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Best Online Backup Solutions in 2022 – The Ultimate Guide to Online Internet Backup

What’s your biggest fear? Or if I generalize this question a bit, “What’s the biggest fear of human beings?” Well, besides all the plethora of phobias that comes in your mind, the biggest concern we all have is the fear of LOSING. Yes, it’s true! In some instances, losing something or someone can be the biggest blow you can get in your life. And the same goes for all the Internet users and nerds around, yes all of us!

Online backup is gradually becoming a vital aspect for both commoners as well as entrepreneurs. Finding good data backup solutions is sometimes harder than it looks. Looking at its widespread prominence across the globe, several file backup service providers are offer the best data backup solutions and coming to the fore to serve your individual needs. It allows you to keep all your crucial records at one place with extreme security. Keeping in mind the importance of online internet backup, we are presenting to you the best online backup providers of the year 2019. It will significantly help you in choosing the best option among all. You can find a detailed review about these top brands along with complete information about server cloud backup, private backup, potential offsite backup solutions and online backup a.k.a cloud backup hereunder.

What is the need for an online data backup solutions?

It is a common belief of numerous individuals that a hard drive is sufficient to keep the back up of your extensive data. However, there are chances of it getting lost, fail, or damage like any other computer hardware that many people generally do not realize. This facilitates an urgent requirement of keeping minimum two backups of all your important files. It may comprise an onsite back up at your office and the other offsite backup at home with the help of cloud services.

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The best data backup solutions are achieved by using offsite backup services. The most significant advantage of using offsite backup and keep away your data is to ensure the safety of your data from fire, theft or any other emergency. Offsite backup services such as Linux cloud backup or remote backup, is more or less like any other online service of cloud backup is just like traditional software for backup. It transmits all your crucial data on the internet and stores it securely on a professional server. According to a US observation, hard disk storage fails at every 1.24 seconds.

Below mentioned quintessential statistics can compel you to acquire a suitable backup service for your data:

  • According to the studies of SBA (Small Business Administration) and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), about 25 to 45 percent of businesses never reopen after any disaster occurrence.
  • The 2013 report of Aberdeen group reveals that 70 percent companies that go through natural disaster merely survive for a year. However, only 6 percent companies show a long-term survival in the report.
  • The Quorum 2013 report shows that 55 percent of downtime is an outcome of hardware failure. However, 22 percents results due to human error while 18 percent arises due to software failure.

What are the advantages of using online internet backup services?

In comparison to other traditional approaches of backup, online cloud backup promises a vast buffet of compelling advantages for you. Here are some of the prominent benefits of using online internet backup services that will surely convince you to backup your data by the end of this article, in case you were wondering what is cloud backup. Here are some of the advantages of using the best data backup solutions services.

