5 Best VPN For Xbox One & Xbox 360 In 2018


Gaming consoles have changed the way gamers play forever. What used to be an individual activity has now turned into an interactive and fun play. Kudos to the smart gaming consoles which are available in the market today. Xbox is one of the leading gaming consoles created by Microsoft. Xbox has seen a series of updates. Xbox 360 and Xbox one are its latest editions. Gamers all around the world are crazy about Xbox. Since it also serves as a digital media player, most households don’t mind spending on a gaming console like Xbox. Imagine playing games and watching streaming services like Netflix through the same device. We have come a long way in terms of tech advancements, and it’ll surely have more to offer in days to come. Today, we’ll talk about VPN Xbox One & Xbox 360 and how to setup VPN on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Xbox is in direct completion with Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii. The gaming consoles are filled with too many providers offering fantastic deals and offers. We are almost convinced by the superpowers of a gaming console. However, these powers are sometimes cut short without an Xbox VPN. So if you want to enjoy most of your Xbox, you must connect to a good VPN for Xbox.

Let’s See the Best Xbox 360 VPN Service Providers

So yeah! Xbox has gazillions of amazing features that you can enjoy every day. The library is some way limited, and you may experience some difficulties if you don’t have Xbox VPN installed on the console. So below are our top recommendations of VPN for your Xbox console.

Why Is Xbox VPN Necessary?

You may ask why Xbox VPN is a necessity. Generally speaking, a gaming console has nothing to do with a VPN. Gamers simply use it to play games. Well, we are living in an advanced world. Gaming used to be a solo activity. Now, it is an interactive activity where gamers from all across the world gather virtually and play together. Once this interaction across the world comes into play, Xbox VPN automatically starts making sense. Also, for your information, we have compiled a few legit reasons for using an Xbox VPN. You might want to take a look;

  • Security Is a Major Concern

The gaming world has become more and more about interaction with unknown people. You cannot assess the intention of another person. One can seem like a friendly gamer from another country but s/he can supposedly harm you. So an Xbox VPN gives you a protection from all such unwanted threats and scams. There is no conflict about the fact that gaming world is riddled with hackers and spammers. An Xbox VPN is your only way to stay in a safe zone while enjoying the gaming experience.

  • Unfair Geo-Restriction

Gone were the days when gaming consoles were used for playing games only. These days, gaming consoles also serve as digital media players. In simple words, you can watch Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video etc. on Xbox. Of course, these streaming platforms are geo-restricted. And to view them in a location outside the US, you need an Xbox VPN that can connect you to a US VPN server. Geo-restriction is an unfair restriction on the streaming services by their respective owners. Entertainment knows no boundaries and it shouldn’t be controlled. Sadly, the decision makers don’t share the sentiment. But no worries; an Xbox VPN erases all the boundaries and blurs the locations.

  • Access To Regional/Local Resources

Gamers have a world of their own. They are unique and weird species and they love to share their weirdness together. In this regard, gamers have their own regional demos, betas, special invitation etc. These special extras are available in specific regions only. A VPN for Xbox allows you to access these additional resources and enhance your gaming experience. It also allows you to become part of gaming communities outside of your country or region.

  • Requirement Of Blazing Internet Speed

It may seem like a joke but sometimes gamers subscribe to an Xbox VPN to increase their internet speed. It is funny because VPNs are usually blamed for reducing the internet speed. However, the fact is VPNs actually increase your internet speed. You simply need to find the perfect Xbox VPN. If you thought that internet speed was important for streaming videos, wait until you play an online game. A faltering internet speed will kill the gaming experience altogether and you would simply want to pull out your hairs. An Xbox VPN saves you from the torture of bad gaming encounter.

  • Better Connection With Gaming Communities

We have touched upon the gaming communities earlier. Continuing on the similar thought, gaming communities are important to get access to treasured resources. Also, it feels good to belong to a certain group as a gamer. For instance, you are a resident of Japan and you became well acquainted with a US gaming community. Now in order to build a strong relationship, you need to get in touch with the US community on daily basis. An Xbox VPN that has servers in the US will make sure you get better and quicker access and connection to your desired gaming community. You may also read our post on how gaming VPN can improve your online gaming experience.

How To Setup An Xbox 360 VPN?

Setting up an Xbox 360 VPN sounds strange because you cannot directly connect a VPN on Xbox 360. However, there are many other techniques available that lets you enjoy an Xbox 360 VPN connection. We are going to discuss the two most used methods here;

How to Setup an Xbox 360 VPN Via Router

Your Xbox 360 is connected to the internet via WiFi. What if the router is directly connected to an Xbox 360 VPN? This way when you connect the Xbox 360 to the said Wi-Fi connection, you will receive the internet via a VPN. This is the easiest way to setup an Xbox 360 VPN. The process of connecting a VPN to your router is pretty easy. Each Xbox 360 VPN service provider gives a detailed step-to-step guide to setup a VPN on the router.

