Fortifying Security Is Still A Big Challenge For Cloud Computing

As big organizations and top companies in the world are swiftly transitioning to cloud computing to secure their data thinking that it’s Noah’s Ark, cloud security experts are still of the opinion that it’s a developing technology and has its fair share of security vulnerabilities that needs to be addressed.

There are dozens of areas where cloud computing needs to up the ante in order to stay abreast to combat the treacherous cloud data breaches that have occurred in recent times. Whether it’s Dropbox, iCloud, Hipchat or any other big fish in the pond, everyone has faced the wrath spelled by data snoopers and hackers who find self-actualization and solace in these data breaches and consider these events as a souvenir.

The Chief Security Officer at the Cyber Security R&D Showcase, while addressing the crowd that was present at the event, said that the biggest problem he has with the cloud when it comes to its day-to-day commercial usage is in fact related to its security. He further said that, if he’s to make a complete transition to online cloud storage and be reliant on the technology then there has to be some significant overhauling that needs to be done beforehand in order for us to confidently make a complete leap towards the platform.

Archer further said that there are many areas which need to be improved in order to make the cloud computing environment safe, secure and reliable. The biggest and the direst need of the hour when it comes to cloud computing is higher and better data encryption at every stage. Higher encryption means higher security.

Simultaneously, the networking environment in organizations should also change as the cloud technology evolves because big cloud providers are quickly changing their systems and offering new and unique features which are better befitted in an evolved networking setup only and would be hard or sometimes impossible to be compatible with the old and traditional local networking environment.

Archer was also of the opinion that he’s not shying away from the cloud technology and have complete confidence on the extent to which the security capabilities of cloud can be extended.

With the recent waves of ransomware, malware, viruses and identity theft, cyber protection has now become a pressing issue in which cloud is at the core of everything as we’ve seen a big shift in both organizations and individuals migrating to cloud storage for their sensitive data and the trend is rapidly picking pace after 2016. Especially in 2017, cloud providers really need to ensure that their cloud storage services have a top-notch security mechanism in place to protect the sensitive data from the emerging threats.

May The Force Be With The Clouds!

*The article was inspired by a recent article published on GCN
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