Hotspot Shield VPN Found Violating Its Users’ Privacy!

Hotspot Shield VPN Violating Users' Privacy

Hotspot Shield VPN, a famous VPN service provider app by AnchorFree, have been accused of breaching the privacy of its users by monetizing their data and trading their information with third-party advertising companies.

This issue was brought to light by Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), a digital rights advocacy group, in their complaint forwarded to FTC, in which they stated that the VPN company follows “unfair and deceptive trade practices” and its “privacy policies” in fact allows them to share their information with third-party.

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The irony is that concerned netizens opt for Hotspot Shield VPN service to protect their browsing history and safeguard their personal information, but little did they know that the very data they were trying to shield and protect from the world was being used by their own savior and was being monetized.

The stance of the CEO of Hotspot Shield VPN was very clear from the beginning and in a recent interview with Huffington Post, he clearly mentioned that it is the primary policy of our company to “never log or store user data”. But their actual practices clearly contradicts this claim.

It was further discovered that Hotspot Shield VPN was also injecting JavaScript codes into its users’ browsers to track their online behavior and show targeted advertising. This is the exact same thing that AnchorFree, a few days back, was preaching against in a blogpost with the headline, “Don’t Let ISPs Monetize Your Web History: Use Hotspot Shield.”

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On one hand, it capitalized on the fact that FCC is killing the online privacy of its users by introducing rules that’ll allow ISPs to harvest your personal information and at the same time presumably doing the same thing behind closed doors.

Hotspot Shield still hasn’t responded to these allegations and have been called by the CDT to undergo an official investigation on their data collection processes and privacy practices.

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