Top 5 Fastest VPNs for Blazing Speed & Security in 2023

Fastest VPN ServicesWe all want to stay safe and secure on the internet, but we do not want to compromise on the internet speed. So how can we attain both at the same time? This is where the fast secure VPN service comes in.

VPN is helping internet users to reclaim their lost freedom on the Internet, but the speed concerns that come with the VPN usage, cannot be ignored. So, what you want, online protection or fastest browsing that may end up ransomware payments for the rest of your life? Or both the things in one go?

We have a list of super fast VPN that won’t disturb your anonymity, keeps you safe while browsing and never let you regret choosing them by making your internet slower.

Fast VPN Service of 2023 for Speedy Connection

Internet Speed Test

When it comes to speed, keep one thing in mind that a VPN puts merely a different license plate on your data carload in the flow of traffic. The best VPNs don’t slow you down by much.

However, sometimes you have to weigh security against speed, and all the VPN providers rely on the underlying upload and download speeds that your ISP allows.


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Here’s How We Spotted The Fastest VPNs Among 300+ VPN Providers

A perfect VPN can be your best anonymous tool which does not keep logs, offers unlimited torrenting, supports Netflix, and offers about anything that the best and quick VPN does despite a hefty price tag.

The factors that we look for in the Super Fast VPN service are:

How Many Servers does it have?

The number of servers plays a crucial role in determining the speed of the VPN. VPNs with more number of servers worldwide are found to work faster as compared to those who do not.

Which Level of Encryption Does It offer?

It is believed that VPN speed takes a hit as the level of encryption increases. AES-256 is reported to provide a slow connection as compared to its predecessor 128-bit. So before you opt for a VPN, check whether they give you the liberty to switch encryption levels.

List of VPN Protocols it offers?

VPN protocols also play a significant role in VPN speed. Quick VPN offers a wide range of VPN protocols, which include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN. PPTP is the fastest VPN protocol, but it is the weakest in terms of security. On the contrary, OpenVPN protocol is the strongest but is slowest as compared to other protocols. Make your choice wisely and choose a fast VPN service that lets you choose among different VPN protocols.

Does it work with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu?

While searching for a fast VPN service, it is critically important to see if it works fine with popular streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and HULU. Streaming sites discourage the use of quick VPN resulting in their blockage. Thus it is essential to make sure the speed VPN for PC that you choose supports streaming websites.

Is it Torrent-Friendly?

For users who love torrenting more than anything, it is essential to check if the VPN service offer support to P2P and have dedicated P2P-friendly servers. Most quick VPN providers strictly prohibit torrenting while using their services.

How many devices can you simultaneously connect?

Before you buy a subscription, know how many devices your chosen VPN can connect simultaneously. More the number of devices allowed better the coverage of a VPN.

Does it keep logs?

A VPN that keeps users’ activities log is a ‘BIG NO.’

VPN that does not fulfill its primary claim of security is entirely untrustworthy. Before selecting the speed VPN for PC, you needs make sure you read our reviews about whether it keeps a log of your data or not.

Does it offer a split tunneling feature?

With Split tunneling, you can let some of your online traffic encrypted while other device or apps maintain direct access to the internet without VPN encryption.

Split tunneling is used to protect the traffic you choose without losing access to other network devices.

ExpressVPN is a quick VPN that prominent example which offers two different tunneling configurations.

Does it limit you to a certain bandwidth?

We all hate limits, and if something limits us to surf the internet, then it surely not recommended.

All the VPN listed as the top 5 fastest and quick VPN services do not have any such kind of bandwidth or server switching limits for users.

How Pricey is the subscription?

The cost of a VPN is an essential factor to consider. Free quick VPN are often fascinating to many, but little do they know that nothing is free in this world, what you save in your wallet is traded with something else. Quick VPN are often labeled as “pricey,” but they at least don’t trade their user’s privacy.

Now it is time to address the most common queries. We asked experts at ReviewsDir about many of the misconceptions and here is what they said.

Is it TRUE that VPNs Slow Down the Internet Speed?

In short, Yes!

And if any VPN provider claims that it serves the same internet speed as your regular connection, then we will suggest you to part ways with that VPN provider immediately. Those are nothing but false claims!

VPNs aim to safeguard user’s privacy, but for that, they use robust encryption protocols which results in a diminution of VPN speed. Some VPN providers slow down your internet speed to a noticeable amount, whereas some have an effect which is negligible.

But if it is killing your speed to 90%, then there is no point buying its subscription.

And here come the seven reasons why your internet speed can crawl;

  1. Farther the server, the slower the speed
  2. High-level encryption (mainly higher than 256 bit)
  3. Interference by Firewalls
  4. Bad VPN routing algorithms
  5. Your ISP speed
  6. ISP Throttling
  7. Wrong protocol selection

So, what is the solution? Let us give you some tips to boost your VPN performance.

