5 Best Kodi VPNs For 2023

Kodi VPN

Kodi has never been that popular then it’s today, this stand-alone media center is turning into a phenomenon to watch anything anytime without having to switch between apps. The needs of entertainment have widened with the ever-increasing arenas; now TV is not the only source to watch your desired content, the range of media sources have diversified; your favorite series Quantico airs on Netflix, Reverie on NBC, Mr. Robot on Amazon, and for UFC, you have to have Fight Pass. We are continually running after different online streaming platforms to catch our favorite TV shows.

Thanks to Kodi, for bringing everything in one place; it’s a hub of entertainment, where you’ll find everything every time via available add-ons. Hold on! Regional restrictions would never stop bothering you, whether you’re using Kodi or accessing any other media stream; you will be restricted to access the localized content, until and unless you’re not virtually or physically locating in that specific region. When it comes to geo-restrictions, what comes to mind? One and only solution, VPN. So what are you waiting for? Asking yourself on how to use VPN on Kodi? Explore the world of entertainment in your Kodi screen with a Kodi VPN, and stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, NBC, BBC iPlayer and anything anytime without the fear of being snooped.

Being a freeware, open-source software, things aren’t much favorable for Kodi in the real world; Kodi repositories and Kodi add-ons -the real allure of Kodi- keep taking down by the authorities and shocking the Kodi community. It’s our standard practice to update the list of best Kodi repositories  for our beloved Kodi community, so keep a check whenever you download the desired repository for your favorite add-on. So, install add-ons and stream legal and illegal torrent content across all your favorite platforms including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Apple TV, Google Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield and more, but don’t forget to keep the best Kodi VPN intact.

Last Updated On: 30 January 2023

Best VPN For Kodi From Our Experts

So when it comes to do I need a VPN for Kodi? You’ll find that be it streaming UFC alone or the world’s content on Kodi, finding the best VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions and secure anonymity is just like jumping in the unknown sea and manages to swim without the life jacket. Be it your real life security or the cybersecurity, you should always be careful in deciding the right guard to guard your privacy and security.

Do you need a vpn for Kodi, also known as the Kodi VPN Firestick? The answer is “Yes”. On the other side, trusting a VPN is not easy, you have to risk your valuable data to test their potential, we don’t want you to play with your identities and listen what our VPN experts recommend. Scroll down the list, all the mentioned VPN providers are being personally reviewed and critically analyzed by our experts. Select anyone, you’ won’t be disappointed;

Best All Round 1 ExpressVPN Review 2023
2 Private Internet Access Review 2023
3 CyberGhost VPN Review 2023
4 IPVanish Review
5 NordVPN Review 2023

Kodi and VPN – The Magic You Get With A Kodi VPN

Kodi is home of entertainment and a perfect for any entertainment you’re desired for, although it was initially created for Microsoft Xbox Media Center, and with the passage of time, the concept turned into a search engine of entertainment. Thanks to more than 500 software and 200+ translators for shaping the Kodi, since its inception, and helping the community to install customized add-ons without paying a single penny. Kodi is turning our computers, smartphones, tablets and other streaming devices into a digital set-top box or streamer, to stream our heart’s content, but what about does all the available add-ons are for everyone? No, restrictions would never allow you to access region-specific add-ons, but a Kodi VPN. Get the best VPN on Kodi and then access the content you like.

A VPN is not a prerequisite to use the streaming platform. However, it’s wise decision to connect a Kodi VPN to safeguard your security and privacy and at the same time help you get around with geo-restrictions. Security and privacy, seriously? Yes, many third-party add-ons work on BitTorrent protocol that exposes your IP to everyone who is watching (or downloading) the same content.  Furthermore, most streaming add-ons, source their material from unofficial IPTV services, this makes it harder for copyright holders to monitor our IPs but not impossible; end up tracking us down.

Find out more about BitTorrent safety in our best torrent VPN guide.

Similarly, Kodi, being an open source software, it’s highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Therefore, hackers can get hold of your personal information and your stored data by invading into your Kodi. With these warnings, it is better to use Kodi VPN addon (or some variant of best VPN for Kodi Firestick) in order to protect your personal information.

The Kodi and VPN is directly related to each other as Kodi is itself a media box but not protected and is limited for foreign users, while with the VPN protection the entire world of entertainment would be in your hands and defended too. So, forget anything but not a Kodi Box VPN to access anything anytime anywhere on your Kodi screen.

What is A Kodi VPN And How Does It Work?

The Kodi is filled with add-ons and plugins that offer the best experience like; you live in Spain and want to watch NFL draft 2023 online, you install NFL Gamepass add-on in your Kodi start enjoying, NFL Network, and others.

However, usually those add-ons are only available for people in the United States of America, because of locations and licensing reasons. However, you can access them with a Kodi VPN. A VPN adds a layer of security, privacy, and anonymity to your internet connection by encrypting your web traffic in a secure tunnel. The encrypted traffic off-limits to hackers trying to invade in your connection and steal your personal information like; credit card numbers. It also restricts Governmental agencies and your ISP to follow every step you take online, that generally end up sharing your browsing histories with third parties.