  • Global accessibility: As the term online backup suggests, all your data and files are available in cloud. It allows easy access to your data from anywhere in the world. With this kind of remote backup, the reputed offsite backup companies also offer the services of mobile access for your utmost convenience. Irrespective of the device you have or the location you are, you can access you data anytime. You just need to sign in to your online internet backup account before accessing your files.
  • Encryption: A well-suited offsite backup service ensures strong encryption and security of your digital data. Considering the confidentiality and sensitivity of the information, an online service provider offers you affordable measures to prevent any kind of unauthorized access. As compared to other cloud storage devices, the most sophisticated remote backup offers the encryption of 448-bit blowfish. It guarantees maximum level of protection and security for any of your internet backup data.
  • Easy synchronization: With a reputed online internet backup provider, you don’t have to worry about the data synchronization. It promises to offer automatic backup of your valuable information thereby ensuring continuous protection of data. It also allows automatic updating of data on the server as soon as your system files changes.
  • Hardware upgrade: From time to time, hardware upgrade may become unavoidable. The amount of data you need to store to your device become larger and need more space. Using remote backup prevent you from losing all of your files and data and allow you to transfer all of you important files to your new hardware.
  • Unlimited storage: A cloud server offers unlimited space for you regardless of the volume you want to back up. Whether you are a small/medium business owner or an average user of PC, you can easily rely on an ideal firm of online backup for your individual requirements. There are possibilities that companies may charge more for abundant data while comparably lesser in case of limited data.
  • Safe and Secure: The leading online offsite backup services promise to offer 3-way protection to your data that maintains its safety and security. The primary stage involves encryption of data on your personal hard drive with private key of encryption. It will make your files scribbled for others. The second stage involves sending of your files to online cloud backup services through SSL connection. It protects your data from spying during the transfer. Lastly, your data encrypts on a professional server that promises its secure residing.
  • Cost-effective data backup solution: You are equally fortunate when we talk about the prices of best internet backup services. Obviously, a cheap backup solution will attract you more than a costlier one. As per your specific budget constraints and backup requirements, you may choose from any of the top five services. However, for smaller volume of data, you may also opt for the free services of backup.
  • Affordable offsite backup service: Thinking of all the advantages, you may think these internet backup storage services are expensive. Thankfully, you can easily afford them since you need to spend only a meager amount, depending on respective service providers.
  • Access the data from anywhere: This can be considered as the major advantage of online internet backup services. While using offsite backup services, you can access and download the files from anywhere, and download the ones you need. You can also synchronize the files from multiple machines. That’s the magnificence of cloud storage.
  • Sharing becomes easy: It also provides you an option to share the folders and files with your colleagues, family and friends. The internet backup can easily increases collaboration at work while keeping a safe backup of all your files.
  • Files are secured: Larger online backup corporations take good care of the file encryption as an important part of their backup services. They secure your files on your system as well as on their servers by using advanced encryption methods.
  • Safety of the data: In addition to the online security of the files, your files remain safe during the occurrence of any mishap as well, an advantage of offsite backup. The fact that online backup services store these files off-site, keep them protected in any unforeseen circumstance like theft or fire, you can restore all your data within a couple of hours.
  • Versatility: Several service providers allow you the online backup solutions at the application, file or machine level, which lets you to backup almost everything from a small file to a server.

Incredible Features Of Online Backup Services- You just can’t neglect them!

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While doing an external hard drives vs online backup evaluation, you will realize how the multifarious features of online offsite backup just outshine the contemporary USB drive storage modes. Here is a list of some of these eminent features:

  • Versioning: File versioning is one of the most powerful features offered by online backup service providers. It helps to keep multiple versions of the file, in an event, where you accidentally delete a copy of the file.
  • Multiplatform support: Online backup services help to share or view any file stored in the cloud. The remote backup allow you to access your files on any device you are on.
  • Personalized encryption key: You can encrypt your data with the help of an online backup service before sharing it with others. However, most of the unauthorized users on the servers can also access it by default, which acts as an advantage for hackers. Hence, it is better to opt for backup services that offer personal encryption key known to only the intended users and is not stored on the servers.
  • Continuous backups: Online backup services monitors your computer continuously for new file or changes in the file and uploads it immediately. It helps to reduce any chance of data losing.
  • In place restoration: In the online backup service, you have the option to place every file in the original location without the tedious load of dragging and clicking. It saves your time.
  • Deduplication: This compression technique allows backup solution providers for businesses to remove the redundant copies of data. Consequently, when users upload an already existing file on the servers, it gets uploaded instantly, without consuming any bandwidth.
  • Unlimited versioning: Remote backup services stores various versions of your files, which can help you to restore either older version or the latest version.
  • Physical restore: You can return the files to your hard drive or flash drive anytime, which can help to restore the data quickly.
  • Seeding: This option helps you in your initial online backup when you need to backup a large number of files altogether. It provides backup to your file on the external hardware first and then sends it to the center. The center uploads our backup data on the server.
  • Data backup from hard drives: Some of the online services give an option to backup the data from your hard drives when connected.
  • Sharing and syncing: In addition to remote backup, you can also share the selected items or sync to multiple computers.

Online Backup VS External Storage- No-Brainer!

And that brings us down to the topic in discussion, “Online backup”. At some point in our lives, we have all lost our precious data files in form of photos, presentations, videos etc. We just don’t lose some content that’s measured in KBs or MBs, but we lose our memories, our personal work and a part of history that was associated with us.

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Back in the days, we have tried different backup options like, external hard drives, USBs, Micro SD cards; but unfortunately, they were all prone to disasters like flood, fire and other related natural calamities. And even if these backup devices weren’t exposed to such elements, there always a chance that they’ll get corrupt instantaneously.

