5 Best VPN For UK In 2023


What is wrong with the internet in the United Kingdom (UK)? Well, nothing apparently. You get great service at a reasonable price but it is not just about that. If you look closely, there are a number of elements that put your online privacy at risk in the UK. To name a few, there is Snoopers’ Charter bill, blanket surveillance, cyber crimes, and public WiFi. All these mentioned factors pose a great threat to your security in the online world. You are constantly watched and every activity is recorded without your permission or knowledge.

The situation is just like a stranger who likes to peek whenever you use your smartphone or tab or laptop for any purpose whatsoever. Consent is completely a different debate; you are not even informed about this outrageous invasion of privacy. Remember you have a right to privacy and if any authority is threatening it, your job is to find a way out.

In this case, the way outcomes in the form of Virtual Protocol Network (VPN). Yes, you need to use the internet in disguise to keep your privacy intact. Now everything relies on you picking out the best VPN UK service provider. Well, if you don’t know where to look and what’s right for your particular needs, take a look at our well-researched list of the best UK VPNs. We hope you find your match.

A VPN for UK is just like a security guard at your cyber-gate, protecting you from government surveillance and let you browse the unrestricted content including censored and blocked websites. Protection from hackers, torrenting and peaceful streaming of Netflix, is icing on the cake. Don’t worry, if you’re not aware of the UK VPN technology, we will broaden your knowledge later, but first look at our top recommended VPN UK services that keep your privacy intact, while letting you stream the entire cyber world.

What Are The Best VPN UK Services To Look For in 2023?

As you start looking for the best VPN for UK, the sea of VPN UK services would welcome you; it’s tough, no matter how good surfer you’re. It would take almost a year or more to try every other UK VPN, so why risking hard-earned bucks and precious time, when we ReviewsDir is here to serve you in better ways. We are in the practice of reviewing VPN UK services to keep your cyber world private, anonymous and secure while encouraging you to enjoy internet freedom.

Scroll down the list of our top-recommended UK VPN services and forget the rest; we hope you find your match.

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What is a VPN and Why A UK VPN Service Is A Must If You Are In Britain?

Necessity is the mother of invention, the milestone event that truly sets the evolution of the VPN technology was the invention of PPTP -Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol- to implement virtual private network aka VPN for securing internet connection for scattered employees to work effectively and securely from anywhere.

Now the technology is still there but has widespread its usage into different dimensions; VPN is becoming a culture rather than a professional practice. To make it simple, The best UK VPN is your key that unlocks the world’s internet, not just your region. Better still, it anonymizes you and your online traffic, maintaining a degree of security at the same time.

For those who travel a lot, stream videos or enjoy p2p, you already know how essential it’s to use a VPN to access blocked content, file sharing sites and/or streaming foreign content without getting in trouble.

Sadly, the UK become a surveillance state; watching, spying, and sniffing on its own people and others – with the lame excuse of “against terrorism” while using it against file sharers. It’s a blatant lie, only the naive and stupid believe the lies the government is telling.

It’s a sad yet strange world to live in, what can a normal citizen do? The best VPN UK is all that you need, to stream content the government wants to hide and protect yourself against the limitless spying on your browsing. A good UK VPN (best without logfiles) is your companion who protects you against the criminals called “government and crackers or identity thieves.” Also, copyright laws which are tightening up and more and more sites are getting blocked.

According to a report, 44% of 1000 respondents use a VPN for multiple reasons in the Theresa May’s government that have set their sights on alienating young electoral demographic through pursuing moralistic and prude internet regulation that is making us all less safe. Practically, a VPN helps to access geo-blocked content, hide the IP address, make public WiFi confidential, and keep the big brother away; you would rather be happy with the role of a UK VPN in your life, being a UK citizen. So, scroll down and find all the reason to use a UK VPN to protect your privacy and anonymity and access an unrestricted internet that you deserve.

Snoopers Charter Bill – Investigatory Powers Act 2016

UK, being the worst electronic surveillance states in the western world, was once a darling place for free internet users, thanks to the Snooper’s Charter bill, that instruct law enforcement and intelligence agencies to obtain and analyze all forms of communication and its data.

