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Free skies, abundance of lakes, free healthcare, open internet, controlled population; what else a doughnut-eating Canadians would be needing to live a risk-free life. I think the defence system that needs to be strengthen both on the US/Canada border and on the internet, especially in the face of invasive legislations like Bill C-11 and Bill C-51 and annoying ISP throttling. To deal with Five Eyes Surveillance, Many of Canadian have already flocked to trustable Canada VPN services and consider them indispensable, because honestly, Canadians are not much choice left with. A good VPN Canada is the only option to safeguard online privacy and anonymity, for all those locating in the Canadian territory.

Although Canada is always a little behind in terms of its digital landscape, but this doesn’t stopped cyber crimes to evolve. The most recent data shows 23 percent of surveyed Canadian organizations experienced a cyber attack, 31% of them faced an estimated loss of one to fifty thousand U.S. dollars, while five percent reported the loss between one to five hundred million dollars; that’s huge man!

We all know that Canada has strict cybersecurity laws, to prevent the likes of terrorism, and the government’s far-reaching powers in legislation that actually invading Canuck’s privacy – only Canada VPN can help with maintaining the latter.

The VPN services can do much more than a Canadian actually realize – it allows unblocking content say streaming services. Almost all the Canada VPN providers have servers in Canada, but which VPN canada suits you best? That’s the decision we’re here to help you with.

It’s Never Too Late To Opt The Best Canada VPN Service

Compromising with your online privacy is not at all acceptable for you. Is it? Certainly not! Since your online privacy is at stake in Canada, most of the internet users are switching to reputed Canadian VPN providers for safe and secure online experience. Now, here at ReviewsDir, we realize the importance of selecting the right Canadian VPN service for yourself, but the quest of finding the right VPN service for Canada will frustrate you to the point that you will feel like giving up!

That is why our tech experts at ReviewsDir had and still testing various VPN services for Canada that’ll keep you safe, anonymous and away from the data snoopers, hackers or spying agencies. Mentioned below is the list of five best Canada VPN services. Choose the one that suits your pocket, as fast as usage is concerned  they all are the best Canada VPN services:

Top 5 VPN for Canada- Explained in Detail

When you are well-aware of the reasons due to which you require a suitable VPN service provider in Canada, ReviewsDir, hereby provides a detailed overview of the 5 best VPN for Canada that we have mentioned above too:

1. Express VPN – Best Canada VPN with Fastest Speed

Express Canada VPN

The best VPN for Canada, Express VPN aims at providing faster connections over the internet along with enabling you to access geo-blocked websites with ease. Incorporating a strong and powerful encryption barrier, it is capable of stopping the spies and hackers to watch your online activities. Indeed, it is the most experienced service provider amongst all. All its packages offer complete value for your money with its widespread network of servers across 94 countries and exquisite features.



2. Tunnel Bear – A Secure VPN from the Soil of Canada

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is both secure and trustworthy, featuring software for all platforms and keeps extremely minimal yet non-invasive connection logs. The VPN is excellent for beginners as it is super easy to use. In addition, the superbly written privacy policy is up-to-date and transparent. The price is fantastic (only when you commit for a year), coupled with the free starter plan that lets anyone try the service in its full capabilities (including usage cap). Tunnelbear VPN operates in 20 countries including Canada – as this VPN is based in the same region, restricting P2P, keeping the laws into consideration.



3. VyprVPN – Most Secure VPN for Canadians

Best Canada VPN

A globally recognized alternative, VyprVPN offers easy accessibility with Canadian IP addresses to you. It is one of the fastest VPN service in Canada promising unlimited server switching, bandwidth, and speed to its users. Protected with NAT firewall, it offers 256-bit encryption to secure your browsing experience. In addition to this, its round the clock customer support is also excellent that makes it a complete package for you, get connected to it’s one of the 200,000+ IP address and be anywhere you want.



4. IPVanish – Most Recommended VPN for Canadian CitizensCanada VPN

IPVanish VPN is one of the most highly reputed VPN service providers in Canada known for its tier-1 network of VPN servers. It offers quick connection speed with no buffering experience for streaming videos across 40,000 shared IPs on 1000+ servers locating in 60+ countries. With competitive pricing, this is an excellent alternative for the users to give a try. They constantly strive to upgrade and add new locations in their services to provide you the ultimate experience of privacy and security over the network. Its monthly package is worth trying for you, and it also offer unlimited bandwidth and server switching on your 10 connections.



