How To Watch HGTV Live Online Outside Canada


HGTV is a unique TV channel that focuses on real estate, home and garden design, remodeling, and decoration. The HGTV Canada has original Canadian programs and licensed content from flagship HGTV channel (broadcasted in the US only). More than 82% Americans have subscribed the HGTV channel as of 2015. HGTV is also the third most watched channel in the US, after Fox News Channel and ESPN. HGTV replaced CNN to capture the third slot.

It is obvious that HGTV Canada is available in Canada only and the flagship HGTV is available in the US only. Since there are not many TV channels that cater the unique interest of the audience in home improvement and decoration, HGTV is in high demand throughout the world. Also, some original programs of HGTV Canada are so good and popular that Americans want to access them. In a similar way, a few programs on HGTV are so entertaining that Canadians would love to see them. However, none of them can fulfill their desire as the HGTV Canada and HGTV are geo-restricted.

The logical way to access your desired HGTV channel is by finding a VPN. But not every VPN is up for the task. You need a VPN that has servers in US and Canada and the service provider should provide blazing internet speed for HGTV live streaming. It wouldn’t hurt if the VPN follows a strict no logs policy and has proper encryption options. It is a long list of required features in a VPN to watch HGTV live. So we decided to help you out by finding the right VPN options. We can assure you following are not random names and have been selected after exhausting research work.

Top 5 VPNs To Watch HGTV Live Stream Free Outside Canada

How To Watch HGTV Without Cable

The interesting thing about HGTV is that it can be watched without cable. In fact, HGTV is available on multiple sources that allow you to watch the channel on TV, mobile, laptop, or tab. Name the device and we are sure HGTV will be easily accessible on it. We have mentioned few sources to watch HGTV without cable here;

Watch HGTV Online – Download And Own

One of the ways to watch HGTV online is by purchasing the shows. The HGTV shows are easily available on Amazon, iTunes, and other online stores. The advantage is that you own the show forever and you can watch it whenever you want. However, the shows are mostly available for purchase after they have been broadcasted on the HGTV completely. So it is not ideal if you wish to follow a current TV program on HGTV.

Watch HGTV On Hulu And Netflix – Occasional HGTV Fix

Hulu has selected HGTV series. You won’t get the entire seasons but you can always watch a few episodes of your favorite HGTV shows. Similarly, Netflix has a content deal with HGTV and has a few TV programs in its content library. The programs like “Property Brothers”, “Love it or List it” and “Holmes Inspection” are present on Netflix. Hulu and Netflix are a great medium to watch HGTV, especially if you love to watch the channel occasionally. However, loyal HGTV viewers have to find some other way to watch HGTV online.

Watch HGTV Via Apps – HGTV Live On The Go

HGTV has smartphone apps for Android and iOS. Probably, the channel understands that you love watching TV on the go. The apps can be downloaded for free from respective app store. However, you will need to provide the details of your HGTV channel subscription. Also, the apps work in the US and Canada only. You should use VPN if you use the HGTV app outside these two countries.

Watch HGTV On PlayStation Vue – A Decent HGTV Option

In March 2016, Sony released its PlayStation Vue service. PS Vue aims to provide many TV channels without the requirement of the cable provider. The cost of PlayStation Vue is $30 per month and it has a collection of more than 50 TV channels. Vue is not only available on PlayStation but it is compatible with Amazon Fire TV and different streaming devices. You can watch AMC, TBS, Discovery, HGTV and more on PlayStation Vue.

Watch HGTV On Sling TV – Best Way For HGTV Live

Sling TV is one of the best ways to watch HGTV. Sling TV can offer you all of the HGTV and other TV channels for just $20 a month. Sling TV has access to HGTV live stream. Also, it stores the HGTV programs for three days which be watched on demand. Sling TV is also available on Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and other devices. It is by far the best option to watch HGTV live.

Watch HGTV Online Without Worrying About Your Location

HGTV offers amazing programs for people who are even remotely interested in improving and redesigning their homes, offices, and gardens. Most countries have no such TV channels that specifically focus on this niche. The lack of options everywhere else has increased the demand of HGTV in the world. However, since the HGTV and HGTV Canada are geo-restricted, the people have to choose a different path.

A VPN can connect you to Canada or US virtually, thus making HGTV online accessible. However, you need a VPN with very specific features. If you chose a wrong candidate then you might waste your money. We have selected a few VPN service providers after assessing them carefully. You can pick anyone from the mentioned VPNs here and enjoy watching HGTV online without worrying about your location.

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