Basically, it gives authority to government agencies to spy on you anytime they want. It all started with a direction to all the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to record web browsing patterns of users for past 12 months. There are other invasive directives as well.

Currently, keeping the argument of Lawyers for Liberty into consideration, that the act violates the public’s right to privacy, the high court ruled the British government to rewrite its mass data surveillance legislation. Thanks to the ministers to understand that the Investigatory Powers Act don’t comply with EU and needs to be revised.

Blanket Surveillance

We have to thank Edward Snowden for showing the true face of NSA (USA). Unfortunately, GCHQ in the UK has been doing the same offense allegedly. The blanket surveillance we are talking about here is extreme. It can fetch information such as your Facebook status update or a tweet. Believe us, we are not exaggerating here.

The recent wave of terrorist attacks all around the world has given a legit reason to government authorities to ask for mandatory blanket surveillance. The measure is obviously for the terrorists but it impacts all netizens in the UK. Many NGOs and free speech advocates have strongly condemned blanket surveillance and called it an “invasion of privacy”. There is one thing that can save you and that’s the best UK VPN.

Cyber crimes and Malicious Activities

Cyber crimes are increasing every day and like any other region, the UK is also affected by it;  nearly half the UK businesses became victim to cyber attacks in the last year. The spammers and hackers have got so advanced that they can get in your computer through in innumerable ways and get access to your information, without showing any signs even.

Based on the 2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey 19% of charities and 43% of businesses reported cybersecurity breaches last 12 years; means seven in every 10 businesses are affected. The breaches could be fraudulent emails, temporarily or permanently loss of files, corrupting software or systems, slows or takes down the websites, or loss of assets, money and intellectual property, are attempts by scammers to impersonate the organization.

Do you know? Mark Zuckerberg has covered camera and speaker of his laptop with the paper tape; seriously! Yes, it’s true. Imagine if the founder of Facebook, who has access to the world’s best tech resources, is that concerned about hacking then why not you and me? Best UK VPN is the solution to protect online privacy and anonymity.

Play The Punisher In The UK

Other than restricting adult content, certain games are banned in the UK including Carmageddon, Manhunt 2, The Punisher, Rapelay, and few others. The action was taken to keep the PEGI age ratings into consideration, banned these games for everyone living in the UK; no matter whether you’ve crossed the approved age or not, you can’t play these games.

Sweat not! A UK VPN will take you in the unrestricted world of gaming, download the best UK VPN and test your skills; but make sure you’re not underage. If you’re an MMORPG or other online game player, you must know how a  VPN can create a direct yet secure connection between you other players. Running a UK VPN in the background will reduce the data flowing down your network from other players, increasing the game load times and limit the buffer overflows.

Note: We are not encouraging young minds to play violence-based games, rather helping the mature bracket of the population.


It’s no more just American dramas that are addicting, but Brits are also gaining attention among TV buffs with their juiciest programs and sports events. Black Mirror, Victoria, Outlanders, The Crown, Succession, Preacher, Hidden, Sherlock, and what not; the UK has a whole world of tea-filled television from Queen Elizabeth’s teenage years to home baking and slapstick humor. People around the world are crazy for the entertainment in the UK, but unfortunately, most of the UK media is geo-restricted. You can only access it within the UK; a real pain for UK expats.

Well, the best UK VPN can allow you to stream the entire UK media including BBC iPlayer, ITV, Sky Go, UK TV, Netflix and others; you don’t need to be in the UK to stream regional content. Forget the glamor world, even Barclays Premier League, Ashes Cricket series, Rugby World Cup and other UK-originated sports are also broadcasted on selected TV channels in the UK. If you’re planning to travel outside the UK, your world of entertainment is going to suspend soon.  Only the best UK VPN can subside your boredom and entertain you in your spare hours.

Securing Public Wifi

The first thing we inquire after stepping into any public place is the availability of Wifi and its password; this shows the importance of the internet in our life. You don’t know how threatening these open connections are; Public Wi-Fi hotspots are notorious hangouts for hackers. The reason is simple, weaker security, rest there’s nothing bad about using the free internet connection.

How about this free Wifi gets protected? A VPN can do this wonder without troubling your browsing moments. So, wherever you go to The Shambles,  The Royal Mile, The Circus, or anywhere in the UK, keep your identity from the hackers with the best UK VPN and browse, post, share, go live, comment anything anytime from anywhere.

