How To Clear Cache On Kodi

Clear Cache on Kodi

Kodi geeks! You must know what is Kodi, but must not aware of some technicalities to run your XBMC device; does your Kodi buffer and irritate you while streaming? If not then wait; your Kodi cache will soon be filled and you’ll be needing workarounds to clear cache on Kodi. Worry not! Bookmark this guide and kick playback issues, lagging addons, or other strange occurrences on Kodi, flash the cache and know everything related to Kodi cache.

Note: Before moving further, it’s highly recommended not to overdo it because it isn’t as necessary as some commentators would have you believe.

Unfortunately, despite our pressure, Kodi’s developers haven’t incorporated a “Clear Cache” button within the software, the only solution we still left with is the third-party add-ons and Kodi repos.

Clearing your cache in Kodi isn’t a process that you have to often, there is no harm in clearing up the cache to fix Kodi issues, as it frees up space for other addons to use it to create buffer for video playback, giving you an improved streaming performance. Similar to an Android phone or tablet, clearing your cache help fix many issues within Kodi’s system. Unlike in the Android, however, clearing cache on Kodi requires an additional plugin—one we’ll detailing below. Some of the previous methods for clearing cache became outdated as specific repositories have shut down and closed doors for good.

Previous methods of clearing Kodi cache have involved the use of Merlin Wizard add-on or others, unfortunately, those repositories aren’t functioning anymore. We will keep this blog up-to-date whenever possible, and if you find that the given addon stops working, do let us know so that we can find another for you.

Be it a streaming box, phone, or tablet; you’ll first need to install a repository called Super Repo, a repository with many addons. So, let’s go ahead and get a command on how to clear cache on Kodi. We are demonstrating the method to clear cache on Kodi XBMC Krypton and Jarvis.

Why Does Kodi Cache Need To Be Cleaned?

If you’re using the software that creates cache -though cache is usually good, over time accumulation of cache can slow systems down. As your disk is running out of space, Kodi will start acting erratically.

So, if you’re using Kodi on a device with a large hard drive say Laptop, Desktop, etc. you’ll be least bothered about cleaning your cache. But if you use the small device, you have to worry about cleaning your Kodi cache. Devices with small hard drives fill up faster compared to devices with larger hard drives.

What Are The Types Of Kodi Cache?

There are five main types of KODI cache, including:

  1. Video Cache
  2. Image Cache
  3. Temp Files
  4. Addon Cache
  5. Android Application cache

Video Cache

It makes video experience smoother; do you know, KODI saves a few seconds of video before streaming began and saved permanently even after you stopped watching the video.

Addon Cache

This cache has specific folders to save bits of data for future use like; menus, logos, wallpaper backgrounds, and other resources. Many addons are programmed to erase that cache automatically, while others not.

Android Application Cache

If you’re a KODI Android user, you must know that you’ve to clear the application cache folder every time and that way, the files inside the folder may become corrupt. But if you erase the cache using cache cleaning facilities, KODI automatically replace the files when you load KODI next time.

Image Cache

When the KODI strikes “SCRAPER” databases, the downloaded album and DVD covers get stored in the image cache. Image cache files are compressed to takes less space in the device, and in case you have a large video or audio files on a device there is a  more chance to clean up an image cache.

Temp Files

This Temp file is used to keep all the files including Subtitles or Zip files or RAR files and sometimes older version of addons dumped here. This file directory is like a bin where all various types of files stored.

Now, let’s move on to to the tutorial guide to clear the cache on Kodi

How To Clear Cache Automatically On Kodi Krypton 17 with SuperRepo

As mentioned, Merlin wizard is not working anymore, and obviously, the Kodi community is a bit worried. Well, there’s always an alternative; use Super Repo -one of the popular repo packages, let’s install.

1. Launch Kodi and go to Settings icon

2. Go to File Manager and double-click Add Source.

3. Click ‘None’ and type the to OK

4. Type the Media Source name ‘Superrepo’ and click OK.

5. Backspace to go back to Kodi Main Menu, click Addons and then on Package Installer icon.

6. Now, select Install from Zip File > Click superrepo > Krypton > Repositories > Superrepo.

7. Click ‘’ and wait.

8. Now select Install from Repository > SuperRepo Repositories [Krypton] [V7]  > Addon Repository > SuperRepo All > Install and wait.

9. Go to Addons > Box icon > Install from Repository > SuperRepo All > Program addons > Merlin Repository > Merlin Wizard.

Now get on to the crux of the notion – Clearing cache

10. Go to Tool Box in the above menu

11. Scroll down until you find three options i.e. Clear Caches, Delete Packages, and Delete Thumbnails. Click on all of these 3 to free unnecessary space.

12. Once cleared, click on Exit.

Congratulations! You have cleared your Kodi cache, enjoy buffer ree video playbacks. Do remember that buffering is not just because of overloaded cache; some other factors also contribute in Kodi buffering issue.

How to Clear Cache in Kodi Jarvis 16 or Below?

Follow the first four steps that is mentioned in the Krypton version, then follow these;

1. Install from Zip File > SuperRepo > Jarvis > Repositories > Superrepo >

2. Now select Install from Repository > SuperRepo Repository > Addon Repository > SuperRepo All Repository > Install

3. Go back to Install from Repository > SuperRepo All Repository > Program Addons > Merlin Wizard > Install

Now clear cache;

4. Open Merlin Wizard.

5. Go to Tool Box.

6. Find 3 options i.e. Clear Caches, Delete Packages, and Delete Thumbnails.

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See You Soon!

Hope you find this how-to Kodi guide to clear cache, helpful. Keep checking our website to know more about exciting addons and their closures, survivals, configuration workarounds, troubleshooting and most importantly; their unblocking solutions.

Still troubling with your Kodi box? Our comment section is waiting; we’ll give our best to help!

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