5 Best VPN Apps For iPhone – Indestructible Kevlar For Your iOS!

Apple is the company which revolutionized the smartphones as we know it, and just recently Apple announced that there are more than 1 billion active users of iOS devices around the world. So, with that behemoth number to boast for, it’s no doubt that the crux of Apple’s business remains the magnificent iPhone. But as it’s said, that with great power comes great responsibility, no doubt the security of Apple’s devices are one of the best in the industry, but still the famous iCloud Hack and the recent urgent security updates by Apple are the testaments to the fact that nothing is 100%, full-proof secure!

To address this very issue, we will be suggesting you the best tool for your iPhone security when you go online, and that is a VPN for iPhone. In this article, we will be suggesting tool i.e. VPN for iPhone to secure your iPhone and other important aspects related to the subject of discussion. If you want to jump right towards our recommended iPhone VPN apps to solidify your online security and privacy, instantly check out the table mentioned in between the article to have a quick glance of the best iPhone VPN providers.

With a VPN iPhone installed on your device, you can easily secure all your online activities, visit geographically restricted content on the web and securely conduct financial transactions. So, without further ado, here are the five best VPNs for iPhone that will give you the unbreachable concrete layer of security to protect your online information from being hacked or tracked:

5 Best iPhone VPN Apps – Tested & Reviewed

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Note: These VPNs for iPhone are all tested on different iPhone models i.e. 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s and all iOS versions. Only after rigorous and continuous usage we listed these iPhone VPN apps.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A VPN for iPhone

After the revelations of Edward Snowden, it has become tough not to look at anything without suspicion, and same can be said about our smartphones and all the data these big companies collect about us. The iCloud hack and the “Fappening” leak of celebrity pictures conclude that there’s a constant war between the end user, their data and most importantly, their privacy.

But who actually is winning this war? The answer is pretty evident as we all know it. See, the end-user is as naive as they want them to be, and we aren’t saying to live under a rock either, that is why we suggest you setting up VPN on iPhone to safeguard your online privacy and security. Small steps take you far, and a VPN iPhone will surely protect you from hacking attempts and data snoopers.

Still not convinced? Well, there are at least five reasons that you should opt for a VPN for iPhone now:

1. Rise of Cyber Crimes

The world undoubtedly has become more technologically advanced, but so are the threats. Hacking attempts and data theft is on the rise because we as end users don’t take any steps from our end to protect ourselves and instead rely on good fortune. A VPN for iPhone can provide you the unbeatable security that’ll make the hackers bite the dust.

2. Mass Surveillance- Your Privacy at Risk!

With the regular mass surveillance programs, no Internet user is safe from the prying eyes. Our each and every activity is being recorded and will be taken advantage of when the time comes. Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden have revealed all this information. But you can avoid all that by opting for an iPhone VPN service and encrypting all your online activities.

3. Vulnerable WiFi Networks

Public Wi-Fi spots are the most insecure place any iPhone user can be. These public Wi-Fi spots may seem lucrative, but beware! This free internet can potentially lead you into a trap set by any hacker with bad intentions, and you may end up losing your personal data to a complete stranger which can use that data for all the wrong purposes. Use a VPN app for iPhone to be ultra-secure at these public Wi-Fi spots and defeat anyone trying to barge into your personal online space.

4. Ultimate Encryption

iPhones are known for their security, but imagine coupling it with a VPN app for iPhone; it will enhance your iPhone security by ten folds. With the high-encryption power of VPN and the security it provides, your online activities are virtually impossible to decipher. iPhone VPNs usually offer encryption of up to 256-Bit, which is military standard.

5. Access to Blocked content on the web

With a VPN for iPhone, you can access the content blocked in your region quickly. Imagine watching every sports event on earth and access to all your entertainment channels without worrying about geo-restrictions. Yes, this is all possible with a VPN for iPhone. You simply have to install a VPN app on your iPhone, and you can enjoy the true freedom on the Internet on your iOS devices.

Best Protocol for VPN iPhone – Mystery Solved!

Since a lot of people puzzle with which VPN protocol to use when to connect to an iPhone VPN connection. Nothing to worry about, we’ll take you through the details for each one of them. Here’s the part which can get a little technical, so wear those tech-savvy hats of yours and jump in:

PPTP: PPTP protocol for iPhone is the best for streaming purposes as its fast because it provides little encryption but is considered less secure than other iPhone protocols. For some people, speed is important, so if you just need to browse VoD content, then we recommend you to configure PPTP VPN on your iPhone device.

L2TP/IPsec: A little more secure than PPTP protocol, but not as compelling as OpenVPN protocol. It’s a protocol that provides optimum security but not maximum protection.

OpenVPN: OpenVPN is by far the best VPN protocol for iPhone as it contains all the security features that a smart iPhone user needs. Its open-source nature makes it one of the best VPN protocol for iOS. Because of high encryption levels, you may experience a slight reduction in speed, but that is bearable and acceptable if we weigh the benefits it provides.