5 Tips to boost the Internet Speed of a VPN

Here’re some tested tips that can boost your VPN performance.

  1. Minimize the Server Gap

Choosing a quick VPN server that is close to your location will help increase your VPN speed. For instance, if you are in Asia and want to stream content that is in the US then choose a server that is on the west coast of the USA. Similarly, if you are in Europe then prefer using a server that resides near the European coast. Additionally, if you know the location of the server is hosting the content, you desire, and then choose the quick VPN server closest to it for faster connectivity.

  1. Know Your Need and VPN Protocols

VPN protocols play a vital role in connection speed. Fastest VPN service mentioned above offer a wide range of VPN protocols, these include PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. Amongst these four, PPTP and L2TP are the fastest protocols, but your geo-location also matters. If you are facing slow internet connection after using a VPN, then you can try switching between different VPN protocols as location plays a key role.

  1. Your Internet Speed Matters!

Wi-Fi is comparatively slower than the wired alternative. A fast VPN service can never provide seamless connectivity unless a fast internet connection supports it. Thus, Internet connection plays a crucial role in speed connectivity after connecting to a VPN.

  1. Remember: “High Encryption = Slow Speed”

Military-Grade AES-256 is notoriously a slow encryption choice for a quick VPN. However, it is incredibly secure as compared to its previous version 128-bit and 192-bit encryptions.

  1. Firewalls and Anti-Viruses are Anti-Speed

Some firewalls and antivirus cause speed issues. You can turn off the firewalls and third-party security apps to enjoy better speed VPN for PC.

There are myths surrounding VPN related to its speed and security. Further in this article, we will bust these myths.

4 Myth Surrounding VPN with High Speed – Busted!

VPNs are often misunderstood as they are comparatively new to many. Below are four common myths that are often disguised as queries on the internet.

Does a Fast VPN Service Compromise on Security?

Security and speed are the two main constitutes of a quick VPN, but there is often a particular argument that speed and security can’t go hand in hand.

It is an undeniable fact that there is a price of everything; you lose something to gain something. But is it the case of a speed VPN for PC? Let’s find out;

A fast VPN service for streaming aims to provide a smooth streaming experience, but not at the cost of your security.

A VPN vendor ensures that no matter what its user’s do, the security does stay intact and is not compromised.

Similarly, VPNs (especially the ones listed above) are conscious about both speed and security, be it streaming, torrenting or gaming.

Does Super Fast VPN Make Your Device Hack-Proof?

The core use of a VPN is to hide IP address and encrypt online traffic. A VPN is not built to save you from viruses online; neither can it stop you from clicking a phishing link. Anti-viruses can help protect you from malware threats, but even they cannot restrict you click a wrong link.

Will my Internet Work Faster When I Use a speed VPN for PC?

How can you even think of it? It sounds like squeezing more juice out of a lemon that it already has. If you have an internet speed of 10MB and you are expecting that after subscribing to a Super fast VPN service you will have your connection speed increased, and then it is not your fault, you are misguided.

All Speed VPN for PC are More or Less Same

Fast VPN service differ a lot. They vary with the level of encryption they provide, many servers they have, the speed VPN for PC offers and VPN protocols come with the service pack. While VPNs are made with a single aim in mind, they differ with one another on more than one aspect. There are separate VPNs that are best for torrenting, then there are the ones that are perfect for corporate setups, and then there are the ultimate fastest VPNs that are unanimously applauded.

What else can I do with a Super Fast VPN?

Up Your Gaming Experience

The smooth and secure gaming experience is every gamers’ dream. Gamers perceive that because VPNs connect through farther routes, which result in higher ping and lag. However little they know that using a VPN can save you from potential DDoS attack, and by tweaking some settings, you can also yield maximum connection speed. Try it:

  • Connecting to a VPN server that is close to the gaming server
  • Connecting to a VPN server that is close to your location
  • Consider connecting to a mediator in between your location and gaming server.

Anonymously Download Torrent without Getting Caught

Since Quick VPN makes its user anonymous on the internet, it is loved by torrenters that love hiding their real identity. Speediest VPNs are an excellent match for a torrent user as they are quick yet secure. But before you opt for a Torrent VPN for downloading, here are some factors you should check.

  • Should possess zero-logging policy
  • Offers DNS Protection
  • Should allow P2P
  • Provides Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Possess a kill switch

How the Super Fast VPN Service Aids Streaming?

Online streaming has made it so easy to catch up with everything on the go. Today top streaming sites such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and HULU are just a click away. Though online streaming has changed how and where we enjoy, but strict geo-restrictions policies have obstructed this entertainment to many.

VPNs with high speed are more than a blessing in such dire times. They not only unblock geo-restricted content but with their fast speed enable smooth streaming online. If you need a VPN to watch your favorite shows or movies online, then the VPN service should be your ultimate choice.

