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The Best Password Manager To Use in 2022

You cannot go wrong with the best password manager. It can help you carry out different functions, from generating strong and reliable passwords to syncing them across your different accounts and even acting as a vault for your secure data. Thus, if you are looking for one, you are on the right path.

However, password managers are a dime a dozen in the market today. There are different versions catering to the unique needs of people in various spheres. You may find yourself in a pickle when it comes to picking one that works best for you. This article serves as a guide. We line up the best considerations you need to have when picking the best password manager app.

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Basically, all password managers do not have the same mission, history, values, etc. These factors sometimes even distinguish them from each other, helping you decide which is the best password keeper or otherwise. Thus, your first port of call is to carefully go through the service’s history, founding principles, founders, length of years in the industry, and so on.

These should be available on the provider’s website, so you wouldn’t need to stress yourself to find the information you need in this regard. Depending on what you need it for, you may prioritize some features above others.

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Factors you should take into account


Password managers vary in pricing and offers. This is something you should pay careful attention to. Some offer free versions. This might be appealing because it saves you cost. However, choosing a password keeper this way could be problematic. This is because these sorts of password managers are not often very secure.

Similarly, some offer free trial windows. This allows you to try out the keeper password manager for free for a while before committing. An arrangement similar to this is a money-back window. However, for this, you will actually have to register and pay for a plan. You will then be allowed to use the password keeper for a while, and you can request a refund if unsatisfied with the quality of service you get.

However, if you are looking for the best password keeper, you should strongly consider paid platforms. They offer the security and the range of other features you need. Here, you can choose from either the basic, premium or family plan, depending on the one available on the platform.

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Security is another strong consideration when checking out the safest password manager. Since you will be storing the password to important accounts on the password keeper, you have to be sure that the platform will be secure.

Else, if a hacker penetrates the service or if it otherwise loses your data, you could be compromised and damaged irreparably. Some of the specific security touchpoints you need to pay attention to when selecting the keeper password manager are as follows.


Another feature to check off your list is the level of encryption system your keeper password manager consideration uses. An encryption model provides a secure covering over your data so that even if intercepted, it cannot be unraveled by bad actors. The best password manager app should be one that uses great encryption systems like the AES 256-bit model, IPSec/IKEv2, OpenVPN, XChacha20, and so on.

The AES 256-bit is the industry standard used by outfits like the United States military, the NSA (National Security Agency), and even Google. This is because it would take millions of years for a hacker to find the perfect combination of numbers to decrypt your data. Any password keeper with this feature definitely earns an A.

Zero-knowledge Architecture

Also, consider how much data the password keeper retains. The best password keeper will have access only to the basic information it needs when you sign up. Also, it will store your passwords and authentication keys on a remote server and quickly wipes off your digital footprint after you are done with each session. The keeper password manager will do so to make sure your data does not get compromised.

Two-Factor Authentication

A two-factor authentication system is also a feature of the best password manager. Here, the user has to provide additional information asides from the master password to access your details.

This additional info is usually sent to the mobile number registered to the account or to the registered email address or an authenticator app. This makes it harder for snoops and hackers to access your data stored on the platform.

Therefore, even if a third party were to guess your master password, they would still need additional info to access your details. According to various password manager reviews, a lot of users found this feature indispensable.

Biometric Authentication

This is a feature found on only the top-tier password manager and is a good indicator of the best password manager app. Here, a biological feature is required to unlock the account.

Examples include a keeper password manager that does a retina scan or fingerprint authentication. This offers a higher threshold of security, meaning that you alone can unlock your account. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the best indicators of a good password manager.

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Secure Backup and Sync

Password apps that are considered the best always have strong storage and backup system. There are two systems password managers employ: saving your passwords on your device or on the cloud. The best password manager app should use the latter. This is because you will be able to retrieve your passwords any time you need them and with little hassles.

Furthermore, the best keeper password manager should be able to sync your passwords across the various devices that you own. Thus, you can log in on a different device and still have access to the data you need.

Getting Started

What is the setup process for the password manager under consideration? You must understand that the top password manager will not require you to have the skills of a tech whiz before downloading and installing the app.

