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Are you a #BombZquad gang, #TeamFury, or a supporter of the next big puncher? Whichever you are, the upcoming match will be memorable. The big professional boxing matches will pack a punch to the guts. But what if you don’t get to be there live to witness the heavyweight punches? You can as well stream the boxing online, straight from the oven, and feel the presence of blood and sweat. Still, there is an art to boxing streaming free that leaves you better off than others. Since a lot of people would be on live stream boxing, you don’t want to be left at the mercy of your local network throttling.

This article will therefore explain to you everything you need to know about boxing live stream free matches at the most efficient cost and effective connection you’ve ever seen. It will take you through the basics of free streaming boxing, the challenges that confront doing so, and the answer no one hard puncher will ever tell you about.

What is the Challenge When it Comes to Watching Boxing?

Boxing is thrilling for anyone to ever miss the beauty of it. How do we explain the gore substantiated by courage and the physical strains that come with it? It’s simply thrilling and unbelievable! While other sports concentrate on the team, boxing delineates the rigors of the individual and it’s the more reason everyone relates to the sport.

While no one should ever miss this beautiful sport, we agree several challenges come with streaming boxing matches. We’ve been there ourselves. We’ve seen them. We know how frustrating these challenges can be. Some of them include:

  1. Your local network throttling nonstop
  2. Connections so low you wonder what next to do
  3. Restricted to only the mediocre matches
  4. Not being able to stream premium matches live
  5. Having to suffer endless adverts while streaming
  6. Poor internet safety and security

The challenges are endless and keep mounting with each attempt to riddle them as if to have a spar with you right on the spot. As if you both should pull off your gloves, set a costume tone and design, and enter the ring with your heaven pants, not sparing blood and sweat. It’s totally frustrating.

Where You Can Watch The Live Boxing Matches on a Good Day

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Being frustrated can be tamed. Whether you are a rookie to boxing streaming sites or not. It’s a gradual process to become professional at maximizing your streaming satisfaction. It takes guts to know both paid and free boxing streaming websites. Being undisputed for many years at providing boxing resources, here are some free and paid platforms where you could watch boxing online free on a good day.

Top 3 Platforms to Watch Boxing Fights For Free


Enthusiasts must have heard of this website and possibly made use of its incredible features. If you’re looking for a great place to watch boxing matches for free, Chanfeed should be your first point of contact. The website provides users with access to boxing fights for free and still provides boxing schedules beforehand.

Sports RAR:

Call it your unconventional boxing platform, this platform allows you to stream matches of different sports online without paying a dime for it. Interesting, is it not? All you have to do is click on the provided links for the matches and start streaming away!

Watch Sports Online:

Yet another great platform for boxing lovers and enthusiasts. Do not miss out on any of their features. Like Sports RAR, the platform also creates multiple servers that meet your boxing demands. You can even watch tonight’s boxing live stream on the platform.

Top 3 Premium Websites to Stream Boxing Fights


This platform is entirely focused on boxing and won’t do anything to comprise the art. However, as there is nothing free in Freetown, it costs about $20 per month and $99 per year to stream premium boxing fights. But you need to be careful of being manipulated with automatic subscriptions.

watch boxing streaming free espn


This is a household name in sports and should not be a surprise to find the company here. ESPN has lots of top-ranked boxing matches you never want to miss. Subscriptions range from $6 a month to $60 a year. Still, you need to be careful of automatic charges.


This is the third premium boxing channel we know. The channel offers streaming options for about $11 in a month. Their boxing events are likewise major, even though they might not match up to others. You still need to be wary of adverts anyway.

How Do I Watch Boxing Live Streams Now?

Due to the variations in licensing agreements, it would be impossible to stream with fanfare. There is no freedom to free streaming boxing, no liberty to what you are allowed to see. You don’t get to see all content and this is because some are geo-blocked.

Your only biggest motivation to explore content without restrictions is the use of VPNs. VPNs provide you the very means to maximizing your boxing live stream free satisfaction. You operate without inhibitions. You dance your way through the maze of internet throttling and unlock all channels without leaving traces behind.

