This New Gaming TV Show Is All About Time Travel & Herpes


Hulu is coming up with a sci-fi TV show named Future Man, starring Josh Hutcherson from Hunger Games who’s playing the character of Josh Futterman, a sad janitor at a Medical Facility in the morning and a fanatic gamer by night.

Now, in an absurd chain of events, Josh is caught in an intergalactic adventure, and his only escape from it is to go back in time and stop a doctor from finding the cure for herpes because somehow it’ll bring an end to the human race. Sounds Ridiculous? Well, the trailer looks super-fun to us!

Future Man is directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and their element is surely reflecting in the surreal humor, punchlines and fighting scenes in the show. Future Man would make you nostalgic as the theme is pretty reminiscent of Back To The Future, The World’s End and The Last Starfighter.

This show would resound with every gamer out there, as it’s an ultimate fantasy of a gamer to physically exist in a game, change the odds and feel like home in the gaming world, just like in Future Man, Josh has to use his gaming abilities to survive the hurdles and roadblocks he come across in his time travel journey. It’s a truly original and fascinating story which is going to make waves among gamers.

Hulu already had a breakthrough with its recent production The Handmaid’s Tale, but we’re not comparing Future Man with any of those titles, but it’ll surely be a fun watch and would create a distinct cult followership among gamers.

Future Man airs on November 14, 2017 on Hulu.

*Banner Image Courtesy – Hulu

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