How To Watch UFC On Kodi – Free & Paid Addons


Kodi users who wish to watch UFC on Kodi online are in for a treat as we have mentioned some of the best addons for watching UFC fights on Kodi that are mostly the perfect getaway from the usual trial and error we face switching channels, because if you generally scour the Kodi repo to find addons that provide MMA streaming, you’ll end up with some real shady addons that are of bad quality and would contain broken streaming links.

Why You Need Kodi VPN To Watch UFC On Kodi

UFC, being one of the most popular sports has many fans around the globe; we get overwhelmed when we come across any latest fight night. No matter you own any compatible device or the centralized media centre – Kodi, UFC is accessible. But wait! UFC is only for US fans, so how come it’s craze reaches beyond border, thanks to the technology called VPN. Although watching UFC is expensive, but if you own Kodi and know the tweaks, it could be entirely free. Grab a free addon and watch UFC on Kodi from anywhere anytime. Or if you’re worried about freebies, use paid addons and watch UFC on Kodi.

Kodi users who wish to watch UFC on Kodi online are in for a treat as we have mentioned some of the best addons for watching UFC fights on Kodi that are mostly the perfect getaway from the usual trial and error we face switching channels, because if you generally scour the Kodi repo to find addons that provide MMA streaming, you’ll end up with some real shady addons that are of bad quality and would contain broken streaming links.

So, forget all the issues that are bothering your UFC moments and grab the following UFC Kodi addons and watch UFC on Kodi at your ease.

How To Watch UFC On Kodi? Here Are Some Of The Best MMA Addons

We really understand those UFC fanatics that own Kodi but always search how to watch UFC on Kodi, because the legality plus issues with streamings always end up disappointments and the research continues. But no more, just take a deep breath, as we are introducing you the best of the Kodi addons true (third party or official). So, get anyone you like to watch UFC live on Kodi. Bear in mind that the addons we are mentioning are not perfect and have their fair share of loopholes and glitches but each addon has some unique element to it and we would recommend installing them all to get the most out of UFC on Kodi.

Planet MMA (Previously Known As UFC Finest)


Planet MMA (Previously Known As UFC Finest)

Planet MMA is the best addon to watch UFC on Kodi, with the biggest yet organized collection of old and new archived UFC fight nights, documentaries, BTS, Press Conferences, interviews and everything in between. Planet MMA addon is updated frequently and the developers keep a strict check to remove any non-working links.

Does Planet MMA Show UFC PPV Fights?

Unfortunately, not, but luckily yes; it’s a matter of your luck. If you’re expecting that through Planet MMA, you’ll be able to watch UFC PPV fights live streaming then this is not something that this particular addon offers. Moreover, it also does not offer any new numbered fights too like UFC 216: Ferguson VS Lee, for example. But these fights do get updated after a while.

So, No Live UFC Streams, Right?

While Planet MMA doesn’t offer this particular option, there are some addons which do broadcast UFC PPV fights on Kodi and are mentioned later on in this article.

Why Is Planet MMA One Of The Best Addon To Watch UFC On Kodi?

As discussed before, Planet MMA doesn’t have the live streams option as many of the UFC viewers demand, but it still has the best fight catalogs and collection out there. Whether it’s UFC Fight Night or any other MMA bouts, Planet MMA has it all.

SportsDevil – Ample Number Of Streams Available To Watch UFC fights On Kodi


SportsDevil is the addon on Kodi where you’ll find a ridiculous number of different sports streams including that of UFC/MMA too. But the ample number of streams is where the problem lies as you’ll have a lot of hassle finding the UFC streams that actually work.

Before embarking on a journey of trial and error, we would suggest you to directly switch to these streams as they are frequently updated, active and are working 99% of the time:


From Which Section Of SportsDevil Addon Can We Find UFC Fights Instantly On Kodi?

Well, most of the categories that are in the addon such as Favorites, Highlights, and blogs are pretty much useless because they don’t have any value to offer. The only sections worth checking are the Sports TV and Live Sports section because that is where the content you’re looking for is available.

SportsAccess – Excellent Addon To Watch UFC PPV On Kodi


If you want the ultimate ticket to most of your live sporting events and old events too, then there’s no better addon on the list then SportsAccess. It has almost 100 sports channels available with more than 15 Live TV channels from where you can watch even UFC PPV on Kodi live from anywhere in the world.

But, with everything that SportsAccess has to offer, it’s not for free and would cost you a little, which is a meager sum if compared to everything that you can watch on a single platform. Before installing the addon, you would be required to first subscribe to the service from SportsAccess official website. You’ll find different pricing plans with the lowest being a 24-hour plan, which is an ideal option for those UFC fans which only need to watch UFC fight on Kodi for a single day or a special event.

