What Is cCloud Kodi And How It Is Used

cCloud Addon for Kodi

cCloud Kodi was once a great addon which surfed the entire content of live IPTV and live sports channels. Earlier it was a home to 100s of US and UK channels but currently, it offers shows of limited countries. The best aspect is the compatibility with majority of the devices and operating systems making it a cord exterminator. Cable TV has been the king of entertainment distribution, but when it comes to live TV streaming online, there is no match for cCloud Kodi.

It doesn’t matter how comfortable you are on the couch, quality and quantity with the ease of accessibility from anywhere and anytime is what changed the game. cCloud is not a typical Kodi addon where you need to get a monthly subscription either to watch; it’s 100% free and does not require any registration or sign up. Download the addon and live stream all your favorite channels on any device. It’s living up to its name as a live TV addon.

Use VPN To Be Safe While Using cCloud Kodi Addon

Before we move any further, keep in mind the reputation which Kodi holds in foreign countries is adverse. Majority of the developed nations condemn the sale and purchase of Kodi due to its illegal content. Many have no clue regarding what is Kodi, instead, they merely cater to what is being shown in the limelight; bringing a bad name due to its illegal content supply.

Why risk your identity? Get a VPN and remain secure on Kodi to avoid such mishap. If you are living in the UK then mark our words, it’s a cluster over there! Kodi addon developers are being hunted by law enforcement agencies, and the open sale of Kodi boxes is said to be a crime. Having a VPN will give you anonymity online by changing your IP address. Having a different IP address means no agency or hacker would be able to track your pin location! All your online activities and traffic will be routed through alternate IP address, keeping your identity and privacy safe.

How To Install cCloud Kodi Addon On Kodi Krypton

  • Open Kodi
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on File Manager
  • Chose Add Source
  • Select None and copy paste http://lazykodi.com/ and click OK
  • In the box underneath name the media Source and type lazy and select OK
  • From home screen select Addons
  • Click on Browser
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Chose lazy file
  • Chose zips
  • Chose kodibae.zip
  • Addon will be enabled
  • Chose Install from Repository
  • Chose Kodi Bae Repository
  • Next, chose Video addons
  • Chose cCloud TV
  • Click Install
  • Wait for Addon installed and you are all set.

cCloud TV Kodi Available Repositories

It’s better to be prepared before you initiate the installation process, otherwise you will be confused regarding repositories as multiple repos are available. However, we have a list of repositories where cCloud TV is located:

  • Lazy Kodi Repository
  • Exodus Repository
  • Kodi Tips Repository
  • Kodil Repository
  • TKNorris Repository

How To Directly Install cCloud Kodi Addon On Kodi Krypton

In addition users can also directly install cCloud just by having the Kodi Bae Repository Zip File saved on Laptop or PC. That way your addon will pick the repository without the need to look at steps to download the repository.

  • Open Kodi and select addons
  • Select the Box-icon mentioned above
  • Click on Install from Zip File where a box will appear to upload the zip file
  • After repository installation, select Repository option and click on Kodi Bae Repository
  • Further select Video Addons and tap on cCloud TV
  • Click Install

NOTE: Due to certain unexpected events, the cCloud Kodi addon is no longer available as many forums are discussing it as we speak. Hence, we present you the best alternatives to cCloud Kodi addon to pursue your live streaming.

Best Alternatives to cCloud TV Kodi addon

The addons mentioned below have been analyzed by ReviewsDir and are tagged to stream from authentic and legitimate sources.

Genesis Reborn Addon

Among the many, Genesis Reborn addon has a reputation to be the most installed and searched addon on the Kodi forums. Being an unofficial addon, its hype is exceptional within the Kodi community. Predecessor Genesis once ruled the unofficial Kodi category, but due to recent shutdown, it reappeared online as “Genesis Reborn.”

With Genesis Reborn the chances to increase your content history is great as it hosts thousands of free movies and TV shows with mind-boggling features. Genesis Reborn is being frequently updated by developers, removing any lags and issues while using it. Start using it and by God you won’t regret using it as it gives the same live stream content as cCloud Kodi addon.


Crackle is a hidden gem which needs attention from concerned users. After the disappearance of cCloud Kodi addon users came across this marvelous addon which covers most of its expenditure through advertisements. It carries majority of the latest movies including childsplay, Underworld and much more.

Crackle has been around for a while, but its popularity was ceased due to the trending cCloud and other popular addons. Crackle provides the same wireframe and suggest users which latest hits are upcoming and which are available. To be clear, Crackle is the official addon repository of the Kodi community.


Heard of PlayOn addon before? We are sure no one has. Playon is a service which allows you to legally record, pause and stop content from multiple streaming websites. Under its umbrella, you’ll find DirectTV Now, FXNetworks.com, CBS.com and so on. Through these channels, you can easily record the shows in order to stream them later, or else watch TV live on PlayOn Kodi addon.

However, to watch this amazing addon or record its contents on Playon, you require a DirecTV subscription or a cable service. Don’t hesitate the cost is $30 per year which is bearable.

PS Vue

Addons come and go but PS Vue so far haven’t faced any issues with the law, and if no addon fulfills your entertainment needs then you need to consider PS Vue as it’s the best replacement for cCloud Kodi addon. With a cost of $39.99/month, users can access foreign channels with translations which cable cords do not provide.

Being an addon is one aspect, but being found in the official Kodi addon repository is a satisfying dilemma as users don’t have to worry while using this addon. No illegal content, it’s 100% safe and legal.


Again, don’t go by the name. We all need to agree even the most spectacular addons are the ones which aren’t known. Why? That’s just because users do not wish to try using it. Skynet is an amazing Sports addon which caters to live sports streams. That’s not it! It has also penetrated to movies and TV shows as well live. All trending new releases are available through Skynet with 4K HD quality.

The installation is easy, having a streamlined user-friendly page makes its access easier with no cost attached.

Final Thoughts

cCloud Kodi addon is a one of a kind addon whose name speaks a lot about its reputation. Due to recent crackdowns, Kodi is a hit target; shutting down its unofficial addons. Apparently, cCloud Kodi fell prey to these attacks and it’s not working anymore. Does that mean this is the last draw of Kodi? Hell NO! Kodi still shines light on its users with new addons. If you still are curious then check out best Kodi addons of 2018 to pick your favorite addons.

Secondly, we have created a list of alternate addons for cCloud which come under the official Kodi addons. Don’t wait! New movies are being scrolling on Kodi Genesis Reborn. Get on with it.

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