5 Best VPN For UK In 2018: Access UK-Based Online Content Outside Of UK


What is wrong with the internet in the United Kingdom (UK)? Well, nothing apparently. You get great service at a reasonable price but it is not just about that. If you look closely, there are a number of elements that put your online privacy at risk in the UK. To name a few, there is Snoopers’ Charter bill, blanket surveillance, cyber crimes, and public WiFi. All these mentioned factors pose a great threat to your security in the online world. You are constantly watched and your each and every activity is recorded without your permission or knowledge.

The situation is just like a stranger who likes to peek whenever you use your smartphone or tab or laptop for any purpose whatsoever. Consent is completely a different debate; you are not even informed about this outrageous invasion of privacy. Remember you have a right to privacy and if any authority is threatening it, your job is to find a way out.

In this case, the way outcomes in the form of Virtual Protocol Network (VPN). Yes, you need to use the internet in disguise to keep your privacy intact. Now everything relies on you picking out the best VPN UK service provider. Well, if you don’t know where to look and what’s right for your particular needs, take a look at our well-researched list of the best UK VPNs. We hope you find your match.

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Why Using A UK VPN Service Is Of Utmost Importance

In case you are still wondering why we are stressing on subscribing the best UK VPN, we have listed down a few major reasons to consider it seriously. Without further ado, we would like to tell you the truth about the internet culture in the UK;

  • Snooper’s Charter Bill

The UK was once upon a time a place for free internet users. Now it has an active Snooper’s Charter bill. The name is enough to tell you about the nature of the bill. Basically, it gives authority to government agencies to spy on you anytime they want. For starters, the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been directed to record web browsing patterns of users for past 12 months. There are other invasive directives as well.

Bloomberg reported on the controversial “Snooper’s Charter” bill,

“Many of the surveillance techniques — such as scooping up the metadata of communications and using malware to gain access to the computers and mobile phones of terrorism suspects — have already been in use by U.K. spy agencies and the law now gives them explicit authority.”

  • Blanket Surveillance

We have to thank Edward Snowden for showing the true face of NSA (USA). Unfortunately, GCHQ in the UK has been doing the same offense allegedly. The blanket surveillance we are talking about here is extreme. It can fetch information such as your Facebook status update or a tweet. Believe us, we are not exaggerating here.

The recent wave of terrorist attacks all around the world has given a legit reason to government authorities to ask for mandatory blanket surveillance. The measure is obviously for the terrorists but it impacts all netizens in the UK. Many NGOs and free speech advocates have strongly condemned blanket surveillance and called it an “invasion of privacy”. There is one thing that can save you and that’s the best UK VPN.

  • Cyber crimes and Malicious Activities

Cyber crimes are increasing every day and like any other region, UK is also affected by it. The spammers and hackers have got so advanced that they can get in your computer through an email and get access to any information.

We don’t know if you are aware or not but Mark Zuckerberg has a tape plastered over the camera and speaker of his laptop. So you can imagine if the founder of Facebook, who has access to world’s best tech resources, is so much concerned about hacking then you are just a common citizen. You need the best UK VPN to protect yourself.

  • Geo-Restrictions

UK produces one of the best TV shows and sports events. People all around the world are crazy for the entertainment in the UK. Unfortunately, most of UK media content is geo-restricted. You can only view it within the UK. It becomes a real pain when citizens of UK have to travel abroad for business or just fun.

Well, the best UK VPN can allow you to view channels as BBC iPlayer, ITV, Sky Go, UK TV, Netflix and others even when you are not in the region. Also, Barclays Premier League, Ashes Cricket series, and Rugby World Cup are a big deal and they are only broadcasted on selected TV channels in the UK. A VPN for UK can allow you to view these sports anywhere in the world.

  • Access US Netflix Content Library From UK Or Vice Versa

Although Netflix is accessible throughout the world but you will stumble upon a common opinion, that is, the content library of US Netflix is the best. It has the most number of titles of TV series, movies, and documentaries. Although it is right to mention here that UK Netflix is much better than that of France or India but it is still far behind the US Netflix. That’s your first reason to get the best UK VPN.

