Dropbox Hack – 68 Million Accounts in Jeopardy!

Attention Dropbox users! Dropbox’s hack back in the 2012 data breach case has now enabled the hackers to get their hands on secret credentials of more than 68 Million accounts for our praised online storage service Dropbox. This news has hit the Internet like a storm, as most of us, including me, host all personal and business files on the cloud, and on Dropbox certainly. It has raised concerns if the million figures have our combination of password too, or what measures we should apply now?

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Blast From the Past – Dropbox Hack 2012 Aftermath

For all of those who are thinking why are we being informed about Dropbox hack now when the actual hack was made in 2012, well, Dropbox has recently rolled out a newsletter to its users requesting them to change their login credentials if they haven’t changed it since 2012. Moreover, Dropbox revealed that the large chunk of its user’s credentials that were obtained back in 2012 Dropbox hack may soon be made available on Dark Web marketplaces. So, change your passwords for Dropbox as soon as possible.

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Dropbox is one of the finest online backup services available, and from a security analyst point of view, Dropbox stance on this data breach is very clear and their straightforward and proactive approach in securing their user’s data truly resonates in their announcements which they have recently made.

The legitimacy of Dropbox Hack – Is it really happening or are we being Punk’d?

Every Dropbox user is now thinking if the past came to haunt them now for real or the Dropbox is being extra cautious in this matter and taking preemptive measure in this regard?

Well, a security notification service Leakbase; when got their hands on the leaked passwords, sent it directly to Motherboard to shed light on this incident. Famous publications have also reported this hack.

Furthermore, this hack is validated by the renowned security researcher and operator of ‘;–have I been pawned?, Troy Hunt, when he confirmed and identified the account details of his and his wife from the leaked database.

Takeaway from this news

Dropbox is one of the most famous online storage services in the world and is currently being used by more than 100m users worldwide. Keeping in mind that this giant in online storage service industry has surely evolved since 2012 hack, we can safely ensure that their current encryption and security technology is the best in the business. Even the data that is leaked online is hard to decrypt as it’s secured by advanced bcrypt hashing encryption algorithm.

Now, what you need to do is create a strong password for not only your Dropbox accounts but for every crucial service you use to secure your data. In case you’d want to have a safe copy of your precious data, we recommend you to read our post on Dropbox alternatives and always make a copy of your files somewhere safe. Data is precious and we are more responsible for the decisions we make.

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