UFC Fight Pass – The Legit Way To Watch UFC On Kodi


UFC Fight Pass Kodi addon requires you to have a valid subscription of UFC Fight Pass. It’s the perfect option for you to watch it on Kodi without switching devices. Through UFC Fight Pass you also get access to exclusive UFC content that is different from the main events. Bear in mind that you may encounter a Fight Pass Blackout error which UFC fans face globally because of broadcasting issues, so, always use a VPN to connect to US or UK to evade any such issues.

Where To Download UFC Fight Pass Addon For Kodi?

You can get UFC Fight Pass Addon for Kodi via the repositories. It is not like Kodi addons that come and go, repositories are more stable and you can count on them. To download UFC Fight Pass addon on Kodi, we recommend checking the updated list of Kodi repositories and go with the best available options.

How To Install UFC Fight Pass Addon On Kodi?

Simply, you first need to download the latest version of the addon and then locate it from “Install from zip” which you can find by going to Addons > Package Symbol (located in the top left corner of Kodi interface)

Made In Canada (IPTV) – Maze Of UFC Streams To Watch Live Events On Kodi


When it comes to watching UFC on Kodi, Made In Canada addon is the most underrated one because it doesn’t explicitly mention anywhere that you can watch UFC fights using this addon but once you explore it a little, you’d be surprised to find the quality of the UFC content. The UFC streams it offers are of really good quality.

You just need to keep check of the date and timings of the events so that you can tune in to watch the fights at the right time because most of the live UFC events are being broadcasted on Made In Canada Kodi addon. Moreover, as its IPTV, you may need to have a VPN by your side if you are unable to load or access any streams because very seldom have we encountered any issues with loading streams.

How to Find The Best Kodi Addon To Watch UFC Live? All That Glitter Is Not Gold!

We’ve discussed it time and again that always check the reviews of any addon before installing them on Kodi because Kodi Repository is filled with crappy addons. How would you differentiate between the good one and a bad one? Well, here are some hints to detect low-quality addons on Kodi:

  • Wrong Spelling (the first sign that gives it away)
  • Outdated content
  • Difficult navigation (Menu are confusing)
  • Theme looks like a game from Nintendo with a crappy monotone music running in the background
  • Most of the streams are not working (I use the rule of 5, and that is if 5 links I open doesn’t work, I delete the addon right away)

Well, these are some of the identifiers of the low-quality addons that you should refrain installing. We know there are many addons for Kodi that enable you to watch UFC on Kodi, but in our opinion, these are the best ones. Are you using any other addon for Kodi to watch UFC fights? Kindly mentioned it in the comment section so we can update this article.

Installation Guide for Some of the Best Kodi UFC Addon

The addons mentioned below are not official broadcaster for each and every UFC fight, it may vary event-to-event. So, if you may watch one event on BT Sports, doesn’t mean the next fight will also be telecast on the same channel. All these channels required premium subscription.

  • BT Sport UK

Sports has never been more accessible through BT Sport; it is a group of sports television channels which has exclusive streaming rights for UK live TV to premiere UFC fights and UEFA Champions League. BT Sport is available on the infamous Kodi which can be download in simple steps.

Here is how you can download BT Sports to watch UFC on Kodi

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Click on System Settings and select Expert Mode
  3. Choose Addons and Turn on Unknown sources
  4. A warning message will appear, click Yes
  5. Now go back to the Kodi home screen, and select Settings
  6. Choose File Manager and select Add Source
  7. Select None and copy paste the URL “”
  8. Name it MK Repo and hit OK
  9. From the Kodi home screen choose Addons.
  10. Click on the Package Installer Icon on top left
  11. Choose Install from Zip file
  12. Select MK Repo and choose
  13. Now, select Install from repository and click on MetalKettles Addon Repository
  14. Choose Video Addons and click UK Turk Playlists, hit Install
  15. Go back to the home screen. Click Videos and choose Addons.
  16. Launch UK Turk
  17. Select Sports
  18. Look for BT Sport and enjoy UFC on Kodi.
  19. Now you know how to watch BT Sport on Kodi.
  • DAZN Germany

DAZN is a hit Kodi addon compulsory to watch UFC on Kodi because it’s an affordable option and the best smart alternative to cable. Predicting the country you are in, user signups vary in each region. DAZN is a known sports addon providing streaming services for multiple sports bouts that include Major League Baseball, Premier League matches. UFC, NFL, NHL and much more. Having DAZN addon is a plus in Germany and Japan with a few more counties give or take.

