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Best Torrent Sites

Being a serial best torrent sites 2023 downloader, we know the feeling how arduous it can be to find the best torrent sites 2023 for your desired content. With that in mind, we think of reviewing all top-notch torrent download sites to help our readers filtering the best of the best. So sit back folks, as our today’s topic will give you top 10 torrent sites to use in 2023. We will also be covering each category such as movies, TV shows, music, games, sports, software, learning, etc., so to give you the best recommendation from the world of best torrent sites 2023.

The best torrent sites 2023 have faced some serious setbacks during past two years. In 2016, the giant best torrent sites 2023 database KickassTorrents was shut down by authorities followed by closure of a popular torrent search engine Torrentz. 2017 was pretty chill as there wasn’t any major development until ExtraTorrent was forcefully ceased. The major shutdowns shook the entire torrenting industry and led to some new contenders emerging in the scene.

The best torrent sites 2023 comprises of a huge content library, plenty of seeders and eventually thousands of users. With the giants gone, the landscape is different in the torrent camp. We attempted to get things sorted and find out the current top best free torrent sites. There were some consistent performers who have been there forever like The Pirate Bay. A couple of new entrants like Zooqle were pleasant surprises. You can find the rest in the following paragraphs.

But before we move ahead, do you really think torrenting is that easy and completely legal? No, it isn’t in many regions of the world. You may end up in jail if you caught downloading torrents in USA, Canada, UK and many other countries. The best way is to hide your real IP address with a best torrenting VPN.

List Of 10 Best Torrent Sites 2023 You Can Use For Downloading

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. RARBG
  3. 1337x
  4. EZTV.ag
  5. Limetorrents
  6. Torrentz2
  7. YTS.ag
  8. Zooqle
  9. NYAA.si
  10. Torrents.me

All You Need To Know About Torrent Download Sites

We have created a one-stop resource for torrent sites in 2023. We have compiled everything that one must know for torrenting in this age and era. The landscape changes pretty fast and every year brings new challenges. This year the torrent world looks calm and consistent but there are a few ups and downs in the way. We have revealed it all. Are you ready to know all the secrets of torrent downloading sites?

Public And Private Torrent Sites – Know The Difference First

Torrent sites are of two types – public and private. You must have heard about private torrent sites recently when giants like KAT and Torrentz became extinct. We have elaborated how public and private torrent sites work here.

Private torrent sites require payment or an invitation from a member. They release torrent files of new movies, TV shows, music, games, and book shortly after the actual launch. The downloading speed offered by private torrent sites is unbelievable.

On the other hand, public torrent sites are free and can be accessed by anyone. They recover their expenses from advertisements. These sites are filled with latest torrent files but they have delayed releases. Also, the downloading speed is not very impressive.

Top Public Torrent Sites

Public torrent sites are readily available for any purpose whatsoever. The downloading speed can be a bit troublesome but if you know what torrents to pick, you can achieve a good downloading speed. You won’t have any complaints about the variety of material available on public torrent sites. Our favorite ones are;

  • The Pirate Bay
  • 1337x
  • EZTV.ag
  • Limetorrents

Popular Private Torrent Sites

Best free torrent sites are unreliable because they can be shut down or banned for one reason or another. However, private torrent sites have the advantage of surviving the toughest times. That’s why we included our top 5 picks for private torrent sites.

IP Torrents

IP Torrents has adopted the invite-only method to avoid the spams and snoops. The limited users ensure quick uploads and downloads.


Zeronet is not the private site in the real sense. It focuses too much on the security of torrent users. The sign-up process is too complicated. However, it is perfect for people living in countries with a strict ban on torrent.

Pass The Popcorn

Pass The Popcorn is one of the best downloading movie sites. It has everything that you require in movie the department. If you are a movie buff, this is surely a perfect torrent site.


Demonoid is an interesting private torrent site. You can sign up anytime but Demonoid shuts down sign-ups from time to time in order to avoid the abundance of users.


Redacted is for music lovers. It has a huge library and user base. Redacted has gathered it all – types, genres, old, and new. For a private torrent site, Redacted is much easier to join.

Best Torrent Sites For Books/Ebook

Bookworms are more than welcomes on various best torrent sites 2023 for searching and downloading titles from their reading lists. Not all torrent sites are meant for book or eBook. We have mentioned the best torrent sites 2023 for books/ebooks here;


FreeBookSpot is probably the best torrent sites 2023 in its category. It has organized books really well. You can find them by wanted, expired, selection, catalog, and most popular.

