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Speed, thrill, and adrenaline rush, and these words pretty much sum up the game of Warzone. Especially, people who miss PUBG can play this game to satisfy themselves. If you want players from different countries and zones to join you in this thrill, you will need a Warzone VPN. However, this game has become very competitive with growing popularity. So, to be sure of winning the game, many people are willing to know how to get easy Warzone lobbies.

Answering your question about how to get into easier Warzone lobbies, we can say that with a VPN, you can avoid skill-based matchmaking or SBMM and choose an easy opponent. Further, you need a Warzone VPN to avoid DDOS and hacking attacks. A Warzone VPN will keep your data encrypted so that unwanted entities cannot have access to it. Further, you need a no lag VPN Warzone to enjoy a stable internet speed. Further, a nolag VPN Warzone will ensure the optimization of VPN servers for a lower ping rate and high-quality gaming experience. Moreover, you should use a Warzone VPN that has a huge server base.

So, what is the best Warzone VPN for you? Let’s find out.

What is the Best Warzone VPN?

Full-proof safety protocols, high-speed internet, and a versatile server base – the best VPN must score the highest marks in these parameters. However, there are also some other criteria based on which we have found the best of the best VPN. Nonetheless, we will discuss the parameters in detail in the upcoming section. Let us first furnish the name of the best VPN services.

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How We Found the Best Warzone VPN

As mentioned earlier, we think that the best Warzone VPN must have the widest server base, military-grade encryptions, and the strongest safety protocols. However, we have also judged some other important factors like compatibility, price, etc., of a VPN Warzone before naming a service the best.

warzone vpn

The Best VPN Warzone Should Have the Largest Server Base:

Well, this pretty much sums up why we have chosen ExpressVPN as the best VPN Warzone. Its servers are present in over 160 locations in 94 countries. Now, what has the number of servers got to do with playing Warzone? Keep reading.

Many players use a VPN Warzone to improve their K/D ratio. They know how to get easier lobbies in Warzone by connecting to the server in a country where the game is not that popular. If you think logically, you will understand that a lower number of players will participate in Warzone from a country where the game is not that celebrated. With the VPN Warzone, you can also avoid skill-based matchmaking or SBMM to find and easily defeat an opponent with lesser skills than you.

A VPN Warzone also uses its logical thinking to connect your internet connection to a server located in another time zone. For example, if it is evening in your country and you are getting connected to a country where there is early morning, you are likely to combat the low-skill or casual players only.

Further, a VPN Warzone with a wide server base will help you evade territorial restrictions. So, the choice for your potential opponent will be unlimited. Moreover, in case you are living in a country with strict digital laws, then even a VPN Warzone will give access to this game and many other banned games, evading Geo-blocking.

Your Online Safety is Our Concern as We Choose the Best VPN Warzone

A reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, will always come with military-grade encryptions and the best safety protocols. As a result, while choosing the best VPN, we have made sure that it is able to keep intruders and spammers away. So, with the best VPN, there is no scope for data theft. Further, the best VPN for Warzone will protect your connection from DDOS attacks that make the network resource temporarily or permanently unavailable for you.

The Best VPN for Warzone Should Ensure a Lag-Free Experience

The best VPN for Warzone will keep your internet connection protected from various throttling measures. As a result, nobody will be able to control your bandwidth, and you will have a lag-free gaming experience with a low ping rate. Further, ExpressVPN has a router app if you are using a gaming console, ensuring there are little or no chances of the ping rates going up. Moreover, it is offering the highest speed of up to 630Mbps.

The Best VPN for Warzone Should be Compatible with Various Devices and OS:

The VPN you are choosing should work on different devices, like PCs, laptops, mobiles, etc. Further, it should have compatibility with different operating systems. Thus, it will let you play the games any time, anywhere.

The Best VPN for Warzone Should Work in the USA:

If you are a Warzone player based in the USA and want to connect with players from different countries, you will need a VPN that works in the USA. Further, if you are trying to connect with players in the USA from any other country, you will require a VPN that has servers in the USA.

The Best VPN for Warzone Must have Reasonable Subscription Charges:

The best VPN for Warzone should be pocket-friendly. Besides, it should justify the quality of services it is offering. Once again, many premium VPNs offer free trials so that you can check whether you are getting what you are promised or not. Further, according to us, long-term subscription plans are always easy on the pocket.

Now, you know how we have found the topmost VPN for playing Warzone. Further, we want to tell you that you should never use a free VPN for Warzone, even if they are promising you the best speed, accessibility, and speed. Does anything good come without a price? In the next section, we will discuss why using a free VPN for playing Warzone is a big NO-NO for us.

Can I Use a Free VPN for Playing Warzone?

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No, you cannot use a free VPN for playing Warzone. The risks associated with using a free VPN are:

  1. Data leakage in the absence of bolstered encryptions
  2. Poor internet connection and inferior gaming experience
  3. DDOS attack
  4. Chances of getting caught and punished for evading digital laws

So, what is the safest way of playing Warzone? The safest way of playing Warzone is using ExpressVPN. It is the best VPN for Warzone, thanks to its advanced Lightway protocol, strong encryptions, and worldwide server base. Further, it offers a 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee.

How to Set Up the Best VPN for Warzone?

As we already have mentioned, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Warzone. You can easily choose a device and set up this VPN for playing Warzone. You need to just follow the simple step-by-step guide mentioned below.

  • Visit the website of the VPN, register for an account, and buy any package as per your choice.
  • Then, choose the operating system of the device you will be playing the game on.
  • Afterward, download and launch the VPN application.
  • Download and install the Warzone game.
  • Then, using the VPN, get connected to the server of any country. There will be servers of many countries, and some may have high traffic. Further, be careful in choosing your server, as if you are choosing the server of a country where very few people play this game, your chances of winning will be higher.
  • Now, you are good to go and play the game to your heart’s content.

So, you know how to set up the best VPN for playing Warzone. Further, we will try to find the answers to some frequently asked questions in this context.


Can I Avoid SBMM with the Best Warzone VPN?

Yes, you can avoid SBMM or skill based matchmaking if you are choosing a powerful VPN. It will let you choose an easy lobby by connecting your internet connection to the server located in a country where very few people play this game. Also, you can connect to the players in a country of different time zone. So, even if it is evening in your country and the prime time for the gamers, it may be early morning in another country where only novices will be your competitors.

Will the Best Warzone VPN Make My Gaming Experience Lag-Free?

Yes, the best VPN for playing Warzone will definitely make your gaming experience lag-free. It will protect your connection from the clutches of any unwanted entity, including your internet service provider. So, you will get better internet speed, a lower ping rate, and a lag-free gaming experience.

Is My Online Safety Guaranteed with the Best Warzone VPN?

Yes, the best VPN for playing Warzone will safeguard your online data and logging in patterns with powerful encryptions.


Hopefully, this article has been comprehensive enough to give you a fair idea about the best VPN for Warzone. Besides, you know why using a VPN can improve your gaming experience. So, choose the best VPN service to make the most of this exciting game. Happy Gaming!

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