Follow the step by step procedure to install DAZN on your Kodi device which can be found in the Nerds repository.

  1. Launch Kodi and Settings
  2. Click on System Settings and choose Expert Mode
  3. Select Addons and turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ to install third party addons
  4. A warning box will pops up, click ‘Yes’.
  5. Return back to main menu and select Addons
  6. Click on My Addons and select Videoplayer InputStream.
  7. Both InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input should be enabled.
  8. Next from Kodi homescreen click on ‘Addons’ and select Package Installer
  9. Choose ‘Install from Repository’ and hit Kodi Addon Repository.
  10. Select DAZN and HIT install
  11. From the Kodi main menu click on Videos and select Addons and choose DAZN.
  • Viaplay Sweden

Viaplay is a fantastic premium Scandinavian streamer which offers on-demand content and live stream as well starting from movies, TV shows, documentaries or sports events. Viaplay is not your regular Kodi addon because its available in Nordic countries only that includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. For Swedish users, UFC can never be better with Viaplay addon.

Let’s discuss how to install Viaplay to watch UFC on Kodi.

  1. Launch your Kodi and click on Addons
  2. Choose Package Installer Icon in the top left screen
  3. Select ‘Install from Repository’ and choose Kodi Addon Repository
  4. Choose Video Addons and click on Viaplay
  5. Hit Install and wait till you see the Viaplay Addon Enabled notification.
  6. From Kodi home screen select Addons
  7. Click on Video Addons.
  8. All the video addons you install, including Viaplay, will appear here.
  9. Click on Viaplay and BAM.

Further, if nothing works you can always download the official Viaplay addon from here and click ‘Install from Zip File’ to continue.

  • Match TV Russia

Match TV is a prime time Russian Addon that offers you the best Football replays, highlights and insights on Kodi. You can watch it to access your favorite teams and trending news. Further UFC fights are a real blessing on Match TV as all the fight cards can be seen on it regardless of where you are, and the addon is easily downloaded. Russian users are thrilled to use this addon to watch UFC on Kodi

Before moving ahead download Colossus repo From Here and save it on your device

  1. Open Kodi and click on Addons
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click on Addons option and turn on Unknown Sources
  4. A pop=-up window will arise, press Yes
  5. From Kodi main menu Kodi click on Addons
  6. Select Addon Browser Icon
  7. Select Install From Zip File
  8. Search Colossus Repo in your devices saved location
  9. Click on and wait for enabling notification.
  10. Select Install from repository
  11. Click on Colossus Repository
  12. Choose Video Addons
  13. Choose Match TV
  14. Hit Install and then wait for Addon enabled notification
  15. Match TV is now installed. Go on Addons and video addons to access it
  • Fox Sports Australia

Fox Sports is not a new name in the market, its one of those addons which have created a name in the Kodi community with its aspiring and astonishing content library fulfilling hundreds of users demand World Wide. It is the most significant sports addon and channel in the US with NBC and ESPN alongside. It covers sports events from Football, NHL, baseball, basketball; to UFC fights.

  1. Fox Sports is located in the official Kodi repository. All you need is to Open Kodi and click on Addons
  2. Select Package Installer Icon
  3. Choose Install from Repository and go to Kodi Addon Repository
  4. Select Video Addons and choose Fox Sports Go
  5. Hit Install and wait till you see the Fox Sports Go Addon Enabled notification.
  6. From Kodi home screen and choose Addons
  7. Click on Video Addons.
  8. Video addons you install will appear here, including Fox Sports Go
  9. After opening Fox Sports Go addon, you will be given an activation code that needs to be enterered at
  • FightNetwork Canada

  1. Open Kodi and select Addons
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Turn on “Enable Unknown Sources“
  4. Return to Kodi main menu and select Settings button
  5. Select File Manager
  6. Click on Add Source
  7. Copy paste URL in the top box
  8. Name it RockCrusher and click OK
  9. Go to Home Screen and select Addons
  10. Click on Addon Browser
  11. Select Install from zip file
  12. Choose RockCrusher
  13. Click on
  14. Wait for Addon to be enabled
  15. Click on Install from repository
  16. Click on Rockrcrusher Repo
  17. Click on Video addons
  18. Select Fight Network and HIT install
  19. Voila.

So, No Live UFC Streams, Right?

While Planet MMA doesn’t offer this particular option, there are some addons which do broadcast UFC PPV fights on Kodi and are mentioned later on in this article.

We are sure that there are millions of the UFC fans out there. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is not for the faint of heart – which is actually one of the best things about it.

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