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Free Antivirus for Windows 7

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7

Nowadays, we cannot imagine our lives without a computer. This device offers us so much and, thanks to them, many things are available to us. But, how do w...

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Best Free Android Antivirus

5 Best Free Antivirus for Android to Use in 2018

For many Android device users, the best thing about this platform is its openness. You probably know that iOS users can’t do much when it comes to customiz...

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Types Of Cyber Attacks

6 Worst Types Of Cyber Attacks & Best Ways To Stay Protected

Cyber attacks are getting more and more serious (and popular too), causing quite a damage to some businesses, countries, companies, and of course individua...

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Type of Malware: What’s the Difference between Viruses, Worms, Trojans...

Viruses, Trojans, Bots, and Ransomware – we all have heard of these terms, but do we really understand them? Well, probably not. ! When you hear some of th...

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