Not just about losing in natural clamities, but when carrying around such a small device. Most of the time, we are going to lost it somewhere. With remote backup that stores all of our files on the cloud, we don’t have to worry about losing any devices.

So, let’s dwell on the problems associated with storing data on external storage devices a little more, before we tell you the advantages of Online Backup, and how are they better (actually way better) than external storage.

Data Storage Disadvantages On External Hard Drives

Backing up your files on a personal device may accompany several disadvantages:

  • You can lose your data: External hard drives can fail due to malware, user error and bugs, hence forcing you to lose your important data.
  • Risk of theft: The chances for data theft are quite high, as these drives can easily be concealed. You don’t want to lose your data to your rival.
  • Prone to breakage: Hard drive is fragile and hence need proper care. During winters, electrostatic discharge can also be an issue.
  • Overheating blues: External hard drives can heat up to 50oC in summers during constant use.
  • Always occupy the space in your bag or pocket: External hard drives have to be carried along, you can’t risk forgetting them.
  • Likely to get affected by hazards: These drives are susceptible to certain hazards like fire, flooding and theft.

Why Online Backup Is The Safest Bet?

Considering all these risk factors, the need for an alternative becomes evident. There has to be a concrete solution to get away with storage hassles. Using a good backup plan offered by various ‘online backup services’, is worthwhile in this regard.

Online backup services mostly utilize cloud storage technology to store your data. Offsite backup services keep your files and datas safe and you can begin to use it by setting it through a simple one-time procedure. In comparison to local drive backup, online offsite backup services are reliable, convenient and easy.

Anyone can enjoy these services; you don’t need to be in a large enterprise or business to use them. Hence, while doing this online backup vs. external hard drives comparison, you will realize the multifarious benefits of online backup will simply overshadow the latter. You don’t have to worry about any unauthorize access while using offsite backup. Here are some more tidbits to add to this discussion.

How can you buy online backup services?

The service of online backup is quite similar to the web hosting solutions. A web host requires you to pay the rent for the space that it provides for your running website. Similarly, the leading backup service providers offer you sufficient space on their servers to keep your files safe and secure. You may have to pay a nominal fee, either annually or monthly to keep all your personal data on a secure platform preventing it from any kind of outages and failures.

These best backup solutions can turn out to be extremely beneficial not only for different business aspects but also for the commoners and can tremendously affect your tables. What you exactly need to do is to find the best-suited solution from a gamut of online service providers. The best data backup solutions for you might not be the cheapest one, but the one which suitable with your lifestyle. Here, you can find a quick answer to the question, why cloud backup has become a necessity. How the backup companies can act as a blessing for you?

Some Of The Prominent Online Backup Service Providers Include:

Here are some renowned online backup service providers that’ll keep your data safe and intact:


By now, it should have become easier for you to understand why online backup services hold a widespread demand among the masses. You can rely on it without thinking twice and thankfully, the struggle you go through every day for data backup is over. With this offsite back up, you don’t have to worry about losing your important files.

Online remote backup acts as an insurance for the individuals as well as businesses. It protects your entire data from getting lost in any emergency. Just like any other health or life insurance, you have to pay monthly fees for your data protection. In fact, it may cost only a small fraction of what you would pay for your sickness. Of course, you can only benefit from such services if you acquire them timely.

With this data backup solution, hardware upgrade are way more easier for any kind of user. Most of the time when people try to upgrade the hard drive, the first question for them is “Where can I keep all of my files?” Buying External hard drive might be an option, but things like this can be damage and sometime even cost more than offsite backup.

Looking at the availability of numerous devices and huge leaps of data, the need for digital data is rigorously increasing. Depending on the total volume of data that you deal every day, you would require an ideal backup for its efficient management. Are you still waiting for a suitable time to consider online cloud backup? If yes, then the time is now. Obviously, it will become extremely late if you have lost your important files.

Fortunately, the leading online service providers of backup are available at inexpensive and economical prices. You can ideally find solace with such services in terms of security, sensitivity, and confidentiality of data. To help you take a smart initiative, you can consider multifarious online backup service providers such as Backblaze, Carbonite, IDrive, CrashPlan and more.

Wait! Do you still want some more information before you decide to opt for any of these online data backup solutions over the external hard drives? Don’t fret; just feel free to express your concerns with us at ReviewsDir. We will be prompt to provide you with relevant suggestions on the same.