Keep in mind that with a VPN, you are not entirely protected from viruses and malware, but some best VPN for Kodi can give you an upper hand. So keep that in mind when asking “Do I need a VPN for Kodi?”

Why Do I Need A VPN For Kodi?

Ah yes, the very question of “Why do I need a VPN for Kodi?” Do you know, 70% of the Kodi community is using the third-party add-ons, and you never know the changing intentions of third-party developers. Therefore your beloved Kodi needs a VPN, and for your favorite content which is beyond the geographically-restricted borders. A Kobi VPN setup lets you create a utopian environment on Kodi where different streaming platforms can sustain in one place, and you can watch whatever you want on your favorite device. Following are a few reasons you should consider getting a Kodi VPN addon before installing Kodi;

  • Blocked Kodi Add-ons

Kodi has a list of official Kodi add-ons. Each add-on has a purpose. You can get an add-on for Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. However, these add-ons are geo-restricted. They are available to you if you are from a particular country. So if you want an official add-on for Hulu, you need to access Kodi from US or UK. A VPN for Kodi lets you change your location virtually hence installing blocked Kodi add-ons is not a problem anymore.

  • Torrenting

We have mentioned that unofficial Kodi add-ons can make torrent a source as well. You can directly view programs from Torrent on Kodi. However, we all know that many countries have declared torrenting illegal. In fact, there has been such a strict action taken against torrents in past couple of years that has led to shutting down of major torrenting websites like KickAss Torrents, The Pirate Bay, etc. So you don’t want to get caught torrenting thus the best VPN for Kodi firestick is essential.

  • Geo-restricted Content

It is not just about installing the geo-restricted add-on on Kodi. To view geo-restricted content, you need a VPN. If a channel doesn’t provide entertainment services in India, then you cannot watch it in India. You need a disguise of a country or location where the channel broadcasts its content. Guess what;  a Kodi VPN can provide you the disguise or cloak that you need to pass the barriers of geo-restrictions.

In short, a Kodi VPN add these wonders to your browsing experience;

    • Stop ISPs from deep packet inspection (DPI) and track your browsings
    • Prevent ISPs from throttling your connection.
    • Secure your personal information from hackers.
    • Unblocks geo-restricted add-ons including Fox, Channel 7, Hulu Plus, Kodi BBC iPlayer, ESPN and many other add-ons to stream global TV channels.
    • A Kodi VPN helps you watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK and unblock Crimewatch Roadshow now, or watch VIVO IPL 2023 from Hotstar outside India.
  • Avoid NSA, GCHQ, and Mossad surveillance and snooping from foreign agencies
  • Access P2P & Torrents without copyright watchdogs’ trackings.
  • Enable installation of blocked add-ons like Jango on Kodi

Is Using A Kodi VPN Legal?

Kodi VPN addon, best VPN for Kodi Firestick and all it’s other forms are 100% legal open-source software with the rights to download and install Kodi from the website and its officially sanctioned add-ons, even trading Kodi pre-installed devices is legal as long as they do not contain third-party add-ons for illegal source streamings.

Once you surpass the Kodi’s range of streaming sources using unsanctioned third-party add-ons, or buy “Kodi boxes” from third-party retailers, you run into legal issues. The illegal sources include pirated IPTV streams, torrents, and websites hosting copyright content without the owner’s consent.

The confusion is here that you never know which add-on stream legal sources, which don’t, especially with pre-configured Kodi boxes, that’s a reason that a UK man was ordered to pay £250,000 for selling Kodi devices with several add-ons that streamed illegal sources, despite he claimed that the boxes were “100 percent legal.”

So, how do you stay away with the law?

First off, Kodi software does not sale Kodi boxes itself and being the open source, Kodi cannot control who installs it on what. We recommend you to;

  • Clean wipe the entire Kodi box you bought and start from scratch.
  • Secondly, the legality of streaming add-ons varies regionally, it’s recommended to check your local laws and regulations or use a best Kodi VPN and hide your activity from your ISP and other authorities.

What Should Kodi VPNs Avoid?

Be careful! Don’t just trust the advertising on a website for a Kodi VPN addon that provide you Kodi VPN setup solution and give it install on your beloved screen; your cybersecurity is not that useless. Providers aren’t going to share their flaws, but we will. Scroll down; we are going to reveal the three worst VPNs -these VPNs are not in the official list of Kodi VPNs and are not compatible with the Kodi.  Based on our Kodi VPN selection paradigms, these VPNs would possibly make you hate the cyber world, so avoid them.

Hola VPN

Hola, the dodgiest VPN service in the world with more than 116 million downloads, people who don’t realize that Hola isn’t a VPN itself with no encryption servers to act as proxies between clients and the internet. Instead, Hola customers channel their data using a peer-to-peer (P2P) model, like torrent downloaders and Skype.