How to Setup an Xbox 360 VPN Via PC Or Laptop

In case, you don’t have a router that’s connected to an Xbox 360 VPN, don’t panic. There are other ways to bring a VPN to your gaming console. One such method is by connecting the Xbox to your laptop or PC. You simply need to sign in your Xbox 360 VPN and connect to the desired VPN server. Once you are sure the VPN connection is working on your PC or laptop, connect it to Xbox 360. This may seem a bit too technical, but again different Xbox 360 VPN service providers have published detailed guides to carry out the procedure.

Review of Best Xbox One VPN Service Providers

It is time to dig deeper and try to find dirt on the following best Xbox One service providers. The benefit of spending so much time with these VPNs is that we know them inside out. We have tried to showcase an objective viewpoint here so that you can take buying decision easily. Let’s start;

1. Express VPN – Safest Xbox 360 VPN


ExpressVPN can be the solid backbone of your gaming life. Express has everything you need. It will protect you with its amazing encryption features. It will give you fastest internet speed. It has VPN servers in more than 90 countries. Express VPN for Xbox 360 has a team of educated individuals serving in the customer service department. In short, Express has it all. It will be perfect for your Xbox 360. Also, you get the 30 days money back guarantee. So even if you hate it after using for few days, you can always quit and get a full refund.


2. Nord VPN – Secure Xbox VPN


Nord VPN is comparatively a new name in the industry. However, it has established a solid place within the short span of time. You are likely to see it appear again and again in different VPN lists. Anyway, we loved the awesome security arrangement by Nord VPN for Xbox. It offers IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec security protocols. Nord understands that users want the security as the foundation in any VPN service provider and then they look for other features. This Xbox VPN will enhance your internet speed substantially. Also, you get to connect to 744 VPN servers in 58 countries.


3. HideMyAss VPN –Mammoth VPN for Xbox One


If you are a fan of interacting with gamers from far-flung places then HideMyAss VPN is the right choice. It has optimized VPN servers in more than 190 countries. That’s like presence in the entire world. No other VPN can match the mammoth setup of HideMyAss VPN. So whether you want to join the gamers’ community in Nepal or Japan, HideMyAss VPN for Xbox One can bring you closer to the country. This Xbox One VPN also provides great internet speed. HideMyAss happens to be one of the pioneering VPN service providers. It sure has the benefit of experience over other Xbox One VPN providers.


4. IPVanish VPN – Flexible One

IPVanish VPN for Xbox

IPVanish VPN is compatible with many devices and operating systems. It assures you extremely fast internet speed, which is good for playing games online and watching live video streaming. IPVanish also shows special interest in maintaining your privacy and anonymity. The fact is reflected in its zero traffic logs policy. It definitely fits our criteria for Xbox 360 VPN. However, there is something that we did not like about IPVanish VPN. It gives you only 7 days money back guarantee. A week is not enough to make up your mind about a VPN for Xbox 360.


Is Free VPN For Xbox 360 A Valid Option?

To be candid and blunt with you, we think free VPN for Xbox 360 is the worst idea. There are too many layers involved in the online gaming industry like online threats, geo-restriction, internet speed issues and more. If connecting to Xbox 360 VPN was just about one thing then we would have given a free VPN for Xbox 360 a serious consideration. However, we are dealing with too many risks here, and a free VPN cannot handle it.

Having said that loud and clear, we would like to show you one free VPN for Xbox 360 just to expose its lack of maturity to handle a complex situation like online gaming. Please feel free to delve into the following details;

Fly VPN – Free VPN For Xbox 360
  • Limited VPN servers
  • Limited server switches
  • Limited bandwidth
  • No logs policy
  • 99.9% uptime

Fly VPN lets you create a free account. It allows three sessions a day of only 20 minutes. The paid version of Fly VPN has over 300 global VPN servers in more than 40 countries. However, in the free version, you get access to limited locations and servers.

Even if you are satisfied with the free VPN servers, how would you adjust to only three sessions a day for 20 minutes only? Gamers get lost in their games for hours so of course, twenty minutes are not enough. Also, we are not sure about the security measures of Fly VPN in the free trial. It can be too embryonic to provide you absolute cover.

Xbox One VPN Ensures Optimal Gaming Experience

Gaming experience is almost spiritual for gamers. You may think we have gone too far to explain the emotion. However, the fanatic gamers will associate with the spirituality. If an experience means so much to you, then there is no harm in going an extra mile to make it even better and engaging. An Xbox One VPN is a must because it protects you, it eliminates geo-restriction, and it brings you closer to various gaming communities spread across the world.

Now the question is about the right Xbox 360 VPN. We have mentioned the best ones here after testing and experimenting with hundreds of Xbox VPN service providers. The most important parameter for a VPN for Xbox 360 is flawless security, lightning internet speed, a large number of VPN servers in various locations, and a good customer service. Your chosen best VPN for Xbox 360 should have these qualities first, and then you should look for advanced features. Happy VPN hunting!

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