How to Watch Carabao Cup Live Stream 2022

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Football fans across the globe are very excited about the 62nd edition of the Carabao Cup, previously known as the EFL Cup. It doesn’t matter which country they belong to. They are united by an undying passion for the game of soccer. Naturally, they are eager to know the details about the Carabao Cup live streaming online. Well, we know that many television channels are showing the Carabao or EFL Cup matches. However, most of these channels come with a hefty subscription charge, making more people inclined towards Carabao Cup live stream online.

However, there is another problem in watching the Carabao Cup live streaming online. Even if you find the free and paid digital platforms to watch the Carabao Cup live online,  in most cases, those will be banned outside a particular geographical territory, thanks to Geo-blocking. Besides, strict digital laws and censorship policies of various countries ban many channels where you can enjoy the Carabao Cup live streaming online.

So, how to watch Carabao Cup online? Yes, that’s a pertinent question and a pressing concern for many. However, we have a simple solution for this problem. You can subscribe to a VPN and watch the Carabao Cup live streaming online on any channel of your choice.

We will discuss how a VPN can watching the Carabao Cup live streaming online from anywhere. However, firstly, we want you to know the names of TV channels and web platforms for watching the Carabao Cup live streaming online.

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What are the Best Paid Platforms on the Internet to Watch the Carabao Cup Live Streaming Online?

carabao cup live stream
There are many paid digital channels to watch the Carabao Cup live streaming online. However, only having a subscription to these channels is not enough. At the same time, you need a provision for evading Geo-restrictions to access these channels. Otherwise, you may find many of these channels to watch the Carabao Cup live streaming online banned in your country or area. So, some of the most prominent paid online channels to watch the EFL Cup matches are:

Sky Go:

Sky Sports is the official broadcasting partner of the EFL Cup matches in the United Kingdom. If you are a Sky Q customer, you can watch the Carabao Cup live streaming online on the Sky Go platform. However, you will not be able to watch the matches on it outside the UK. So, get a VPN with a UK server to solve this problem.

Now Streaming Service:

Sky Sports owns this streaming platform also. It is preferable to some viewers because of the options of daily and monthly passes. In other words, you can buy a daily pass that will give you access for 24-hours to watch the Carabao Cup live streaming online. However, we think the monthly pass is more pocket-friendly. Again, this service is also based in the UK, and for watching it outside the United Kingdom, you will need a VPN.


You can watch Carabao Cup online on ESPN+ in the USA. It will show the matches broadcasted on ESPN, the television partner of the EFL Cup in the USA. If you are traveling or residing outside the country, subscribe to a VPN with a USA server to evade Geo-blocking.


It is another paid platform to watch Carabao Cup online in the USA. It is a subsidiary of Disney Streaming Services. Use a powerful VPN, such as ExpressVPN, with a large server base to watch this channel outside the USA.


This streaming platform will show the EFL Club matches in Austria. If you are planning to watch Carabao Cup online on DAZN and finding it blocked, subscribe to a VPN.


If you are planning to watch Carabao Cup online in India, choose Voot. It is the OTT platform of the Viacom 18 Group, the broadcasting partner in India.

Now, you know the name of some paid online platforms to watch the EFL Cup. It’s time to discuss the names of some online platforms for the Carabao Cup live streaming free.

What are the Free Online Platforms to Watch Carabo Cup Online?

Well, we know that many links directing to free websites become live just before the beginning of major sports events. In other words, you will find many links directing to various websites for watching the Carabao Cup live stream free when a match is about to start. However, often, even these cannot be accessed, owing to Geo-blocking or digital restrictions. Nonetheless, we will share the name of some popular free channels to watch Carabao Cup matches.


This is a free streaming site to watch the EFL or Carabao Cup matches. However, it is a service available in the UK and Germany. If you are not from these countries, you can access Stream2Watch with a VPN.

CBS Sports App:

It is a free streaming site to watch Carabao Cup online in the USA. Along with the live streaming facility, this platform comes with analytical news about the matches along with other related videos.

Stream Woop:

Stream Woop makes sure that you never miss your favorite matches. You can watch Carabao Cup online on Stream Woop, and it will intimate you whenever there is a live sports event.

