How To Install Kodi On PS4 & PS3 – The Ultimate Guide

Install PS4 on Kodi

Any gamer who isn’t familiar with Xbox, PS4 or PS3 is undoubtedly crazy. PS4 is trending since forever, and its popularity has increased over time since gaming is no more a waste of time as some parent’s state. But it has become a profession now! Gamers tend to earn their living as well while competing in clans and groups in their expertise gaming. With the addition of Kodi on PS3 and PS4, gaming is on a new level. First, you need to know that how you can install Kodi on PS3 and PS4 with this easy guide.

PS4 Kodi users will confirm that it’s possible to stream live media through the console apart from the high-class HD games. Just for that purpose, Kodi is the open media streaming box that comes to mind which can suffice gamer’s thirst for online gaming.

If you are new to the gaming arena then let us recall what’s Kodi, shall we? This is an open source platform which provides content online for its utilizers. Developed by the previously known XMBC foundation, with time Kodi has gained some enormous amounts of lovers who regardless of the Prohibitions on Kodi, crave to use it every day. It has a vast content library to fulfill all your streaming desires whether it’s for TV shows or movies. Now imagine the best gaming platform PS4 having Kodi on it? Let’s check out how to install Kodi on PS4 and PS3

Kodi  On PS3 and PS4 – Key Features And Its Advantages

Kodi is currently available on multiple operating systems and is compatible with many devices, allowing users to stream, views images, play games podcast music and much more over the internet. Kodi being an HTPC application caters to numerous languages and supports good updated addons that attracting users around the Globe looking for working official addons.

Let’s discuss some basic factors which need to be clearly understood. Kodi is available for iOS, Mac, Android but not available on PS4 or PS3. There is no way users can directly download Kodi PS4 since there is no official app on of PS4 kodi available by the company. However, there is a way out through a third party app called “Plex.” Plex is another media streamer which can be accessed to move towards installing Kodi on PS4. However just as mentioned earlier we would recommend users a VPN to keep them anonymous online, since you never know which law enforcement agency is keeping eyes on the buying and selling of Kodi boxes and its illegal usage.

Before we move ahead with the guide, its necessary to create a Plex account before you proceed any further.

  • Create a plex account by entering the given URL in your browser
  • Wait till it  connects to the media
  • Login to Plex with your ID and select“Stay in Trial mode”.
  • Go to Settings and chose System.
  • Tweak the settings by turning on “Advertise as a server, “Show camera roll media”, and “Network discovery”. Next step to install Kodi on PS4

Methods To install Kodi On PS4

Just follow these steps and happy gaming!

  • Open your PS4 device
  • On the search box look for Plex app
  • After finding the app hit install.
  • A download option will appear above the plex application. Select it.
  • The application will soon start downloading! Till then gentlemen I’d suggest wait for it until it gets downloaded.
  • The app will be downloaded and installed within a matter of minutes
  • Next step is to access the app by checking into the video and TV shows section
  • Open the app and create a new user account
  • A link will be given while creating the account. After creating the account click on the link to return back on the home page
  • After the account creation a code will be sent. On the home page punch in the code.
  • After punching the code a notification will pop up as it will be licked with Plex app on your PS4.
  • Also later you need to download the same Plex app for your Android device through the play store.
  • Next sign in with your credentials on the Plex app
  • And that’s it.

We hope these instructions will let the users get to the initial step to install Kodi on PS4. The name Kodi and its rendezvous games on PS4 are simply iconic and simple to access. Moreover, you can also get things further to make your gaming happening by Installing Kodi on Xbox One as well. The demand of Xbox One is off the charts and increasing as more games are being prepped for it.

But what good is your Kodi device if you don’t have the right addons for Kodi PS3 and Kodi PS4. That would mean as if getting Body of the Car without its engine. Kodi Games Addons are pivotal for your Kodi on PS4 and Kodi on PS3 to run smoothly. There are dozens of addons surfacing the Kodi community but needs the right limelight to be known by the users.

Kodi on PS3 will be soon extinct as the predecessor has been dominated by the new and robust Kodi on Ps4. As time will move on, new games will not be compatible on Kodi PS3 but till that happens, get the best out of Kodi on PS4 and Kodi on PS3 through this ultimate guide.

Happy Gaming!

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