The Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives 2023

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Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives


The torrent world was all shattered when the well-renowned “ExtraTorrent” was shut down completely. Internet users around the globe were devastated by the grief until comes the best ExtraTorrent alternatives. Yes, one website is down, but there are hundreds more to take its place. All you need is a little awareness. Here, we are presenting the best Alternatives for ExtraTorrent.

The image was updated on May, 2017

In May 2017, ExtraTorrent has joined the names of the fallen martyrs in the torrenting world. It has met the same fate as and Kickass Torrents. We bid farewell to the biggest player in the torrent world: ExtraTorrent.

All the alternate mirrors for ExtraTorrent have gone down and have been permanently set to offline mode. The message clearly communicates that all the data that ExtraTorrent hosted on its servers is now erased and warning its users to stay away from any clone that’ll emerge online as it’ll not be from the original group.

Extra Torrent Shuts Down


Before moving on to the alternatives, let’s dig a little deeper about ExtraTorrent and the reasons why it has been shut down.

Why ExtraTorrent was so Popular?

ExtraTorrent was launched in 2006 when there were few torrenting websites out there. ExtraTorrent quickly gained a good reputation because of its distinct user interface and user friendliness.

As of 2016, it was the second largest torrent website in the world, just preceding The Pirate Bay. But due to its reputation and millions of downloads every day, it became a big and prominent target for anti-piracy institutions and huge media groups.

It’s still ambiguous as to what was the actual reason that the website went down, but it’s not very difficult to guess that the legal concerns surrounding the matter could be that last nail in the coffin.

Representatives from TorrentFreak got in touch with the official moderator of ExtraTorrent and here’s what he communicated with them:

“ExtraTorrent’s release group ETRG is gone now. Ettv and Ethd could remain operational if they get enough donations to sustain the expenses and if they people handling it ready to keep going,”

But, Stay Strong, There’s Still Hope – Extra Torrent Alternatives Are Here

So, here are some famous, legitimate and trustworthy ExtraTorrent Alternatives from where you can download torrents easily.

Best Extratorrents Alternatives

ReviewsDir caters to the best reviews after user demand and analysis. Extratorrents has been around for a while which made users dependent on its solid sources and multiple seeds. But due to its closure, we have gathered the top best ExtraTorrent alternatives which will provide the same experience and in some cases better quality seeds and leechers.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a torrent leader having a massive index torrent library. After ExtraTorrent was shut down, The Pirate Bay came to light as the biggest torrenting hub claimed by the users on the internet. The Pirate Bay was also taken down back in 2014 by copyright infringement, but the website soon revamped and surfaced on the internet.

Further, this Torrent is free from any pop-up advertisements which are a common ordeal on other torrenting websites. With more than two million downloads, this torrent downloading site is undoubtedly the excellent ExtraTorrent alternative running without glitches.

Alexa Ranking: 151

2. isoHunt


isoHunt is not a new name! It has been serving million of torrenters from many years. It didn’t achieve the same heights of fame as ExtraTorrent did in a couple of years. ExtraTorrent closure gives a new life to isoHunt.

With utmost privacy and safety, isoHunt is a good torrent website which maintains millions of active users on a daily providing them with updated movies and TV shows. isoHunt has a big torrent community that relies on its trending hits, forums, and discussions where users can gain instant help for queries.

Alexa Ranking: 34,373

3. Worldwide Torrents

Worldwide Torrents

Worldwide is another excellent ExtraTorrent alternative. Why? As the name suggests users can find new and all sorts of content whether its music, games, movies, TV shows and much more from worldwide. Name the genre and content, and it will suggest you dozens of queries.

Worldwide torrent site gives a boost to the torrent world after ExtraTorrent was shut down completely. There’s only one small glitch; Worldwide torrent itself faced many shutdowns in recent years.

Alexa Ranking: 24,643

4. TorLock


Being accessed by millions and seeds on the rise, TorLock is a famous torrent indexing site where hundreds of users come and go in search of good quality content. The websites wireframe is exceptional and easy to use. It’s not fancy but gets the job done within seconds. Most importantly it avoids any such advertisements being placed on the website making user experience worthwhile.