Access US Netflix From UK Or Vice Versa

Although Netflix is accessible throughout the world, one thing is common, that is, the content library of US Netflix is the best with the most titles. Although it is right to mention here that UK Netflix is much better than that of France or India but it is still far behind the US Netflix. That’s your first reason to get the best Netflix VPN UK to stream US Netflix from anywhere.

The second reason is the hike in subscription cost of basic HD package by UK Netflix. So speaking from the budget point of view, it is to your benefit to use US Netflix. You get the bigger library with more binge-watching options in lesser price. We call it a win-win situation.

Enjoy UK’s Adult Content Without Filters

UK internet providers (ISPs) have already ordered to block access to the sites containing adult content unless you can prove that you are 18+; means you have to enter your phone number, email address, or credit details, or possibly you have to go to a shop and show your ID to collect a 16-digit code for accessing your favorite adult content.

Details are yet to be finalized, but it’s speculating the private companies like MindGeek; means that the government won’t be directly knowing which porn sites you visit, but who knows?

If not the government than the criminal hackers will! Fortunately, the ISP filters can be easily evaded by using the best UK VPN. Simply connect to a server somewhere outside the UK and connect to the world of unrestricted content.

How Secure Using A VPN Service in The UK?

Something that is giving you the global accessibility, bypassing the censorships and at the same time hiding your online presence; it’s obvious to get hesitant using such technology. Being in Britain, you might have concerns like am I committing a crime by using a VPN? Is my device will be secure after connecting to a VPN? Is my identity hidden? And some others. Worry not!

What’s the VPN’s main task? Add an extra layer of privacy and security to your online presence, means you’re safer with VPN than without it. Neither your ISP, government agencies, or hackers can eavesdrop on what you are doing online; only as long as you are using the best UK VPN.

Unfortunately, not all UK VPN services respect users’ safety at heart, especially free UK VPNs like Hola. Instead of protecting our internet privacy and safety, they sell our private data and bandwidth to third parties.

In short, VPN is legal; signing up with the best UK VPN will not get you into any trouble. In fact, law firms, accounting companies, and even government agencies use their own private network to keep all their sensitive data away from us.

Does The VPN Make You Anonymous Completely?

Anonymity is what everyone is running after in this identity-driven world, where your identity is associated with whatever you have. A VPN provider protects your privacy from government, ISP and hackers; you’re unknown as far as the VPN provider is not keeping your logs and bandwidth, though every VPN claim to be private, secure and anonymous. The only UK VPN counted as an anonymous VPN when the provider has no interest in keeping your connection logs.

Are you serious, do VPN providers keep logs? Yes, let me remind you some pure lies of one of the no-logs claimed VPN, PureVPN. The story was about a cyberstalker in the US named Ryan Lin who was accused of harassing, hacking, and cyberbullying into his victim’s account. Police were unable to catch a break, as Mr. Lin used a combination of privacy tools including PureVPN. The case was handed over to the FBI, who approached PureVPN to help in the investigation; do you know, the protection provider shared the suspects’ logs with FBI.

So, read through the privacy guidelines before anchoring your trust to any best VPN UK service. All the above-mentioned UK VPNs are under constant observation and we keep updating them and their related developments. We assure you that we have critically analyzed all the top-class VPNs and then drafted a list of best UK VPNs.

Why Using A Best UK VPN Service Is Better Than A Proxy?

It’s no surprise that proxy servers have thrown around a lot recently with more people defeating internet censorship, accessing restricted content, and hiding their IP address. They’re useful for unblocking content, but not too good to boost your online security, as not every proxy is reliable, malicious proxies have been known to record usernames and passwords, log browser data, and even, inject viruses, and more.

New to the word ‘proxy?’ In short, the proxy is a computer or service that allows you to access sites remotely; it acts as an intermediary between your network and the end destination and commonly uses to access specific files, attachments, or downloads. Proxy servers are popular in countries with censorship such as China, where people use to bypass the Great Wall of China and use sites like Facebook, Google, and YouTube with no restrictions. Going through a proxy server changes your IP address and let you browse the web as if you are in a different location.