Guards VOIP Communications

Skype is one of the prominent VOIP (Voice over Internet Provider) apps. However, it is blocked in many Middle Eastern countries. A mid-level understanding of internet protocols can unblock Skype, but the risk involved in an interception by agencies is what discourages many. A Speed VPN for PC is a perfect alternative to this issue. A quick VPN possess the tendency to unblock popular VOIP connections with being anonymous.

Save More When Booking Flight Tickets

Traveling websites use cookies and data gathering methods that reveal geo-location; it helps them target their potential customers. If they feel that a customer is interested, they charge more money. But their fares differ from country to country.

A quick VPN can help you save some bucks when booking airline tickets, sounds impressive isn’t it!

Here’s how to.

  1. Check and compare prices of airline tickets
  2. Connect a Super fast VPN and select the country which offers the lowest price
  3. Book your flight and enjoy!

3 VPNs That Are NOT Recommended By ReviewsDir Experts

As you have come down to this part of the blog, you must be familiar with the hi-speed VPN for PC. Here are the not so recommended VPNs.

  1. Avira Phantom
  2. BolehVPN
  3. Betternet

We do not suggest these slow VPNs to those irresistible internet freaks that hardly wait seconds for a site to load. Moreover, it is not for a general audience as well, which demand seamless and secure internet.

Our Take on Fast VPN Service

Many factors help rank quick VPN, and speed is on the top of the list. Though speed is not everything, and there are other factors too, but choosing a Super fast VPN ensures that every other high-end feature will come intact.

Experts at ReviewsDir rate ExpressVPN to be the best quick VPN amongst all others in 2020. It has outclassed its competitors in terms of stability, connectivity, and security. We hope that we shared a good insight from the VPN industry, and it will help you choose the right fast VPN service that provides both speed and security.

We would love to hear from our readers in the comment section below. Enlighten us with your experiences with VPNs in your daily life.

Hi, I’m Mir Murtaza. I’m an aspired writer and a lover of technology. My interests lie in the impacts of technology and how it can lift our lives when applied properly. My reviews are based on my own experience and done with thorough research.

  1. Greetings!

    This is a great list that doesn’t sound like it was written by paid reviewers for a change. Nice job!

    There is one big issue that many VPN reviewers overlook, (and I’m not sure how to test it either), and that is the VPN’s IP address reputation. If the VPN’s endpoint IP addresses are being blacklisted and black-holed, speed is irrelevant.

    I tried ExpressVPN and it’s a fast as a black cat at midnight! Unfortunately, just about every endpoint they have is on numerous spam-lists so they get blocked a lot – especially by e-mail providers. To be fair, I have opened a support ticket, and they do respond quickly, so let’s see what happens.

  2. First I just want to say what a great website you have created, very informative. I am using Avast VPN on a Windows computer and Google Chrome browser. Without a VPN I am getting download speeds up to 180 MB, and 24 MB up, using Ookla to test speeds. Using Avast VPN drops that to 40-60 MB down and 2-3 MB up, and I have tried using multiple locations from Miami to Atlanta, NY, Chicago and Jacksonville. Miami and NY are classed as P2P. My location is S Florida. When I download torrents my speed falls drastically. With one torrent downloading I get 6 MB down and up. 2 torrents simultaneously 2.5 MB down and 1.4 MB up. 3 torrents 2 MB down and 1.5 up, and 4 torrents 1 MB down and up. I have conducted dozens of tests over the course of the day to get an average of the speeds. I had previously used Private Internet Access, which was faster at the beginning of my one year subscription, but the speeds deteriorated towards the end of that one year subscription to speeds similar to Avast’s. Do you have any suggestions for a fastest VPN for streaming and torrenting? I only download torrents once or twice a month.

    • Hello Jeff. I understand the trouble you’re having with torrents. It is a known issue with all VPN users, where the speed generally being compromised to a great level. To the best of my experience, the speed fluctuation has an impact from the location you are connected. So my first advice here is to try out switching to different servers and see which one has a better download and upload speed in your Torrent client. Also, do check the health of the torrent file – sometimes it is the issue from the tracker we are downloading. We have covered a detailed guide on how to download torrent safely which covers the speed area also.

      Now coming back to the recommendation – I am a big fan of ExpressVPN as personally I have never encountered an issue while downloading torrent with this premium fast VPN connection. I download 2-3 torrent files every week, and for me the German and Florida server works like a charm. I only see a drop of 10% in speed compared to what I get without a VPN, which is a fair reduction.

      Hope this answers the question. Let me know if you need any more help. And thanks for appreciating our work!

  3. Nordvpn improved vastly in the speed department! I got it a bit over a year ago, and since then I can see significant improvements. Kudos to them 😉

    • Indeed they have improved a lot in speed. But not to forget the other amazing features that you enjoy with NordVPN.