We have shared the names of paid and free online platforms to watch the EFL Cup. However, there are many people who want to stick to the old way of enjoying the matches on television. For them, there is a list of television channels showing the EFL Cup in our next section.

What are the TV Channels to Watch the EFL Cup?

where to watch carabao cup live stream
You already know that Sky Sports is showing the matches in the UK, ESPN is the television partner in the USA. So, it’s time to share the names of some other TV broadcasters.

  1. beIN Sports for France, Andorra, Monaco & DOM TOMs, Turkey, Middle East & North Africa, etc.
  2. Supersport for Sub-Saharan Africa
  3. Sportsmax for the Caribbean countries
  4. ESPN Sur for South America

Once again, this is a not complete list of TV broadcasters, and you will find many other names on the official website of the EFL Cup.

So, it’s time we discuss why you need a VPN to watch the EFL Cup online.

Why do I Need a VPN to Watch Carabao Cup Online?

What are the probable problems you can think of while watching the EFL Cup online? There may be digital restrictions or Geo-blocking, broken streaming, and online data leakage. Well, a VPN can be the best answer to all your problems.

A VPN will Help You to Unblock the Streaming Channels:

As already mentioned, many countries have stringent digital laws, and they follow strict censorship policies. So, many online streaming platforms are banned in different parts of the world. However, a VPN with a wide server base can easily end this problem of Geo-blocking. Do you want to know about it in detail? Well, a premium VPN, like ExpressVPN, will come with servers present in different corners of the world.

Therefore, it will easily create a link between your internet connection and a server present outside the Geo-restricted zone. Again, you will have your IP address masked, and no one will be able to track that you are streaming a banned site from a Geo-restricted zone.

Further, no administrative body will be able to trace you or punish you for breaking the digital law as your IP address will be hidden.

A VPN Ensures Better Internet Speed and Enhanced Streaming Quality:

How will you feel if the video streaming breaks repeatedly? Well, annoying, to say the least. However, this is a very common problem. Your internet service provider or any unwanted entity can control your internet connection, and cause a drop in the internet speed. A deterioration in the bandwidth further causes a high ping rate and inferior streaming quality. As a result, the streaming gets disrupted.

On the other hand, a VPN will maintain your holistic online anonymity. So, nobody will be able to control your internet speed. Even, your internet service provider will fail to impose any throttling measure on your internet connection.

You will Stay Protected from Cybercrime with a VPN:

Do you remember the ciphers in popular detective novels? Those were hard to decode. Similarly, a VPN with advanced encryption protocols will code your data so that no hacker, spammer, or unwanted entity can access it. In other words, with a VPN having advanced encryption protocols, the chances of online data theft are eliminated.

However, there are many free VPN services in the market, making false claims about bolstered safety, better speed, etc. Don’t subscribe to those, and our next section explains why you need to stay away from a free VPN.

Can I Watch Carabao Cup Online with a Free VPN?

No, you cannot watch the EFL Cup matches with a free VPN. We know, and you also should have the knowledge about the perils of using a free VPN.

  1. If the encryption protocol is not powerful, any hacker or spammer can steal your confidential info or logging in patterns.
  2. Your internet service provider can easily throttle your connection, causing a drop in internet speed.
  3. The administrative bodies may trace and punish you if the safety protocols to evade Geo-blocking are not powerful.
  4. A free VPN with very few servers may fail to help you evade digital restrictions and unblock the desired sites.

So, what is the safest possible way to watch Carabao Cup online? Start using ExpressVPN that comes with Lightway, an advanced encryption protocol. Besides, how can we not mention its 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee?

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What are the Best VPNs for Watching the EFL Cup Matches?

What are the Additional Benefits of Using a VPN?

It is not about streaming the EPL Cup matches only. A VPN comes with many other benefits, including:

  1. Remote access to all the devices within the same network and a safe file sharing mechanism for the people working from home.
  2. Uninterrupted streaming with a high-speed internet connection.
  3. Complete peace of mind regarding data safety.
  4. Protection against the vigilance of government and administrative bodies.


watch carabao cup live stream free with vpn
So, now you know about the TV channels and OTT platforms where you can watch Carabao Cup online. Besides, we have discussed how a VPN can bypass all the restrictions and end all the challenges as you stream your favorite matches. So, subscribe to a premium VPN service before you start watching the EFL Cup. Happy streaming!

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