Hola is a free service and known to be a “community,” where most members don’t mind becoming proxies for one another; only fee-paying customers. Worse still, a sister company; Illuminati,  sells high-volume traffic to the network. A free member act as an exit node and their IP addresses end up being fronts for cybercriminals to play their skills.

Do you want to be their next target? Definitely you won’t, don’t ever fall prey to this Kodi VPN, no matter what.

Betternet VPN

The Betternet app is in more than five million Android devices, accessing their 14 tracking libraries to invade users’ privacies. Betternet, being the most monitored VPN in the world sells the data to third parties; that’s why the company offer its VPN service completely free of charge. However, this extreme inclusion means that Betternet is more of an activity monitoring service for the advertisers than a privacy service.

At worst, Betternet has malware in its code; VPN’s inclusion also uncovered 13 incidences of malware, made Betternet the third most infected VPN in the world. Since then, the top two most contenders have gone out of business, putting, leaving the Betternet at the top.

  • Tigervpns

If imitation has a flattery form, then Hola must be an admirer of Tigervpns. The same study that identified Betternet’s also found some Hola-esque characteristics in Tigervpns.

Analysis of web traffic coming out of a computer with this VPN revealed the calls to websites that were not sought by the apps running on that system. This implies that tigers were trying connection requests from other sources using that computer. Worryingly, it was discovered that many of the URLs were unregistered, seems that the computer has been included in a botnet. A botnet is a combination of hijacked computers used for cyber attacks, like; the WannaCry ransomware attack that used unregistered web address to control the mechanism.

Forget XYZ VPN and focus on the best VPN for Kodi firestick which is none other than ExpressVPN.

Things to Consider When Looking For The Best VPN For Kodi

Everybody loves to stream online content in their favorite gadget, but one thing we all hate about online streaming, and that is dreaded pauses that shows ‘buffering’ icon hogs the screen. So, for streamers out there, a VPN with fast download speeds would be feasible to take the streaming experience to the next level. An extensive network of server locations would be an extravaganza to find the fastest connection possible.

And as always, we want good levels of security and a ‘zero logs’ privacy policy, no matter how binge watcher we are. An intuitive dedicated client is also desirable, and frequent travelers might look for mobile device support preferably for iOS/Android.

In short, a VPN for Kodi needs to have strong encryption, a large number of servers, a reasonable and convenient privacy policy, fast speeds and affordable prices. Helpful extras include NAT Firewall, high compatibility, a killswitch, DNS leak protection, and protocol availability. We look for all these paradigms before investing into a Kodi VPN.

  • Privacy: we believe, the more private Kodi is, the better; you might not notice, but you may incur in copyright infringement, and with VPN protection, the chances are that your ISP and the Governmental don’t find out. So, the best VPN for Kodi is the VPN with a real zero log policy, such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish, etc.
  • Servers: more the servers, more options to switch around for the perfect speeds, no lag for your favorite content. NordVPN, has more than 2,000; such an absurdly high number of servers, isn’t it?
  • Speed: watching HD is the new trend that every binge watcher is seeking on the internet to get the source for streaming their favorite movie in HD format. To stream HD content, you need high rates to avoid pauses; ExpressVPN has the fast servers in many locations.
  • Location: Servers in more countries mean more add-ons accessibility. Imagine you can access all the add-ons of 94 virtual locations around the globe, We’re talking about ExpressVPN, even NordVPN and IPVanish hover around 50-60; pretty huge to give a shot.
  • Price: we always find ways to get things at the discounted value to get premium features at a reasonable cost. Among all the Best VPN for Kodi and best VPN for Kodi firestick we have mentioned, ExpressVPN comes with a great price tag if you buy the yearly plan.

Is There Any Kodi VPN addon To Use?

You must be thinking to have a Kodi VPN addon to get things done quickly; only a few of the VPN providers offer a dedicated Kodi VPN addon, but these VPNs are not worthy enough to anchor cybersecurity and privacy. For your convenience, we are sharing three of those VPNs who have Kodi VPN addon.

  • PureVPN Exclusive Kodi VPN addon

PureVPN offers a VPN addon for Kodi in two variants, one for Raspberry Pi and one for other devices. The VPN addon has turned the Pi into a dedicated Kodi machine with OpenELEC or LibreELEC; in this way, Kodi is becoming the operating system! Running Kodi as OpenELEC or LibreELEC, needs no underlying OS to install and run a VPN on in general; connect and play your favorite content on Kodi, Yay!

  • Ivacy Kodi VPN addon on OpenELEC

Ivacy VPN also offers a dedicated Kodi VPN addon, using only OpenELEC operating system. So if you are using a streaming box or any other device with any other OS, then Ivacy VPN will not work.

