How To Watch Hulu Outside US – A Complete And Easy Guide

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Being a rising competitor to Netflix, Hulu is grabbing its seat among the best streaming channels in the US. Cashing 20 million users in the US this May 2018; undoubtedly its one of the most significant TV and movie streaming channel which has created a benchmark and shaken other streaming channels. It boasts content from a bouquet of multiple film studios who generate movies and integrating with TV channels. But the issue arises where users outside the US get no access to Hulu. There could be numerous solution to this problem, but using a Hulu VPN to gain unrestricted access to Hulu is a real deal.

Having no access to a streamer which provides updated HD quality content is a bit unfair and harsh, as users around the world seek good streaming channels and Hulu’s name comes up. Being a US resident who has a subscription to Hulu will face the same restriction which someone who doesn’t have access abroad will see the message:

“Content Not Available In Your Region”

It’s devastating, just as many VOD services, Hulu restricts its content for anyone outside the US. This act can be agonizing if paid for a subscription and can’t access it while traveling or living outside the US.

5 VPN That Works With Hulu – Path To Unlimited Hulu Streams

We at ReviewsDir did extensive research on user queries and drafted a solution to fit all needs. Through which we came with a solution how you can watch Hulu outside the US. It’s a bit tricky, but we are sure users will get the hang of it if you go through our blog. Users need a VPN to watch Hulu content from abroad. If you already have this tool, my friend. Then you have passed all barriers in the harsh geo-restriction world.

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Why Subscribe to the Best VPN Hulu?

Of course, it is pretty much evident that your reason to subscribe to a Hulu VPN is to watch the content available on the website. However, there are other methods as well so why we insist on choosing a Hulu VPN? Well, the following reasons may answer your question:

  • Hulu has a huge content library

Hulu has a vast content library. It has dozens of shows. It allows you to watch movies, TV series, Hulu original programs, Kids programs and so much more. The video streaming company has contracts with NBC, ABC, Fox, Big Ten Network, E!, NFL Network and others. In addition, it also shows the concerts and original comedy series from various online sources.

You can watch your favorite shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Mindy Project, Blackish, Modern Family, The Simpsons, Once Upon a Time, South Park, Family Guy and so much more. In the end, Hulu has a lot of options for any TV/movie buff. Subscribing to Hulu is totally worth the money as you get access to unlimited titles legally.

  • Hulu has limited regions, no plans for global expansion

Netflix is a similar platform to Hulu, and recently it went worldwide. Unfortunately, Hulu plans to maintain its Geo-restriction policy. This video streaming service is not planning to go global any time soon. Hulu is focused on the US audience only and devising ways to curtail the access of non-US visitors. That’s why you need the best Hulu VPN to access the video streaming website without any stress and enjoy your personal binge-watching sessions.

  • Hulu is almost a commercial-free experience

One of the reasons Hulu was able to make its place in such a saturated streaming market is because of its almost commercial free experience (only in a Limited commercial package for $5.99/month). There are only three small ads that are enough to get a sandwich or drink from the kitchen and resume the viewing. However, you can enjoy Hulu commercial free as well by subscribe to Hulu Plus package that comes at $11.99/month. It is almost double than the basic package but if you hate advertisements so much then spending this much money is worth it.

  • Even people in the US use VPN for Hulu

You must find it strange that even individuals in the USA use VPN for Hulu. The reason is simple Hulu has better streaming in some regions of the US than others. So the US citizens connect to a VPN for Hulu to view the videos via a server that provides better streaming. Even it is clearly written on Hulu’s official website about video quality, “High-definition availability subject to your Internet service and device capabilities.”

  • Beware! Not all VPNs work with Hulu

Unfortunately, since Hulu has no plans for global expansion, it keeps a close eye on all the sources that try to access it outside of US. Hulu’s mainly targets VPN Hulu service providers. Hulu VPN service providers use IP addresses from the US to let their customers watch shows on Hulu. The company has identified those particular IP addresses and blocked them. However, there are still many Hulu VPNs that are ahead of Hulu and can fool the company efficiently. So you must be very cautious while selecting your Hulu VPN.

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What devices can you watch Hulu on?

Hulu is a stage where you are given rights to watch content on broad topics and on different devices, making your streaming and operating system compatibility a bonus while on the go or traveling. Just access your devices Play Store and download Hulu app and use it on:

  • iOS
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Windows Phone.

Also, it works on;

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Blu-rays
  • Sony TVs
  • LG TVs and Blu-rays
  • Nexus Player
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Switch
  • Chromecast

How many people can watch Hulu at once?