5. HideMyAss VPN – Largest VPN Server Network for Canadians

HMA Canada VPN

It is yet another most popular Canada VPN for the users offering high-end security features while surfing on the internet. Some of its positive attributes include its capability of removing censorship, blazing fast internet speed, anonymous services and more. It is easy to use features make it the favorite alternative for most of the business owners and individuals, locating in 190+ countries; as it does not require you to have any technical skills for usage. Available in both premium as well as free services, Hide My Ass, is gaining mass appeal amongst the users.



Why Need A VPN In Canada?

  • The C-51 ‘Anti-Terror’ Bill, Its Implications- Fight For Your Right With A Canada VPN Service!

The introduction of Bill C-51 in the Parliament of Canada is gaining huge controversies, as it’s causing greater harm to the online privacy of users. According to the bill, the Canadian government holds the authority to keep a keen eye on your entire online activities to ensure no involvement in any terrorist activities. This is certainly a serious dent in the growth perspective of existing businesses and start-ups in Canada. Not surprisingly, it has led to a significant rise in the adoption of VPN Canada services; do you know, government now have the power of canceling any of your banking transactions at any point of time.

This bill allows CSIS to disrupt travel plans and bank transactions directly if anyone is suspected to have involvement in terrorist activities. Additionally, it also permits them to share the data collected from other departments of the government.With the best Canada VPN, you can certainly enjoy complete freedom of browsing over the internet without any surveillance on you.

  • Bill C-11 – Stream Everything With The Fastest VPN Canada

Also known with the name of Copyright modernization act, Bill C-11, introduces the surveillance of government over any copyright infringement. The internet service providers are required to keep a record of your 6 months online activities and hand it over to authorities for surveillance.

  • Bill C-59 – Freedom Of Expression Is Just A Canada VPN Away

In Bill C-59, the government overhaul Canada’s National Security framework, threatening the integrity of free expression of Canadians and mandating the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) to allow the CSE to “disrupt, influence, degrade, respond to or interfere with the capabilities” of non-Canadian entities.

Canucks, be concerned! These foreign communications monitoring activities could incidentally or intentionally collect, use, and analysis of the your communications as well along with overseas sources. The CSE Act also allows organization to record “publicly available information:” means your posts on the web or on social media, it may include data collected by third-parties, say Equifax Canada, or even those hacked and made available for sale on the ‘dark web.’This form of mass surveillance creating a demonstrable chilling effect on the free expression rights.

What Canadians Should Look for In A VPN For Canada?

While making a choice for the best VPN Canada, the Canadian users look after numerous factors. However, the major factors include:

  • Connection speed
  • Easy setup and Installation
  • Policy of zero logging
  • Quality of encryption it provides
  • Widespread presence of server network (including the number of servers it has)
  • Kind of customer support it delivers

Top Features Of Best Canada VPN Service

The best Canada VPN service providers offer the following key features for all its users including:

  1. Private browsing experience: This is the most common feature that hides your original IP address as well as the location from advertisers and ISPs to provide a hassle-free and private browsing experience on web for you.
  2. Blocking online trackers: This feature allows the users to limit the number of advertisers from tracking your entire online activities. Most of the leading VPN Canada offers this feature for your convenience.
  3. Secure access to public Wifi: With this feature, you can easily access any public Wi-Fi connection without compromising your privacy and security.
  4. Zero logging: Lastly, the most common feature that you will find with best Canada VPN providers is the policy of zero logging. The providers do not keep any track record of your activities with this feature.
  5. Torrent download: If you wish to download torrents for any of your favorite movie, or music album, you can do so easily with the help of a VPN for Torrents in Canada. Since your activity will remain private, you will be saved from the prying eyes of the censoring authorities.

Streaming Queries Related To Canada Netflix – How To Access Full Netflix Catalog In Canada?

Netflix is the biggest and the most popular video-on-demand streaming service in the world. With its recent outreach into 190 new regions and introduction of new and exciting original content, no other VOD streaming service can match what Netflix has to offer at the moment.