  • Datho Kodi VPN addon

You can also use Datho VPN as a Kodi addon, which offers multiple servers and helps you access streaming channels without copyrights or geo-restrictions. Datho VPN was previously available in SuperRepo repository, but not anymore. However, you can get the addon from an alternate source or download the zip file from Github.

How to Install VPN on Kodi?

Installing a VPN on Kodi screen is not rocket science. To install, install Kodi VPN on your preferred device start browsing, streaming and downloading your favorite content. It means we need to install the VPN on our hardware such as PC, Fire Stick, smartphone, etc.

Using the best Kodi VPN on your SmartScreen and PCs is the easiest; minimize your Kodi screen and install the VPN app. As you download the app, you’ll be asked to sign up, here we request you to go with our one of the most anonymous VPN, we mentioned above. Now login with your credentials and connect to the server you like, for the best content, go with the  US server hit the connect button. Now get back to Kodi screen and be a US citizen for its detective mechanism, without their intermediation.

For better understanding google our ultimate guide to install VPN on Kodi

Which Kodi Box To Choose To Use With VPN For Kodi?

Installing and running a Kodi on mainstream OS like Windows or MacOS, was the old tale to tell, now most Kodigeeks preferring a separate device to use as a home media center. These are often known as Kodi “boxes”, and they have two main variants: Android and Linux.

Most of the VPNs listed here have Android apps with downloadable APK files to install directly onto your device without the Google Play interference. Some Popular Android-based Kodi boxes are:

  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Razer Forge TV
  • Matricom G-Box
  • Gem Box

Many Linux versions run Kodi, but the most popular is OpenELEC. OpenELEC is a Linux distro tailor-made for Kodi boxes; some VPNs has Linux apps to run on OpenELEC, but a more universal option is the manual configuration. OpenELEC Kodi users can connect to a VPN from a Kodi add-on like VPN Manager for OpenVPN or OpenVPN for Kodi. Get proper assistance from your VPN provider for the necessary configuration files to run.

Popular devices that run Kodi with OpenELEC include:

  • Wetek Play, Play 2, and Core
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • CuBox-i

There are many more in the list but beware of devices that are non-stock editions of Kodi. Many vendors sell pre-configured “piracy boxes” with tons of add-ons already installed; especially prevalent among third-party vendors selling Amazon Fire TV sticks with Kodi. Isn’t a good deal? If yes, then get ready to welcome malware, botnets, and other nasty stuff and risks your security and internet bandwidth.

Caution: Don’t Use APK Files With Kodi From Third-Party Sources, Use a Kodi VPN Only

Running a Kodi device on Android without Google Play is a challenge; as you cannot download a VPN app easily, you’ve to download APK file from the unknown sources. However, we caution against downloading APK files from unknown sources other than the VPN provider itself.

Googling will no doubt offer several third-party APK hosting websites; these are best avoided; as you never know the developer of such sites and apps, and it’s possible that the app could have contained malware. Even if it’s safe, the available APKs are often out of date, that possibly be missing key features or have unpatched security vulnerabilities.

Whenever possible, download APKs directly from the VPN or else “sideload” the app from a second Android device with Google Play.

Is Kodi VPN Available On All Platforms?

Kodi is officially compatible with some operating systems and hardware that connected directly to a TV. Kodi runs well on relatively “underpowered” systems, thanks to its simple video decoding that support nearly all the platforms. These requirements “advanced” features, such as PVR.

How to Setup Kodi VPN using VPN Manager for OpenVPN?

Are you looking to set up a VPN directly on Kodi via an add-on? Then check Kodi VPN Manager for OpenVPN. The add-on is compatible with various VPN providers and can be used within Kodi. Just download and install the OpenVPN GUI software and then the executable OpenVPN files from the VPN provider. Now follow the given steps to download Kodi plugin for VPN Manager add-on:

  • Download Zomboided Repository from GitHub.
  • Launch Kodi
  • Click Add-ons and then ‘Add-on browser’ icon (the box icon) locating at the top left.
  • Now Install from zip file.
  • Navigate to the location you downloaded Zomboided Repository zip files.
  • Wait! add-on is downloading.
  • Now click to Install from repository
  • Go to Zomboided Add-on Repository then Services and then VPN Manager for OpenVPN
  • Install the add-on and wait.
  • Now click the add-on (click on OK to configure a VPN)
  • Go to Add-on Settings.
  • While configuring a VPN, select the VPN Provider to setup.
  • Enter your credentials.
  • Now go to VPN Connection tab and choose your desired server.
  • Add more VPN connections (maximum 10)
  • Click OK to enjoy VPN connection.

How to Setup Kodi VPN On FireStick / TV?

Amazon Fire TV users, get ready to enjoy unlimited content on your Kodi screens using a Kodi VPN; simply install Kodi on Firestick / TV, or if you have already, then get ready to kick all the restriction and access unlimited action, Live TV, adventure, documentaries, sports and what not.