While VPNs and proxy servers both allow web accessibility from a different location, but a UK VPN is way more secure than a proxy server, how? Scroll down.

A UK VPN is best, because;

  • Proxies only secure your web browser and cover the specific site you’re visiting while VPNs secure and encrypt your entire network, encapsulating your internet connection, not just the sites.
  • VPNs are preconfigured, proxies are not; you need to configure for each application and service.
  • Most VPN providers host their servers’ network, means you don’t need to worry about going through a random IP, like with a proxy server.
  • VPNs like ExpressVPn, Nord, CyberGhost, IPvanish and some others advocating customer privacy, anonymity and are logless, while proxies are often kept detailed user logs.
  • VPNs are better for encrypting every network even public Wi-Fi, while proxies only hide your IP, get the best UK VPN and instantly turning insecure cafe Wifi into a secure network.
  • Finally, proxies are much slower than VPNs due to larger bandwidth, and load times while VPNs have the luxury of hosting and keep updating their server locations.

When it comes down to blanket surveillance, Snooper Chartered Bill, Geo-restrictions, banning websites, and other cyber measures; a UK VPN is superior in every aspect. From security to privacy, server locations, and faster loading times, selecting proxy over a VPN is a no-brainer.

How Can UK VPN Exalt Your Kodi Experience?

Kodi, a media center for streaming Movies, Live Sports, TV Shows, and Live IPTV Channels. Thanks to the third-party add-ons to turn an ordinary media player into the entertainment hub with 38 million binge watchers. The worst aspect, geo-restrictions and internet censorships that easily spoil your Kodi experience; various add-ons are geo-restricted. But who cares? We have a Kodi VPN UK to evade all the barriers that the cyber world creates.

To instantly bypass the restrictions and to stream unlimited blocked content on your desired Kodi add-ons, use the best VPN for Kodi UK services. All the best UK VPNs we have recommended allow faster streaming, uninterrupted connection and matchless entertainment experience; watch popular broadcasting channels including ITV, Fox, Channel 7, BBC, 4oD, HBO, ESPN, and thousands of other international channels with the best UK VPN.

Which VPN UK Service Is Good To Unblock British Channels Online?

There’s no doubt that all the UK TV channels produce some fantastic content that you can’t get anywhere else; so, whether you’ve moved out permanently or are just traveling, chances are that the content you used to see in the UK stops working. Thanks to geo-restrictions! The moment you browse your favorite UK channel,  the provider detects a non-UK IP address, and restrict accessibility.

For example, accessing BBC iPlayer from a non-UK server might end up with the following message:

BBC iPlayer Error

Luckily, there is a way around to enable accessibility of all the sites including Netflix UK, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, and more. The solution is none other than a UK VPN to encrypt all the web traffic and tunnels through an intermediary server locating in the UK. So by connecting to a UK server, British TV channels will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

What’s more, your privacy and security would be protected with military-grade protection; what else you want? But, make sure you choose the right one.

No matter, whether you are in France, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, the US, or anywhere in the world; British TV including live TV streams and on-demand content, is just a click away with the best UK VPN.

Which VPN UK Service Is Good To Stream Netflix From Anywhere?

Keep the privacy and security aside; what left with a VPN? An unrestricted world of internet. If you’ve ever tried to access Netflix from abroad, then you might know how frustrating these regional restrictions can be. In other words, best VPN UK services allow you to access content that you couldn’t otherwise due to your location, such as streaming the US Netflix in the UK; which is not possible.

Bear in mind, that accessing content that shouldn’t be in your region is something Netflix doesn’t want you to do. Indeed, it is forbidden in Netflix’s terms and conditions, thanks to a VPN for ending the constant battle for the streaming solution and circumventing geo-restrictions.

Many UK VPNs have given up on Netflix, but fortunately, few VPNs are regularly tested and confirmed the Netflix accessibility, like ExpressVPN. You need to check the Download speeds and server coverage to top Netflix VPN, ExpressVPN has 2000+ global VPN servers with unlimited bandwidth and faster connections, across 94 countries. This Netflix-friendly VPN has everything to enhance your streaming moments, no matter where you’re.

What Are The Recommended VPN Routers UK You Should Use in The UK?

