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Setup OpenVPN on iPhone

How To Setup OpenVPN On iPhone

PPTP and L2TP protocols are getting obsolete with every new version of iOS. The VPN industry has accepted OpenVPN as the best standard of VPN encryption. O...



How To Setup OpenVPN On Android In 3 Simple Steps

OpenVPN is the most popular VPN solution that has expanded it’s availability on almost all the available mobile computing platforms available in the market...



11 Best Free VPN for Mac – Download Now For Secure Browsing

If you have a MacBook, you have already taken the right decision in selecting the best laptop. However, as a user, your job doesn’t end there. Your MacBook...


Setup L2TP on iPhone

How To Setup L2TP On iPhone – A Complete Tutorial For Beginners

Today, you will learn ‘How to setup L2TP on iPhone’. This is the complete step-by-step guide. We’ve tried to boil everything down so you can grasp the comp...


Setup L2TP on Android

How To Setup L2TP On Android – A Complete Walk-through

How to setup L2TP on Android? Setting a VPN on Android is essential. With recent news of privacy-eroding deregulation and the ever-present threat of online...


Free vs. Paid VPN

Free vs. Paid VPN – 10 Things You Should Know

Free vs. Paid VPN – Which one to choose? There are 10 things that will clear your concepts towards Free vs. Paid VPN. You can check them one by one and dec...


Death Note on Netflix

How To Watch Death Note On Netflix Online From Anywhere

Are you into black magic, demons, devils, witches, monsters, and ghosts? Do you want to fulfill your fantasies by watching unusual horror movies and TV sho...

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Setup PPTP on iOS

How To Setup PPTP On iPhone – A Complete Tutorial

Have you heard the famous phrase “You can’t kill what you can’t see”? This perfectly applies in today’s Cyber World. One way to protect yourself against on...



How To Install Kodi On Roku – Complete Installation Guide

Roku, one of the most popular media streaming set-top boxes is an ultimate source of movies, TV shows, and other kinds of media. With access to over 500,00...

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How To Setup PPTP On Android The Easy Way

Speed up the streaming performance of your Android devices with a PPTP VPN. There’s an outstanding built-in VPN in Android that allows you to connect to PP...


VPN for Indonesia

5 Best Indonesia VPN Services In 2018 To Keep You Private Online

Indonesia is the fourth largest populated country in the world. 42 percent of the internet users are from Indonesia. Indonesia has laws that undermine the ...


Taiwan VPN Services

5 Best Taiwan VPN Services To Surf Internet Privately

Taiwan is a small country that has come a long way. The struggle is evident in the freedom of speech, press and the internet that the Taiwanese people have...