To install a Kodi VPN on Firestick, you need to go through the given steps:

  • Go to Settings and then System.
  • Now go to Developer Options and Turn ON ADB Bugging and Unknown Sources.
  • Now tap the Home Button.
  • Go to Apps and scroll down to select Collections
  • Clik on New Releases and Updates
  • Now look for the app ‘Downloader.’ Don’t worry, it’s a free app.
  • Click Open, once you download it. Click on Browser option located in the menu.
  • Go to the official website of your desired VPN.
  • Now click to connect.
  • Enable JavaScript to continue and then proceed to pricing plan.

To enable JavaScript, go to settings > Check the box ‘Enable JavaScript’.

  • Now go back to Browser option, click on the three-line menu and click Apps.
  • Now go to Download > Direct APK Download.
  • Wait! Your Kodi VPN is downloading.
  • Now click Install.
  • Click Home Button > Apps and Games > your VPN.
  • Use credentials to Login.
  • Yay! You’re ready to use Firestick without any restrictions.

How to Setup Kodi VPN On Windows?

  • Hover to the official website of your favorite VPN.
  • Signup with your credentials.
  • Look for their dedicated app for Windows.
  • Download the Windows app.
  • Run the downloaded file.
  • After installation, launch your VPN Windows client.
  • Sign in with your credentials.
  • Configure your account.
  • Choose your desired Servers
  • Click “Connect,” and wait a few seconds; now all traffic you going through the VPN network, including Kodi.

How to Setup Kodi VPN On Mac?

It’s way simpler man, go to;

  • Apple Store and search for your desired VPN
  • Install on your Mac device
  • Open the VPN App
  • Sign up for the VPN and wait for the confirmation email
  • Enter Login details and Open Kodi
  • Stream anything you like!

How to Setup Kodi VPN On Routers?

Getting a VPN on routers way easier than configuring the service individually on every device. A VPN on your router tunnelize your entire web traffic no matter how many Kodi devices are being used on a given network.  Let’s see how to set up the Kodi VPN on your router;

  • Register the VPN from the given table.
  • Make sure to flash DD-WRT on your router
  • Now create DD-WRT Password
  • Set the Time Zone
  • Now setup SSIDs for each of the channel on the router
  • Now enter VPN credentials
  • Before resetting cable modem, try connecting LAN port to a WAN port from primary router to a VPN router
  • Now check whether this process has worked or not.

How to Setup Kodi VPN On Tomato Routers?

Below is the demonstration, showing you the setup to get Kodi VPN on Tomato routers with PPTP protocol.

  • Launch Tomato router control panel and login.
  • Navigate to Basic and then Network.
  • From the menu, select the Connection Type.
  • Now login with your VPN credentials.
  • Make sure that DCHP and Default Gateway on Remote Network is  checked.
  • Select the server address to connect to PPTP Gateway.
  • Select Keep Alive for the Connection Mode from the menu.
  • Now set the MTU, LAN or Wireless Settings to default.
  • Don’t change Subnet Mask or Options field
  • Scroll down and hit Save
  • Your VPN connection is up and running

How to Setup VPN Kodi on iPhone, iPad & Other iOS Devices?

Apple iPhone and iPad are hallmarks of elegant design, premium features, top-grade security and over-the-top looks, but security is something that can’t be relied upon to any big or small provider, no matter what we still be needing the best iPhone VPN.

When it comes to Kodi on iPad or iPhone, you can’t access all the leading channels and streaming add-ons due to geo-restrictions. Don’t worry! We have a Kodi VPN, scroll down and install best Kodi VPN on your Apple device/s, with the given process.

Don’t forget to try the Apple TV, surprisingly comfortable home for Kodi; simply install Kodi on Apple TV but don’t forget to run the best apple TV VPN to achieve one-touch access to the world of restriction-free from anywhere.

Setup Kodi VPN on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices:

  • Go to App Store
  • Next, search the VPN Provider
  • Download and install VPN
  • Once successfully installed, launch VPN, select the servers and connect.
  • Finally, launch Kodi and enjoy streaming unlimited channels and add-ons that were previously beyond your reach.

You can also install Kodi on iPhone and iPad using Cydia Impactor and Xcode as well.

How to Setup Kodi VPN On Android Devices?

Be it the palmtop, laptop, Smart TVs, or any other PDA, the process of installing the Kodi VPN would remain the same, with some changes in the interface and options. Have a look;

  • Open Google Play Store and download the desired VPN
  • Sign up with your credentials
  • Cross check your identity with the email received
  • Now open the app and sign in
  • Select your preferred server -for better content, select the Us server
  • Don’t forget to verify your IP, has it changed or not
  • Now download Kodi
  • Navigate to settings and enable unknown sources from the security.
  • Install in your respective device.
  • It’s done! Now you’re a US citizen for the world’s ISPs.

How to Setup VPN for Kodi on Smart TVs?