Torrent Sites To Be StreamedIn 2018


Books-share is the books search engine. The wide range of books and efficient search bar lets you find any title, author, or genre of books. Each book page contains plenty of information like description, publishing date, language etc.

The Best Torrent For Books

Best Torrent Sites For Movies

The competition is severe for the best torrent sites 2023 for movies. For a movie torrent search engine, it is important that it releases movies quickly and offers fast downloading speed. We think following sites fit the criteria;

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has arguably they largest content library of movies. The oldies, latest, niche, indie, classic – all kinds of cinema is stored in The Pirate Bay.

Torrenting Movies With The Pirate Bay


Torrentz2 is one of the best search engines for finding movie torrents. It works efficiently and never comes back empty handed when a query is requested.

Movies with Torrentz

Best Torrent Sites For Music

Hardcore music fans will agree on one thing – how difficult it is to find their kind of music online. Well, not anymore, we know the best torrent sites 2023 for music;

Sky Torrents

Sky Torrents has music in all forms and shapes. The UI is lovely, just a simple search bar. You have to write the song and in the next moment, you will have it downloaded to your device.

Listen Music With Sky Torrents


BTScene is new but useful torrent site for music. It tries to do everything including movies, games, anime, etc. However, we find it perfect for music lovers only.

BTScene - for your music love

Best Torrent Sites For Games

Games are another motivation for people to search for torrents. Gladly, there are plenty of gaming torrent websites. We have described the best of the best here;


SeedPeer has over 3 million torrent files and it has a secure downloading pattern. You can find almost any game you have in mind on SeedPeer.

Play games with Speedpeer


As the name suggests, GamesTorrents is an exclusive gaming torrent site. It has diverse gaming files. Serious gamers will surely love its collection.

best gaming torreent - GamesTorrents

Best Torrent Sites For TV Shows

TV shows are preferred form of entertainment over movies by many viewers. HBO, Netflix, AMC, Amazon, and many other channels are investing millions of dollars to produce good content that can attract unlimited eyeballs. You can find the best of TV on following torrent sites;

Torrent DB

TorrentDB requires you to register but it is worth the effort as the site has a huge collection of TV shows. You can find titles from the past and present quite easily.

latest TV shows at Torrentdb


A new torrent site OnlyTorrents is doing a fine job at providing users with TV shows torrent files. Of course, we wouldn’t mind addition in its content library but so far OnlyTorrents is looking mighty good.

The OnlyTorrents for TV shows

Best Torrent Sites For Comics

No matter how many superhero movies are released every year, the charm of comics can never fade. A true fan will agree that comics are way more engaging and impactful than any Marvel movies. Following torrent sites for comics have a lot to offer;


YourBittorent has many comic books ranging from Walking Dead, Daredevil, Batman to Star Wars. It is a young torrent site but continuously adding new torrents to enlarge its content library. Comics are a big part of its expansion.


TorrentProject is another fresher with the special focus on comics. The torrent site has other categories too like movies, TV, documentaries etc. However, we found its comics collection to be of vital importance.

Best Torrent Sites For Anime

Anime is a popular and in-demand genre of entertainment. Fans are searching for torrent sites to view and download latest anime series. Although anime was originated in Japan, it has captured the attention of audience worldwide. We think following are the best torrent sites 2023 for anime;


HorribleSubs (HS) has a large collection of anime series and movies. You can download files in 480p, 720p and 1080p. HS has its own translated, encoded and edited shows.

Torrent Anime

Torrent Anime is basically a Japanese site and has anime content only. Originated in Japan, Torrent Anime has an added advantage of being near to the country which started the anime culture.

Best Torrent Sites 2023 To Download Software And Applications

Software and applications make a considerable chunk of our downloads but we fail to acknowledge it. Torrent happens to be the best source to download software and apps. Following torrent sites are worth visiting for finding your desired software or app;

  • LimeTorrents.cc
  • 1337x.to
  • Torrentz2

A Bonus Tip: Use a Fastest VPN Service to provide you uncompromised internet speed along with complete anonymity.

Review Of 10 Best Torrent Websites – The Safest Options

Our team is incredible at finding the best and worst in different categories online. When it came to searching for the best torrent sites 2023, we took a route never used before. We included Alexa ranking in our overall decision. The list is not based on Alexa but we took the ranking into account in addition to other factors like performance, relevance, robustness etc. Following are our picks;

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is for sure the best torrent site right now. After the shutdown of KickassTorrents (KAT) or Torrentz, TPB was the only ray of hope left. Although TPB has also faced some severe bans and shutdowns, it keeps emerging back.

