are The Listed VPNs For Kodi

We have mentioned a few Kodi VPN providers as the best in our list. However, you deserve to know what makes them the best VPNs for Kodi. Following is our attempt to showcase VPNs for Kodi in an objective light so you can take the right decision;

Express VPN – A Perfect Kodi VPN


Express VPN for Kodi is by far the best in the industry for various reasons. Express VPN has a large network of VPN servers in many countries. We are fine with its American and European presence of VPNs since Kodi users want to utilize these locations more. The overall speed report is satisfactory. We were totally blown away by its security measures. Express has slightly expensive packages but it provides over the top services. Also, Express Kodi VPN gives you a 30-day money back guarantee. Whether you want to install unofficial blocked add-ons for Kodi or watch geo-restricted content on Kodi, Express VPN can prove to be a great companion.



NordVPN – A Secure VPN for Kodi


NordVPN is based in Panama so you can feel secure about the unnecessary surveillance of your online activities. This VPN for Kodi is in the industry for so long. For Kodi, you need a VPN that doesn’t compromise on video streaming. The VPN provider must provide optimum speed to allow seamless video streaming. Unfortunately, NordVPN doesn’t provide the fastest speed so you might face a problem while streaming videos. Other than that, NordVPN has an exceptionally well security profile. You are absolutely safe with Nord VPN for Kodi. Like any premium VPN service, NordVPN also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.



HideMyAss VPN – Kodi VPN Veteran


HideMyAss VPN is very old in the industry. It has been able to survive and maintain a stature in the industry by providing unbeatable services. HideMyAss VPN has been part of a few scandals but nothing too serious to destroy its credibility. HideMyAss has a large network of VPN servers spread across the globe. You can connect to any country in the world with HideMyAss. Kodi users will love this Kodi VPN because of its flawless speed. In addition, HideMyAss provides awesome customer services. You can contact them anytime for anything and the support personnel will get back to you with a plausible answer.



PIA VPN – Widespread VPN for Kodi


Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN is the cheapest Kodi VPN provider out there. It has the most affordable tariff in the lot. Also, PIA has 3268+ VPN servers. It is a huge number and even the best Kodi VPN providers are not able to match it. However, PIA has a bit of an issue with internet speed. If you want to stream videos using PIA VPN, you need to be extremely patient because there are solid chances of buffering and lagging. However, its security options are amazing. Using PIA VPN means you are safe and secure virtually.



IPvanish VPN – Speedy Kodi VPN


IPVanish VPN is an ideal pick for Kodi. It is popular for providing blazing internet speed that makes streaming possible. That’s why we called it the best VPN for Kodi. IPVanish VPN has a decent network of 700 VPN servers in 60 countries. IPVanish offers huge discounts to customers willing to commit for over a year. We definitely despise its 7-day money back guarantee as it is too limited. Also, it can work on improving its customer service. Lack of live chat is inconvenient for users. IPVanish should strive to fix these minute flaws as overall it is an excellent Kodi VPN provider.


So Are You Ready To Stream Everything On Kodi

Kodi is great software that brings diverse channels and platforms under one roof for the convenience of the consumers. The major reason for its success and popularity is in its amazing core concept. However, illegal torrenting, geo-restriction and other such hurdles limit the potential of Kodi. A VPN for Kodi lets you enjoy the software to its maximum potential.

You need a Kodi VPN that has a strong VPN presence in the American and European region. Also, a strict no logs policy is recommended. Good customer service, lucrative money back guarantee, multiple payment options and the right to anonymity are some of the features to look for in your Kodi VPN. The options we have mentioned here are the best VPNs for Kodi. You can explore them further and take a right decision for yourself.

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