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If Paris is a city of love then definitely France is a country of free souls. France has such a strong association with freedom of expression, free will, and independence that it is apparently hard to believe anyone would need a France VPN to protect their online privacy and to access global content within our outside France.

So why would people need a VPN France service if the country promotes freedom?

Unfortunately, when our team started digging to figure out the best France VPN, we were blown away by the number of restrictions and cyber laws imposed in the country that interferes with the online privacy of a common French citizen. Indeed, there are a lot of restrictions in the country that halts netizens from accessing foreign and local French websites.

5 Best VPN for France – The Most Reliable Options

We at ReviewsDir tested a couple of service providers that seem a reliable French VPN option, and following are the best picks from our editors.

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So What laws make the use of VPN France an absolute necessary?

It is time to shock you too by revealing laws working against you in France. Here we go;

  • HADOPI: A government agency HADOPI (Haute Autorité pour la Diffusion des Oeuvres et la Protection des droits sur Internet) was assigned to conduct online surveillance to catch copyright infringers in 2009.
  • LOPPSI 2: This law was aimed at eliminating child pornography by filtering the internet.
  • LCEN: Trust in the Digital Economy law required hosting providers to cooperate with a court order regarding content related to “insult, defamation, or denigration” of an individual or a company.
  • Surveillance Bill (2016): In response to Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015, the French government passed a new surveillance bill in May 2016 that allowed French intelligence agencies to monitor phone calls and internet activity of any suspected terrorist without authorization.
  • EU Data Retention Directive (DRD): The DRD requires all European Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecommunication companies to keep traffic record of its users for last 12 months.
  • DG SE Surveillance Incident: NSA’s exposure by Edward Snowden also revealed that the General Directorate for External Security was collecting metadata of French citizens, as reported by French newspaper Le Monde.

Wow! That was quite something, right? We can understand how you are feeling right now as it was also hard for us to digest. But don’t worry, we already know the solution, no?

Anyway, the ultimate lesson is that you are in dire need of French VPN. But you cannot trust any random VPN because there are too many laws and regulations to dodge. Only a pro and veteran France VPN can survive so many layers of government and regional commandments and protect your online privacy.

Not-So-Scary Reasons to Have a France VPN

We know our revelations were hefty and outright scary, but those aren’t only reasons to have a French VPN. Besides online privacy and security, you must avail a France VPN because;

i. France VPN for French living outside the country

For all those millions of French expatriates living outside the country, an authentic France VPN will allow easy and uninterrupted access to French television and movies. And that’s one very major reason why people look for a VPN Service.

ii. VPN for French residents in the country

As for all those French binge watchers who couldn’t get enough of Netflix or HBO Go, a France VPN will ensure smooth entry to world’s popular streaming channels like Netflix US, Hulu, HBO Go, WWE Network, BBC iPlayer and Pandora. You might want to connect to a US IP address in order to get in Netflix US as its content library is way huge than any other region. In addition, a lot of foreign websites might not be accessible in France; a VPN also helps to get access to all the global content online.

iii. French VPN Battles Cybercrimes

Cyber crimes are increasing in the country as the reliance on different technological devices have increased dramatically. The users often provide loopholes themselves by using unprotected public Wi-Fi and leaving their devices vulnerable to a security breach. A French VPN can protect you from all such incidents by encrypting your data and masking your IP address. Remember, your data is precious and protecting it from cyber criminals is your duty, so better connect to a VPN!

A Detailed Summary of every French Law affecting French Netizens

We have touched upon different French laws and regulations in the start, but it is time to give individual attention to each one and tell you about its impact on a common French internet user.


HADOPI law is also known as three strikes legislation that came into action in 2009, focusing on copyright infringers. A government agency HADOPI was given permission for online surveillance to narrow down the culprits and ban their access to the internet after the third warning.The three strikes of the law were as follow – the first action against the infringer was an official email, then a certified letter and finally, a court order with a maximum fine of 1500 Euros. The HADOPI was a huge failure and revoked in 2013. Now the government follows a much lenient law that fines copyright infringers.

  • LOPPSI 2:

LOPPSI 2 was focused on reducing child pornography in France and it was adopted in 2011. However, it received criticism from a free speech group called La Quadrature du Net. The group’s stance was that the government authorities are over-filtering the internet, often blocking stories that have nothing to do with the law. Also, it messes up the bandwidth speed.

  • LCEN:

The LCEN was introduced in 2004 and it required hosting providers to help in any content related to the “insult, defamation or denigration”. Its biggest criticism was that it failed to acknowledge emails as private correspondence.

  • Surveillance Bill (2016):

The newly passed surveillance bill allows the government to snoop anyone’s mobile phone communication and Internet activity without so much as an authorization from a judge. The French Parliament passed this bill in May 2015 and it was moved forward after Charlie Hebdo incident in January 2015. Considering the fact that there have been six terrorist attacks, that killed 129 and injured 352, so far in the country, the surveillance bill is likely to stay effective for a long time.

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  • EU Data Retention Directive (DRD):

European Union’s Data Retention Directive was introduced in 2006. All European states adopted it. The DRD requires the ISPs and telecoms to keep a record of its users for last 12 months. The police or security agencies can request access to the information of any individual like IP address, time of any call, message or email (received or sent). Thankfully, the Court of Justice of the EU declared the DRD invalid in 2014.

  • DG SE Mass Surveillance

DG SE is a French external intelligence agency and it was conducting a similar surveillance act like US Prism program. The French daily Le Monde further revealed the purpose of the data collection was to identify terrorist cells, but the surveillance was on such a huge level that “anyone can be spied on, anytime”.

Verdict – Time to Take Action

If anything we can offer you after researching and compiling this detailed list of 5 best France VPNs, it is that the internet in France is full of antagonists. There are so many odds working against a French netizen that it is hard to survive on your own. It is you versus the government laws, international spying programs, cybercrimes, geo-restriction and so much more.

So my friend, you need a genuine France VPN that can take care of your online security, hide your IP address, encrypt your data and provide you eternal peace of mind. Believe it or not, we are not exaggerating when we urge you sign up for a French VPN ASAP.’Joie de vivre’ Your Digital Life! ???

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