Nothing is fascinating then sitting down in front of an HD smart TV and access to free movies and shows from around the world, that’s what makes it possible by the open-source community behind Kodi. Installing Kodi on your smart TV is to make sure you never want to leave your cozy couch.  Want to upgrade your entertainment options, check out our guide below to install the best VPN for Kodi and best VPN for Kodi firestick on your smart TV.

Installing the Android and iOS-based Smart TVs follows the same pattern as mentioned earlier, what about the Smart TVs that doesn’t support either? Be patience! Just scroll down.

The majority of smart TVs on the market can’t run Kodi or doesn’t support or compatible with Kodi, due to encouraging users to use built-in apps for a similar function. The good news is that with an ingenious workaround and foolproof method like sideloading, you can experience Kodi from anywhere.

How to Setup VPN for OpenELEC on Kodi?

  • Download the Zomboided Repository and transfer it (via a USB drive) to your OpenELEC device.
  • Open the Kodi software.
  • Go to the add-ons and select the box-shaped icon at the left.
  • Click ‘Install from zip file.’
  • Search and select the Zomboided
  • Install from repository once the add-on enabled.
  • Select the Zomboided add-on Repository.
  • Go to Services, select VPN Manager for OpenVPN.
  • Install and wait.
  • Select OK.
  • Go to the VPN configuration and click on the VPN Provider.
  • Find your VPN provider and enter your credentials.
  • Go back to the VPN Connections tab.
  • Once connected, choose your preferred server.

How to Setup Kodi Raspberry Pi VPN?

Raspberry Pi, being an affordable yet compact computer, mainly used for teaching and training at educational centers. Like other computers, it isn’t safe when connected; that’s why you need to install Raspberry Pi VPN to enjoy secure streaming on your Kodi.

Before proceeding, make sure the Kodi VPN you’re using for Raspberry Pi, must support OpenVPN, our top-recommended VPN – ExpressVPN- supports OpenVPN protocol. Here’s the procedure to install Kodi Raspberry Pi VPN.

Installing Kodi VPN on Raspberry Pi is not exactly a cake-walk of a process; it’s not simple to download and install. The Raspberry Pi’s Kodi operating systems follow a design called “Just Enough Operating System” or JeOS.

To start,

  • Create your VPN account
  • Install VPN Manager

The next step requires a VPN Manager for OpenELEC and a USB flash drive.

  • Now plug your USB flash drive into your computer
  • Click to download the Zomboided repository
  • Locate saved file on your computer and move it to your USB flash drive
  • Unplug your USB flash drive and insert into your Raspberry Pi (Make sure your Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet)
  • Navigate to Programs and then add-ons
  • Select Get more
  • Now, select the ellipses,  “…” on all the repositories.
  • Select ‘Install from zip’
  • Now choose the USB flash drive
  • Select repository.zomboided.plugins-x.x.x.zip to install
  • Go back to the add-ons page and select ‘Install from repository.’
  • Select Zomboided Add-on Repository
  • Now, click on VPN Manager for OpenVPN and select Install
  • Click on add-on Settings
  • Follow the Setup Wizard
  • Select VPN from the VPN Provider menu.
  • Sign in with your credentials and connect
  • Select First VPN connection. Here, VPN Manager will start connecting to the VPN server
  • Now, select your desired location and enter in the world of Kodi in your Raspberry Pi.

How to Setup Kodi VPN on Kindle Fire?

The Kindle Fire is the Amazon’s property that never allows you to buy software from the Google Play app store. This makes it difficult to get content onto a Kindle device. However, you can still sideload apps onto a Kindle Fire.

It is true that until recently Amazon didn’t have VPNs – now it does have some; don’t worry! Our top recommended is available. However, you can subscribe to a best Kodi VPN for Kindle that’s not available in the store, by installing and configure third-party OpenVPN software onto your Kindle.

Don’t want to deal with complexities, search your desired VPN and start enjoying your internet freedom, using this method.

  • Subscribe your VPN for Kindle
  • Go to the Amazon store to download the VPN software
  • Run the software and log in.
  • Connect to a VPN server and start accessing previously blocked content.

Now the complex method;

Not available on Amazon Store? Get ready for the most complicated VPN for your Kindle, follow these steps:

  • Drag the Kindle notification bar down and select More followed by Device and turn on “Allow Installation of Applications from unknown sources.”
  • Download the free ES File Explorer from the App Store.
  • Download the OpenVPN installer.
  • Connect your Kindle to your PC or Mac with the USB lead to drag and drop the OpenVPN installer to your Kindle’s.
  • Launch your Kindle and use ES Explorer to navigate to the Downloads folder.
  • Tap the .apk file and install it.
  • Sign up for a VPN service for Kindle if you haven’t.

Looking for config. Files on Kindle;

  • Just download them to a PC.
  • Unzip and then email them to yourself.
  • Open the email and download. Now import them from downloads folder into the OpenVPN software. Your VPN will have a setup guide too.

How to Setup Kodi VPN on Xbox?

