5 Best VPNs for Android to Be Anonymous and Secure Online!

Best VPNs for Android

So many Android VPNs to choose from but not really sure which one’s the best fit for you? Well, we at ReviewsDir took the daunting task to test, check and jot down the best VPN for Android devices in 2016. These VPN Android apps will keep your online activities not only secure and private but will give you the peace of mind all year around!

With the latest vulnerability “Stagefright” termed as the “Worst Vulnerability Till Date”, Android users should now be more observant about their security and privacy than ever before. The security loopholes found in Android OS pose a serious threat to your online privacy and security. With your Android smartphones and devices containing most sensitive and personal of your information, one should take into account all the necessary measures to safeguard their devices with the best Android VPN.

Best VPNs for Android – The Ones You Can Trust

Having the best VPN for Android installed not only ensures ultimate protection against these security threats but also provides protection against Internet surveillance laws, data theft or any hacking activity. Here are top 5 Android VPN apps that you can sign up and download today!

Rank Provider Price Details
$6.67 per month
Exclusive 48% Discount
$6.55 per month
You Save 43%
$3.29 per month
You Save 72% on Yearly Plan
$6.49 per month
You Will Save 46% On Yearly Plan
buffered vpn
$8.25 per month
You Save 36% on 12-month Plan

Why the big fuss over Android?

The Android apps are easy to create and distribute which makes it easy for hackers to pass on their malicious software. Google Play Store is flooded with Android VPN apps which are totally unreliable.nAnd the worst case scenario is that if you end up installing a malicious Android VPN app, your personal data on your smartphone is exposed to be snooped on, which includes your personal pictures, saved passwords and much more.

Your Smartphone – A Threat To Your Security?

We are addicted to our phones and no, we are not addressing your smartphone addiction issue here or the selfie fever, we are here to discuss a much big problem- the security threats that being online unprotected from your smartphone exposes you to, especially if you own an Android device and that is where Android VPN apps come into play – to give you that ultimate protection and online freedom that Android users so rightfully deserve.

Significance Of Using An Android VPN

VPNs are something that everybody who goes online should use due to the increased levels of threats to your online security. VPN doesn’t do only that though, it lets you access geo-restricted content, keeps the snoopers and cyber criminals at bay and also guards you from the nosy government snooping and their more-than-appreciated interest in our online activities (Privacy, right?).

Since the above reasons are enough to turn any Privacy enthusiast to install a VPN right away, you would see many desktop PC’s and laptops secure with VPN. But what about the device you are online almost all the time from? Yes, I am talking about the gadget of the millennium, your smartphone.

In addition to securing your identity from snoopers, Android VPN apps also give you freedom to travel to different locations while watching all your favorite media on the go. Not sure what it means? Well, here we refer to your access to foreign websites that are geographically restricted if you move out of your country. We all love traveling and catching all the trending shows on Netflix, Hulu and HBO is a no-miss for us. While these famous streaming websites are only licensed to some countries only, expats and travelers get into a situation where they might miss the shows. But thanks to Android VPN apps that cracks all the entertainment and deliver it on your Android devices irrespective of your location.

Combat The Security Threats With The Best VPN For Android

We have already talked about the Security vulnerabilities found in Android OS so there what can one do to protect themselves, the answer a VPN for Android that will keep you super-safe! The tunneling and encryption of data packets maintains your online security by giving you complete anonymity and also gives you unrestricted access to website and content from all around the world.

Which VPNs work best on Android Devices?

VPN for Android are the best possible measures to combat any threats, however, we recommend you to choose it wisely and go with the best Android VPN app. Below we are detailing 5 Best Android VPNs that every Android user must own.

1. Total VPN

Total VPN is relatively a new player in the market but we were awestruck with its awesome performance, speed and user-friendly interface, and that is why we put it in our list of the best VPNs for Android. But in comparison to other big competitors, we know that Total VPN currently only offers 30 servers, which are less, but that is where the quality surpasses the quantity. The servers are all strategically located in different parts of the world so as to give a Android VPN user its maximum benefit and utilization.


  • Geographically scattered network of 30+ servers across 25 countries.
  • Offered Protocols include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and IkeV2.
  • Security is airtight with 256-bit Encryption Technology.
  • Two types of packages to choose from i.e. Free and Paid.

