How to Install Exodus on Kodi in Less Than 60 Seconds


Exodus for Kodi is an extremely popular addon. Most Kodi Users have Exodus to fulfill their hunger for amazing entertaining TV series, movies, live shows, and much more. The sources of Exodus are a bit suspicious, but end-users are mostly concern with the content more than anything. Exodus is an unofficial Kodi addon, and Kodi platform does not officially endorse it. However, Exodus for Kodi is badass at its job, and that’s why people love it blindly – and you should definitely download Exodus on your Kodi device today! Today, we’ll guide you through the step on how to install Exodus on Kodi without any hassle. So, continue reading.

Kodi Exodus Addon – How to Add Exodus to Kodi Without Any Hassle

Being part of the industry, it is our job to warn you about the recent chaotic matter of Kodi’s legality. Since Kodi brings legal and illegal content in one platform via Kodi addons, the copyrights mafia is furious at the platform and continuously trying to get Kodi banned or labeled illegal. So far, it has been clear that Kodi itself is a legal medium, but Kodi addons that stream pirated content are responsible. So far, Kodi is trying to distance itself from the third party Kodi addons to save itself from getting the tag of “illegal.”

The situation is so severe that many Kodi addons have shut down their operations to avoid lawsuits from different agencies. Fortunately, Exodus for Kodi is committed to its consumers. You can still download and install Exodus on Kodi and watch hours of free entertainment. However, it is not recommended to take the current Kodi crackdown lightly. ReviewsDir strongly suggests the readers to use a Kodi VPN before installing any third party Kodi addons, including Exodus for Kodi.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi – The Complete Installation Guide

We are not here to tell you one generic installation guide for getting Exodus on Kodi. We know for a fact that many people have different versions of Kodi and they are consuming Kodi on different devices. Our goal is to provide you complete information about installing Exodus for Kodi. We have a complete guide, and we will tell you how to add Exodus on different versions of Kodi and multiple operating systems. Here we go;

How To Install Exodus On Kodi 17.1 & 17.3

To add Exodus to Kodi 17.1 and 17.3, you can download and install Exodus by following the video tutorial below;

How To Install Exodus On Kodi Krypton

Installation on Kodi Krypton is straightforward. Trust us! We have done it many times. You have to follow these steps to install Exodus on Kodi Krypton.

  1. Click “Settings” button
    exodus for kodi
  2. Go to “System Settings”how to add exodus to kodi
  3. Click on “Addons”kodi addon exodu
  4. Now switch on “Unknown Sources.”how to install exodus on kodi
  5. A warning box will pop up. Click “Yes.”how to download exodus on kodi
  6. Click on “Settings” button againhow to add exodus to kodi
  7. Choose “File Manager”kodi addon exodus
  8. Click “Add Source” on the left sidekodi addon exodus
  9. Click “None”how to add exodus to kodi
  10. Write this URL: for kodi
  11. Name the media source as kodistuff and then Click “OK”exodus kodi
  12. Now select “Addons” from the main menuadd exodus to kodi addon
  13. Choose Package Installer button on topexodus for kodi package installer
  14. Select “Install from zip file”download exodus for kodi
  15. From the pop-up window, select kodistuff;exodus for kodistuff
  16. Click on “”install exodus kodi repocolossus
  17. Wait till a pop up appears saying Colossal Repository has been installed.install exodus on kodi colossal repository
  18. Select “Install from repository”how to install exodus on kodi nstall from repository
  19. Choose Colossus Repositoryexodus for kodi colossus repository
  20. Select Video Addonshow to add exodus to kodi video addon
  21. Now select Covenant – New Exodusexodus for kodi covenant video
  22. Click Installhow to install exodus on kodi install covenant
  23. After installation, you can find it in the video addons

How To Add Exodus to Kodi on Windows 10

For Windows users, installing Exodus on Kodi is not a tough job. We have a video tutorial that will help you through the process. Please watch;

How To Install Exodus On Kodi Android

Android is one of the most popular choices of OS for many folks out there. If you are habitual of watching shows on your smartphones, it is time to get Kodi for Exodus on Android. Once again, we have a precise installation guide in the form of a video tutorial. It will help you install Exodus on Kodi Android. Let’s watch it;

How To Add Exodus To Kodi 17

We have already given you Kodi 17.1 and 17.3 installation guides with screenshots above. This one is a video tutorial to add Exodus to Kodi 17. The video is quick and to-the-point. You can follow it easily to accomplish your goal of installing Exodus to Kodi 17. Here we go;

How To Install Exodus On Firestick

The Amazon Fire Stick is another popular platform among TV lovers. Guess what? Kodi works with Fire Stick too. So if you are willing to bring Exodus treat to Fire Stick, just follow the directions in the following video.

How To Install Exodus On Kodi Mac

It would be criminal of us to include Windows and Android and forget Mac OS. So here’s a video guide to install Exodus on Kodi Mac;

How To Add Exodus to Kodi on iOS

You need Exodus for Kodi on your iPhones too. We have found a quick video tutorial to install Exodus on Kodi iOS. Feel free to indulge at your leisure;

Best Streaming VPNs to Use with Kodi Exodus Addon

We have already discussed the third-party addon of Kodi and its privacy concerns. However, we strongly advise our readers always to use a VPN while you enjoy streaming on Kodi. Below are top three VPN recommendations for our Kodi users.

Exodus For Kodi: Install Wherever You Want. Now!

Exodus for Kodi is a brilliant addon with a number of benefits. We personally rank Exodus in our top 5 Kodi addons. It has been developed beautifully. The developers have added numerous sources of entertainment. It removes the hassle for the user and does most of the work. We simply love it. Exodus for Kodi gives rejuvenating meaning to the entire Kodi platform.

At the beginning of the piece, our goal was to provide you complete installation guides for Exodus. We have covered a number of Kodi versions and operating systems to install Exodus. In case, you are looking for any other installation guide for Exodus for Kodi, let us know in the comments, and we will facilitate you. Also, we are waiting for your feedback about the installation guides mentioned here. Are they helpful or not?

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