How To Watch Suits Online Season 8 Outside USA

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Season 7 has brought some unexpected fortune for the characters while fans were dying to watch suits online. The Show departs the legendary stars -Mike and Rachel- who were welcoming more to the show. Premiered on July 18th, 2018 only on USA Network, but don’t worry! You can still watch Suits Online Season 8 Outside USA, following this guide. Royal wedding led to the departure of the notorious Meghan Markle, but not our excitement, her absence cannot affect our exceptional rush towards Suits.

Then again, guys, we have a new entrant in the show. The charming and attractive Katherine Heigl who will make you all forget the Meghan and Mike and Rachel’s relationship. What’s the holdup? Subscribe to the USA Network and Watch Suits online Season 8.

Where To Watch Suits Online Season 8

Being a US channel, it is free for the US citizens, we mean you’ve to subscribe to a cable channel to watch Hit shows like NCIS, Suits, WWE, Law & Order and much more. Or else browse USA network and stream Suits Online Season 8, using your TV provider sign in credentials and enter into the world of streaming.

Devices compatible with USA NOW:

  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • Roku Players
  • Windows 8
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox One

How To Watch Suits Online Season 8 Outside USA

The wait is finally over; yesterdays episode shocked the world as fans watch suits online yesterday prime time in the US. Harvey Specter and Mike Ross being the top-ranked loved characters were missed after season 7 but this seasons hyped character is our very own Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle who is being missed by fans all over, and after her Royal wedding, her name is making headlines day by day.

Fans in the US has already witness the new entrants and the plot while others must have watched the trailer alone; because you can’t stream USA Network outside the USA; so let’s go to US to watch Suits online season 8, seriously? Just kidding. Once you browse Suits online, this message would irritate you, but not really;

404 Not Available in your Region

US channels pay a lot of focus on geo restrictions, and their laws are religiously followed with no exceptions. That is where ReviewsDir plays an exceptional role in being the best review directory. All you need is a Kodi VPN, and all your problems will be solved. How? Having a VPN will let you surf the web through a US IP. It will allow you to mask your real IP address and give you ultimate authority over having a US IP address.

By that, you will surface in the US domain while taking a Hot Bath in a jacuzzi at home. All you need is the access of a few simple steps, and you’ll be free from geo restrictions.

But before you check these steps, look at the VPN table provided. This table has the exact details on which VPN you should chose and why? For further analysis its suggest to check Best VPN Services for your daily need for watching Movies and TV Shows online.

  1. Sign up to a fastest VPN of your need
  2. Install and setup the VPN app on your desired device
  3. After installation launch the app and chose the US as the designated server
  4. There you have it. Log in to the USA Network and watch Suits Season 8 free

How To Watch Suits Online Season 8 On Kodi

People outside the US are wondering where to watch suits online, hence how can we leave the notorious Kodi behind when it comes to bypassing geo restrictions? Well, Kodi users are scattered all over the world, and the usage of Kodi is increasing day by day becoming the most famous and reliable media player to surf the web. It mostly uses third party addons to gather content from multiple sources making the users have the power of various entertainments.

Suits being a famous TV show has gathered much-anticipated response not only from the US but in other countries as well, and for that, you will require Best Kodi addon to make things work with seamless efforts and watch suits online However, its highly suggested that you chose Covenant addon and watch suits online on Kodi.

Let’s see how to download the updated Covenant guide. However, if you ever feel that the addon doesn’t suit you. You can always refer to best Live TV addons to have a broader choice for Kodi addon to watch suits online.

  1. Open Kodi and select “Gear” icon
  2. Chose “File Manager”
  3. Select Add Source and Double-Click on None
  4. Search for Kodi Israel and select it
  5. Return to main menu and select addons
  6. Chose the Package symbol and click on Install from Zip File
  7. Search Kodi Israel and select to install the repo
  8. Return to menu and click Install from Repository
  9. Search repository and click on Video Add-ons
  10. Scroll down and select “C”, then “Covenant”, and install it
  11. Open addons click on Search and enter “Suits”
  12. That’s it! Now you can watch Suits Online

Let’s have a look at the episodes coming in this season and the newly announced cast.


  • S08 E01 Right-Hand Man July 18th, 2018
  • S08 E02 Pecking Order July 25th, 2018
  • S08 E03 Promises, Promises August 1, 2018


  • Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter.
  • Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt.
  • Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen.
  • Dulé Hill as Alex Williams.
  • Amanda Schull as Katrina Bennett.
  • Katherine Heigl as Samantha Wheeler.

How To Watch Suits Online On Hulu

USA Network isn’t the only network that will show Suits online free. Users are still wondering on Where to watch Suits hence not many streaming channel details are present on the web. But there is HULU! Hulu is another fantastic VoD that offers infinity entertainment content, and users can watch suits online free on it as well. Users outside the US can easily access Hulu with no help.

How To Watch Suits Online On Netflix

We are sure you must have checked Netflix and have gotten disappointed since you are outside the US region. No doubt Netflix is the best legal streaming channel where content is in fast numbers, and all you need to do is search, and countless searches will be present on your fingers. Netflix does offer to show suits online free. But to change your fate, you require a Netflix VPN to enter the US region virtually and access the VoD Service to watch suits online free through the Netflix account.

How To Watch Suits Online On Putlocker

Last but not the least, the robust streaming channel Putlocker has paved way and made online streaming much easier hence it penetrates Geo restrictions. The online index of Putlocker files are immense and uncountable. Keeping that in mind Putlocker started having Suits under its belt and users were thrilled to Watch Suits Online on Putlocker. What’s best is its FREE of cost with no charges with HD streams.

What’s new?

SUITS season 8 is back without Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams, who left the series, marking a new era for the US legal drama. Unfortunately, we cannot expect the same for Harvey, Louis, Donna and Alex due to the mysterious Samantha Wheeler; as her wit, loyalty, strength, charm, and vulnerability will put a direct threat to their status quo. Amanda Schull, as Katrina Bennett, has taken the main role in season eight; She has been on the periphery but still a bigger part to play in Suits.

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