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Are you ready to make your Kodi the ultimate entertainment powerhouse by installing Netflix on it? Well, installing Netflix addon on Kodi is the dream combination that every streamer longs for. So, in this guide, we’ll discuss how you can install NetflixXBMC addon on Kodi so that you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows from a single interactive interface of Kodi.

How To Install Netflix Addon On Kodi Step-By-Step

To not get lost in the technical jargons and mumbo-jumbo, we’ve laid down the whole process of Kodi Netflix installation step by step which would clarify how you can get Netflix up and running on Kodi Krypton 17 and newer versions.

*So, the first step is to fetch NetflixXBMC addon on Kodi from “alelec repository”. If you’re  unable to find the addon there, just get a Kodi VPN, connect to United States server and then you’ll easily be able to find it.

Let’s initiate the process of adding Netflix On Kodi:

1: Download the alelec repository

First and foremost you have to download alelec repository from here. It’s where you’ll find the Netflix addons for Kodi. Here’s the link to alelec repository. Kindly save the .zip file and remember the location of the file.

2: Get your Kodi app ready

Now that you’ve download alelec repository which is the first puzzle of the step, get your Kodi app ready, launch it and then navigate to the cogwheel icon on the top left corner of the screen as shown in the picture below:

Install Netflix Addon Step 1


3: Go to System Settings Menu

Settings Menu

Now, once you enter the Systems Settings Menu, you need to navigate to the bottom left corner of the screen and look for the cogwheel icons stating “Standard”. Once you click on the ‘standard’ option, it will take you to the “Advanced” menu, and by clicking again, you’ll be directed towards “Expert” menu. This is where you need to be.

Install Netflix Addon Step 3

Once you’re in the Expert Mode, look for the Add-ons option on the left hand side menu. There you need to enable “Unknown Sources” option which is actually for installing third-party add-ons and services on Kodi. Just click on “Yes” when the warning notification appears.

4: Install alelec Repository On Kodi

The primary reason for you to perform the above-mentioned step was to allow alelec repository to be installed on Kodi. Now, in order to install alelec repository on Kodi, you need to go back to the Kodi home screen. And look for the Add-Ons option on the left-hand side of the menu. Just to clarify that this Addon section is different from the Addon section we had in the Expert Mode. So, don’t get confused by the same option.

Install Netflix Addon Step 4


5: Access The ‘Install From Zip File’ Option From The Add-ons Menu

Now, once you’re in the menu, click on the Open-Box icon located on the upper left corner of the screen.

Install Netflix Addon Step 5


It’s where you’ll see the option “Install From Zip File”.


Install Netflix Addon Step 6

Now, if you get lost during this process, simply press backspace to again go to the home screen and following the steps accordingly. Once you’re on the right path, click “Install from zip file” option on the list.

6: Locate the alelec repository file directory

Once you click on install from zip file option, simply locate the path where you’ve saved the alelec repository file and then install it. You’ll be notified when the installation is successful.

7: Install alelec repository  

You’re just one step away from installing alelec repository and Netflix addon. Simply go to the Kodi home screen again and clicking on the “Open Box” icon. Now, this time you’ll click on the option “Install from repository” option.

Install Netflix Addon Step 7


Now, in the list you’ll see “‘alelec Kodi Repo”. This is what you’ve installed before and this is where you’ll find Netflix Addon for Kodi. You’ll be directed towards another menu where you have to click on “Program add-ons” option.

Install Netflix Addon Step 8


8: Open Chrome & Navigate To NetflixXBMC

Once you enter the “Program add-on” option, you’ll instantly see Chrome Launcher. Just install and open it. It will take few moments before you get notified about the installation. Once notified, go back to alelec Kodi repo, select the “Video add-ons” option and select NetflixXBMC.

Install Netflix Addon Step 9


9: Voila! You’re Finished Installing Netflix Addon For Kodi  

Once you’ve successfully followed all the above-mentioned processes, you simply need to head over to Kodi home screen > Videos > Add-ons > NetflixXBMC. Now, simply log in to your Netflix account and enjoy watching Netflix on Kodi Krypton.

Now, that you know how to install Netflix on Kodi, bear in mind that there are numerous Kodi Netflix addons out there and not every addon is an official one, so we’ll advise you to avoid installing any addon which hasn’t been chanted in the Kodi community or isn’t much popular.

Also be advised that as you update Kodi versions, the addons installed may stop working or get buggy, so, in that case, we’ll advise you to either rollback update or install a newer version of the addon. We’ve mentioned NetflixXBMC addon for Kodi because of its popularity and credibility among Kodi users, but we don’t guarantee that it’ll be like that always, but right now, at the time this guide is being written, NetflixXBMC is the best addon there is for Kodi users.

Unlock Full Potential Of Kodi Netflix Addon By Using A VPN

Every Netflixer knows that to enjoy Netflix to the fullest, you need to have access to the US Netflix library because it has got the maximum number of TV shows and movies. By using a VPN for Netflix Kodi, you can simply connect to any US server before launching Kodi and once you are connected, stream the complete Netflix library from the comfort of your couch from anywhere in the world.

Here are some of the VPNs listed below that’ll allow you to stream Netflix smoothly on Kodi as many other VPNs are already blocked by Netflix. So, these below-mentioned VPNs would surely work with Netflix addons for Kodi and allow you to stream your favorite flicks without any hassle:

In A Nutshell – Isn’t Installing Netflix Kodi Addon Easy?

We can say for sure that installing Kodi Netflix Addon wouldn’t have been an issue for you if you’ve followed the steps correctly. We know that there are many other streaming addons out there that have Netflix in them, but we’d prefer NetflixXBMC as it’s the standalone Netflix Kodi addon that’s close to perfect. So, if there’s anything that was not understandable, do let us know in the comments section and we’ll do the tweaks! Enjoy binge-watching Netflix on Kodi!

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