5 Best Secured & Encrypted Cloud Storage For Your Digital Wallet

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Do you recall the days when you locked your important and confidential documents into a safe to protect them from misuse? If yes, then you might observe that those days are long gone with the advent of advanced technology and availability of everything online. In today’s World, you are just a few clicks away to connect with anything. Isn’t it amazing? It is, thanks to the excellent cloud storage service, best secure cloud storage and modern safest cloud storage, as well as the engineers who have programmed/developed this amazing technology.

While online storage comes with a plethora of great benefits, security has been a significant debate and point of concern for all digital geeks who utilizes cloud technology. And this brings us to the topic of discussion, which is, encrypted cloud storage services, safest cloud storage technology and best secure cloud storage services today. Which one’s best for you? Who offers the most and best secure cloud storage? Lots of questions in mind but rest assured because all your queries related to cloud storage, explicitly secure cloud storage is answered in this article.

These 5 Secure and Encrypted Cloud Storage Providers to Trust Today

We understand it is hard to make a choice when the solution providers are all good. Our editors have reviewed some of the very best players in the market in search to find the most best secure cloud storage and safest cloud storage, and following are the best encrypted and best secure cloud storage providers we have cherry-picked for you.

So why data encryption is important?

You may come across several questions relating to security tools and data encryption while making a decision for the best encrypted cloud storage service provider. Whether your documents will remain protected from potential thieves? Do you require putting any additional effort to ensure the data security? Or you are worried about the scandal of NSA spying?

Well, these questions are obvious to occur in your mind. However, the answer to them is quite simpler. The encryption of data works in your favor by encrypting your data to the level that it becomes impossible for anyone to decrypt it, thereby keeping all your data and documents safe from unwanted priers. Thus the need for the best secure cloud storage.

The Need of Encrypted Cloud Storage Services

A hoard of online storage is overflowing in the market that offers promised amount of storage space for free of cost. However, it becomes tough for a layman to identify which cloud storage solution is ideal for his/her usage. Considering the fact that online cloud storage solutions have become an inseparable part of every individual’s life, it is also equally important to make sure that all your data remains safe in the storage. You just need to choose the best secure cloud storage for you.

While you are in the middle of making a selection for the best secure cloud storage service provider, you should always aim at focusing on such service providers that offer the maximum level of encryption to your data, or if I quote it simply, you need an encrypted cloud storage service provider as it’s one of the safest cloud storage techniques. Keeping this privacy concern at priority, you can certainly opt for the best suitable cloud storage options.

Of course, no one likes to compromise when it comes to safety and security of your data from the snooping eyes of suspicious elements. Whether you want to store the backup of your tax returns or any personal files in the form of images, videos or documents, you must have a secure cloud storage service.

Current Security Issues Spanning Worldwide That You Must Know!

With the widespread usage of cloud storage for all purpose documents and files, probably, you no longer make use of USB drives or sending photographs through emails. You can easily store as well as exchange all your necessary information through this incredible cloud platform. But, are you sure that your online storage service provider is offering an encrypted cloud storage service? Are they the best secure cloud storage and are they using the safest cloud storage software? Very few of you would be able to answer this question.

In fact, with your growing trust on the cloud services, you may start storing your confidential bank documents, IDs, business papers and more in the cloud storage platform. But, are you sure of the security that the service provider is going to offer? Certainly not, as you may find several legal issues prevailing across different countries of the world. Here are some of the major data security problems that are finding their way across worldwide. These include –

  • The data flows across transborder. It means that most of the “secure” cloud storage service providers are from the US whereas the users may belong to any part of the world and so is their information. With different data privacy laws of the countries, it becomes difficult to decide which law is applicable in your situation
  • Another significant problem that you may come across is difficulty in defining the person who can gain access to your stored data with legal permission and under what circumstances. Since you are storing it on the internet that runs on its distinctive rules, your data does not remain private anymore. There might be be someone who keeps a watch on it. In fact, you may have to reveal your data if the authorities ask to do so under legal circumstances.