Free package has its limitations and you would not be able to utilize the VPN much, but our preference would be to go with the paid package as it will only costs $5.99/Month with all the additional features which this service have to offer.  Although it’s relatively a new service but it’s quickly climbing the ladder and is a pretty decent Android VPN app we’ve tested up till now.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is also an amazing option when it comes to VPN for Android; this service is trusted to be one of the best in the Industry. Express VPN is the first choice of privacy enthusiasts as it technically falls out of jurisdiction of US stern net surveillance laws and it also does not keep any logs of your online activities.

ExpressVPN for Android

  • More than 100 locations to choose from with servers in 78+ Countries.
  • Compatible with three devices at one time.
  • Lightning Fast Connection Speeds regardless of the location.
  • Security is ensured via SSL Secured, 256 Bit Encryption Technology.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Android VPN app is user-friendly and straightforward.

The good news is that it comes with a one day trial so you can try the app before paying for it and if you are dissatisfied with the app after the purchase, it offers you a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish also holds the reputation of being the best and secure VPN Android provider in the industry, hence making it a worthy competitor in our list of the best VPN for Android. The connection speed and security is unlike any other VPN provider. It’s Android VPN app is smooth and glitch-free.

IPVanish VPN for Android.jpg

  • Servers located in 60+ locations globally.
  • Ensures prime security with 256 bit encryption.
  • Easy-to-Use Android App with a user-friendly interface.
  • Allows P2P Traffic which makes it the VPN of choice for Torrent-Lovers.

IPVanish recently launched a free VPN app for Android users having version 4.0 and above. It has an attractive and easy-to-use interface which Android users will surely love. Starting at only $6.49/Month, it surely delivers value for money as far as an Android VPN is concerned.

4. HideMyAss

The famous VPN which first started off with its proxy services- HideMyAss is today one of the best Android VPNs currently available in the market and used by millions of VPN users around the globe. The only downside due to which we are placing it on number 4th is its high price. The monthly account will cost you $11.52/Month but the price reduces by 43% if you opt for an yearly package, making the per month cost $6.55, which is still slightly higher than the other Android VPN providers in the list. This app is compatible with Android devices versions 4.0 and above. You can even select the servers you like best and save them in your favorites list for future use.

HMA Android VPN App

5. VyprVPN

And we’ve saved the best for the last! VyprVPN is without a doubt most powerful and reliable service available currently. It is owned by GoldenFrog which is famous for its security and privacy. GoldenFrog does not use third party networks In fact; all the servers and networks are company owned making it more secure.

VyprVPN Android App

  • Hundreds of servers across 50+ locations globally.
  • Top of the line security with 256 bit Encryption.
  • Utilized latest technology “Chameleon” which masks the fact that you are using a VPN and makes it undetectable for anybody looking to block VPN users.
  • Fast and user-friendly android application.
  • Also offers an inbuilt server speed ping test.

VyprVPN offers a free month trial with a data limit of 500 MB after which you have to pay a monthly or an annual fee. The Android VPN app offered by VyprVPN has a user-friendly interface and smooth selection process of everything contained in the app.


There must have been a lot of other VPN providers that are offering awesome Android VPN apps and service that’s worth every single penny. We would love to hear about those too, that is why we have a comment section below where you can voice your opinion and maybe you can convince us to add another Android VPN app which we might have missed out due to our strict check and test process through which we’ve come to minimize our list to 5 Best Android VPN apps.

So, protect all those Jellybeans, Kitkats, Lollipops, Marshmallows and other Android Delicacies because with these best Android VPN apps by your side, there isn’t no bad guy stealing any candy from you while you are online.

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  • Noah Contreras says:

    Ipvanish is not hiding my real IP, i checked my IP address after connecting to server but still showing my real IP. I email their support but so far no reply. I regret putting my money over the service that doesn’t work.

  • Tricia Bellasario says:

    I previously used Tunnel Bear, but was a little frustrated because of the speed issues. Now using Express VPN and quite satisfied with its performance. How many of you are using Express VPN?

  • Els Liza says:

    Shall i feel completely secure after choosing from any above 5 best VPNs for android ?

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