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Formula 1 Live Streaming

You said speed, and we heard F1 live stream. The sound of wheel frictions against the track leaves many mesmerized. Besides, people around the world gather at the arena to watch the live-action of this extravaganza. Further, people who cannot attend the matches physically want to know how to watch F1 on a television channel or streaming platform.

Every country or region has its official television broadcaster. Besides, there are some paid and free streaming sites that will end your worry about how to stream Formula 1. However, sometimes, you don’t have a subscription to the official television channel. Further, you may find the foreign channels to watch F1 race blocked in your geographical location. This problem during Formula 1 free stream can happen because of Geo-blocking or digital restrictions.

Again, thanks to Geo-blocking, many broadcasters are increasing their subscription charges, making Formula 1 live stream free all the more difficult for you. So, what is the way out to watch live Formula 1 without any hassle? Well, the answer is easy. Get a VPN and enjoy the F1 live stream to your heart’s content.

But, first thing first! Before we discuss the role of a VPN in making the F1 race stream more enjoyable, we will mention the TV and OTT channels to watch Formula 1 matches. Also, there will be a revised calendar for F1 matches for you.

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Last Updated On: 22 November 2022

Best Free TV Channels and OTT Channels to Watch F1 live stream

Here is your list of television channels and internet platforms to watch Formula 1 live streaming free.

f1 live stream

Free Television Channels for F1 Live Stream:

As mentioned before, every country or a specific geographical zone has its own official broadcaster. We have enlisted some of the free channels to watch Formula One.

  1. RTSH for Albania
  2. Network 10 for Australia
  3. CCTV 5, CCTV 5+, Great Sports, Guangdong Sports for China
  4. C8 for France
  5. Channel 4 for Ireland
  6. ABC for the USA

However, there are many free channels, including Varzish TV for Tajikistan, and Match TV for Russia, RTL for Luxembourg, etc. that will allow the local residents to watch the F1 live stream. The problem occurs when someone tries to access these channels outside their territories. Don’t worry! A VPN can take care of all those problems with its powerful encryption and a large server base. However, you will get to know the details in one of the later sections.

Free Internet Broadcaster of F1 Live Stream:

  1. YouTube and Formula One app for free F1 streaming USA and worldwide
  2. 10 Play for Australia
  3. Tencent for China
  4. All 4 for the United Kingdom
  5. Mediaklikk for Hungary
  6. ERT Play for Greece

In the next segment, we will name the paid TV and OTT channels to watch F1 online.

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Paid TV Channels and OTT Platforms for F1 Live Stream:

Check out the list of television and internet broadcasters to know where to watch Formula one streaming.

Paid Television Channels for F1 Live Stream:

  1. Fox Sports for Australia
  2. Sky Sports F1 for Germany and the United Kingdom
  3. Star Sports for Indian Subcontinent
  4. DAZN F1 for Spain
  5. ESPN+ for the United States

However, there are other paid channels, such as Canal+, Canal+Sport, and S Sport, etc., where you can watch F1 matches.

Paid Online Platforms for F1 Live Stream:

  1. F1 TV for All Countries
  2. Foxtel Now and Kayo Sports for Australia
  3. TSN Direct and RDS Direct for Canada
  4. Hotstar for India
  5. Sky Go and Now for the United Kingdom
  6. ESPN+ for the United States

With a powerful VPN, such as ExpressVPN, you will be able to access these channels even if you are residing or traveling outside the country. So, there will never be any dearth of options to watch Formula 1 online and on television channels.

Why do I Need a VPN to Watch F1 Live Stream?

At first, let us tell you what a VPN is. Perhaps this will help you understand better why you need a VPN to watch the F1 live stream. A VPN or Virtual Private Network creates a protected tunnel to ensure the optimum online safety for a user. Further, the protected tunnel is created when a user is doing any online activity.

f1 live stream through vpn

Besides, any leading VPN will help you to easily get out of the Geo-restricted zone by connecting your internet connection to a server outside a particular geographical location. Again, it will mask your IP address, and protect you from the prying eyes of the vigilant authorities. Moreover, it stops the access of hackers and spammers to your confidential info as you watch Formula 1 stream live.

