How To Watch Six Nations Live Stream in 2022

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six nations live stream

Six Nations 2022 is gearing up for some serious adrenaline action! Defending champions Scotland are about to kick off their campaign against England on 5th February. The Calcutta Cup fixture promises to get as good as it gets on BT Murrayfield. Looking up Six Nations live stream free options, there’s both good news and bad. First, hear out the bad. As it is, 6 nations live stream is available, but geo-blocking may rain on parade.

However, here’s the good part. Going forward, we will tell you how to unblock geo-blocking 100% legally!

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Last update made on 23 November 2022

What are the best options for Six Nations live stream free?

We understand. Many ruggers want to know the options for Six Nations live stream free. It’s a legit demand, but there’s a huge problem. As it is, official broadcasters don’t want people to enjoy the Six Nations livestream for free.

From their viewpoint, Six Nations live stream free is bad for business.

We know what you are about to say. “Come on, dude, this is the internet!” If the net isn’t free, then what is! Therefore, let’s get to the point. Can we do something to grant you access to the Six Nations live stream free?

Well, the answer is both an ecstatic yes and a cautious no. Allow us to explain.

We can guide you to a few top-rated sports streaming sites for six nations livestream. But, it is fair to warn you, fans of Six Nations live stream free. A lot of these sites have dubious reputations for malware, etc. But, you need not worry. We are honorable members of the 6 Nations live stream fandom. To keep our word, we will also tell you how to be safe watching 6 Nations live stream.

Therefore, let’s dive in to search for the promised land!

six nations live stream

Who are the official broadcasters for Six Nations stream?

Let’s check out the TV channels to watch Six Nations livestream. We understand that you want online addresses. However, it is still worthwhile to keep track of the TV broadcasters for the 6 Nations live stream.

Some of these TV sites can be perfect venues to enjoy Six Nations live stream free. However, there may still be a wall of geo-blocking, depending on your location. Nevertheless, you can still bypass the block anywhere and enjoy Six Nations live stream free.

Viewers in the UK

UK folks are in luck. Be it Cambridge or London, and the entire series is available on the BBC and ITV. They also offer to stream selected matches on the ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer. Take note that these can be your pass to enjoy Six Nations live stream free, even if you are not in the UK. Indeed, you can watch 6 Nations in USA on these channels even without crossing the pond. Besides, Welsh channel S4C will offer live coverage of  Wales’ matches.

Viewers in Ireland

Virgin Media One would broadcast live coverage for Ireland. Viewers can also stream live TV on Virgin TV from anywhere to watch Six Nations online. It can be a good option to watch six nations live stream free.

Other places in Europe

France 2 is for the French. Also, Italy’s DMAX will show the event on TV. In addition, DAZN is the TV broadcast partner for viewers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Both DAZN and DMAX offer online streaming services. Therefore, it is worth checking if these can get you access to Six Nations live stream free.

Viewers in Australia and New Zealand

Australian viewers need to rely on beIN Sports as the official broadcaster of the matches. However, for people in New Zealand, you need to check out Sky Sport NZ.

South African viewers

TV coverage in SA belongs to SuperSport.

six nations live stream free

Unofficial coverage of 6 Nations live stream online

Let’s look up the popular unofficial options for Six Nations livestream. Of course, there is no guarantee. But, on the off-chance that they may stream the event, keep a tab.

Good sites to watch rugby

You can try out LMI Sports. Better still, check out Reddit threads for Six Nations livestream free. Also, look up Facebook live streams for rugby. Up to this level, you are likely in the safe zone. Both FB Live and Reddit are reputable platforms. In addition, LMI Sports is kind of an aggregator for Reddit live streams. Other reliable platforms for the 6 Nations live stream include the following.

  • com
  • TV
  • TV
  • 9now
  • France TV

Shady sites to watch rugby

Now, let’s tread some murky waters for free online streams. Check out these sites for Six Nations livestream.

  • net
  • Firstrowsports
  • org
  • Laola1
  • tv

However, be ready for ads popping up, some of which may be NSFW. Besides, there is no way to tell if these platforms will show 6 Nations live stream for sure. Therefore, simply bookmark them, and check one day ahead of the match. If it is there, it is there. Moreover, you might consider using an ad blocker.

Top paid platforms for 6 Nations live stream

Many fans are ready to pay for a better quality Six Nations livestream. The commonest and perhaps the most popular option is YouTube TV. Other alternatives to watch Six Nations in USA include the following.

  • Sky Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • BeIn Sports Connect
  • CBS Sports
  • NBC Sports
  • BT Sport
  • Dstv Now
  • Hulu + Live TV

In addition, you can bet on popular betting sites such as Betfred, Betfair, Bet 365, and Unibet. A minimum betting amount can prove to be a cheaper option than a monthly subscription of 6 Nations live stream. However, you will still have to confirm if the Six Nations livestream will be available here.

six nations livestream

Possible issues with Six Nations livestream

You know about geo-blocking already. In addition, speed can be a major concern. Trust us that you won’t want the great game paused out of nowhere at an exciting juncture. Furthermore, fans who have to travel abroad during the event may have to miss it out due to geo-blocking.

Why using a VPN is the best option for 6 Nations live stream?

Ruggers, here is the promised land from above! Welcome to a VPN, aka the Virtual Private Network. Basically, this is a huge network of servers spread across the world managed by professionals. It is the only legit tool to overcome geo-restrictions and enjoy Six Nations livestream.

For example, if you are in the US, you can still access a UK streaming site via a UK server and enjoy the game. The VPN service provider cloaks your IP address and does not keep browser logs.

Therefore, there is no risk of third-party sites installing malware on your computer while you try to find a Six Nations livestream. A good VPN uses military-grade encryption for complete anonymity. Some free streaming platforms may be on the radar of authorities. Let’s face it that a free stream is an illegal broadcast. Trust us that you don’t want to face the music of getting on the wrong side of law enforcement.

Finally, speed is a major advantage of using a VPN for 6 Nations live stream.

6 nations live stream

Check out the ExpressVPN free trial offer

VPNs can be both free and paid. But, free services are not advisable. They usually do not have a broad network of thousands of servers. Besides, a free VPN can come with ads, malware, and even collect your browsing data. Instead, you should check out a good paid service to stream Six Nations live.

ExpressVPN is our recommendation. It has a massive network of servers (3,000 plus), managed by highly experienced support staff. They also have the most extensive data security policies. The speed is phenomenal, and you can use it from any device. To top it all, they offer a no-obligation 30-day money-back guarantee! Therefore, you don’t have to break your bank to enjoy the 6 Nations live stream.

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Top VPN providers

Other popular VPNs include:

Why use a good VPN?

VPNs can do much more than unblocking live streaming platforms. These are great for booking air tickets, which often vary according to your browsing history. Also, it is a must when you travel if you want to avoid public Wi-Fi. Besides, it is also ideal for safe file transfer online.


The Six Nations gala is about to begin. Therefore, get your digital front row seats with a reliable streaming site. Always use a good VPN for a safe and spectacular browsing experience.

Let the games begin!

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