5 Essential Data Security Tips For You

Are you finding it difficult to rely on cloud storage services after looking at their legal issues? If yes, then here are certain important tips that can help you in remaining free from any legal condition –

  • Always try to avoid storing any sensitive information on the cloud
  • Make sure to read the user agreements thoroughly to enquire about the functionality of your cloud storage service provider
  • Remain serious about your passwords and do not disclose it to anyone
  • Always read reviews about the secure cloud storage service provider
  • Choose the best encrypted cloud storage service provider with the best customer reviews

Consider These Top 5 Encrypted Cloud Storage Services

Here are our noteworthy findings of top 5 cloud storage service providers that offer the superior level of encryption to protect your data privacy. Now you may notice that we have mentioned both paid and free encrypted cloud storage service providers, but many of these offer the best secure cloud storage:

1. JustCloud


JustCloud is one of the key players in the online storage market that values security as their top priority, making them one of the best secure cloud storage and safest cloud storage. They use 256-bit encryption socket layers to give maximum protection to your precious data. Alongside the secure cloud environment, they offer, all their cloud data centers are in continuous monitoring, which makes the security even more reliable. JustCloud also comes in real handy with so many other great features to offer. Their smart technology works with almost all the internet-connected devices, and you can even store your files locally without the internet connect, and synchronize it at a later time. They also offer easy share and sync feature that is amazing when collaborating with friends and family, and even with your teams at work. JustCloud also comes with 1 GB free secure cloud storage account, which is Google powered cloud. Overall, we see JustCloud as a perfect fit in the best secure cloud storage category as they are more focused on security and that too keeping the budget small. A top level safest cloud storage for those that want it.

2. Dropbox

dropbox full

If you are discussing about best secure cloud storage technology, but not mention Dropbox, then it is not a fair deal. Right? Dropbox is the giant in the cloud storage market and also focuses on delivering not just great features, but top-level security as well as they boast one of the best secure cloud storage as well as the safest cloud storage technology. Dropbox service is engineered in a way to deliver multiple level of security to store and backup files in the cloud. They also use two-step verification to add more layers of security for your precious data. Dropbox offers 2GB of free secure cloud storage that just needs few referrals to double the storage space. This is one great feature many people like about Dropbox. They value their customers not just by delivering exceptional service, but making them an advocate by giving more space in exchange of their love. They are a little more expensive than other providers, however, the service is worth paying for.

3. Spider Oak


SpiderOak is among very few cloud data storage providers that work on ‘Zero Knowledge’ policy. With this, they promote 100% privacy with their account, which is indeed a demand of most of the customers. SpiderOak offers 2 GB of free encrypted cloud storage that can be extended to 100 GB, or plus with a paid subscription. With SpiderOak, all your information is stored locally on your machine, and later, it is uploaded to SpiderOak servers. During the process, they take good care of the synchronization and encryption/decryption that plays a significant role in secure cloud storage data transfer. They make use 256-bit AES in combination with 2048-bit RSA for encrypting your files. All these amazing features help them secure top position in our encrypted and secure cloud storage list.

4. SugarSync


SugarSync is best for individuals and organizations that want to try out a cloud storage (in full capacity) before they invest more in it. This cloud storage option works great in both storage and backup landscape, and security is their top concerns also. SugarSync offers local encryption of your files thereby keeping them safe on cloud. It comes with a 30 Days free usage with minimum 250GB of storage. In SugarSync, both encryption as well as decryption is based on your set password. All the files are transferred using TLS (Transport Layer Security) system, which improves the security of the process, hence circulates your data in the tunnel of secure cloud storage channel. In addition, SugarSync makes use of AES- 256 to serve the purpose of encryption that makes their offering also unique. Their price depends on the storage space you desire. We see it as marginally expensive as compare to JustCloud, however, the service is completely reliable and its encrypted cloud storage offerings in one unique among various service providers.

5. Tresorit


Brand themselves as premium End-to-End Encrypted cloud storage providers; Tresorit surely works well for individuals and businesses. They use AES -256 encryption for your data privacy and other robust security protocols to add more layers to data security. It offers initial free storage space of 5 GB for users. They also offer a free 14-day trial for SMBs to try out their secure cloud storage before migration their entire workforce on Tresorit. It incorporates local encryption on your personal computer. It also allows sharing of encrypted files with simple and easy to use interface.

Although most of the above-mentioned names offer free encrypted cloud storage services for a limited time, but it will give you a first-hand experience of using their platform, so as to make the purchasing decision easy.

Remember to always opt for an encrypted cloud storage service provider that have the best secure cloud storage, otherwise any other online cloud storage services which market themselves as “secure” and are not providing any encryption; it’s just like storing your files on someone’s else’s computer where they are vulnerable and accessible to the one holding on to your files. Stick with the premium best secure cloud storage and you’ll be okay.


So if, you don’t have any cloud storage till now or you are looking for another secure cloud storage platform, you can think of choosing any of the above given secure cloud storage alternatives. They will certainly prevent you and your data from any kind of suspicious activity. To get more insight about these encrypted cloud storage service providers, you may directly contact ReviewsDir. Till then, surf safe, stay safe and hop on to a secure cloud. Cheers!

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