The newer version of iOS already supports all the protocols mentioned above by default. To further verify this, hop on to the Settings option on your iPhone > General Network and then scroll down to find the VPN option which you will be able to find in the Networks menu. If you are unable to find OpenVPN option on your iPhone, you can always download it later.

We have discussed an article on the subject of VPN protocols in greater detail which you can go through to get an in-depth understanding of the VPN protocols, their pros, cons, and purpose.

Best VPN for iPhone Summary

We have already discussed when and why you need an iPhone VPN connection enabled on your device. Since we have reviewed over a dozen of VPN providers in our search to find the best VPN for iPhone service, here is the quick summary and brief for the best five picks.

1. ExpressVPN – The Award Winner iPhone VPN

ExpressVPN for iPhone

ExpressVPN never ceases to impress us, and that is why we have listed it in our VPN for iPhone list. It has undoubtedly appealed to iOS users in various ways, and one of the most prominent features of this VPN iPhone is its fluid user experience on all levels. This VPN app for iPhone surely is worthy of praise from a price-point perspective too. ExpressVPN offers you cross-compatibility through various operating systems, uniquely, through your one ExpressVPN account, you can secure all your iOS devices.  And just because of its phenomenal reputation and splendid service, we consider it the best VPN iPhone app for you. ExpressVPN offers you 256-bit encryption, 130+ servers in more than 87 countries and a 30-day money back guarantee. With a star of splendid client protection tag, it has positioned in its customer’s mind; there’s no doubt ExpressVPN should be your VPN for iPhone.


2. NordVPN – Fastest & Securest VPN for iPhone 

NordVPN for iPhone

NordVPN offers superb encryption, and above all, it has some strategic laws and clauses which make it a superior VPN service when it comes to online security. NordVPN offers three simultaneous connections at the same time which mean you not only get the chance to secure your MAC, but at the same time, you can enjoy this VPN app for iPhone too. The reason we emphasized more on security rather than speeds because we actually found some speed fluctuations during our tests, but later concluded that it’s because of the high encryption it provides. All in all, we found NordVPN to be a decent VPN for iPhone. We found its customer service to be responsive, live chat was pretty active and they also offer anonymous payment modes such as Bitcoin. Furthermore, it supports P2P file sharing too, so there’s no reason not to opt for this perfect VPN for iPhone.


3. IPVanish – Low-priced iOS VPN 

IPVanish for iPhone

When it comes to IPVanish, there are only two words that describe this VPN for iPhone entirely, and those are speed and security. Yes! IPVanish is one of those VPN iPhone apps which will give you the best speed in the industry and excellent security for your iPhone. It gives you that perfect combination of speed and protection you expect from any Teir-1 iPhone VPN app. You can conduct your banking transactions quickly through IPVanish VPN app for iPhone and access blocked content from anywhere in the world on your iOS devices. IPVanish has 500+ servers in 60+ countries. That means you will not have any issues related to connectivity on your iPhone. Besides that, IPVanish provides a 7-days money back guarantee which is more than enough to determine if IPVanish is the best iPhone VPN app for you or not, which we hardly doubt it wouldn’t be.


4. Buffered VPN – Most Robust VPN for iPhone

Buffered VPN for iPhone

Buffered VPN is the new kid on the block but have quickly gained its reputation as an excellent VPN service in the market. It is speedy and reliable, which is why it made it to our list of 5 best VPN iPhone apps. It’s pricing, features, server locations; all sums up to be a perfect package of everything good. It offers 256-bit encryption along with high speed and security. It provides support for both Mac and iPhone so that you can enjoy its cross-compatibility on both the devices. Its VPN app for iPhone is well-made and is super-smooth. Buffered VPN has multiple servers in 33+ countries around the world. This VPN also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s a bit pricey, but after experiencing its flawlessness, we are sure that you would rate this VPN for iPhone 5 stars.


5. VyprVPN – A Pretty Reasonable VPN For iPhone

Private VPN


With its exceptional network coverage and strong security encryption provided, VyprVPN firmly stands in the fifth position on our list for 5 Best iPhone VPN apps. VyprVPN is a competitive player in the VPN industry and has supreme infrastructure and quality which is above par than most of the iPhone VPN providers out there. VyprVPN have reached the ranks by delivering exceptional service and quality. Apart from all its good qualities, we found it a bit pricey when it comes to monthly billing for iPhone VPN subscription, but yearly plans are just as good as the other VPN providers mentioned offers. So, to sum it up, VyprVPN is a safe bet to be your VPN on iPhone. Give it go by availing it.


Conclusion – iPhone VPN Is Mandatory For Your Defense Against Cyber Crimes

We have given you our suggestions and tips on selecting the best VPN for iPhone; now it depends on you which VPN app for iPhone you go with. We have educated you about the potential dangers of the online world and how little security flaws can end up spelling disasters. So, rather than relying on some mojo, opt for a logical solution, which is a VPN for iPhone.

If you think there are some more online privacy tools that we need to discuss, you can leave your comments in the comments section below, and maybe you can be the reason we will update this post with new tools or write another article altogether based on your suggestions. Till then, stay safe and use a VPN for iPhone to save that Apple!

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