The website is really good at what it does. You will find torrent from a variety of categories like movies, games, TV shows, books, software etc. A simple layout, fast torrenting experience, and to the point search results have made TPB a true ruler of hearts.

Alexa ranking of 104 is a testament to the love and attention it gets from all around the world


RARBG was introduced in 2008 as a Bulgarian tracker and just after a decade of its existence, RARBG has become the high profile torrenting site worldwide. It is known for latest video releases in high quality. The major focus is on top-notch high-resolution material that’s not available everywhere.

Unfortunately, RARBG has faced its fair share of bans and shutdown. In fact, it is currently banned in countries like Saudi Arabia, UK, Denmark, Portugal, and India. However, a VPN can allow you to access RARBG anywhere easily.
The current Alexa ranking of RARBG is 298 which just show its consistent performance as a torrent platform.


1337x was surely one of the torrent sites that gained traffic when KAT got eliminated from the scene. The good thing is it lived up to the expectation and continued to grow. In fact, 1337x has dedicated a group of uploaders that are responsible for fresh and unique content.

1337x is mainly generating its revenue from the ads, which are very annoying. However, the fact that it has torrents available in all major categories makes people a bit more tolerant of ads.
1337x is not far behind RARBG in terms of Alexa ranking and stands at 321. This torrent site definitely has a potential of shooting straight to the top.


EZTV.ag has a conflicting history. It all started when the original TV-torrent distribution group EZTV was forcefully taken over in 2015. The new bosses started releasing their torrents from EZTV.ag. The torrents from EZTV.ag are not displayed on other torrent sites because of its notorious history.

EZTV.ag has an Alexa ranking of 981 and it is doing well as a TV content downloading site.


Limetorrents is the old champ in the torrent camp. It has been running successfully for over 5 years. It is considered as an authentic source for torrents within the community and by users alike. Limetorrents is a perfect example of slow and steady. The site also has a torrent cache known as iTorrents and it is used by multiple torrent search engines.

The Alexa ranking of 1288 is worth mentioning for Limetorrents. It is one of the torrent sites that are considered not-too-good-not-too-bad.


Torrentz2 was apparently launched to fill the shoes of Torrentz.eu, which shut down itself in 2016 on its accord. The site is good for finding torrents but it doesn’t publish outside links now.

Browser add-ons and plugins are the biggest plus for Torrentz2 and maybe the sole reason for its existence. The torrent site is doing pretty good for now but the future is gloomy. It surely has to change its direction in order to face the ever-increasing competition.

The current Alexa ranking of Torrentz2 is 349 but we are afraid it won’t be able to maintain it for a long time.


YTS.ag is the controversial one on our list. The business of torrenting is controversial itself but YTS.ag is setting new records in controversy. The site has been accused of hijacking the very famous YTS or YIFY group. It is known as the unintended successors of obsolete YTS or YIFY group. Other torrent sites are pretty mad at YTS.ag for the unauthorized possession and actively take part in halting its releases.

As notorious as it may be, YTS.ag is showing no signs of decline. It is among the torrent sites whose growth graph is consistently getting higher. At the end of the day, the users are concerned whether a torrent is delivering or not and YTS.ag is doing a great job.

With the Alexa ranking of 563, YTS.ag is definitely the steady hot thing in the torrent town.


Zooqle has been working continuously for a long time but it never made an impression on anyone. Zooqle has over 3 million verified torrents. The site wasn’t given its due share of traffic in years. However, this year it grabbed enough attention to get a spot in our top 10 torrent sites list.

There is one criterion for torrents to get a spot on our list i.e. performance. This time it performed beyond our expectations and honestly, we were surprised by Zooqle.

The Alexa ranking for this one is 2347, which isn’t outstanding but still more than enough.


NYAA.si is a replacement of the most visited anime site NYAA, which had to shut down last year due to multiple reasons. NYAA.si is not for everyone as you will only find anime torrents here. It is surely the best source to get anime torrents.

It has an impressive Alexa ranking of 1575, considering it only serves a niche market.


Torrents.me is a website that has shown incredible growth this past year. It serves as a search engine that connects torrent files and magnet links from different torrent sites.

For just a search engine, Torrents.me has an unbelievable Alexa ranking of 2045.