Whether you owned Xbox One or 360, you’ll not be entertained with Kodi VPN clients; means you can’t set up best Xbox VPN on them. Install Kodi on Xbox does not differ from setting up any other application on the popular gaming platform. The process follows;

  • Connect your Xbox to your computer with a crossover cable.
  • Click the ‘Windows Menu Button’ and click on Control Panel.
  • Now, click ‘Network and Sharing Center.’
  • Then ‘Change Adaptor Settings.’
  • Open the properties of the icon titled ‘hide.me.’
  • Go to ‘Sharing.’
  • Checked the option titled ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.’
  • Click ‘Home Networking Connection’. Select Xbox from a dropdown menu and in case you won’t find Xbox in the list, then click the connection to share your console with.
  • Click “ok.”
  • Now, connect hide.me Windows App to hide.me’s desired server.
  • Press the ‘LIVE’ button on the controller to reach the menu.
  • Now, go to ‘Settings’ then select ‘System Settings.’
  • Go to ‘Network Settings’ and select ‘Wired Network.’
  • Now, accept all settings and continue for a ‘Test Connection’
  • Once connected, sign in to your Xbox account.
  • And you’re done!

Now launch or install Kodi on Xbox one and enjoy unlimited yet unrestricted content on your terms.

How to Setup Kodi VPN on Plex?

Plex is a dominant media center for streaming movies from a dedicated storage medium to almost all the device you own; isn’t closely related to Kodi? That’s the reason many vendors don’t allow or are non-compatible with Kodi. Securing online connection with Plex requires a little configuration, however, now you can merge both home-theatre apps by adding Plex library into Kodi via its official add-on. We do everything to control and protect our privacies, which is why routing the web traffic while streaming with a VPN is always a smart idea.

So, let’s stop discussing Kodi vs plex, and start using Kodi VPN while navigating Plex library.

Are Free VPNs For Kodi Way To Go?

Although highly encrypted, a free VPN is possibly bring more harm than good if you are not aware of the possible risks. Generally, a free VPN offer fewer servers, weaker encryption and ambiguous privacy policy than a paid alternative.

  • Fewer servers: all the above mentioned Kodi VPNs have more than 1000 servers, whereas, a free VPN for Kodi offers lesser number of servers, as the service provider can’t afford to invest in the infrastructure than its counterparts.
  • Weak encryption: talking about encryption, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSL, and more, are running in the market; PPTP, or Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol, known to be the easiest to use but the most vulnerable yet easier to intercept as well.. Guess who use this the most? Free VPN. Don’t save your pennies and play with your privacies, invest in the best VPN services for Kodi and fulfill your streaming fantasies.
  • Vague Privacy Policy: It’s quite understood that running a VPN requires investment, so where these free service providers fund their services? By selling our data and traffic to the highest bidder on the internet, based on which you see ads hovering over your interface more often while using free services. Enjoy stronger privacy with a paid VPN for Kodi.

We are not claiming that paid VPNs are perfect and free VPNs for Kodi aren’t, as they have issues as well. However, they are more feature-rich when it comes to encryption protocols, offering OpenVPN, SSL, L2TP, IPSec, and others.

Can I Use A Proxy for Kodi?

It is true that Kodi proxy unblocks geo-restricted websites and content that is blocked in your country, but the proxy don’t guarantee your cybersecurity; your VPN encrypted IP can anytime be exposed to surveillance authority, and soon your IP would be taken down.

Accessing the content via a proxy website means routing information through to that website, which is not secured; your data is being tracked, while your online activities are being noted. As a result, one day you have to pause your favorite free Movies and TV Shows on Kodi and have to face the actions that will be taken by your ISP.

VPN not working with Kodi – Here to Fix Kodi VPN Errors

  • Restart Your PC: One of the quick fixes is to restart your PC, that could possibly resolve your VPN connection, hence helping Kodi to operate in full swing. Alternatively, shut down your PC and wait for a couple of minutes and restart, this might solve the bug.
  • Check your Date and Time Settings: Sometimes VPN hesitate to work in the past or the future; sometimes Kodi won’t work due to incorrect date and time on your PC. Check the date and time and disable automatic update of date and time, set the date/time parameters manually. Also, we recommend you to change your region as per the VPN server you’re willing to connect. Still get the error? Scroll down for further fixes.
  • Check your IP address: Make sure to verify that your IP address has your city or region next to the location. To double check, use a web service like; WhatIsMyIPAddress and IPLocation. Try to connect again and again or better look for any other server, before looking at the other  VPN provider.
  • Disable security software: Many times some Antivirus block VPN connection making it challenging to access Kodi. Hence, there are ways to disable your antivirus or firewall temporarily; only the small portion of best antivirus software can actually “disable protection” while others don’t.