Want to access the BBC iPlayer? What about NOW TV? Channel 4? Zattoo from anywhere? No matter you’re in the UK or outside, you always want to expand your streaming preferences, keeping your online experience safer and free of identity thieves and hackers. If this resonates with you, the solution you deserve is a best UK VPN; broaden the reach of your internet-capable devices, secure your data, and enjoy the freer wireless experience with your UK VPN.

Every UK VPN has a limited number of simultaneous connections; devices to be connected with single signup. Imagine you’ve got an office with 10+ members or a business with 50+ employees and you want every person to be VPN-protected. Buying multiple accounts won’t be the wise decision, so, how about one VPN connection for the entire family or business? Yes, a VPN router UK can do this wonder; a VPN-friendly FlashRouter in your corner, your network forgets limits.

The best VPN router UK for your powerful gaming and wider usage is the Netgear Nighthawk and that’s not that costly man! If you buy now, you have to pay $299.99, rather than $349.99. The Netgear Nighthawk supports BT(BRITISH TELECOM), SKY BROADBAND, VIRGIN MEDIA, EE, and TALKTALK.

How VPNs Help In Downloading Torrent Files in The UK?

One of the most important benefits we receive from a VPN UK is torrenting or P2P file sharing; I would rather count as an absolute essential, not just a benefit. Torrenting is all about file-sharing, you’re more exposed while torrenting than on public Wi-Fi and surprisingly many of us don’t realize how exposed they are using P2P. The BitTorrent protocol is perfect for sharing files with others, but one private.

Internet privacy is what we debate in our every other blog; while we don’t encourage you to condone copyright infringement, rather believe that the internet is a free and open place and users should be allowed to use this resource without fear of prosecution or persecution. Keeping you safe and private, is our aim and for that our dedicated yet expert team keeps reviewing VPN reviews so that your cyber world remains private and away from prying eyes.

We’ve two options for you; dive into the detail about each of the VPN UK or check out our in-depth list above. But, if you like to start torrenting straight away, forget everything and download a UK VPN service in your smart screens

What Are The Fastest And Cheapest VPN UK To Use in 2023?

The VPN market is loaded with countless service providers who claim to be the “Fastest and Most Affordable” VPN.

Most of you probably know that 99% of these claims are bogus.

Let me share you a secret that mostly cheap VPNs UK are notoriously,un-secure, unreliable and painfully slow, but don’t be upset! there are a few hidden gems among the rubble that worth your precious time and a small portion of your hard earned bucks.

There are a bunch of best VPN UK that can be counted at the most reliable cheap VPNs, but keeping the UK and it’s cybersecurity concerns, our experts suggest that IPVanish, CyberGhost, and NordVPN are known to be the most budget-friendly UK VPNs that keeps your wallet full and your browsing secure. Currently, they are demanding:

Best UK VPN App for Android & iOS

Your smartphone is more powerful yet resourceful than even the most powerful desktop computer from a few years ago; for both, users and misusers. Do you know, more than 68% of the users in the UK have Android-based smartphones; wider the penetration, easier for hackers to invade. Last year, it was found that more than 700,000 apps on Google Play Store was against the Play Store guidelines and the quantity of new malware samples crossed 3 million; that’s 323 sample every hour. This is the alarming situation for an Android user to take online privacy and security seriously and control anonymity with the one-tap solution; a UK VPN.

Let’s look at our choice of Best Android VPNs UK.

Don’t know how to download? Here you go;

  • Open Play Store and search for the VPN
  • Click download to install in your respective device
  • Sign up with your credentials
  • Wait for email confirmation
  • Launch the app and sign in
  • Select the desired server
  • Tada! You’re connected with your favorite region.

iPhone is widely regarded as the most stable and secure OS, but that doesn’t mean that the OS no issues concerning security and privacy – especially in the current climate of hacking and security breaches.

Even Apple’s App Store is not devoid of its share of dodgy apps. In terms of harmful activities, the debate that iPhone have less to worry than other is useless as iPhone users certainly have some merit; but you shouldn’t be just pleased, your privacy is open to hackers, you can be targeted anytime.

