How to Unblock Kodi in the UK Without Being Tracked


Kodi is the mother of all inventions in the world of entertainment consumption. It is a free media player software that can stream TV, movies, documentaries, live shows and other things on your computer, smartphone, TV, tablet, set-top box, etc. It sure seems like a useful software, so people started to sell Kodi boxes in the market. Kodi box comes in different shapes and sizes (a set-top box or HDMI stick) and has pre-installed Kodi media player.

If Kodi is such a harmless device then why it has infuriated UK so much that it fined a man with £250,000 bill for selling fully loaded Kodi boxes. Kodi itself is innocent, but after installing a couple of third-party plugins and add-ons, you can stream pirated and geo-restricted content for free. In this regard, selling fully loaded Kodi boxes is illegal and can land you in trouble. Also, it is not just about sellers. Even, the Kodi box users can be jailed for 10 years.

So now you have two options. Say goodbye to Kodi box forever or find out a foolproof plan to continue using Kodi without getting in legal trouble. Once the authorities got hold of you, it will be extremely ugly for you to handle. The idea is to stay out of the legal mess and use solid VPNs for unblocking Kodi in the UK.

How to unblock Kodi in the UK – Step-by-Step Guide

In orde to unblock kodi in UK and stay safe from the prying eyes of the government just follow these steps:

  • Select a provider from the table below
  • Sign-up for the VPN service
  • Install the VPN on your device
  • Connect to a server in US or any location other than UK (this is imperative)
  • Launch Kodi
  • Unblock Kodi and access unlimited add-ons.

There are plenty of VPN options available in the market that can be a perfect solution to unblock Kodi in the UK. We have reviewed a few, and selected the following best options that can help you in both anonymity and speed.

What are the qualities you should look in a VPN to unblock Kodi in UK

You know the situation is severe in UK right now. Authorities are hunting down Kodi users aggressively. It is only a matter of time before your Internet Service Provider (ISP) snitched on you. So if you have taken a decision to use a VPN to unblock Kodi in UK then you must make sure it has following qualities;

  • Internet Speed: Security and no logs are crucial for a VPN in UK but at the end of the day, you are using VPN to stream videos online. It is a heavy task that requires fast internet speed. It would be foolish of you to subscribe a VPN that has a solid security portfolio but fails to deliver in the speed department. For Kodi in UK, internet speed is as important as the security and anonymity. You need a VPN that shouldn’t mess your TV watching experience. It means internet speed deserves a priority on your list.
  • Security and Privacy: The VPN must have strong security and privacy options. It should be able to protect you with an impenetrable wall. It should be able to keep you anonymous all the time. So your VPN pick must have strong encryption options and protocols. It should have extra security features like an automatic kill switch to protect you in the case of emergency or extreme situations. To unblock Kodi in the UK, you need someone who can guard you online without faltering for one second. It is important that you spend time going through the security features of your VPN service provider.
  • No Logs Policy: It is not just about staying safe from the outside world. You need to get protection from the VPN service provider itself. Your VPN shouldn’t have any information about you. In case, UK authorities come to your VPN for information about users; the service provider shouldn’t have anything to you. Especially, internet activity logs are out of the question. Anything that indicates you are using Kodi in UK can get you in trouble. So find out a VPN that is serious about its no logs policy.
  • Headquarters: A VPN that’s located in the UK has to follow the rules and regulations of the same region. So if UK internet laws require a VPN to keep user data for a particular amount of time, then it has to comply. Ideally, your VPN should not be based in the UK. However, that doesn’t mean you can go for any country except UK. A VPN that has headquarters in the country with minimal internet laws is perfect to unblock Kodi in UK. You can easily find out this information about any VPN on its official website.
  • Anonymous Payment Method: As discussed earlier, it is plausible if your VPN provider has a minimum or no information about you. The payment method you choose to settle the monthly or yearly bill of your VPN is super important. If you are giving away your credit card information or email id, then it is revealing a lot about you, at least, enough to get you in trouble with UK authorities. Ideally, you should choose to pay anonymously. Payment methods like Bitcoin are always recommended in such tight situations. You should check the payment methods offered by your VPN service provider before finalizing it.

Note: ReviewsDir is in no way recommending the use of VPN to access Kodi in UK. The final decision is yours. We take no responsibility for any legal trouble that may or may not ensues due to a violation of any internet law (s).

Using Kodi In UK Is Threatening But Still Possible

It is not the first time that UK has taken such strict measures to control piracy and illegal access to geo-restricted or copyrighted content. In fact, UK is not the only country that has an active Copyrights mafia in the world. At times, the rules are somewhat ridiculous and adversely affect people who are not breaking any law. Not all Kodi box users are streaming pirated or copyrighted content so why should they bear the consequences.

That’s why using a VPN for Kodi in UK is a logical way because you never know when UK copyrights trolls may slap you with a notice or fine you heavily for a crime that you clearly didn’t commit. We have done our part by presenting the best VPN options to unblock Kodi in UK.

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