Generally, you will have to download, install, and then sign up after paying for a subscription plan for most password managers. You may be required to do an email or SMS verification. Also, consider how easy the keeper password manager makes switching accounts.

If you want to upgrade from a free to a paid plan, or a basic to a premium one, that should come fairly easily. The best password manager app keeps things smooth and seamless.

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Asides from the general (and severely important) considerations above, there are quite a few other items to keep your eyes on when looking for a top password manager. We will discuss a few forthwith:

Adding Passwords

An excellent password manager should input passwords easily for you. It just inserts the appropriate passwords to the fields required.

Importing and Exporting Passwords

This is another element you should consider for any password manager you want to dub the best password manager app. You should be at liberty to export your vault data from your primary device to another one. This becomes expedient if you want to change a password keeper or you want o save your data on an external storage device.

Generating Passwords

A great keeper password manager ought to help you generate strong passwords. Thus, the best password manager app here will not just serve as a repository. It can save you the hassles of having to generate a new password whenever you need one by helping you develop water-tight passwords that will keep you secure throughout.

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Checking Password Strength

An ancillary of the point above is the ability of the password manager to help you test the strength of any password you choose. Thus, if for some reason the password manager is unable to aid you with generating a password, or you simply choose to generate it yourself, the tool can test the password for you. It informs you whether the chosen password is strong, weak, or otherwise and perhaps suggests ways you can improve. This is an indispensable ability of the most secure password manager.

Auto Filling Passwords

This feature may not seem like a big deal as it mostly helps with ease and convenience. Instead of manually inputting your passwords whenever you need to fill an online form, the password keeper helps you do so. As mentioned earlier, this function may not necessarily impact your security but will definitely make for a smoother sail while you use your online systems.


Usability and user-friendliness are two important considerations in the quest for the best password manager. As we pointed out while discussing setting up, you must be able to use the keeper password manager the first time without supervision.

Beyond that, subsequent use of the password manager should be hitch-free too. Thus, under this heading, you will consider the ease of carrying out routine tasks on the platform – the best password manager should rank highly here.

You should also consider how friendly and navigable the user interface is. The best password manager app should have a pleasant and welcoming user interface. Furthermore, you should be able to correct errors quickly without compromising your security or the data held in the vault of the app.


It will be a colossal waste of money paying for any password manager if it is not compatible with your device. Cross-platform compatibility is hence one of the first considerations you should have while deciding on the best password manager app. Thus, carry out some research to determine if the password manager works fine with your device, whether you need to download native apps for it, where you can find these apps, how easy they are to install, etc.

Generally, password managers ought to have apps for the two broad categories of devices: i.e. mobile devices (Android and IOS versions) and computers (Windows, Linux, and macOS options).

You may also want to use the password manager on your browsers. Here, the keeper password manager should have browser extensions for the browser you use. The popular ones include Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, with not-so-popular offerings including Edge, Brave, and Opera. Ideally, you just get extensions of these browsers; there is no need to install apps for them.

Customer Service Considerations

Regardless of how excellent the password keeper is, you may still run into hitches. Thus, it is important that the keeper password manager have an efficient customer response system. The basic ones will include self-service options like tutorials, communities, and forums and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and others in that category.

However, any service which covets the title of the best password manager app should have in-person support either in the form of live chats with customer care personnel or phone/email response systems. The nature and speed of response should also be of importance when you are looking to decide on the best password manager. Basically, you should not have to wait for days to have a complaint resolved.


Deciding that any service is the best cannot be done in isolation. You will need to pitch the service against other similar ones in the market to arrive at an impassioned conclusion. Hence, to be sure you are not hasty in designating any service as having the best password manager app, you should consider its features against the provision of others in the market.

Comparing prices is a great place to start. In addition, you may want to consider other features of the password keeper, using the exhaustive list you will find here as a guide.


Password managers are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Considering the current state of the global stage where it appears as though landmines litter the internet space, having a password keeper is one veritable way to stay safe regardless.

Narrowing down the list of services available to pick the best password manager may seem like a hard task. However, once you follow the instructions here, you should be able to decide on the best password manager app fairly easily.

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