There is no apparent restriction on using Hulu app, however; Hulu puts a limitation to the simultaneous usage of the app. It is from one to four devices at a time depending on your subscription plan. Here is a breakdown of how many people can watch Hulu at once:

  • Standard monthly plan of $8.99 will let you stream Hulu content on two devices at a time
  • Low-end SD streaming subscription of $7.99 will allow one device only
  • Premium subscription of $11.99 grants the use of four devices

So yeah! You can share your Hulu account with family and friends, and all can enjoy Hulu content while using different devices.

Hulu VPN: How It Changes The Geo-Restriction Dilemma

Available in the US, Hulu makes user crave its existence in other Countries where accessing Hulu is close to impossible. To bridge the gap Hulu VPN surfaces and eases access for users. The block consists of users being in a different territory; therefore, Hulu VPN is key to portray a fake IP address. To virtually be available in the US, a VPN for Hulu will hide your real IP address and connect you through a different IP address that may be shared and utilized by many.

In that case, your identity will be spooked, and US-based ISPs will see your IP address in the US. That way you can access and stream the infinite content of Hulu. Also, it encrypts all data going through their servers, offering users untouched online privacy.

Best Free Hulu VPN – Efficient Enough?

This is a tough one! We’ll be as honest as we can be. To unblock these high-end streaming channels like Netflix, on user demand we paved a way and provided best Netflix VPNs so users can access Netflix without any disturbance. But those VPNs had a limited free trial after which you have to pay for them.

Watching Hulu without having to pay is a risky business. There is no guarantee of your VPN provider, and users are not sure to what extent will the Free VPNs provide encryption and anonymity. However, if you have no choice then consider checking best free VPNs.

But we have come up with a few names that amongst other Free VPNs is the best choice.

Hotspot Shield VPN Hulu Performance

This VPN stands out amongst all as it’s popular among the masses. Users who don’t know the concept of a VPN, utilize Hotspot shield without knowing its robust benefits. With a simple design and one-click download ability on your smartphone, PC or laptop. Despite being an essential element of the best free VPN services, it lacks at certain genres where other logless VPNs succeed.

  • Limitations on data and bandwidth
  • One device connectivity
  • All servers only available for paid users
  • Ad’s make it frustrating.

How Some Providers Overcome The Netflix VPN Ban?

If you aren’t tech geek then let us aware you; our IP address comprises of a Country code which is the key for any hack and cybercrime. It’s as your Identification Card which you are latched on for life. Same goes for an IP address. It’s essential to get a hold of a fastest VPN, so you ignore and avoid all these cybercrimes as having a VPN is the only solution for IP tracking.

Many companies have filled the World Wide Web with their presence who collect user-generated information and sell it to companies like Netflix and Hulu. Even the streaming channels are wary of your location which is why users outside the US aren’t capable of accessing Hulu without troubles. It’s critical to witness not all servers work; we would recommend you to contact the Hulu VPN provider and confirm the functioning servers.

How To Configure Hulu VPN On Smart Screens? Unlock It All

Doing our homework for Hulu VPN, we came across multiple queries regarding Hulu VPN. Users had a frequent question; ‘how to configure Hulu VPN’? It’s a bonus to know the process of activating a Hulu VPN on all your devices using safe and secure internet connection. However, since streaming channels have taken strict measures against the use of VPNs, which is why Hulu as well takes precautionary measures to block Hulu VPNs.

These streaming channels have state of the art detectors which are programmed to check IP addresses using Hulu VPNs. Sounds technical, its true. Multiple coding and scripts are created just to ensure Hulu VPNs aren’t being used to breach, which is why extra precaution and a solid as steel Hulu VPN is a need for safe streaming through Hulu VPNs.

As per user demand we have come across tried and tested methods to configure Hulu VPNs on respected devices:

  • Configuration on Smartphones can be tricky as they can at time override DNS routing by VPN. Smartphones, in general, can toggle things to reveal your real location on Hulu. But that is a big IF. The most easiest and secure way is to connect your Hulu VPN or any best VPN to your router and then use it on your smartphone.
  • On a Laptop or PC download the Hulu VPN and link to your desired server.
  • Lots of Hulu VPNs don’t support gaming consoles, Fire TV or smart TVs. For that activate the Hulu VPN on your router.

That’s It Folks From Hulu VPN Guide

Say no to Geo-blocking! Many streaming channels like Netflix track your VPN IP addresses and automatically block your access. You never know in the coming time Hulu adopts that ability as well. Many users around the globe look for online restriction solutions but fail since they receive no guidance. That is where this blog is a Jackpot for those who have failed to access Hulu online.
Having a Hulu VPN will solve all your troubles and give you unlimited access to the streamer. Check out our detailed Hulu VPN analysis and say NO to online restrictions.

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