What is VPN for Boxing Streaming Free?

The use of VPNs for boxing live stream free is not that difficult to understand. It’s easy peasy if you ask us. VPNs are those private networks that allow you to overrun other networks without ever being detected. You can pretend you are in Rome with VPNs, even though we all know you are at home.

VPNs allow you to manipulate timelines and regions. Think Mohammed Ali with the pace or Mike Tyson with the power and accuracy. VPNs for boxing live stream free combine speed, power, and accuracy to provide perfect boxing streaming free services for you. And that is even like understating it. Unlocking the many benefits of VPNs would require you to handle VPNs yourself for boxing live stream free. And why should you not?

Why Use a VPN for Boxing Live Stream Free?

The question should be “Why not use VPNs for free streaming boxing?”

VPNs for boxing streaming free have proven countless times to be the go-to network for every free person in the world. Statistically, one out of four people in the world uses VPNs for boxing streaming free. Here are some of the reasons for this popularity:

  1. No worry about delays with VPNs
  2. Bandwidth cost management.
  3. Maximization of streaming satisfaction.
  4. No content restriction or inhibition.
  5. Internet security and safety
  6. Full-blown internet anonymity

Best VPN for Live Streaming Boxing Matches

What Are the Risks of Using a Free VPN for Free Streaming Boxing?

As interesting and clandestine as VPNs sound, you still need to be conscious of using certain VPNs for boxing streaming free, especially free VPNs. Nothing that comes free goes for free. You should be wondering how some free VPNs providers make their money. The observation is that they make money off your free streaming boxing. You, the VPN consumer, are the product.

Some of the risks you are certain to experience with free VPNs for boxing live stream free include:

  1. Data manipulation and theft.
  2. Infringement of privacy.
  3. Unwanted advertisements.
  4. Poor streaming service.
  5. Poor customer service.
  6. Unmet streaming expectations.
  7. Deceit and fraud.

But You Can Get a Paid VPN for Boxing Live Stream Free?

watch boxing streaming free with vpn

Why rely on free VPNs when you can have paid VPNs for free? Read that again. Although it’s paid, the services and the mouthwatering offers will never make you think it is. Unfortunately, there is only one VPN for free streaming boxing that meets this description and that is ExpressVPN.

Available on Windows, MAC, IOS, Android, and just every other device you can think of, ExpressVPN currently enjoys a moment of acceptance and relish. Its features are undeniably magnificent for boxing live stream free. This is the only VPN that perfectly run:

  1. As web browser extensions;
  2. For smart TV systems;
  3. For game consoles;
  4. For other gadgets, you may have.

Aside from operation and compatibility, these are some of the things you will get when you subscribe to ExpressVPN to stream boxing online:

  1. State-of-the-art 256-bit unbeatable encryption;
  2. Bandwidth that never ends;
  3. Outrageously available customer support;
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee if unsatisfied.

VPN on Boxing Streaming Free FAQs

Still not satisfied with this exposition on VPNs? Do find below, provided answers to some of the frequent questions about VPNs on boxing streaming free.

Do I really need a VPN for free streaming boxing?

Yea, you need a VPN for boxing live stream free. Unless you do not want to maximize your satisfaction, you can do away with VPNs.

How legal is it to use VPNs for streaming boxing live?

It’s not illegal to use VPNs for boxing streaming free at all. Beating restrictions is avant-garde and democratic.

Do I need to use a VPN for boxing streaming free?

We recommend you use VPNs on every free streaming boxing site you find yourself, whether this is for boxing or football. VPNs protect your data and can keep you safe.


The use of VPNs for boxing live stream is essential. Aside from the fact that it helps to unlock certain websites, it also keeps you safe. However, not all VPNs work towards your boxing live stream needs. Some pretend to offer you what goes beyond them and it’s common to free VPNs for free streaming boxing.

Looking for the best VPN to stream boxing, we totally recommend ExpressVPN. This is the only VPN for boxing streaming free that we know non-compromised remain non-compromised. Although it’s paid, it may be judged free with its incredible offers. This is the VPN for free streaming boxing to take to the stage where sweat and blood meet.

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