How To Watch Canelo vs Golovkin II Live Online

Canelo Álvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin 2 live online

One of the biggest middleweight rematche between WBC and WBA champion, Canelo Álvarez vs Gennady Golovkin II is finally set to take on Saturday, 15th September 2018 in Las Vegas. This will be the biggest fight even eclipsing Joshua vs Povetkin which is going to take place a week later. Both fighters are working hard to earn their biggest purse with former champion, Canelo Álvarez guaranteed $15 million and could clear up to $25 million depending on the PPV numbers. While Unified middleweight world title holder, Golovkin will also get his most significant career payday and clear anywhere between $10 to $15 million.

The rematch of GGG VS Canelo will be broadcast live online on BoxNation, HBO and BT Sports. The pay-per-view cost hasn’t been announced, but if you’re planning to go Las Vegas, keep your wallet ready to pay between $300 to $5,000; isn’t too much, why not save hard-earned bucks and watch Canelo Álvarez vs Gennady Golovkin II live online in our smart screens? Sounds great!

But hold on! Is any of these channels accessible in your region, if not, don’t you worry! You’ve landed in the right territory. All these channels are geo-restricted and are only available for audiences residing within the US and UK.

In this Canelo vs Golovkin II streaming guide, we’ll discuss the online streaming channels and how to watch Golovkin vs Canelo II live online from anywhere.

But before, let’s deal with the channels and their accessibility in the respective regions.

How To Watch Canelo vs Golovkin II Live Online?

  • Watch Canelo vs Golovkin II Live Online On HBO

Before the last fight of the duo, Canelo-Cotto crossed over 900,000 PPV buys luring in $58 million revenue from just the US TV network. While HBO this time is hoping to beat that number with this fight as first fight numbers brought in $100 mil in proceeds.

other than that, Canelo has a significant deal set with HBO in the US and with Azteca in Mexico with an added sponsors from multiple companies leading to a catch of $25 to $30 million from rematch alone.

The fight will be aired on HBO and will cost you around $69.99 for standard definition and $79.99 for high-definition google HBO Boxing and buy the fight.

Boxing fans outside of the US would also want to watch the fight live as it happens, but would not be able to tune-in because of the geo-restriction barrier imposed by HBO. Anyone who tries to watch the fight on HBO would be slapped with this message:


So, how can you watch Golovkin vs Canelo II live online on HBO? just hold your breath! We will soon share you the secret workaround.

  • Watch Canelo vs Golovkin II Live Online On BoxNation

BoxNation will be broadcasting the Canelo vs Golovkin II live online in the UK, covering BT Sports customers as well. Subscribe BoxNation from here and pay just £16.95/€21.95 and enjoy the fight. But the dilemma that BoxNation is only available for those viewers who are currently residing in the UK will spoil your boxing streaming moments, but no worries! We have got you covered.

Watch Canelo vs Golovkin II Live Online For Free

The right way to watch Golovkin VS Canelo II live streaming online is on a pay-per-view basis, but if you’re someone who isn’t really interested in spending money to watch the fight, you can simply head over to some of the online streaming services that’ll be streaming the fight. But bear in mind that most of those streams would be illegal and would bombard you with annoying advertisements that’ll just ruin the whole experience of watching the fight online.

  • Watch Canelo vs Golovkin II On RingTV For Free


Here’s a treat for those boxing fans who are adamant on cutting the cord for good and would want to live stream Canelo vs Golovkin II live online on their mobile devices, smart phones, or tablets. RingTV would be streaming the complete pay-per-view card which is expected to start at 8 PM ET. Viewers can also watch other related events such as press conferences and weigh-ins live at RingTV. But just when you think that your streaming solution is all done and dusted, here’s an issue: RINGTV STREAMING IS ONLY LIMITED TO US.

How To Watch Canelo vs Golovkin II Live Online From Anywhere?

Whatever the channels we have mentioned above are geo-restricted; they are exclusive to their respective regions, so either go to the US or at least locate yourself in the US territory to access all the US-only content.

So what you say, what’s more logical physical or virtual tour? Obviously you go with the virtual travel and there’s nothing better than a VPN technology that is helping 42% of mobile users to access foreign or restricted content, without letting ISPs to detect, across the globe. So, let’s be a part of that protected users and subscribe to a VPN with the most anonymous servers.

With a VPN you can simply  connect to any US server to watch the fight like a US local on HBO or any other channel from anywhere in the world. What’s more? A VPN protects you while watching illegal streams and saves you from embarrassment. So, it’s highly advisable that you use a secure VPN service to protect yourself from ISP (Internet Service Provider) monitoring, tracking and any copyright issues. Simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Select & Download a VPN from the list mentioned below
  2. Install the VPN on your respective device
  3. Open the VPN and connect to any US server
  4. Tadaa! Now, you can officially live stream Golovkin vs Canelo II live online on HBO from within US.

You can, however, look for fresh streams that many people and pages would be broadcasting live on Facebook or head over to Boxing Streams on Reddit where you might find any working streaming links for the Golovkin vs Canelo II live online.

Canelo vs Golovkin II Promo

Besides  Canelo vs Golovkin, Mexico Jaime Munguia and Canadian Brandon Cook are also facing each other for the Jr. Middleweight belt; this fight card would purely and undoubtedly the richest boxing fight of the year or probably the last decade. Why? Because both gold and legacy are on the line. Have a look at the promo and get a glimpse of the magnitude of the fight:

Canelo vs Golovkin II – Fight Card

  • Canelo Álvarez vs Gennady Golovkin – Middleweight Fight
  • Jaime Munguia vs Brandon Cook – Jr. Middleweight 
  • David Lemieux vs Gary O’Sullivan – Middleweight
  • Román González vs Moisés Fuentes – Super Flyweight

Who Is Going To Create A History? Canelo or Golovkin…..

Golovkin’s has one more chance to take his career to the next level once he defeats Canelo Álvarez and cements his already-elevated legacy. This is a huge fight for both Alvarez & Golovkin. If Canelo wins this fight, Golovkin would no longer be the reigning champion and it’ll crumble his perfect boxing record of 37-0.

Alvarez, being the most significant current draw in boxing, still needs to face recognizable opponents to be in the massive paydays. As of now, Canelo-GGG II is by far the biggest fight on this year’s schedule.

So, watch Canelo vs Golovkin II live online on the streaming channels mentioned above and share the mutual camaraderie with the fellow boxing fans as the fight happens.

Well, we’re rooting for Golovkin and chances of winning for Canelo are pretty thin but anything can happen in a blink of a second. Share are your thoughts, opinions, and predictions about Golovkin vs Canelo II. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below:

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