But did you know that Canadian Netflix users have 32% less title available to them than the American version of Netflix? Need some stats? Brace yourselves, take a deep breath and scroll down:

Streaming Queries related to Canada Netflix – How to Access Full Netflix Catalog in Canada?

Netflix is the biggest and the most popular video-on-demand streaming service in the world. With its recent outreach into 190 new regions and introduction of new and exciting original content, no other VOD streaming service can match what Netflix has to offer at the moment.

But did you know that Canadian Netflix users have 32% less title available to them than the American version of Netflix? Need some stats? Brace yourselves, take a deep breath and scroll down:

Netflix Catalog*Reference Taken from here.

Now, you can already see that Canada is on 48th position when it comes to the number of titles made available for them. Why are the Canadians being deprived of many of the famous TV shows and movies and are made available only on US Netflix?

If we look a little deeper into this matter, US Netflix offers a behemoth 1,157 TV series to watch (numbers could vary as new shows are frequently added) while Canadian Netflix only has 623 TV shows to watch. But, all hope is not lost yet! A full catalog of Netflix (US Netflix) has been made available with the best Canada VPN for Netflix so that Canadian viewers too can enjoy Netflix to the pulp. By connecting to a server located in US offered by your Canada VPN service, you can access full US Netflix library and enjoy movies and shows which are not available on Canada Netflix.

Torrenting In Canada – Best Canadian VPN Is At Your Service

Torrenting by nature is not illegal, but Torrenting of copyrighted material is Illegal everywhere in the world and Canada is no exception. Can a VPN Canada be of any assistance here? Let’s discuss it a bit further.

There’s a law in Canada known as Copyright Modernization Act, which primarily targets those Canadian internet users who torrent copyrighted intellectual property such as movies, songs, ebooks and games. The Canadian version of DMCA is known as “The Notice and Notice regime”. This law empowers the ISPs to send legal DMCA notices to the violators and ISPs are entitled to store their information on their servers for up to six months and once you receive a legal notice, there’s no turning back as first notices are usually a warning (depending on the extent of the case) and later on the severity and the penalties increase. Penalties and damages may range somewhere from $500 to $5000. But bear in mind that the crux of the punishment is not to sabotage an individual’s Digital records but to educate the violator about the rights and wrongs of Internet Piracy and illegal streaming or downloading.

Now, ReviewsDir doesn’t promote illegal torrenting or piracy in anyway, but as most of the ISPs are also involved in storing your data and monitoring your online activities without your explicit consent, a best Canada VPN service is a dire need of the hour.

Best Free VPN With Canadian Servers

  • Hide Me:

If you’re a person who cares about their privacy and want a Canada VPN that, then Hide.me is worth considering. Hide.me offers you a feature-rich VPN to meet most needs, as long as you’re ok with paying the $9.99 premium/month; after enjoying a free plan that end up not that quickly. Overall, the service supports P2P, uses stellar security and privacy protocols, fit for your unlimited streams or downloads.

  • Cyberghost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a Romanian-based VPN comes with the basic security features, including AES 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN coupled with optional tunneling protocols say IPSec. Their pricing structure is quite cheap, but  before that you can enjoy the for free for a period of seven days, without keeping your logs, allowing torrenting and netflix

  • Betternet VPN

Betternet is more of a proxy than the VPN service, using secured protocols like OpenVPN VPN protocol and 256-bit AES encryption, their software is not good for security and privacy as we found several DNS and WebRTC leaks. You can use this VPN freely to hide your IP, but not much more.

Why Using A Free VPN Is Risky?

We almost never recommend free VPNs over paid ones, due to their tendency to sell data, ad-supported, poor performance, sabotaging your security and privacy as well. Nothing is actually free, running a VPN service is quite expensive, so make up your mind that free VPNs means losing control over your data; mostly shady or poorly run VPN compromises your traffic, intentionally or accidentally, or even piggyback your encrypted connection for nefarious reasons.

Canadians! Control Your Cyber World Now!

Have you ever thought of the damage that hackers can cause to you through your personal and banking information? Not yet! It is undoubtedly a scary thought for everyone. In fact, it is worth spending some of your time on deciding how to prevent your online privacy. Certainly, choosing the best Canada VPN is the right solution for you. If you don’t have any VPN provider till now, sign up with the best Canadian VPN to enjoy fearless browsing experience and access blocked websites with ease.

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