Using one of the best UK VPN services retain your digital privacy while allowing other neat features like accessing geo-restricted and censored content. Our experts favor these VPNs are top-recommended VPNs for iPhone;

A procedure to get your suitable UK VPN in your smartphone is;

  • Open App Store and search for the UK VPN
  • Get to install in your device
  • Sign up and wait for email confirmation
  • Launch the VPN app and sign in
  • Select the desired server and wait for the server to connected.
  • Yay! You got a virtual visa to travel the world.

Best UK VPN App for Windows & Mac

Windows is the most widely used operating system, and that is the reason whenever a new Windows version rolls out, IT enthusiasts and hackers always find a loophole, and eventually, they do. On the official website, Microsoft shared that the Windows 10 has more than 300 Million active users, but are under the radar of hackers and data snoopers. Major flaws are detected at the network’s end, and that is how our personal information flows into the digital world.

The only way out is a Windows VPN.

A walk-through for the novice users;

  • Search the official website of your selected VPN UK and signup
  • In the meanwhile, open the Settings app and go to Network & Internet and then VPN.
  • Add a VPN connection
  • Find the ‘VPN Provider’ and click the drop-down menu and select Windows (built-in).
  • This changes your VPN type to ‘automatic.’
  • Type in the sign-in information
  • Next, fill ‘Connection name’ and ‘server name or address’
  • Scroll down and save and close the settings.
  • Open system tray and click wifi to select newly created UK VPN connection.
  • You’re connected.

Being a Mac user, you have a hundred reasons to appreciate the unprecedented innovation by Apple; that’s why Apple Mac series has reached the niches over the years, and why not, it’s the most stable operating system. Although Mac much secure than its counterparts, we can’t completely disregard or ignore the possibility of any security loopholes. Prevention is better than cure; it is always recommended to secure your online presence and privacy. The best solution and a rescue from government’s deployed spyware is a UK Mac VPN.

Downloading a Mac VPN is very easy, have a look;

  • Choose a UK VPN plan
  • Download in your Mac screen
  • Sign up
  • Allow VPN to add configuration
  • Give your Mac administrator password for keychain access
  • Launch the app and select your server
  • Yay! You’re connected.

UK VPNs To Avoid

As we have already discussed the UK’s most intrusive surveillance laws and how VPN UK acts as a bridge to circumvent censorships and screw the Investigatory Powers Act; that requires log maintenance. These laws are not just to internet providers but also to all the VPNs operating from the territory. Even before the IPA, UK VPN services were informally ordered to keep to catch and convict their users’.

Even privacy is your least concern while using a UK VPN, we strongly condemned British VPN providers. One of the primary factors of using a VPN is to guarantee anonymity and secure privacy, so circumventing censorship from a surveillance-based VPN, is not a wise decision to take.

UK VPNs to keep at bay;

  • PureVPN
  • Hola VPN

When a provider willingly opts to sacrifice ethics by forking user data, it’s better to leave the VPN UK alone.


The UK is soon becoming a Big Brother state in terms of both internet censorship and mass government spying; even if you have nothing to hide (it’s quite impossible), it is important to push back to avoid a dark future. The only way is to use a Best VPN UK to stay protected and anonymous or just use one to watch US Netflix or satisfy your British TV cravings; it’s up to you!

A self-proclaimed nerd who can never keep his mouth shut when it comes to new, exciting tech. Ben has written thousands of reviews over the course of two years. Honest, relatable, and straight to the point, Ben has steadily gained his reputation as one of the most trusted and popular reviewers on the site.

  1. Well I agree with you completely. Nordvpn works fine be it in UK or outside. I feel much more confident while on public wifi because I know my traffic is encrypted, also I am very happy that I can keep watching stuff on iPlayer when I’m away. I got so excited to see it was chosen as product of the year, I know it’s stupid but articles like this one just assures me that I made a right decision. The only thing I’d like them to improve is server list, because I’d much rather choose server by the city.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for endorsing our efforts.

      Indeed, NordVPN is an exceptional VPN that delivers quality service be it using public Wi-Fi or browsing over the web. We are amazed by the speed that we got while doing the test for UK VPNs. Though, ExpressVPN is also a very good option, but when it comes to delivering top speed and stable connection for UK netizens, or someone looking to browse local UK websites, NordVPN takes the lead. You may check our NordVPN review to find out more about the service, and also get a special discount.


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