5 Best VPNs for Mexico 2023


Mexico is notoriously popular for drugs and narcotics scene in the whole world. Despite an ideal situation in terms of almost no internet censorship laws or blanket surveillance, 35 percent of Mexican internet users connect via a Mexico VPN. The drugs and narcotics gurus in the country are brutal when it comes to teaching a lesson to any blogger, journalist or a random commenter who dare to speak against the dire narcotics situation in the country.

Of course, people have adopted measures like self-censorship and VPN Mexico to stay safe in digital and real life. That’s a sensible move. In case, you are still weighing different options, we would suggest you get the best VPN Mexico.

Since it is a need in the country, we asked our virtual team in Mexico to check different VPNs and identify the top 5 Mexico VPNs. They have checked hundreds of VPNs for internet speed, data encryption, pricing, compatibility, customer service, server switching, DNS leak protection, automatic kill switch and tons of other aspects and features.

After a long exhaustive research process, we have found following five to be the best VPNs for Mexico;

Top 5 VPNs for Mexico – Your Ultimate Defense Against Online Spying

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3 CyberGhost VPN Review 2023
4 IPVanish Review
5 NordVPN Review 2023

Reasons to Choose a Mexico VPN

Interestingly or expectedly, Mexico has very dangerous reasons to go for a Mexico VPN. There are definitely limited surveillance and copyright infringement issues but Mexico is driven by the drug gangs and warlords so people who try to expose them in any way are in danger. Let’s talk about different aspects of Mexico and its internet environment.

  • Drugs and Self-censorship Call for a VPN Mexico

Journalists, bloggers and even general public commenting on different social media platforms are in danger in Mexico because the drug kingpins are monitoring social media and current affairs closely. The rule is simple if you talk about them and they don’t like it, they are willing to shut you up in ways you won’t appreciate.

There have been many incidents where bloggers, Twitter users, and website owners have been killed by the culprits. Once two bloggers were killed in the state of Tamaulipas with a message from the assassin, it said;

A message [was] left under the decapitated head of “El Rascatripas,” a moderator for the website Nuevo Laredo en Vivo, where citizens anonymously report narco-violence. The note reads: “Hello! I’m Rascatripas and this happened to me for failing to understand that I should not report things on social media websites…With this last report, I bid farewell to Nuevo Laredo en Vivo… Your moderator, Rascatripas.”’

There is a General Victims Law to protect people from such brutality but it is of no use. The law has been revised and updated a number of times to include directives that can make some substantial change in the system but still it is not enough. A recent incident is evident to the situation where Mexicans have called General Victims Law “unworkable”.

Your life is in danger for voicing out your opinion on a digital platform. You can be protected 24/7, 365 by subscribing to a valuable VPN Mexico. Being a Mexican, you know that we are not exaggerating here. Unfortunately, it is the ugly truth and bitter reality.

  • Copyright Infringement and Mexico VPN

To be honest, copyright infringement is still not an issue in the country. However, the close proximity to USA (a country which is literally obsessed with piracy) puts Mexico in a difficult position. There is a lot of international pressure on the country to work on strict copyright infringement policy.

As we said, it is not a problem right now but it can become one very soon. It is good to be prepared than feeling sorry for being careless. Nobody would like to get a legal notice for downloading a movie without paying for it. Save yourself from the awkward situation and get a Mexico VPN.

  • Low-priced EA Games with a VPN Mexico

If you are a gamer then you must be aware of EA (Electronic Arts). It develops games for desktop and smartphones. EA has produced some of the most addictive games that are enjoyed by gamers all around the world.

Interestingly, these games are sold at a higher price in the USA market than in a Mexican market. So if you have a VPN Mexico, you can enjoy the same games at a lower cost.

For example, Sims 4: Dine Out is $19.99 in the US whereas you can buy it for $12.99 in Mexico. It is just one game, there is a similar pattern in the pricing of different games too.

  • Geo-Restriction and Mexico VPN

Geo-restriction is an issue all over the world. BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Pandora, HBO Go, Amazon and others have the best entertainment content but unfortunately, these channels are geo-restricted. The only way to access them is via a Mexico VPN.

Definitely, Netflix is available throughout the world at a very reasonable cost but the difference between its content library for Netflix US and rest of the globe is huge. Ideally, if you are paying for Netflix, you should get the premium service, even if you have to use a Mexico VPN for that.

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There is no need to feel sour about the situation. Geo-restriction is a reality and it is equally applicable throughout the world. However, we have found a solution in an MX VPN, which can get rid of geo-restriction like it was never there.

Free Mexico VPN – A Trap or Reality

Free Mexico VPN – the sound of these three words is so amazing but unfortunately, this feeling is limited to the utterance only. The reality is that free Mexico VPN is no good. You don’t have a VPN or you have a free Mexico VPN – it is an almost similar condition. We don’t know how to be blunter than this.


Despite our strong stance, we would like to mention one free Mexico VPN here;

  • Hide.Me

Hide.Me is a free Mexico VPN and it offers following features to Mexican netizens;

  • Only 3 locations
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Only 2 GB data transfer
  • limited protocol support
  • Only 1 connection at a time

The features speak for themselves. In simple words, no free Mexico VPN can shield or protect you like a real VPN.

Verdict – The Mexican Internet Needs a VPN Mexico

There are certain countries where you are dealing with government surveillance or intelligence agencies monitoring you and then there is Mexico where your life is in danger for saying the wrong thing online. We don’t think we need to spell it out for you here that a VPN Mexico is the only option that guarantees 100 percent online protection. Especially if you are a journalist or a blogger in Mexico, don’t dare to work without a Mexico VPN protection.

In fact, for safe side, you should subscribe to an MX VPN that provides BitCoin payment option so that even your Mexico VPN service provider doesn’t know who you are. Once again we would like to stress that Mexico VPN is not a choice or option in the country, it is a necessary part of your online world. You are putting yourself in immense danger by not subscribing to a VPN in Mexico.

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