This torrent contains many updated contents which are cross-checked by developers on a daily basis to remove any fuss. It’s highly essential that all the leechers are removed making the website more convenient removing any chance of bad downloads. This torrent jump starts its content where ExtraTorrent proxy stopped. All you need is three clicks to download your favorite movie.

Alexa Ranking: 7,093

5. Zooqle


Don’t go by the name. The name may fool you, but this is a strong EextraTorrent alternative which is never been shut down by the authorities making it a popular forum for downloading good HD quality content. This indexing website initiates a sign-up process which makes it stand out from other site. It focuses more on genuine users instead of Robots or fake users. Zooqle has a very easy and straightforward navigation grid. It has many categories to go on the top of the page making searches hassle free.

Alexa Ranking: 86,573



EZTV compared to others a new contender in the torrent world but not as new as it looks. It has a brief history of being recognized as a funky new torrent website which users are thrilled to use. The site packs a brilliant retro 90’s feel making it stand out from the rest of the competition. Unlike others, this website was nowhere searched when extratorrent cc ruled. But since its shut down the searches of EZTV.g are immense and in great numbers.

But there is a small glitch that users feel bad about; the torrent files do not last long on the website, and after some time they disappear as the searches tone down. We assume this is merely done to keep the site safe and secure from getting in the DMCA’s radar as most of the files are copyrighted. For users own convenience and relaxation there is a Forum especially situated for the EZTV proxy for users to utilize.

Alexa Ranking: 1,233

If you still seek to see more of the Torrent websites then go through the 10 best working torrent websites to make your decision more clear and precise.

7. SkyTorrents


SkyTorrents is a game changer in the torrent world as its focus has shifted from the mainstream torrent downloads. This website is much advanced than the rest of the clan as its search engine deals in complete privacy and zero tracking. That means whatever the user searches will be 100% hidden and safe.

The search engine has designed in a way that it leaves no trace of searches making the searches close to anonymous. It offers what ExtraTorrents couldn’t. A robust search engine combined with hundreds of torrents.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 145,786

8. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a unique torrent website. Previously due to extratorrents fame, no other torrent website could rank on Google but since after Extratorrents shut down things have taken a U-turn, and now it lies in the top alternatives available to date. This torrent website caters and prioritizes quality and doesn’t compromise on the media offerings.

It offers books, movies, music, TV shows, documentaries and much more. Not to mention limetorrents faced severe blockages, but still its dedication and commitment to providing good seeds made it reappear on the web.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 65,024



RARBG is a pretty popular torrent website and famous for the organized content it hosts on its platform. You can instantly download torrents from here in the meantime. But beware that RARBG is blocked in countries like Saudia Arabia, UK, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland and many other countries. Although it has limited access, but, nonetheless a great Extra Torrent alternative.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 12,321

10. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a favorite pick and most-demanded torrent website after as its fast and safe downloads makes it attractive. A website is as good as the content it provides bringing in good quality streaming and downloads. This is what Popcorn Time offers to its users around the globe.

Popcorn Time has integrated with the leading streaming platform Netflix and it is one of the main reason of its shut down in 2014. After facing many backlash and multiple blockades, it still managed to stay online and running with full force. Make this torrent website a part of your life, and you will have the power of unlimited torrents.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 24,287

Why Use A VPN To Access ExtraTorrent Alternatives?

Using a Torrent website for some time may cut cost and do wonders, but for the long run, it can put you behind bars depending on which country you are residing. Copyright infringement is a big crime, and many media corporations have joined hands to fight against these illegal torrent websites, and was one of them. To counter such an ordeal and avoid ISPs tracking your location while you download torrents, get a hold on a VPN for Torrenting.

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This may sound weird but having a VPN will hide your online identity and keep you anonymous while you visit torrent websites.

So, What’s Next? Any Chances Coming Back Online Again?

Well, as of now, no. And it’s been clearly communicated that if now any ExtraTorrent lookalike website surfaces the web, it’ll not be from the official ExtraTorrent group. Till then, you have the Extratorrent alternatives that’ll serve as a good alternate for your torrenting needs.

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