Best Torrent Download Websites: Side-by-Side Comparison

Torrent Sites USP Tracker Support Instant Download TOR Friendliness Alexa Ranking
The Pirate Bay All-rounder at its best Yes Yes Yes 104
RARBG Lastest high quality video release Yes No No 298
1337x New entry, mostly movies and TV shows No No No 321
EZTV TV shows only Yes Yes Yes 981
LimeTorrents Half a decade old, considered an authentic torrent source Yes Yes No 1288
Torrentz2 Provides browser add-ons and plugins No No No 349
YTS.ag Controversial in torrent community but performs amazingly well Yes Yes Yes 563
Zooqle 3 million plus verifild torrents No Yes No 2347
NYAA.si Anime torrents only Yes Yes No 1575
Torrents.me Torrent search engine – probably the best one No No No 2045

Which Countries Have Blocked Torrent Websites?

Best Torrent sites 2023 have been blocked in many countries of the world. In fact, it is not about blocking torrent sites but making it extremely difficult to use torrent by implementing heaving fines and strict legal punishments. You must be 100% alert while using a torrent site in the following countries;

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • India and many more

Is Downloading Torrent Actually Illegal?

Sharing files via P2P technology is considered lawful everywhere. However, the content that’s being shared shouldn’t be copyrighted. Uploading pirated material is illegal in many countries like UK, USA, Canada, or Australia and warrants for a civil lawsuit at least.

Such lawsuits are usually class-action suits, meaning they target a bunch of users than individuals. However, there have been many examples of individual sufferers. A civil lawsuit is enough to make the defendants cringe due to emotional and financial stress.

Also, there is a chance that your ISP can sell your download and upload history to a copyright troll for money. In the end, you are at all-time risk of being caught and tortured by a copyright troll if you torrent frequently.

What Is Infringement Law And How Copyright Trolls Track Your Torrent Activities?

Torrenting is a legal activity but downloading copyrighted material isn’t. Most of the torrent files are easy to differentiate (whether they have legal or illegal content). However, there are some with unknown status. If you are caught downloading those, you have committed a crime. It doesn’t matter if you knew about downloading the copyrighted material or not.

Now comes the copyright trolls in the scene. They track the wrongdoers via their IP addresses and start torturing them. They usually send warning letters via email or post. They threaten the offenders of legal actions and try to make people settle out of court for a certain amount of fee. For instance, they will threaten to sue for $100,00 and offer $4000 settlement. The naive individuals will choose to pay $4000 and save themselves from the legal mess.

Torrents And VPNs Are Best Friends

We don’t need to tell you the story of their friendship. Torrents cannot function safely if there are no VPNs. You must have heard the terrible news related to torrents worldwide. If not, here is a glimpse of torrenting horrors;

Any of the above links are telling the same story – how the authorities are working to stop people from viewing and downloading copyrighted content via torrent. When there are so many forces working to stop you from something, you need to take extra measure just to do that thing. In case of torrenting, VPN is the extra step that you must take.

In our opinion, following VPNs are perfect for torrenting as they allow P2P file sharing and have stealth servers just for the torrent.

Which Torrent Websites Should Be Avoided

There are some torrent websites that you should avoid. The reasons can vary. We don’t have a long list but just a couple of names, along with their specific causes.


Demonoid is a private torrent site with a complicated interface. We feel there are other better options available. There is no hardcore reason to avoid this one.


Isohunt was shut down once by MPAA. After that, it is not under its original owner’s control. Since the source of the site is unsure, we think Isohunt should be avoided.

Valuable Tips On How To Download Torrents Safely

Torrenting is a smooth activity. There isn’ much you must learn in order to use torrent. However, we have a few tips that will enhance your experience.

  • It is not necessary but recommended to get familiar with the process of BitTorrent file sharing, personal protection, efficient searching methods etc. There are plenty of online guides that can assist you.
  • You must be able to spot fake torrents. Reading comments is one way to assess whether the torrent is credible or not.
  • The advertisements on torrent sites are of NSFW nature. So you must be careful while opening such sites on public computers.
  • Presence of antivirus or anti-malware software on your device is a great precautionary measure for torrent users.

Best Torrent Sites Reddit

Torrenting Is Bliss

No matter what people say about torrenting or how many argue about its legality and ethics – we love torrent. It is performing the most genuine task of connecting a seeker to his desired content. We are in awe of the technology that lets millions and billions of users download anything they want via a simple best torrent sites 2023.

Of course, there are some serious legal issues and boundaries regarding torrent. We suggest you use a solid VPN to hide your tracks from ISPs or governing authorities. A word of advice – the VPN should be outstanding at its job because one wrong action and you would be in the exact trouble that you were trying to escape.

Adam Orr is a UX designer turned tech reviewer who lives and breathes technology. A know-it-all geek who has things to show and stories to tell, his reviews and how-tos are a must for those looking for easy read yet insightful information on the highly anticipated tech.

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