So, what are the reasons for getting a VPN for Formula 1 stream live? Let us find out.

Use a VPN to Enjoy Blazing Speed as You Watch Formula 1 Stream Live:

Broken and disrupted broadcasting can be very annoying when you are watching Formula 1 stream live. But why does it happen? It happens when your internet speed is suddenly decreased. Further, a drop in the bandwidth causes a high ping rate when you are watching Formula 1 stream live. Again, a high ping rate affects the audio and video output of your Formula 1 stream live.

However, when you are using a VPN like ExpressVPN, there will be military-grade encryptions. In simpler words, all your information will be coded. Besides, the VPN will mask your IP address. So, no unwanted entity, including your internet service provider, will be able to intervene with your internet speed or online activity as you enjoy Formula 1 stream live. So, there will be an improved internet speed, resulting in better streaming quality.

Evade Geo-restrictions and Get Acess to Banned Channels to Watch Formula 1 Stream Live:

As mentioned before, owing to strict digital law and censorship policies, you may fail to access many free and paid channels in your country. However, a VPN with many servers can easily solve this problem of Formula 1 stream live.

ExpressVPN, and other leading VPNs have a worldwide server base. So, you don’t have to worry even if you are physically in a Geo-restricted zone. Further, a VPN will hide your IP address or internet identity and let you connect with a server outside the restricted area. In simpler words, you may be actually present in the USA, and your country does not have a free channel for Formula 1 stream live, you can easily connect to an Australian server to enjoy the matches. How cool is that?

Further, no vigilant authority will be able to track you when you are evading digital restrictions or censorship rules to watch Formula 1 stream live.

Livestream F1 Free without Compromising Online Safety:

Cybercrime is something that keeps all of us worried. So, how can we stop that when we livestream F1 free? Then, let us tell you the way out. A leading VPN will come with powerful encryptions. So, your important information or confidential data will be almost impregnable. Further, this will stop the access of hackers and spammers to your confidential info. Moreover, nobody will be able to use and resell your online patterns.

In a nutshell, with a VPN, you will be able to livestream F1 free without any worries of data theft.

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Can I Livestream F1 Free with a Free VPN?

No, we will never recommend using a free VPN to enjoy livestream F1 free. Besides, we have seen how people fall prey to many perils when they use a free or non-reliable service provider for livestream F1 free. So, read the following problems to know why you should not use a free VPN for livestream F1 free.

f1 live stream free through vpn

  1. You may lose all your confidential data, including banking details, if you are using a free VPN with weak safety protocols.
  2. Besides, a free VPN can cause an annoying experience with inferior internet speed as you watch livestream F1 free.
  3. Further, if the VPN cannot protect your online identity, you may be caught and punished for trying to access the blocked channels for livestream F1 free.
  4. Also, you may fail to reach out to the channels showing livestream F1 free in the first place.

So, isn’t there any safe way to watch livestream F1 free? Yes, you can definitely subscribe to ExpressVPN for Formula 1 streaming. Besides, to add to your excitement of Formula 1 streaming, it is offering a 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee. So, buy the subscription now and enjoy Formula 1 streaming on any channel you want.

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What are the Best VPNs for Formula 1 Streaming?

Many service providers in the market claim to offer the best speed, safety, and accessibility for Formula 1 streaming. However, we have assessed many VPN services and hand-picked a few. So, here goes the list of best VPNs to watch Formula 1 streaming.

Additional Benefits of a VPN:

By now, you know that a VPN can improve your Formula 1 streaming experience. However, the benefit of a VPN is not limited to boosting your Formula 1 streaming experience only. So, it’s time you know its other advantages.

  1. It will give you remote access to all the devices within the same network.
  2. Besides, you will be able to share your files safely.
  3. Further, a VPN will help you enjoy the maximum internet speed when you are enjoying Formula 1 streaming experience or doing any other online activity.
  4. Moreover, it will protect your confidential information.


We hope that you have found all the important information related to where and how to watch Formula 1 streaming in this article. Besides, you know why you need a VPN for safe and enjoyable Formula 1 streaming. So, what are you waiting for? Go, and subscribe to a VPN you find the best. Happy streaming!

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