The second reason is the hike in subscription cost of basic HD package by UK Netflix. So speaking from the budget point of view, it is to your benefit to use US Netflix. You get the bigger library with more binge-watching options in lesser price. We call it a win-win situation.

A Summary Of The 5 Best VPNs In UK

Following is the brief summary of the best VPNs in UK and why we added them in our list.

1- NordVPN – The Best UK VPN Service With The Largest VPN Network


Our first choice for considering a VPN for UK is undoubtedly NordVPN. There are many reasons but let’s start with the most obvious one. Nord is based in Panama where the law doesn’t require any kind of data retention. After knowing this fact, we have already declared it the best UK VPN. It is not just about the location, Nord has plenty of high-end features that make it eligible to serve a UK consumer who is looking to protect his/her privacy online. Nord is the VPN for UK as it has plenty of servers in the region as well as many servers in Canada, US, and Australia. For a detailed analysis on NordVPN and its pros and cons, read or NordVPN review.

2- ExpressVPN – A Reliable VPN For UK With Speedy Servers

ExpressVPN for UK

ExpressVPN is a complete package for online privacy enthusiasts in the UK. It has plethora of servers in different regions of the world that enable the VPN users in UK to connect to the servers that are located in the farthest regions of the world. What makes it the best UK VPN is its 30-day money back guarantee. Usually, when the provider achieves a certain stature, they start cutting back their features but ExpressVPN has done the opposite. Subscribing to its services and taking advantage of its UK VPN services is completely your decision, but we would like to urge you to check our detailed ExpressVPN review for any further clarifications.

3- CyberGhost – A User-Friendly UK VPN Service

Cyberghost VPN UK

CyberGhost is another strong contender in our list of the best UK VPN. The biggest reason is the presence of a plethora of VPN servers in London and Maidenhead alone. CyberGhost VPN software is compatible with almost all of your devices. Also, CyberGhost UK allows five simultaneous connections at a time. A special feature of CyberGhost VPN for UK is the availability of ultra-fast VPN servers established in the European side which enables you to get HD smooth streaming and buffering. With a strong brand identity and smooth fluid apps interfaces, CyberGhost VPN is a trustable name in the UK VPN service providers.


4- IPVanish – The Best VPN Service For UK Torrent Users


IPVanish is one of the top-notch UK VPN service provider in our list. What’s interesting about IPVanish is its transparency in the Privacy Policy where it clearly mentions that it doesn’t keep any logs at all. As far as the number of VPN servers is concerned, IPVanish has plenty of UK VPN servers in cities like Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast and more. However, one thing that’s of concern for those privacy enthusiasts who are very strict when it comes to knowing the origination of a VPN provider, is that it’s registered in US which means that it comes under US law. But, besides this one trait, IPVanish is a quality VPN for UK that deserves a notice from you.

5- VyprVPN – A Trustable VPN For UK With Ample Servers


VyprVPN has something special to offer that no one in the list does. It gives you the freedom to use its service for three days for free and then if you like it, you can purchase any package. Vypr has a self-managed network of VPN servers and they have more than 700 of them. But the concerning point for UK VPN users is that it has only one server in the London (currently they are in expansion phase). Well, this lack can be overlooked by the fact that Vypr provides flawless services and is considered among the top 10 VPN service providers in the world.

Having Doubts About Opting For A VPN Service For UK – Take Control, Already!

Remember we talked about a stranger who likes to peek whenever you go online. Well, it is time to remind that stranger that your privacy is your right. It is your life and you get a say in who can share your personal secrets and who stays at arm’s length. Look at the stranger in the eye and tell him that he doesn’t get access to your online activity anymore.

Of course, you need a UK VPN to do so and we have already picked out the 5 best UK VPNs. Simply sign up for your favorite UK VPN and take control of your online privacy.

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