  4. This post always update, It’s true Express vpn so fast or HMA? I am
    confused for choosing between them. Nothing comment are new. i need your
    suggestion. I need vpn fast.

    • Hi Harry. Though both the VPNs deliver good speed while browsing the web. However, we found ExpressVPN better in terms of speed and stability. And not just you get fast VPN connection from ExpressVPN, but there are various other features that you’ll surely enjoy!

  5. Are these standings legit?

  6. It seems HMA saves fairly detailed logs so might want to be careful if you torrent with HMA. I might just go with ExpressVPN instead.

  7. Sorry but NordVPN is slow. I spent hours with these people trying all kinds of things. It always worked out with VPN running my speeds were 2/3 to 1/2 of what I normally got. In my opinion I don’t think VPN is ready for prime time. I’m not willing to sacrifice that much speed for VPN. I work from home and am uploading and downloading all day. I don’t want to spend more time trying to get files back and forth than I need to. Sounds like HMA is the preferred VPN here. I will check them out.

  8. Astrill has my back wherever I am hence they got my vote.

  9. Shout out to you ReviewsDir. really doing a fantastic job. Even responding to what people have to say. Definitely a site and a post to recommend! I haven’t tried HMA orr HSS paid. In paid subs, I’ve only used Ivacy and Nord and the experience was pretty decent in both cases (I mainly use them for browsing and casual downloading). Guess the associated costs are justified.

    • Hi Dominic,

      Thanks for appreciating our work – we do our best to bring the best to our audience.

      Both Ivacy and NordVPN are one of the best options when it comes to speed, however, we see Ivacy more as a ‘privacy’ themed VPN service provider. Our tests didn’t include Ivacy in the first place, but in the second round of our speedy VPN test, we will add Ivacy and some other VPNs as mentioned by other contributors. Cheers!

  10. TorVPN! Have been a satsfied user of them for last 5 years. They don’t keep logs of users and most importantly they have a 24/7 customer support service, the fastest vpn service I have had so far. Can’t recommend them enough! 👍

    • Hi,

      Indeed, TorVPN is among the top VPN service that take privacy seriously. In the first roundup, we didn’t test their service for a high-speed VPN, but we will surely consider it adding in the second round. Cheers! ??

  11. HMA gets my vote.

    • Hi Hanna,

      Your vote surely adds up a value here. HideMyAss scored pretty decent in our test and we are sure it delivers the good to you also.

  12. I just tried ExpressVPN and got shit speeds! You guys are clearly just listing the best paying affiliate sites. Otherwise sites like AirVPN would be listed

    • Agreed speed is terrible F-secure is much better than that crap Express VPN

    • Hi,

      Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback, and sad to hear that you didn’t had very good experience with Express. However, in our first roundup we didn’t include AirVPN in the speedy VPNs list, but it will surely be part of our review in the upcoming test. Cheers! ?

  13. I am surprised to see NordVPN because I had them for three months and the experience was not satisfactory. I switched to Astrill and so far the speed I am getting is worth the money I am paying for. Hope to see Astrill on your next update 😉

    • Hi Charles,

      Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback, and we are sorry to hear about the experience you had with NordVPN. Astrill VPN indeed offers great VPN service, however, our first roundup didn’t include Astrill, but will surely run a test on it. Cheers! ?

  14. Getting Fastest VPN for my region is indeed a tough task. However getting this list makes me feel a bit relax and for my opinion Express uptill now is showing a very good result when talking about fastest VPN service

  15. Been hearing a lot about IPVanish and PureVPN. If I use any of these fastest VPN services, will I be able to watch any Korean drama on the US website? They detect my IP address to indicate where I live and I cannot access to the US site for live streaming due to the content restriction.

    • For sure, none of the listed providers will let any ISP to track on you. Not only the listed providers are fastest VPNs, but they offer secure and private Internet experience.

  16. I believe ‘speed’ is not the only factor to keep in mind when going for shopping. You need a full-proof security too!

  17. I’ve been using HMA for a couple of years. It remained my top choice for the fastest vpn service, the most privacy-vigilant service provider!

  18. I think VPN has now become a necessity for the internet users. I signed up for ExpressVPN a year ago and totally agree on it. It’s been perfect for me. Much satisfied!

  19. These days there are hundreds of VPN providers that claim to be the fastest vpn providers! What factors are actually needed to be considered when looking for a high speed vpn? What would you suggest?

  20. I am experiencing slow browsing shall I change my Laptop or Fastest VPN service from above will help me out to get rid of clumsy moves.

    • Laptop has nothing to do with your browsing. It may depend on your ISP; check with your local Internet Service Provider, or else, get a fastest VPN service to boost your Internet speed.

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