Furthermore, at times reinstalling the security software or program block the VPN connection so, install it after the VPN has been installed; uninstall the VPN software, reinstall, and then reinstall the security program or else enable the VPN software in Windows firewall. How? Here you go;

  • Go to Start > Type “Allow a program through Windows Firewall” and “Enter”
  • Click on “Change Settings” and then “Allow another program”
  • Select or browse the VPN software program and click OK
  • Now check whether Kodi is accessible or not.

Still no? Check the next step.

  • Manually Adjust DNS settings: Manually configuring your system with other DNS server addresses can also help you access Kodi, and let you enjoy faster connection speeds. Some computers don’t automatically connect to the VPN DNS servers; you need to configure it manually. Don’t know?

Here’s how to do that;

  • Open Network Connections settings
  • Click Start and select Run
  • Type ncpa.cpl and click OK
  • In Network connections window, go to your common connection, either LAN or Wireless network.
  • Click the connection and select Properties
  • Go to the DNS server addresses
  • Double click Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)
  • Select Use the following DNS server
  • Type these Google DNS server addresses: Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server
  • If Google DNS is blocked, try Neustar DNS Advantage ( and enter OK, and, Level3 DNS ( and and press OK.

Still unable to use Kodi VPN, scroll down.

  • Run Windows Update: Once you tried all the other fixes and nothing worked, now update your Windows Operating System to the latest version. Updates improve the system’s stability and fix issues you may encounter especially VPN related. The update is complete, now restart your PC.
  • Flush the DNS Cache: You can also fix Kodi VPN error by flushing your DNS and clearing your web browsers. DNS entries may be wrong and probably used by Kodi to block your VPN. Hence, Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to “Clear recent history” and flush your DNS and stream anything from anywhere.
  • Manually configure proxy settings: Proxy server acts as an intermediary for web requests, releases its dynamic I.P address that let you access other websites using their location. Change the IP address of your browser like this;
    • Chrome: Settings > Network > Change proxy settings > LAN settings > Use proxy server > Advanced > HTTP
    • Opera: Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Network
    • Firefox: Tools > Options > Advanced > Settings > Manual proxy configuration.
    • Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet options > Connections > LAN settings > Use proxy server > Advanced > HTTP.

Once you have entered the I.P address and port, check your I.P address with an I.P address checker to confirm that your I.P address has been changed.

Tried all the fixes, but remain troublesome? Now change your VPN for Kodi.

Change your VPN: Best Kodi VPN like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish and PIA VPN, work best to stream geo-restricted content on Kodi.

Let us know which fixes did wonders to you, in the comment section below.

Bonus Tip – Best Apps for Kodi

To Stream Live TV

  • Phoenix: It was no more in 2017, but now back in business, the app is feature-rich, but its ability to stream movies, music, TV shows and live TV marks one of the fans’ favorite unofficial Kodi add-ons.
  • USTVNow: Get USTVNow, and enjoy all the major American channels for free. Being an official Kodi add-on, it’s the safest bet for watching TV series, shows, talent programs and whatnot, using a Kodi account.
  • VidTime: The most awkward add-on, VidTime let you with access everything from live TV, to music, cartoons and anime, and even some major sports events.

To Stream Movies and TV shows:

  • Placenta: The best Kodi add-on alternative to Covenant, which has stopped getting updates. Placenta with a broad content library shatters the concerns about its interface; be it hottest Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows, anime, cartoons, and sports, this third-party add-on has everything..
  • Exodus: With Exodus, no limits to streaming movies and TV shows on Kodi. This unofficial add-on takes nothing away regarding quality and options to choose from.

And, To Stream Sports:

  • Mobdro: The favorite add-ons among sports enthusiasts. Currently, you can install Mobdro using Cerebro IPTV add-on.
  • SportsDevil: A video complement of sports coverage, SportsDevil broadcasts live streaming of  UFC, EPL, NFL, NFL Redzone, Cricket and wrestling matches, along with other disciplines. Install Kodi add-ons and get your favorite content on your fingertips

Wrapping Up our Kodi VPN Guide

Kodi is a fantastic digital media player and open source software for streaming addicts out there. It feeds from the community contributions with official and unofficial add-ons.

Kodi is a puzzle of official and unofficial add-ons, putting together makes the whole entertainment picture and outlook, but carries significant security risks; hackers, viruses, your ISP, or Government agencies looking at your Kodi-generated traffic from your open yet unprotected IP address.

To solve security and geo-restrictions, hiring one of best Kodi VPNs may be the smartest move. Free options work, too, but to an extent, while paid clients often provide a broader number of servers, stronger encryption, and more general privacy.

We hope we’ve answered your question of; do I need a VPN for Kodi? If you want to enjoy all the hottest add-ons in your Kodi, then make sure you choose the best VPN for Kodi and best VPN for Kodi Firestick, keeping the best mix of all the factors: price, servers and locations, features, and quality of encryption.

Rohail Ijaz is a self-taught PC Technician with more than a decade of experience under his belt. Described by his peers as Dr. Fix IT, Rohail seems to have no trouble coming up with solutions to just about every issue. He is here to have fun, and you are invited to the party.

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